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Need friends

I deleted my Facebook so I have no way of adding friends. My email is Idk how to add so please find me ☺️

HALP ME!!!!!!!!!


I do not do Facebook. If you would like a friend, email me and I will add you.

Heidi Brewer

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I’ve sent you guys emails.

Kirsty Wise

So I'm still new inthe game and I don't hav any friends. I'm not sure how to add friends so can someone add me first? FB: Aura Renali, email:

I need friends on my site. Dragon Vale level 58 - 256 dragons and I have the gifting tree.
Name of site is Thor's Hammer. Email is lois1854@hotmail. Thanks in advance!!!


not sure how to "get" friends. Can someone help me figure this out. I'm a level 39. My game is Dream World,


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Currently the only way to add friends is through Facebook.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

How can we add friends if we do not have Facebook then?? I have no friends and do not use Facebook

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Sorry, Facebook is still the only way to add friends. :-(
You could make a Facebook account just for gaming, leaving the profile as blank as possible, and using a separate email account for Facebook only.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

My fb is Grant Franklin w/ a dragonvale app image as profile.

I have a facebook account for games - email is chandaleanne (at) gmail dot com FB profile is Chanda Leanne. You can search by either. There is no profile pic or info, so it might look sketchy, lol. I have a dragonsai tree!

I just started playing again. Starting all over again!!! Kimberly Atkins is my FB. Image of me with two kids and husband. Ocean behind us. I will friend you on FB. Will give gem every day! Chandra and grant I will look for you on FB.

I have a amazon tablet. There is no way that I can find to add anyone as a friend. I have two friends who do not play. Have the Dragon gem gift tree and I have successfully bred two share dragons. Please add me if you find a way. Email is Thank you