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Snowflake Dragon 1

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
50,000 XP
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
43 coins per minute
Sale price: 
50,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
333 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
333 xp / minute

"If not for an apprentice witch named Arendella, we may never have discovered this enchanting breed. Though her full name is lost to time, the young witch was once known for making the best iceberry brew in DragonVale. So delicious was this brew, that it attracted a flock of snowflake dragons from the clouds!"



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Hi~ Just out of curiosity seeing as the event is over and has been for a while, how do you breed the snowflake dragons, are there any combos I can try that don't involve already having the first two snowflake dragons? I have the habitat but I don't have any of the dragons.

You need a snowflake dragon to begin with. So if you don't have any your only option for now is to have a friend put one up for cooperative breeding.

I havent got any of the snowflake dragons either, but even if it is expired i can still try to breed it with a friend in the co op breeding? Is that correct? Which dragon should I then use? Epic?


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If you have at least one of the Snowflake dragons, you can try breeding it with an epic dragon to get another (someone said in a forum post which epic dragon is a good breeding partner but I can't remember which thread it was mentioned in). If you don't have any snowflakes at all, try using the co-op breeding cave; ask one of your friends who has a Snowflake dragon to make it their chosen one and you use an epic dragon you have to breed with it.
Even if you just have two of the same type of Snowflake dragons, breeding both of those together can give you the others, it might take a while though. Good luck with it!

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Thank you! :) I'll give it a go and see if it works.


fran clements

In co op breeding what would you put with your friends snowflake to get one

I have got all 5 snowflake dragons but can only have space for 4 in the habitat so poor number 5 is in storage :-( I would be happy to put up in co-op breeding. Looking for friends through Facebook for gems and galaxy dragons, friend me on Facebook.

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Hey.. I'm gonna try for Snowflake but from how it appears, you need both to be snowflakes in order to obtain others. Would you add me on Facebook so I can give it a shot? I'm also aiming for the rest of the galaxy dragons. (I have 5 of them now) :) My name and profile pic is the same as here.

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Vesi, that's an old post. You need to have at least one SF of your own to breed with another in co- op. You'll get better response if you visit Breeding discussions and look for the topic on Post Your Chosen Dragon, you can request any dragon there, and you can friend anyone there, no need to make duplicate posts. Keep friend reqs under that section please. Welcome to the forum! You may want to read Tips and Tricks and the FAQs. :-)


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Don't know how to friend you in Fb. My Game Center name and dragon vale name is OnthegoinId


Hi Chris, going to try friend you on Facebook. To add me

I'm not sure which Chris is you

Debbie Wymenga

I am trying to make a snowflake dragon and was wondering if you could help and be my first Dragon buddy? I don't know how this works though or how to accomplish this.


How do I get you as a friend to get snowflake dragons? I need help and have played this for a while but always got dragons on my own.


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I obtained this dragon by breeding Snowflake No. 2 with Snowflake No. 3
Chris clinch, probably you should upgrade your habitat. Or you should buy an average Snowflake habitat which can accommodate 5 Snowflake dragons. So does mine.

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so I bought a snowflake dragon habitat but then realised that the snowflake dragons are seasonal and I now can't get one can someone breed on with me?

Can you add me on Facebook?

Debbie Wymenga

Can someone add me on game center so I can have some friends to co op with and give gifts too :) I don't have a FB. I'm not even fully sure how to get friends on game center :/ I need help!!!
My GC is meganmarieco

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Please click on "Friends" at the top of this page. Under Dragonvale FAQ, the first post, you will find a tutorial on adding friends for both Apple devices and Android devices. Scroll down a bit on the FAQ page to find the instructions on how to add friends.

If you are using an Apple device and have upgraded to iOS 10:

Tap on "social" and at the bottom left is an "invite friends" button.


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Now that the Bring them back has started, I would like to finally get a Snowflake Dragon, but it looks like they are impossible to breed if one doesn't already have at least one to breed with friends in the co-op. Is this really true? Thanks for any help or advice in getting one of these.

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