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New event Gardenia's Gathering of the Roses- update out now

Roses are red,
Gardenias aren't blue,
Here's a new event,
Just for me and you.

I know...lame. But theirs was worse, lol. The teaser video is up on the official FB page. Please post your event comments here. Should we expect a Gardenia dragon??! Good luck And may the dragon gods smile upon you kindly!

GEMS WILL BE 50% off from Jan 28- Feb 4th!! The event runs until the 15th. You have one week to claim your prizes, to the 22nd. On the 23rd, all roses will be turned into dragons treats.

Hi, can anyone tell me how long it takes my uncollected roses in my gifts section from my friends to be added into my total? I thought they would be added this morning when event closed but they weren't, and when I tried to collect them myself it said I had reached my daily max. Thanks!
Edited to say nevermind, I thought remaining gift roses were bulk added to my available roses to spend, but apparently the 1,000 daily collection limit still applies. :(