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Looking for friends

Hi all,

I am at level 25 in DV and I am looking for friends so we can coop breed. I have two galaxy, sun, moon and olympus dragons. Please add me via face book. I am Joan Burns (white orchid plant as my profile). I hope there are also other players who are seeking friends. I will be happy to add new friends.

dragonvalelover40's picture

I would like some friends so we breed togther. I've got a rainbow dragon and a two galaxy. I will accept any requests.

rhonda belgrave

add me!!!

i tried to find you to send you a friend request. facebook: pee price with pic of cute little kitten that is not mine. My cats are older and not as cute:)

am looking for DV game friends. Currently at level 24, 3 galaxy dragons, 75 dragons total.
rhonda belgrave

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Let's play Dragonvale. Am level 32 , Almost 180 dragon's bred so far.

Feel free to add me on Facebook. My name is Taylor Crowell and my picture is the same as on here :)

add me as friend if you still need dragonvale friends - pee Price with pic of cute little kitten. I don't really think there are any other Pee Price :)

If you need a friend still find me on Facebook name is Vickie Mae Frey on it with a photo of me on my wedding day. I'm level 88 and only missing 20 dragons so I have a lot to co open with. Message me also so I know I'm adding you for the game.

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Am sending a friend request on Facebook if you would like to add. Thanks

i need fb friends for co-op, message me and let me know its for dragonvale

my name is amy hood


Looking to friend for gems. 5 spots open

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Please add me, w/ message. Facebook -Amber Burgess

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Facebook -
Amber Burgess
Please message it's for Dragonvale

What's your profile pic on FB? there's a bunch of different Ambers that come up when I FB search your name.

Larry stranger on game chat
Connor antonio on facebook

larry stranger on game center

I need some Facebook friends also.
Kallishandra Davis on Facebook, send me a message so I know it's for the game please.