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Gem exchange and co op breeding friends needed

A lot of my current GC friends don't seem to be playing Dragonvale anymore and i need some new ones please add me GC ID Marajadzia

Hi, I'm
At level 77 & have 447 dragons. I play everyday and like to trade gems everyday. Every time I add friends they stop trading gems regularly. If you want to trade gems daily, please send me a friend request on Game Centre. My id is Grace247.

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I have submitted a request through Game Center, I'm an Apple user, and wanted to give you a heads up. I'm having trouble getting friends through GC, but hope this is resolved soon. I won't be able to breed Galaxy Dragons until I do, my default wizard has a level 4 Fire, so no galaxy wutsl I find friends!

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I need to add that I am at level 84, 228 dragon types, Epics and Elders, and many at lvl 17 or more.

hey grace, im going to try and connect via GC.

jandp: Father and Son team.

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Need some more friends for DV a few gem trading spots
GC ID HelloKittyPretty

Gamecenter ID is letf8b

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Hi! I don't quite understand how to get to the Game Center. I play daily and really could use some friends can anyone help me out?


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Hi Sgeppner, the game centre is available only on apple devices, if you have an android phone then i think you add friends another way (facebook i think but i am not sure)

If you have an Iphone or Ipad go to the gamecentre app and on the 'friends' tab use the + sign in the top right corner then it will open a friend request and you have to enter the Game Centre ID (GCID) and send

I hope this helps

GCID: Marajadzia

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thanks to everyone who sent me friend requests, i have plenty of gem friends now but if you still need co op breeding cave friends i never seen to have enough of those!

Cheers Mara

GCID: Marajadzia

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Hi i have 1 Gem to trade my FB name is Cindy Carter Francisco . I trade daily and there is one waiting for you!

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Hi i have 1 Gem to trade my FB name is Cindy Carter Francisco . I trade daily and there is one waiting for you!

Sonya Hebert Matherne. Android player.

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I tried sending you a msg on FB. Could really use another friend for this game. Level 25 with only one friend. :)

Hi people,
I have been playing dragon vale for a while now, and many of my friends in GC have dropped out so I have something like 4-5 gems to gift if anyone wants to send me a friend request on GC at shellylfc
I also would love more friends for co-op breeding.. Currently have my thunderbolt shared, and happy to take requests.

GC: shellylfc
Friends are always welcome!

Hi guys! Looking for friends for co-op breeding and gem exchange - I have a few spots available! My user name is ace_krusher - hope to get some new players in the circle! :)

House: Blazing Sun

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I just added everyone in this thread :-) GCID DandelionKy

GCID Dandelionky
217 Dragons total

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Hi Dragonvale world,
Started playing a month or so ago and spending a fortune buying gems everyday, sending me broke!! Just worked out and joined the game centre so please feel free to add me for daily gem exchanges and co op breeding etc. Level 23 park GCID is Aurora4!9. P.s
I've just added everyone in this thread, thanks in advance for accepting!!

GCID Aurora4!9
Happily accepting new friends

Looking for friends to play with on Android.☺

Hi there if you are a Android player add me..My name is Cassandra Nendza (FB) I play every day need new friends for gems and

hi im looping for Friends To breed comet, teidian, eridian and sorarian dragons. I've already have 284 different dragons To share.

Gamecenter: sansanito

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My apologies to all my gem exchange friends, I am one of those people having trouble with the new operating system and getting access to my park.
I will send gems when i can. Thank you for your patience
This is so frustrating i hope it gets fixed soon!

GCID: Marajadzia

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I have sent out friend requests but I am not getting any answers. Is anyone else having this problem fro CG

Please add me for gem exchange and co-op breeding.

Gamecentre ID Shumway

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I've rejoined Dragonvale after over a year break. I've got a lot of catching up to do and need friends! Thanks

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Hi Ya'll I ve been playing dragonvale for who knows how long and been paying for it even longer. I was spending to much money on it since I don't have a jailbreaked iPad, so I needed to cool off for awhile which was a bad idea. When I stopped playing I had. Every dragon and now that I start again I have the gem tree and 5 spots I need to fill plus cool galaxy dragon breeding friends.... My Game Center I'd is chickie034 I'd be very greatful for any friendly fun!!!!
Tamara Why He Do That

Game Center {BambiS}

Hello, all! I just got done sending friend requests to everyone in this thread. It seems like many of the people on my friends list have stopped playing too. I am on a few times daily to check my park & send gems. I just shuffle through people on my list to try to gift everyone. My GCID is Eriu76.

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I only have 3-5 who are actively playing, I need just a couple, so will only accept the first 2 or 3 to fill my active friends roster. Also...does anyone know how to remove friends who are no longer playing? Thanks and may the force be with you...
G C = lowelllutz


Hi everyone, I play every day and have all the dragons, but a lot of my gem friends have stopped playing. I'm on Android so please add me on Facebook ( and let me know if you can do gem exchanges or are just looking for a co-op partner. I usually have a high-level epic up -- I'm going for eggs at this point and I'm still missing a few epics and most of the galaxy ones. I have 3 openings for gem trading and always willing to do co-op breeding!

Still have plenty of slots for gem exchange!

Facebook: Lanna John