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Forest Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
3,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
125 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
43 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
63 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
83 coins per minute
Sale price: 
10,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
42 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
15 xp / minute

"ften seen stomping around with moss dragons, the forest dragon is a particularly social creature. Similar to the evergreen dragon, you will often find forest dragons frolicking in groups."



Plant & Earth, Breed time 4 hours. 125 Gems to buy. 30 Gems to buy Egg on Pedestal

Second try with plant and earth level 15 for both in upgraded cave, got me the forest dragon. Now have a least one of all dragons available to me at this time. Just waiting to see if the expired dragons become available again, joined dragonvale end of February this year.


I can't get this Damn dragon HELP

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Hey all just got two of them, both with level 10 magnetic and moss dragons. Did it in the normal bredding cave, so you dont actually need to use the breeding island. First time try so good luck to you all.

Jojok68's picture

Thanks for the tip and worked first go on breeding cave magnetic and moss.

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Omygosh your pic is ADORABLE!!!! What kind of adorable freak of nature is that?!

Got it first try. Plant and earth on the island. Accelerated time of 3:12.

How nice it is to get something first's been SO long since that happened! I got it first try on EBI with Plant(level 15) and Earth (Lvl 15). Now back to trying for the Electrum which consistently eludes me......

SandyB's picture

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr could have brought the dam dragon but, I want to breed it. Have used 250 gems speeding up and still no forest. Have bred enough bloody trees to make one!

Oh too funny! Yeah - bred enough trees to make a forest here too! It came by surprise and accident as I bred for Amber. Which I bought anyway with gems saved and saved. (I was thankfully able to resiste speeding up!)

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
Every day in this dragonvale park do i play,
Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

I can't for the life of me figure out how to add you using your GC ID.


I bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear us Sandy . Me too moss and tree now scoria with that mag. And bail . So I bought it. Cheaper. Nina

Sorry moss not bail

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Got it with Plant and Earth second time in breeding cave!!!


Level 57 park
211/237 Dragons
181/236 Pedestals

I don't have a chat room to put this in so here goes....I am at level 45 have been for months...I have spent over $200.00 dollars on this game in the past 2 years...I so have enjoyed it...until now! It has been over a month and a half since I could get a new dragon...I have tried all the combos for double dragon and even made 2 of them kings...that took a lot of money and time...I do not get the xtra points that everyone else gets...I have to spend Gems on the habitats which are up to 250 just to earn the gold to feed the dragons...We do not not have an extra island for the efforts...we have the hard work stored in a cave...just to let you know don't hurry to get to the next levels...It takes the fun out of this game....I am sure this won't be published...but someone will read it! Thank you!

P.S. I would love to know how to swap gems...I have had the gem tree for a year and a half...please let me know...thank you!

If you're on IOS you use Game Center. Android you use Facebook

The lack of additional islands is disturbing. Decorating islands and having your dragons out on display rather than stored I thought was the point of this game. I am only a level 31 and am already frustrated by the lack of space and the restriction on habitats (though truly, my islands are packed to the max. I get stressed everytime a new dragon comes out--or is re-released due to lack of places to put them). That said, I'd like to recommend Chrome and Scorch for your quest for a double rainbow. When I was breeding them to get Ruby dragons I got some really nice animals--several rainbows, several electrums, and two double rainbows, along with some high end hybrids that brought a nice profit when sold. The chromes and scorches I used were all level 12. I used an upgraded EBI and upgraded cave and got epic dragons from both (as well as five ruby dragons). I just kept breeding them over and over throughout July. Give it another shot. When you finally get that massive incubation time you're going to giggle like a school girl. And as far as extra islands go, the powers-that-be gave us the opportunity to upgrade gem island (a huge concession), perhaps they will feel very benevolent in the next few months and let us purchase more islands as well. It would be worth their while. If there is nothing else for us to purchase gems for, we will end up taking our real money to another game.


Also as far as a gem swap, if you friend request me through Game Center I would be more than glad to swap gems with you. I have one that is still available.


I've sent you a request, happy to swap gems with those return the favour

Got your request! Always nice to have a new friend.


How do you get friends. It only is letting my from my facebook account?

gina bertolino

Wow thank you for responding...very well written...I will keep trying chrome and scorch...right now I have been using Seaweed and Firefly...both kings...have a great day!

Of course you can get more islands. It just takes longer to earn them. I'm level 30 and the 7th island is 100,000,000 coin. I am NOT going yo spend my own REAL money like idiots do. I'm just saving. I'm half way there. This game is most about patience and not bring an idiot by doe ting real money


I have the same problem. Level 45 forever, can't make dragons, spent a lot of money, would stop playing but can't give up. Not a quitter. Hate the new race system too.

Mary stockslader

That's how a lot of the tap games are. Take your time people. I took a month off when dragonvale wouldn't load for me. Since then, I got firework & Jade on last days. So now I feel if I get it, I get it & if I don't, oh well. Try again. Have a grrrrreat day!

Merry Meet!

There is no need to spend actual money.'re an idiot and I don't fe el bad for you. You wasted money. I'm level 40 and I haven't spent a dime. I have rainbow and Olympus and treasure and gemstone dragons. All by trying. I never bought gems or dragoncash. I EARNED EVERYTHING. The breeding island increases your chances so it is worth saving the gems to get it. That was foolish yo buy the giant habitats just to get more coin. just tap on the treasure boxes in the huge habitat more frequently. Earn coin to buy the statues and level your dragons past level 10. You will earn more coin. I have legendary, rare, limited, and gemstone dragons all for FREE. As for trading need to friend request someone on facebook and get them to play the game or go to game circle or iOS. Whatever you have and get friends how fo you not get extra points? I'm not even sure what that means. You still get experience points no matter the level. It just gets hard the higher your level is. Just yesterday I got over 3million XP and the XP bar hardly moved. I hardly speed up dragons and waste gems also. Listen. You just need to play the game smarter and not harder.


If its plant and earth dragon, why are habitats metal or air?

That is a mistake. When I went to place mine, the game stated that it must be placed in a Plant or Earth habitat.


Lindalou, I hear you. I am sorry that you haven't got any new dragons. Once in awhile you have to buy a new basic dragon to get a new one. I have only been playing for almost three months. I am on level 30 almost 31. I have all the dragons in the market plus ones that have expired. I have the gemstone island upgraded to the max and all together I have 156 dragons, 39 habitats not including breeding caves and gem island. I have spent a bit getting there but I learned my lesson and am playing the game right by not spending my gold, building up my food to the millions way above seven million. I have over 353million in gold and adding. It may take longer to get up levels.but it's worth it. Play it just to be happy. What you get you get. Keep on dragon Nina

Thank you!

P.S. sell some dragons that you have doubles on.

Got it with crystal and cactus. Was trying for peridot.

GNewMan's picture

Crystal + Cactus, first try :)

Does anyone have a good combo for Double Rainbow?

80021223 (add it for 25 gems)

I had great luck with Chrome and Scorch. Got two double rainbows while trying to breed ruby dragons.


I got it on the EBI with a Level 15 Tree and Level 10 Earth, first try. Haven't been that lucky for a long time so that came as a surprise!

Seems like I'm really lucky with normal hybrid dragons. Got quite a few at first tries. But the gem dragons seem to elude me. Both my kids on the other hand get gem dragons very easily, but take many tries to breed the hybrids they want. Undecided who's the luckier one!

I was trying for peridot cactus and crystal and I got a Forrest dragon.

Tree and moss epic breeding island both level 10

Nate Holmes

Giggy52's picture

Yes,me too! First day- first try. Now, nothing...


I tried this combo and got another tree dragon, like every time I breed earth and plant elements... so frustrating!

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Didnt get the forrest but magnetic and moss got me the double rainbow!

So many trees and mosses! Very annoying!

culbetam1's picture

I am going back to trying to get my frostfire. I have no real need to get this right now. And with the combo way to many long wait times.

Blake14's picture

I am also at Level 45 and agree with those of you who previously posted about not having much more to accomplish. As popular as this Game is, you would think the "creators" would be eager to increase the Levels to keep people playing. Since I am at Level 45 and now have to "pay" for additional Habitats, I have started rearranging and removing some of my Dragons and have started selling back Habitats so I can replace them with others that I need. I am hesitant about getting my 8th Island because of not being able to obtain additional Habitats without buying more gems. I really hope they are working on getting this game up to at least Level 50. I really wouldn't care if it was something that took a little longer to get to. At least you would have something new to work towards. I'll just keep swapping Dragons and selling smaller Habitats for now to make room for "new" Dragons. I really do enjoy this game!!!

GC ID: Fyrehawk14
(Marion45 can also be reached at this email address) (my Band)

What a simple dragon. It's kinda cute though!


OhioDragonGirl's picture

got it on the first try with lv 14 plant and lv 13 earth!

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

LiloAndStitch's picture

I got it first try with plant and earth both lv. 10

sjbaum's picture

Finally got it trying for peridot. At least it is not another crystal!

I gave up,,bought two, breeded them together and I will be damned I GOT TWINS. Can you believe that TWINS. That's the second time I got TWINS in this game. First time was from tree. Well anyways I sold one and decided that I am going to sell all my doubles (except the ones really love) so I am sure to have plenty of room for future New dragons. Keep on dragon!!! God bless all the little incubation times!!! Nina:)

Magnetic and Moss first try! Regular cave. Tried lots of other combos which only gave me mosses

Of course magnetic won't work! It doesn't even have the right elements:-) Can't believe I tried it

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Trying for Peridot & to my surprise received a forest. It was a nice surprise after all the trees, moss, Crystal, meteor, ect..... It's been ten days so still have 21 days to try for a Peridot :)


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I have tried 21xs for peridot and still no luck. I want it bad, it's my birhtstone. No forrest either, just a boat load of moss, then tree, catus and the dreaded crystal. Stopping for a while.


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I've tried so many times with plant and earth (fewer fail possibilities) but still haven't gotten this. I've gotten a ridiculous number of trees and mosses though. I'll have to try a different combo tomorrow.

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

The same here. I've got more than 20 trees and 20 moss'es, spend at least 150 gems buying breadingtime, but still no forrest dragon:-(
Should have bought it instead! In cave I've been trying with tree+moss, on island I've been trying with plant+earth, but nothing else than 12 or 14 hours tree and moss...

rfj63-Ramona's picture

I also got forrest.trying for peridot.... as well as everything else except peridot. Sick if crystals..... lol

Do not mettle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

firelizard21's picture

Finally got this, using air + clover!

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

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:) :) :)

Please can someone fix the incorrect habitats on the Forest and Pepper Dragons, then maybe we would get the the right answers in the Sandbox.

go_novi's picture

The forest is getting too dense for me. I think i am getting a jungle. Please let me glimpse peridot.

Amber dragon is out!!!! Got it. Cute as a button as a baby, not so much grown up! They said they were going to have 2 gemstones at all times and way to early for my birthstone sapphire. Plus what a deal only 150 gems. I would use that just trying for it. Lol. Keep on dragon you all. Nina;) KEEP IT FUN!!!!!!!

Got this one first try while trying for amber. Quake and evergreen.

LyinRyan's picture

Got mine on 3rd try with quake and evergreen both lvl 10 in regular breeding habit.

Send me a message to join me on Facebook!
If you don't send me a message and tell me who you are, I'll ignore the request!
I have a gifting tree, so I can have a few friends!

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Wow. It is amazing to see how many dragonValers there are of so many ages. It is like a virtual Dragonvale convention. So cool. :-)

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I don't have this dragon right now but I'm going for electrum dragon!

Stats: Dragons-157-Eggs: 68-Level: 36-Highest Dragon level: 17 (tree)-Lowest dragon level: 10 ( all my epics)-WHOMPADOODLES!
Check out my park, please!
DragonVale is a box of chocolates-you never know what you're going to get!!! WHOMP!

Hehe I love my ouroboros dragon. Anyhoo this is about forest dragons... and I just cannot seem to get one! Keep getting enough trees and moss to make one though lol

1st try evergreen and quake lv 15 each....was shooting for amber and got this
one in the regular breeding cave

Quake + Evergreen. 1st try at lv 10 each.

Tired of trying for this Blue Moon which should be harder to get than this one...

What is a good breed for this dragon?

I got this with Moss (11) and Evergreen (11) on my first attempt in the normal breeding cave. Maybe a little bit of luck was involved.

Flower and Liberty, hopefully anyway, 3 more hours will tell ;D

Metal and air ...over and over keep getting chrome, yet when I was actually trying for chrome It took forever lol I just want forest :)

Add me in GC: Nicci0214

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Nicci, You can't get forest with metal and air. Forest is a plant & earth hybrid. I think there is an error in the combo finder/sandbox.

I just got Forest with the new light dragon plus tree. It was the only pre-rift hybrid I didn't have (except some of the opposites.)

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

I got two Forest dragons with Mud lvl 12 and Poison lvl 12. :)

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First try Tree and moss Dragon both level 7


Every time I try and breed this dragon I end up with a tree dragon. I hate tree dragons! It takes 28 hoursTo get it to a hatchling for very little return.aaaarrrrgh.

I have been trying to breed this dragon since the arbor dragon came out. After a lot of different combo's I finally bred it with an earth dragon and lichen dragon. It just goes to show that what works for some may not necessarily work for others

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Chubbyau01, just in time, phew. Now on for your emerald dragon.

Kiwi - Linda

GC ID - Kiwi Linda

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I was going to breed the mistletoe Dragon yesterday, until i SAW a 4 Hours breeding process. Using the tree dragon and the lichen Dragon, you can get the Forest dragon, or the mistletoe Dragon. This was My First try aswell.
Bill's picture

I got something just now using a level 7 Ash and level 7 Mountain first time in using the regular breeding cave...its got a 4 hour incubation time. I'm so hoping its a forest dragon I've been trying to get one for weeks!

Level 35 Park
140 Dragons and counting :)
Please add me to FB if you want a friend who's into DragonVale. Unfortunately all my gem spots are full. I wish DV would give an option to upgrade the Dragonsai tree :(

I finally got it two days ago! I was actually trying to get a peridot dragon since it's August. I used Crystal left and Cactus right. Both level 10.


How do I add new friends??

Daviee wright

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Daviee please click on the friends tab at the top of this page. Under Dragonvale FAQ , the first post, you will find a tutorial on adding friends for both Apple devices and android devices. Scroll down a bit on the FAQ page to find the instructions on how to add friends.

Best wishes,


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

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Trying to breed this with Plant+Earth (both level 10), keep getting Moss and Tree. It's kind of annoying...

Give me a cuppa tea, a fluffy cat, and a book with dragons in it. I'll be content.

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Try feeding plant or earth up a level. Sometimes that helps. Good luck! :-)

Edit: Also, try a different pair, then go back to trying for forest.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com