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Everyone post you Game Center names in this Forum and Friend others who post their names!! This way we can ALL gain friends EASILY!!!! (State If You Have Apple Or Android To Avoid Mix-Ups!) :) :) :)

Level 80, 450 dragons

I'm looking for breeding and I have some gems to trade
my gc is mandakittu
thanks :)

I have three more gems to give each day.

Hi all. I have a level 45 park, 240/303 dragons, active daily...several times actually. Gems+treats for 4 more friends!
Game center ID is €wolf

I'm on everyday and have nearly all the dragons, but need some friends for better co-op breeding.
Add me! Thanks :-)

I'm not really sure how to add friends now with the IOS -10 upgrade, but we can't do it with GC names anymore we need to add our e-mails, so for the purpose of this I have created a new e-mail if you want to try to add me, go to your social tab, and invite me via email at, All we can do is hope for the best.

Apple, daily player, level 80 park with all elder dragons - GC name is tolarpolar.

Add me; shakuhh90 on game center. Should be found with that, if not my email is - looking for friends to gem and to get gems from. Also at the point when i want to try to get the galaxy dragons, so if you need friends for gems or galaxys or just visiting park,add me thanks!


Never too late to add me !

Looking for friends for Gem/food exchange and co op breeding. Have several spaces left for gems. Play daily. Level 80.
GCID: TheNana4:) (Smiley face needed)

Looking for friends for gem/food exchange and co op breeding too.....Game Centre name is Oke57 on Apple. I play everyday.

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Hi, looking for friends with non-polarian Galaxy dragons for co-op breeding, I'm level 54 and have quite a few different epic dragons.
I use Dragonvale on Apple devices, and my gamecenter is LooneLuxxe
I play daily so I'll hopefully be able to gift gems everyday.

Once anonymous user named Dragonvale fan 2

I am seeking Coop breeding for Snowflake and Galaxy (Comet, Andromedan, Arcturian, Procyon and Teidian)
Thank you for your assistance. I play daily and will reciprocate gems as well.

always looking for Friends to gift/trade
GC username: Duffytree11


My GC name is Erika7765. I play daily

Hey Dynasty7765, would like to add you as a friend, I use an apple phone as well and with the new update I don't have a clue how to add people yet !! :(
my GC name is =[!Jess93!]=

Hey guys I don't have any friends and would loooove some invites! I have a gem tree and am constantly playing 24/7 GC is meganmarieco

Level 80 player - Just cleared out my friend list, cause I need gem swappers! Looking for 6 daily players.

I'm in the exact same boat. Added you, SophieWophi.

Dang it - As far as I can tell, It appears Apple is done away with adding friends with Game Center.

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According to an article at "apple insider" :

"Beginning with iOS 10, Apple's Game Center service will no longer have its own dedicated application. Instead, actions like adding friends or inviting them to a game will be handled by individual games themselves, routed through Apple's expanded Messages app."

Tap on "social" and at the bottom left is an "invite friends" button. I don't have iOS 10 so my in-game "invite friends" options are through Facebook, email, or SMS.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

If you can add me, I can trade gems with you. My GC id is katybee77.

Would someone post the winning combinations with the levels used to breed them.....I have tried at least 100 times... conch and quicksand...many thanks

DragonBabe83 on IPad

I already have: Andromedan,Antarian,Arcturian,Bizurian,Celerulean,Nebula,Polarian,Procyon,Rayleian
I need: Comet,Eridanian,Sorarian,Teidian

If you have one of the last ones I'll gladly can help you with the first ones or any other dragon on cooperative breeding cave.
I'm on level 83, 304 dragons, add me:

GC: sansanito

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Im newish (lvl 27) and i would love some friends to trade gems with! :D

My game center ID is thecatknowsimdrunk

I play literally all day and promise to return gems!

Kelsey Kurdts

I love your GC id name :) If you can figure out how to add me, my id is katybee77. I'll trade gems with you!

Hi -

I'm just level 16, but play every day. I just got a gifting tree and have a few spots for gem exchange. I can't for the life of me figure out how to add Game Center friends, but my id is katybee77. Please add me and we'll be friends :)

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With Apple removing the Game Center app adding friends has become very difficult. Some have upgraded to iOS 10, some still have iOS 9 and the two versions don't seem to play nice together. I'll send a friend request through the old Game Center and hopefully it will work. It hasn't been, but I'm still trying and crossing my fingers.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com


Add me! Apple Game Center: lilfaebae

Add me :)

Looking for Coop Pals!

UN: LFridz

I'm on level 84 and have almost all the dragons! Add me for gems and breeding!
Apple: Ashley1622 on Game Center

Add me, Scos523. Game Center name.

Pls add me.. I play daily.. Game Center is: *vanvan86*

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I wanted to some sort "Max. My name is Max." reference, but with my name it really does not work.

Add me, I am blomsten74 in game center

Pls add me.. *vanvan86*
I play everyday

Mine is dbutton6969
Add me




Level 38. 7 islands. Play daily :)

Caoarae on game center


I got the Nova dragon and am looking for someone with the Singularity dragon to co-op breed with. Add me through email please.

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Apple Game Center name is: lowelllutz
Some friends have quit playing so gems, etc. are available as well
Also need to breed with Singularity & Nova in co-op.


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BDS Cyan

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I am searching for 5 active players,every day online , Game Center name : ~/xav/~

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At this time you can only add friends through Facebook.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

My gamecenter name is hjalten2010
I can only add by email:(

Larry Stranger

larry stranger on game center

hey my game center name is Pop77*

Played the game for a while on the completionist route, I do own a gem tree. Gamecenter is Lilyflowerbud and I am active during events.