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Rainbow Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
400 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
868 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
35 xp / minute

With the highest income of any dragon and a habitat that can store a small fortune, the Rainbow Dragon is the ultimate Dragonvale Dragon — if you can get it! It's quite possibly also the hardest dragon to breed in Dragonvale. No particular combination of elements is required except that need four different elements in the breeding combination and a lot of luck. Most users requires many tries to get the dragon. Having a existing Rainbow habitat and breeding high-level dragons seems to help.

"Normal words cannot begin to describe the resplendence of these, rarest of all dragons. The first person to ever witness one stared for hours before running home to send a poet to describe the beast. When the poet arrived, the dragon had left without a trace, leading many to believe that the explorer made up the whole thing. Only now do we realize he wasn't crazy at all."



I think in get rainbow dragon by breed ice and flower

woknwobyn's picture

First try Plasma/Poison both level 10. Epic breeding cave. Yay!!!!!! I'm so excited! !

Finally after about 3 months got it with quicksilver and snow

Ill keep doing that combo cause I got silver stright after :-)

It's sad if you don't have the rainbow dragon

Level 7 Ice and level 5 Flower dragons got me one.

I got it on my first try with lv.5 ice dragon and lv. 5 lightning and I'm at level 12, I guess you don't need four different types at once

Lava L + R fog got me a rainbow

Randomly selected Bouquet and Metal and got a 48hr egg, was impatient to know so I spent gems and got a Rainbow Dragon, Yay!

11 Mine and 11 bloom, upgraded cave

I got a rainbow dragon with a hail and flower.

I heard somewhere that if u breed a sonic dragon with the ice dragon u get a rainbow dragon. Don't know if it works though. =)

you can get a rainbow dragon by breeding fire and storm. i got it at first try

impossible. that's only three elements.

you most likely have a sun or moon since cold and lightning are involved.

You can get rainbow dragon with any 4 different elements!

im pretty sure i just got it with frostfire and sonic

Got it With chrystal and lichen!!! Yes!

Neeko's picture

Storm and Flower, finally! This one took me a long time, although I only tried it sporadically in-between marathons for gem dragons and other limited stuff.

NEVER MIND, it was a Sun lol. Still need Rainbow =/

"I've had a wonderful time, but this wasn't it."
- Groucho Marx (1895-1977)

Sonic and blue fire

I got it by accident with Crystal and Lichen on the island.

Rainbow with Scoria and plasma in that order in epic breeding island! 48 hr

I got a rainbow with sonic and blue fire.. Was trieng to go for a moon

kodama1's picture

I know this method may not be common for everyone, but after trying for months and months on and off trying to get this the regular way I cheated and used my Leap Year dragon and my Celtic dragon and got Rainbow. Did this 2 times in a row either side doesn't matter. So if you have both of those, Rainbow is easy.


I just bread blazing and tree and got 48 hours! I hope it's a rainbow and not a seasonal, I had the habitat ready and all. Blazing and tree is a really good combination, you can get seasonal, rainbow and solar eclipse when it's available .

It was a rainbow, Yay!!!

I got it with a hail (left) Sakura (right)
Both on level 10 on the breeding island,
On 1,000,000 th try, and 2 tries after that
I got it with same combo (it's in a egg
in 19 more hours!!!) It's now hail level 11 and Sakura level 15.

I got a rainbow using salamander and sonic! And got a gold and sun dragon using salamander and magnetic, hope this helps :)

I got a rainbow by randomly doing dragons. lol. i did the same thing and now i have another 48 hours dragon- and i don't know the combo! XD

Enjoimyspirit's picture

I tried and tried to get this dragon and I finally did...on accident!

I was trying to get a Gold Olympus Dragon and so I was using a LVL 10 River and a LVL 10 Sonic...and then it came up as 48 hrs for breeding and I almost fainted! So excited! I can't wait!

***Enjoimyspirit on Game Center***

'Anything Less Than Extraordinary...Is A Waste Of Time!"

audhelene's picture

I got it with firefly lvl 14 and pollen lvl 11 at the breeding island

145/157 of all time dragons

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The most rare dragon in DragonVale, the Rainbow dragon. This is the most rare dragon of them all in DragonVale! The Rainbow dragon is known to be difficult to breed but with the Rainbow dragon breeding guides from many of our writers and players it’s not difficult to get with the right technique. Players often find it difficult to breed the rainbow dragon and that’s because they are learning from players, bloggers, and sites that have never bred a rainbow dragon themselves. Im glad to let you know that though some of us on the team have never successfully bred a rainbow dragon but many of the popular members have. My write many of the dragonvale breeding guides, or rainbow dragon breeding guides are just remakes of my breeding guide, there’s nothing special about them because my guide has been available since the release of dragonvale. Here are some combos:
FireFly+Seaweed = Rainbow Dragon
Ice Dragon + Storm Dragon = Rainbow Dragon
Lava Dragon + Seaweed Dragon = Rainbow Dragon
Blazing Dragon + Crystal Dragon = Rainbow Dragon
Blue Fire Dragon +Crystal Dragon = Rainbow Dragon

Dragon skulls are my teddy bears- hell dragonkeeper

I used blazing and centurey

808 HyAn BaByGiRl's picture

I accidentally breed lvl 10: Snow(R) & Ash(L) and got a 48hr breeding/incubation waiting time. With both dragons I have cold, water, lightning, and plant elements. I am hoping to get the rainbow dragon, because honestly I have tried sooooo many times and if it does it was actually a accident. I got the pearl gem dragon on my first try after getting the emerald dragon just the day before that, the very last day we were able to acquire the emerald... But I wanted to share this breeding combo with you all and if it is the rainbow dragon which I hope it is then and this breeding combo can help someone else... Good luck dragonvale players!!!

and123's picture

got mines on my first try seaweed and firefly


I just got a 48 hour breed time by mixing a lvl 10 seaweed with a lvl 10 snow dragon in regular breed ground But i cant seem to find what kind it may be. Is it a rainbow? ( Fingers crossed)

Yup its a rainbow! (Does the dance of dragon happiness)

I did forge lvl 10 and blizzard lvl 9 on the epic breeding island and got a rainbow dragon first time. Probably just got lucky!

I play Dragonvale and minecraft equally. THEY ARE BOTH SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!


Level 10 Ash left & Level 10 Salamander right 1st try! Breeding cave.

and123's picture

i got it on my first try seaweed and firefly


xsamanderx's picture

I just got one with a lvl 8 Rain and lvl 10 moss without trying for one.

I was actually trying to get a pearl when i got the rainbow

kindredcon2's picture

I finally got the Rainbow dragon on the Epic Breeding Island right after I had upgraded it.
level 15 chrome and a level 10 mountain.
1st attempt with this combo.
lol my bad, it was the double rainbow.
haha 2nd try later I did get the rainbow with both level 15 dragons.

Kackisue's picture

Finally got the rainbow when I was trying for the pearl dragon.


I have been trying for the double so I was breeding salamander and ash and just got a 38hr breeding time. Both are level 14 in the upgraded cave. I did have to try several times but it worked.

I got my rainbow dragon first try with a level 7 moss dragon and a level 4 firefly dragon in the normal breeding cave, no existing rainbow habitat, just luck I suppose. But moss and firefly works

Celticdragon86's picture

Celtic and double rainbow

I've been trying for a rainbow for months now and I was fortunate enough to get a double rainbow so I put them together in my EBI and got a 48 hour breed time first shot its a 50 50 chance for that or a double rainbow

Hey that's exactly how I got mine!

Felix's picture

I've got the rainbow dragon


nplewinski's picture

Leap year and Celtic have 100% chance of getting

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

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If you have Celtic and leap year, it's a 100% chance to get rainbow.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

I started playing in April and took others advice to breed storm with flower but it never worked. So I gave up trying. Last week I hatched a pollen dragon and randomly bred it with crystal then 48 hours later a rainbow dragon egg appeared. Hope this helps.

Rose_7's picture

Got 3 Rainbow dragons from different combinations;
Firefly + Iceberg, Seaweed + Firefly and Seaweed + Snow.
Hope this helps.:)

Krister80's picture

FINALLY!!! After four months of avid play I get rainbow! Wow sweat blood and tears went into this one lol I'd like to thank for all ur support and knowledge and the actual updated dragonvale app for the new "try again" button!!! Lol

GC Krister1213

jhay-em's picture

I bred celtic and leap year and got a 48 hrs and i know its a rainbow! WHY!!!!!!! I WANT ANOTHER LEAP YEAR! :(

I just bred 2 double rainbow dragons in the regular breeding ground, upgraded to the enchanted breeding ground, and I think it will be the rainbow dragon. Incubation time is 48 hours. Will let all know when it's done incubating.


celtic & double rainbow! first try!

Got it with Frostfire and Moss. Only been playing this game for 2 days. Loving it!

Got 3 already and I was trying 2 get other rare and limited dragons... Hope 2 get the double the same way!

will i am's picture

Crystal and lichen says 48 hr breeding time, thinking either sun or rainbow. Really want a rainbow since I have a sun and moon...

It will probably breed a rainbow .

Use a scorch and chrome

Add me for gems! ID= StarrieSkye

My park is level 43 and I have every dragon as of 7/21/13 except for the opal and ouroboros dragons.

I will give gems to you too

Idk what i got i have a 48 hour egg and i got it with fog left and flower right

This game rules keep updating it

Sonic left flower right my bad

This game rules keep updating it

Sonic left flower right my bad

This game rules keep updating it

Who thinks what my 48 hour egg will be i bred sonic left flower right it can only be rainbow or seasonal

This game rules keep updating it

What is the true way to breed a rainbow ??????? Please help me

Finally! I got it by lvl15 snow and lvl 10 magnetic in epic breeding island

nplewinski's picture

I have the worst luck with breeding epic dragons and did crystal and linchen in the epic breeding cave and got rainbow on about my 5th try with these two. Plus you can get the possibility of sun and moon as well :))

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

First Try -- level 10 magnetic, level 11 swamp 48 hour breeding time on the EBI

107 dragons.

Morgan Le Fay's picture

I Just Hatched My 1'st Rainbow Dragon!!! I'm SOO EXCITED!!! I Used A Level 10 Flower On The Left & A Level 10 Hail On The Right In The Regular Breeding Cave On My 1'st Try! After I Realized It Was A Rainbow Dragon, I Decided To use The Same Combo Again To See If I Cld Maybe Get A Sun Or Even A Moon Dragon & I Ended Up Getting ANOTHER Rainbow Dragon! 2-In-A Row!!! One After Anoher! how Exciting! I only Have 2 Rainbow's & A Summer Dragon As Far As The Harder Dragons 2 Get Go! Never The Less... It Was Magically Fun & I'm Very Excited! I've Been Trying 2 Get A Moon Dragon 4EVER!!! Hopefully I'll Get 1 Soon! But I'm Very HAPPY W/My 2 Rainbow Dragons! :) XOXO

Morgan Le Fay
nplewinski's picture

I got one with linchen and crystal and the other with magnetic and swamp first try

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

dragodragon's picture

i kepy breeding crystal and seaweed for days and i dont get no rainbow dragon

Feathered Dragon's picture

I'm getting lucky lately! First I got a Double Rainbow, Magnetic, then Rainbow using Magnetic/Swamp

iAmAnchaZa's picture

I got Silver dragon 1st tried with Quickersilver and Hali in EBI while i was trying Rainbow!!

I'm on my 10th attempt at trying to get a rainbow dragon... Can any one tell me what dragons they used? With the easiest success???

ash and salamander... level 5 each. got rainbow first try. does level even matter? other then level 5 to breed of corse

After over a year of trying!!!! Got a double rainbow and everything else before getting a rainbow and now finally I have one! When trying for the amber dragon.... Evergreen and quake! It's about time!

Try Pollen and Crystal. I've gotten a Silver Olympus, a Rainbow and a Double Rainbow sofar

jmodag12's picture

I want to get it!!I'll try lava and rain!!

Jim :) That's my Kairos!!

how do you get it

aligatiger's picture

I got it with copper and rain on EBI. Also trying for a cyclops with same combo.

I tried blue fire and tree dragon, both level 10 on regular breeding cave. 3rd try! I guess I was just REALLY lucky! (:

emeraldwhisper's picture

Ingot it woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo wo wwo Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woowoo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

culbetam1's picture

I belieive I just got this yay with rain and mountian lvl 10 in the cave

Trying to get cotton dragon using forest and firefly and just got 48hrs!!!!!

Morgan Le Fay's picture

I Absolutely LOVE Dragonvale! I Was Iffy At 1'st... But Grew 2 Love The Game Rather Quickly! When I 1'st Started Playing The Game, I Didn't Know Much About It! I Learned As I went Along & This Site Has Been A HUGE Help 2 Me! I'm Now On Level 29 & Im Very Proud Of My Islands! But Ive Noticed Something & Im Wondering If This Has Happened 2 Anyone Else! I Heard/Read That The Rainbow Dragons Are The HARDEST Dragons 2 Breed In Dragonvale! (Well... I Disagree!!! LoL!) I Think The Moon & The Sun Dragons Are The Hardest Dragons 2 Breed! (Or Maybe It's Just My Luck! Bad Luck! Good Luck! I Dunno!) But Since I Started Playing Dragonvale, I Now Have 4 Rainbow Dragons, 1 Getting Ready 2 Hatch & Possibly Another 1 Incubating! (That Would Make 6 Rainbow Dragons All Together That Ive Bred!) & I CAN'T 4 The LIFE OF ME Breed 1 Darn Moon Or Sun Dragon! LoL! Don't Misunderstand Me, Im NOT Complaining! I LOVE ALL OF MY DRAGONS & The Rainbow Dragons Are AMAZING! I Know It's Really A Game Of Luck & Chance! That's What makes The Game Fun... But I do Find That I have A Hard Time Breeding The Legendary/Limited Edition/Gemstone... (Special Dragons) Ect... (Well Other Than The Rainbow Dragons!) I Have 1 Gemstone Dragon (The Sapphire Dragon & It Took Me 25+ Tries Just 2 Get That 1 & I Was SOO EXCITED!) & I Only Have Other Than The Rainbow Dragons & The Sapphire Dragon 2 Other "Special Dragons" (I call them that! LoL!) The Summer Dragon & The Bronze Dragon! I've Upgraded My Breeding Cave Twice & I Finally Purchased The Epic Breeding Island Because I Heard That U have A better chance/Luck Breeding The "Special Dragons" On The Breeding Island! I haven't had any luck yet... I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Else Had This Problem??? It's No Bid Deal Really! I Just Started Noticing All These Rainbow Dragons Hatching & Was Thinking 2 Myself "Wow! This Is Crazy!" I Can't Even Tell U how many times Ive tried breeding A Moon Dragon Or The Sun Dragon Or Any other Special Dragons That Come-Out! I Want The Moon Dragon The MOST! LoL! I'd Be Happy W/Just 1! I Get SOO EXCITED When I See A 48 Hour Time (Or Large Incubating Times) In My Updated Breeding Cave & My Epic Breeding Island! Also... My Dragons Are All At Level 10... No Higher I Can't Afford The Gems To Make their Levels Higher than 10. Atleast Not Right Now! Maybe That Has Something 2 Do W/It... I'm Not Sure. But If Anyone Has Any Advice Id Gladly Take It :) XOXO Morgan Le Fay...

Morgan Le Fay
Blake14's picture

Hi Morgan. First off....really glad you are enjoying the game. It is a very addictive game and just a lot of fun. I read your posting and just wanted to share with you about leveling up your Dragons. I can only tell you what I've experienced. I have (7) Sun Dragons, (2) Moon Dragons and (2) Blue Moon Dragons. For me, most of these were bred with Dragons @ Level 10. When I was getting these kinds of Dragons using Level 10 Dragons, couldn't really see the sense of taking them to higher levels other than for earning me more cash. So for my experience, I believe you can still get the Epics and others with Level 10's. Another thing that has happened to me, I found that one or two specific pairs of Dragons that I was using was getting me "bigger" Dragons. An example is this....I found that I was having pretty good luck when I was breeding a pair of my Quicksilver/Hail Dragons together. I don't know if anyone else has found that to be true also. Maybe it was coincidence, but it was a good, reoccurring coincidence for me. As I said, that was just me. Hope this has helped you and I wish you good luck with getting your Moon Dragon. I have seen several "tips" about the Moon Dragon that you have a better chance for a Moon Dragon if you breed something between 7 PM and 7 AM. Kind of makes sense when you think about it. You may want to consider that when you try again. Good Luck!!!!

GC ID: Fyrehawk14
(Marion45 can also be reached at this email address) (my Band)

Harley_K's picture

I've gotten two within two days... Quake and evergreen / magnetic and swamp -_-

D_samriel's picture

Got my first with quake and evergreen, going for the Amber...thought it was going to be another moon, but saw the egg... and my daughter and I jumped for joy.... lucky nite... last nite.... Got my first RAINBOW and opal... wooohooo....


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

Dreamsnake's picture

Got it (FINALLY!!!) with Forge and swamp in epic breeding cave :)

(G.C. ID: ABHummingbird)
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I finally got it! Used Hail and Glass

Mistidog9's picture

I'm pretty sure I got this with level 7 mountain and flower. In the regular breeding cave. I do t know how coon the combo is tho. I was trying to get paper bus rainbow is better I guess!!!


Got 2 dbl rainbow with Blazing/Lichen and 2 rainbows with FrostFire/Ash been trying for Seasonal and the new Jet

Mama Jojo

After a long 48-hour wait, I am so happy to see the rainbow egg! Got it using Ash and Frostfire while trying for the Jet. Could have been sun or moon, which I already have, so the rainbow was a nice surprise!

Nothing's really a "real game". Games are all fake, sadly.

On topic, what's the best breeding chance to get this Rainbow cutie?

Jenn95's picture

O.O it breeding a glass and a blazing both lvl 13 (:

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

summerbaey's picture

I got it with Ash + Frostfire both level 10 on the island (:

tualatin_wolves10's picture

People who talk about minecraft on here are idiots, don't know what this site is for and people who talk about minecraft should not be on here

Firicel's picture

ha finnaly got it ! frostfire + ash bouth lvl 11 ;D

Lightsaber dragon13's picture

I got another one! This is my fourth, I got it with solstice and equinox.

Jenn95's picture

Oh just a tip!! I got two rainbows AND two double rainbows using ash+salamander (both lvl 14, epic breeding)

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

TST22's picture

I think I'm getting a rainbow dragon ash 11 left and salamander 7 right. Normal breeding cave 2nd try. I was going for double rainbow, but i don't care. I need rainbow and double. Thanks!

NanaKittie's picture

got this one 1st try with Level 13 Glacier and Level 15 Swamp in the regular breeding cave.

~ Nana Kittie ~
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Currently Trying to Breed: Ragnarok and Amethyst #2
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I kept trying for lunar (the the cute fat brown dragon) & I kept getting rainbow: level 15 both mountain / pollen
I guess there are worse things....lick

lordog's picture

I just got my first rainbow egg! Yay! I was trying for Jet with Ash and Frostfire, both level 12 on the EBI, but got rainbow instead, which is a welcome alternative. I have a little rainbow habitat all ready to go. :)

lordog a.k.a Lori
Game Center ID: LORD OG
*Newer friends: I very much appreciate gems, but am most likely unable to repay you for a very long time, as I have a huge repay list already. Please do not send gems if you are expecting a quick repayment.*

Wish I could loan you my multiple Leap Years. lol

TST22's picture

I wish we can trade and give dragons too

Sapheria7's picture

Wow talk about a lot of combos....16 different so far on this rainbow yet but the for combos will post if I EVER get one:-)


The blue dragon sat high upon the top of the lighthouse watching and protecting
LVL 67

gingersvale's picture

I just got this one! I was trying for moonstruck on the epic island & got the rainbow I instead, which is super-cool -- I bred love & rose. Hope that helps you my friends!!

Ginger Williams

god ! i bred ash and frostfire (trying for jet) and got 48h incubation time i still don't know if it's going to rainbow or sun... can't wait!!!

TST22's picture

I think I'm getting it now!! Ash left and salamander right. Normal breeding cave! 2nd try!!!! Ash lvl 11 and salamander lvl 7

Lord Of Winter's picture

I had to restart my game because of Facebook Issues, and I had a Rainbow or one of the epics incubating.
**Rages For Days**

Sefiros159's picture

Magnet dragon Lv. 7 and blue fire Lv. 12, first try

Black Kyurem, i love it!

akrebs98's picture

Got it trying for another emerald dragon with Crystal (Lvl.11) and Lichen (Lvl. 11)
Good Luck!

Just got it from Crystal ( lvl 11) and Lichen ( lvl 11) on EBI while trying for another Emerald!!

I tried crystal and blue fire and got spring twice in a row! It's not a rainbow dragon, but it's still pretty cute :)

I've been trying all combinations possible to get this dragon and then I gave up...tried for a bluefire and I got it! Then I decided to breed crystal and bluefire and I got a Sun dragon! Next, I decided to breed those two again, and what do you know? I got a rainbow dragon incubating right now! It took about 4-5 tries but I wasn't even expecting to get this, and I did! Try it out! Good luck!

Ghost lvl 15 and Poison lvl 15 on upgraded Island. Got it both times I tried this.

Add my friendcode and earn 25 gems - 75176460

Shayluv's picture

First try lvl 7 Ash Dragon breed with lvl 7 Coral Dragon
Elements needed to breed the rainbow Dragon is: Plant, Fire,Cold, Lighting and/or Rock


I got my first one on my gc game with Chrome and Scorch trying for Ruby c:

AriellaRaine's picture

Breeding a Light and Water in the EBC and got a time frame of roughly 1 day 18 hours. Rainbow Dragon?


The highest hours for Water and Light at this time is the Prism dragon. About that time.

I've been trying to get this for like a week and still have not gotten it...

Does any body have any other combinations that work:)

I got lucky with combining a Scorch and a Fog (four elements). Both lvl 11, epic breeding island.

All of you people's try to bread rust and glass level eleven each it is guaranteed to work you won't regret it

wren31's picture

Thought this would help some ppl, I have been getting Rainbow dragons repeatedly with Pepper 15 and Root 15 while trying for gourd dragon.. Good luck


I used love dragon and earth dragon

Winter Is Coming

DragonVale Lover12108's picture

I got mine using Thorn and Salamander, hope this helps!

Kerr94's picture

Seaweed and magnetic dragons work to breed the rainbow dragon

First try: Lichen and Quake. Add me: :)RainyDay(: I need users with the new galaxy dragons. I have arcturian, bizurian, (soon to hatch) rainbow, and (soon to hatch) double rainbow (twin). Tell me which one you want me to put as my breeding dragon for co-op. I'm a fairly new player only level 14.

SnoopyRN50's picture

Hi all, I'm new here; I just hit level 16, and I was simply trying to get a different dragon, any dragon, because I keep getting repeats of the few dragons I already have. I bred the Hail and Lava dragons in the regular breeding cave since the sandbox showed there were many possible dragons I could get that I didn't already have. The resulting breeding time is 48 hours, which has to be a Rainbow Dragon. But what is unbelievable is I already have a level 10 Rainbow Dragon, so here comes another repeat! I really don't mind this one, though.

Please send a PM in FB if you would like to add me as a DV friend so I know who you are. Thank you!
This is my Facebook link; it should take you right to my page.

SnoopyRN50's picture

Okay, I was wrong. I thought this was gonna be a rainbow, but it is a Sun dragon. Wow, that is a total surprise!

Please send a PM in FB if you would like to add me as a DV friend so I know who you are. Thank you!
This is my Facebook link; it should take you right to my page.

Swishycat's picture

Congrats on your new sun dragon! You may want to check out 2084 .org for dragon combos as the one here is no longer updated. Good luck and happy breeding!!

Gamecenter ID: Swishycat (accepting co-op friends just send invite)

Flwrpot's picture

Hi SnoopyRN, you can also use the Sandbox tab (at the top of this site with the other tabs) put in the two dragons you would like to breed and see all possible results of breeding those two dragons along with their breeding times. Or you can use the Calculate tab (top of page) and enter in the breed time you got and it will give you only the list of possibilities of dragons with that breed time. If/when Backflip does the Bring 'em Back event (where they bring back expired dragons and decorations) in December then you would want to select the 'show expired dragons' on the right side of the page in addition to entering in your breed time! I hope this helps :-)

EDIT okay I just reread your post and saw that you've used the sandbox already so sorry about that. So a few tips all of us try when we keep getting the same dragons are: if you feed one of your dragons and then breed again you'll usually get a different outcome. I look at what eggs I'm getting also to see which dragon I should feed (i.e. If you're getting eggs that are fire related but you're trying for a cold related dragon, level up your Hail dragon). Some also switch the order when they breed, and some take a break from trying for a certain dragon and when they try again they have success. Some do things around their park (buy decorations, redecorate park or add pathways) and then breed and have success! I think most of us have tried all of the above, lol, but patience is the biggest thing! Don't forget to check out the Home tab (page down to the bottom) where there are topics dedicated exclusively to breeding tips and finding more friends who play through Facebook. Happy breeding!

SpectreDragon's picture

I somehow got one by breeding a Polarian Dragon and an Antarian Dragon. Yay!

If you want to add me in GC, my username is YukahTheSergal

i got this by breeding monolith 2 and 6

Surprisingly I got mine on the first try with my twin blizzard dragon and my firefly dragon at level 10 each.

CarolynyoungmooreVeteran's picture

I have got 2 rainbow dragons both using Shimmer level 13 left and Evergreen level 13 right and then Shimmer level 14 left and Evergreen level 14 right... Both times in the Epic .. Takes a few tries but that is the only way I got both of my rainbow dragons.. So seems breeding elements are light, water, plant and cold :)

Funn y i got this from Friend breeding with snowflake and fire

wasn't trying, but got this with level 12 blazing and level 11 ice

I've got two rainbows same day. It happens often, get one and you get another. First was Lotus lev 5+ Chrome lev 11 in ord breeding cave. Second on coop with Moon lev 4 and Fire lev 4. I got a 3rd 48 h same day but that was a moon:)

I got a rainbow using my wish from the Arcane Pentournament. Since then I got another by accident but didn't know until incubation. I thought I earned the achievement for having two rainbow dragons. Is this a glitch or do I need to breed another rainbow?

I've played this game for a few years with 216 different dragons.