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Welcome to Dragonvale Breeding Guide

Hello and welcome to the ultimate Dragonvale Breeding Guide!

This site was created to guide you to become a better dragon breeder, using tips and hints as well as detailed dragon statistics in sortable lists and charts about all the amazing dragons available in Dragonvale. Please take a look around and contribute through comments and in the forums. All your questions will be answered!

If you are a registered user, you will also be able to mark dragons as owned in the dragon list. This chart allows you to track which dragons you own and which dragons you still have to breed.

Need help identifying dragon eggs? Head over to our dragon eggs list which lists all the available dragons with their pictures or try the sortable dragon list to identify your new dragons by breeding time or breeding elements.

Need help figuring out what you are breeding? We have two new features, the Dragon Calc and the Dragon Sandbox which can help you figure out what the result of your breeding efforts will be.

I hope you find this fan site useful, it was created because we are big Dragonvale enthusiasts and didn't find anything out there that offered the information and functionality that we wanted. I look forward to any feedback or questions you may have in our forums!

Happy dragon breeding!