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Conch Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
200,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
650 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
30 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
43 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
57 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,650,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
4,583 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
556 xp / minute

"If you were to put your ear to a conch dragon's wing, you'd be able to hear the ocean! Which is fortunate, since living on islands in the sky means there's not a whole lot of opportunity to hear the ocean. Thanks, conch dragon!"



Got it accidentally when trying to produce a Leathery with Aurora and Spectre!

mhann03's picture

I got one on the first try with Rust and Quicksilver

Murrisha's picture

Got it while trying for Trench with Water (elder) + Acid (lvl 15).

Level 95
GC: Murrisha (maxed out gem slots)
267/353 Pedestals
355/357 Dragons (Missing Pond and Plateau)
Trying For: Pedestals

I got this beauty when I had given up and threw copper and quicksand together in the regular breeding cave

Firicel's picture

just got it as a twin dragon when a lady friend dragon humped mine in coop (and as i'm just back to dv i didn't had this so : another one bites the dust )