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1 day 11 hours??

Two questions...
1) I've just started with the whole coop breeding as I'm new to all this and I'm in the process of trying a soot dragon with a victory dragon! I have since found out apparently these two dragons are incompatible but when I tried the calculator to find out what exactly I'm going to get it doesn't have the incubation time of 1 day 11 hours?!? Does anyone know what I'm likely to get??

2) How many dragons of your friends should you see in coop breeding? I am only seeing one for each friend and none of them are galaxy dragons which is annoying since how else am I going to get them? And I know these friends have quite a few varieties?

Would be great if anyone could help

Ignore first question having a dunce moment

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The only dragons you will see in coop are the ones your friends are using to coop breed. You would need to request your friends to put a galaxy dragon in coop for you or they can select a galaxy dragon and tap on the heart icon next to the dragon's name, turning the icon to blue. That galaxy dragon will then show as their coop dragon without them having to change out dragons. Your friend would need to remember to "blue" the galaxy dragon for your use if they wish to breed a different dragon in coop.

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Thanks Dreamn