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This websute

I was going through the "Dragon Breeding List" and noticed my numbers were off, I decided to figure out why. There are twelve dragon missing from that list. This brings me to my question, other than the forum is this site still being updated?

Thanks for your input!!

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I have wondered that as well. There are a lot of missing Dragons in the "My Dragons" listing as well as a bunch without images that have been out for a long time.

Some of the pages don't even work at all but still have tabs. If it doesn't work...either fix it or remove the tab.

I do wonder if the creators of this site have quit.

Game Center ID: El Derfo

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I've used this website since I started playing DragonVale but in the last few months nothing is updated. The new event roar of the rift not a mention. Put a search question in about it it comes back with have you spelt it correctly. If they're not doing it anymore I'm sure everyone would understand because it is a lot of work, but at least let us know so we don't waste our time here.

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It has been awhile since things have been updated. The admin and moderators are really busy in their personal lives. The rest of us still come here to help each other out. I would update the dragons if I could but unfortunately I dont have the internet connection needed. If there's anything we can help with please drop by the Vale Pals page on this site. Lots of Rift info and ideas being shared there. :-)


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

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I definitely agree with dreamn- if the admins & moderators need assistance they should reach out. There are a lot of us that are dedicated Vale players. Any chance someone could arrange a live discussion group? Maybe the admins/moderators could delegate some tasks that would help bring this site back up to date. I'm just throwing ideas out. I've been using this site for several years and it's sad to see it deteriorating.


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Thank you I'll pop over and have look