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POST YOUR FACEBOOK INFO HERE ONLY!! All OTHER REQ's go in Game Center post please

Keep all Facebook friend requests under this post and PLEASE READ...I've noticed that a lot of ppl that want new friends on FB post their name but no other identifying info. You may not think your name is common, but on FB there are usually many ppl with the same name. So please post either your name, AND city and state, country, And describe your profile picture so we can send you a friend request quickly. Many of us won't search through ten people's profiles to see if you have DV listed as a game played, so please help out and post just enough info to help us find you. Be sure you have the Add Friend Request button on your profile, or else we can't ask to be your friend.
FB also gives everyone a FB email address that you can post alternatively. And if you can, remember that some of you can't see messages in FB messenger until you accept the friend request so don't turn anyone in for spam, unless you're positive they're a spammer. You can always check their games list, too, to be certain they play DV. Many people WONT MESSAGE first, because it doesn't show up until you confirm them as a friend, so if you want friends, ACCEPT ALL FRs and you can delete them later if you see they don't play DV.
If you respond to someone here, be sure tho leave your info for others as well so you can get more friends.
If you already have enough daily gem trading friends, be sure to say for 'Co op breeding only' in your post, unless you always regift whomever sends you a gem. You don't need dedicated gem friends at all.
Here's to making friends, breeding in coop, collecting party hats, and having lots of fun!

I have changed from iOS to android and lost all my dv friends. Please add for gem trade and breeding.
Fb name Trish Lord, profile pic is me sitting with my horse. Please state dragonvale in friends request.
Thank you.

looking for a few friends to exchange gems with, name is kamaki kamahaku, should be the only one :)

Di Willard's picture

I'm new to Dragonvale and looking for both gem swap and Co op breeding, and whatever else friends can do.
I'm pretty sure I am in the process of breeding a Sorarian Dragon; is the only one I see with a 45 breeding time...


FB: Di Willard
Pic of hubby and me and Hawaii Beach

Di Willard


Looking for FB friends for my Dragonvale account!
Can add me using this (i think?)
or search for Koshka Mew.

Lvl21 island atm


Chele Rivera
Profile pic is my daughter and I on a metal giraffe :)


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I'm giving up on Game Center as my way of connecting with my DragonVale friends. Please friend me through Facebook. Old and new friends are eagerly wanted.
Facebook name is: AC TwinMe
Profile picture is: Same as the one I use here.
Facebook link:

Breathing Fire, (most of the time) Working on Twins
FRIENDS WANTED for Co-op & some gems
Friend through FaceBook: AC TwinMe
Profile pic: white chick w/ white bird
FB link:

I sent you a request on FB.

Robyn Pryor FB
Melbourne Australia. (pic Me with sunglasses with blurred out lines)
game centre is sheoak59

level 82 i play daily

Marnie Galler on facebook

New to the game and need people so that I can breed galaxy dragons as literally no one I know on FB is playing this game

Firicel's picture

hi there are several Marnie Galler witch one is you? or add me Hudubet Horatiu

Firicel's picture

hi i am just back to game after an absence of 1-2 years , was surprised that i was able to find my park alive after this time , i am looking for friends in game to do some gem swaping every day , my fb is Hudubet Horatiu in mean time il try to add some of the older posts see if you guys and girls still have room . dose the friend swaping thing still capped at hmm what was it 5-6?


Looking for new friends for gems exchange, breeding, or party hat dragon cash.

I play everyday, have a few galaxy dragons and quite a few epics.

Here is the link to my FB profile. When requesting just let me know it is "Dragonvale":

add me please!

I gift as often as I can which is normally everyday and i have some epics and some galazys! i try to breed a lot with the co-op cave but ive like one friend with a dragon i can even breed with. thx!

FR Sent. I am Cindy Rella on FB.

My info is

just let me know it is a Dragonvale friend request

FR sent.I am Cindy Rella on FB.

FaceBook- Tiffany Gollotte
Black and white photo of me and my sister n law
Picayune Mississippi.
Just started and need friends. Thanks

FR sent

Add me on Facebook
Darrell Payton
Profile pic Meag Charizard XY

Serendipity's picture

Game Center name ^ add me! :)

Melissa Rennaw - fb

Hello all,

I am looking for Facebook friends to help me catch up to my son but he is so far ahead. Still a lot of fun playing and trying to get dragons. Currently level 29 and I play daily with the typical 3 gems to gift. Right now we are trying to breed the monolith dragons as we each got one in the magic egg hunt.

Facebook name: Kerry Whitmore
Profile picture: enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast

Thanks for looking and good luck DV playing!

Add med as a friends on fb
Namne: sandra jajja carlsson
Work: teknikmagasinet

Looking for more dragonvale facebook friends.

Level 42 right now

find me on facebook by searching my email


I'm a Level 95 active player, and with the new Tournament looking for people who are active players for gem swaps, treats and trades - 7 slots available!

I also have 326/372 dragons available. :)

FB Name: Aida Zabidi (
Profile Pic: Girl in green

If you add my on FB, please kindly send me a message first with the subject Dragonvale?


House: Blazing Sun

Carol's picture

No gem or food slots but happy to co-op breed

Have all dragons!Gems spoken for. Happy to co-op breed. Accepting FB friends.
Send me a friend request Carol Lynn Richards
Picture is a head shot woman with med length red/brown hair
GC ID 5254214