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Motley Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
6,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
123 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
41 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
72 coins per minute
Sale price / breeding time: 
0 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
8 xp / minute

"It's the same old situation, the motley dragon is of unknown origin. A crew of six wizards has been studying them, but the results are not making them feel good. Some wizards have a theory, which is a bit on the wild side, that motley dragons are related to a rumored invisible dragon."

Motley Dragon is available only until April 15.



Got it with flower and moss.

Frie with flower

Got it with level 9 plant and level 9 water first try was not expecting it but was very happy to get it

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Me too level 10s

Got mine with cold and metal

I got mine with ice and mine.?

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I got mine with mountain and obsidian. Anybody know why?

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because I was given a gift
of Dragon wings


April Fools Day! i guess that is the joke of the Motley dragon. It will appear with any combo on this day.
Just my opinion of course.


I got it with level 5 water dragon and level 8 fire dragon I also wasn't expecting it but love it

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Just got it with storm and flower. so glad they brought it back!

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Got it with Crystal and Steel

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Just try fire and plant because it will be flower or poison and they both need one gem to speed up. So I did not have to waste gems and got it.

Thanks, fire and plant...had to spend four gems and got it on the third try! Awesome!

I bred flower and poison then got flower. After that I tried fire and plant and got it first try!!!! :)

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I used fire and earth... Have no idea how it worked.... Was trying for bone


first try?

You don't need gems , gust bread with Fire and Plant , so use my tip and save 123 gems.

Been trying for aquamarine by breeding glacier and river and I got a motly egg... How did that happen???


LOL the same thing just happened to me, I was im sure this peculiar egg is fire related, how again is this possible?

Yup me to i did glacier and fire and got it first try.

You know how the moltey dragon showed up right before April 1. Plus, maybe the elements it's made of are a prank (like it can be breed by every element ).

I got it w/ ice & mine: the opposites! Cold & metal are opposites of plant & fire! April Fools indeed!

Ya me to sooooooo weird

Same happened here. I was breeding ice & mine to get another diamond & unexpected got another motley - a pleasant surprise!

I've been trying for the diamond dragon for a solid week using the ice/mine combo and got three motley dragons... I wasn't aware this was supposed to be an April Fool's joke.

I got aquamarine 3rd time other iceberg and river. Try that.

Same here, Quite the surprise!

No, you breed iceberg and river, cuz I've already got one

Lol because it is the April fools dragon. You can get it with any combo.

Lol because it is the April fools dragon. You can get it with any combo.

Yeah it has to be an april fools dragon because a) it has odd eyes and b) it is in a jester egg.

I got mine with Flower on the left and Tree on the right! I had been trying to get the Sakura but got the Motley instead!

Similar here.. I did tree on the left and flower on the right. but my husband did same and switched around and didn't get it either way.

I got it with plant and blazing both level 10

Metal on the left phosphite on the right breast First try I think breeding island ball level

Metal on the left by fire on the right first time at the reading island both level then

Metal on the left Foxfire on the right first time I think breeding island both of them level X

Maddow on the left by fire on the right ball K first time on epic breeding

I breed this by trying to get a frostfire dragon xD

Hail and cold. Amazing.

don't ask me how!! but i got it using Fire & Snow

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I got it using water and fire whist trying to bread a samimander then another one using ice and mine.

Just got second Mötley with Reindeer lvl14 & Lightening lvl14 on regular breeding cave. Was trying for Bloom lol.

Metal Last Foxfire right eight both level tonight and birdstrike ` breeding

Metal first first love on the left fuck Frostbriar right but Buglecall first try on epic breeding

I got it with a glacier and lava I have been trying to get this dragon forever about six times and now it worked

I got it with Firefly and flower on my 4th try. So happy!!!

How long did it take?

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Just got it with storm & flower. so glad they brought it back

Got it with lightning and cold.

Hey!!!!! i have this really weird thing happen so in my regular breeding cave i used my cold dragon and my earth dragon expecting to get a mountain dragon but instead i got a motley dragon has this happened to anyone else im so confused

Got it with air and flower

Got it with blazing and river 13 h.

I got it with tree and fire first try

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Tree L Fire R - First try after many other failed combo's. Thanks for the tip!

I know this is completely unrelated....but is that a sloth?!

I luv ur picture sloths are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys, this dragon is quite interesting...literally you will get this dragon with almost any combo, expect the epic ones. it's really there to fool us. like say when you are breeding blizzard and snow, you have high chances of get this dragon....that's the April fools joke...the joke is on us....good for them!!!

Seven Dragons

Seven Dragons's picture have two pages for motley

Seven Dragons

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Oh, I just corrected it! Thanks! :D

My website:

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I know. :) But I just created it so we have it in the list.

My website:

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I got this dragon totally by accident last night. I got a 13 hr breed time trying to get the Sakura dragon for the umpteenth time! LOL He is a cutie though and I'm happy that I got something new instead of all the dragons I have been breeding lately.


Me 2~Whatz it take 2 get Sakura around here?

Sakura dragon is tree and flower, I just got it with that combo:)

Got this and had no idea what the heck was the egg design( it's pink and yellow checkered! )
Was trying for Sakura but got this instead! Lol, but happy

Sakura's really easy to get, it took me 2 tries with flower and tree dragons

Concidder yourself lucky. I have 1 after tree periodes of several weeks trying!

Got this with flower and moss also, very pretty egg just like a jester costume :-)

Is it going to disappear from our parks on April 1? They did mention it being related to a "rumored invisible dragon."

I got it, too, trying for bloom with storm and cactus.

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I'm thinking the same thing. That these dragons might disappear on April 1st for April fools day

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Dr. Super Awesome Dude
I know you have gems give them to me now!!

Nope I have one right now and it's April first still there by the way!!!!!

2 for 2 with flower and evergreen

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Lichen lvl 11 & Flower lvl 11 normal breeding cave

Game Center ID: Jones Fam1ly
"will gift gems"

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Got mine with storm and cactus was trying for bloom lol

Flower and poison first try normal breeding cave.

Plain Fire and Plant dragon. Tried it 3 times and got it.

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Got mines using bluefire lvl12/ storm lvl 12 in the regular breeding cave

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Got mine with flower and poison both lvl 15.

Just got Motley with Fire and Flower both lv. 14 on EBI ! 7th try !

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I got it with a level 15 cactus & level 15 storm in an epic breeding island. I thought I got a bloom, cause it was 10 hrs 24 mins breeding time. Boy was I surprised when I got it!


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Funny! Is anyone getting any other dragons besides Motley right now? Got it with Sakura and Sonic and then again right after with Firefly and Water.

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Got it with level 10 Cactus and level 10 Fire in upgraded breeding cave. 10:24 hr breeding time. Yea!!!

Flower and Poison... third try both level 15.


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Got em! Used firefly and storm while trying for spring.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

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I got it with river 13th level (right) an iceberg 13th level (left) in the breeding cave good luck.

David Wilson

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Got it with flower and tree

Put a Gold and Silver together this morning thinking I would get a gold or silver. NO.
Got a Motley.


It seems you can breed just about anything and still produce a Motley. It is a unstoppable pest of Dragonvale. I really hope it expires soon.

Got it first try with crystal and hail so hope it isn't a April fools joke

Love the April Fools joke! I got it yesterday with tree and flower and was like "wtf?"

I have got one motley and getting another using metal and water. This was by accident and I am so amazed how I got it using metal and water

what isthat other spotted egg in the picture above

Celtic dragon

Flower and Hail, 1st try.

Used reindeer and lightning trying to get a bloom last night and got 13 hrs in cave and thought I got it but just put my egg to hatch and it was this! I didn't even use fire!


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Just breed lighting + air in upgraded cave and got 10h24m. Doesn't make any sense but according to Sandbox can only be a Motley. Quiet the joke getting a dragon with NONE of the element of the breeding pair.

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Got this by accident 2 trying 4 Sakura Dragon with level 14 flower and level 15 tree!!!! :))

Peace out!!!

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i was trying to breed bloom dragon with storm and cactus and got this dragon

Got it with fire and air

Got it by accident whilst trying for a Sakura. Tree and Flower in ebc, both level 10. Now back Sakura attempts lol.

Got it with earth and sonic.

Lvl 10 air left x lvl 10 ice right- accident only! But v. Glad- this dragon is sooo cute!

I got it with Iceberg and River.....TWICE! Trying for Century

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Wow. Guess one of the developers is a big Mötley Crüe fan. Since you can get this with any combo of dragons, I've been trying Plant and Cactus since the longest fail time is only 30 min and I still haven't manage to breed this dragon. I'll shall name him Mick Mars when I get em

GameCenter ID: -trish_the_dish-

Thank goodness someone else got all the hints! The description is full of Motley Crue references!! I love Motley Crue and haven't gotten the dragon yet! I plan on naming mine Nikki :)

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I was surprised that nobody had mentioned it either. Guess their aren't too many rockers playing dragonvale. Lol.

GameCenter ID: -trish_the_dish-

I still can't get it!! I will be so sad if I miss this one! I was named after Nikki Sixx! How can I not get it?!?

Got mine with Evergreen and Copper

I got this by accident with Cactus and Firefly when trying for the Spring

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Flower and plant first try now trying to get the egg to no avail

I was confused when I got this as I was trying for an Aquamarine and bed it with river and iceberg...there little April Fool joke caught me quite by surprise :)

I got mine with water on the left and cold on the right.
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I got mine with fire and plant second try... it was simple

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Was trying to get Sakura, and this thing just popped up!
So I guess it's a first try LOL
And the second try too...
So currently I have one hatching and one in the cave...
Flower + Tree both in th cave and lv 15

got mine on the first try with storm and plant trying for bloom!

Got it as I was trying for the millionth time trying to get the century dragon with ice and Sakura

Got it and really had my head tilting. Thought I had originally gotten the bloom dragon. :/ Grass and Storm combo got me the plad egg of confusion.

Jeju's picture

Level fourteen plant and flower dragon first time uwu

I was trying for Equinox and got it by doing Blazing and Water! Was very surprised!

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This is killing me... it seems to like the flower+tree combo... I have 3 of theses blasted dragon!!! I need my Sakura!

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Got it with Thunder and Water

Got the Motley twice in a row with Level 13 River and Level 13 Iceberg.

Got it while trying to get cactus. That's kind of weird.

I got mine with flower and poison because all the other breeding times are 0:30-1:00

Weird I just got it with iceberg and river wtf

Motley is a weed that can pop up with virtually any breeding. Someone called an April Fool's Day joke. If that's the case, maybe, if we are lucky, it will expire on April 2nd. Keep your fi gers and toes crossed for that!

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Love and storm got it for me.

These dragons done stole all my free time!

Air on right and flower on left

Trying for bloom and got this. Sigh....... Better than nothing I guess

Got it first try lvl. 15 flower and lvl. 10 metal dragons.

Got it first try lvl. 10 storm and
Lvl. 10 firefly

got two from storm+firefly


Iceberg and river twice, i wonder if i can get something different today or everything will give me the same dragon...

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I got this one by accident tryin to get sakura. he's SOO cute ^_^

I think I used Moss/plant and lava, not sure though

i got this dragon by breeding storm and fire...what the ?? thats cold, fire and lightning....there is no plant even in this combo??? plus cold which is its negative...go figure

Flower and poison


() ()

I got it with firefly and storm too!
100% true! And there's NO plant in it!

It took me a very long time to find out what kind of dragon is going to hatch from my egg. I got it breeding a cactus and cold dragon(also good way to get sun and moon dragons- be patient)

Finally!!!! I have been breeding Love & Storm continually for 5 days and now have an incubating Motley egg.

Finally got one also. Been doing flower and poision for the short te for the failure eggs. Decided at last minute to replace poision with a plain plant and I got it. Both lvl 10 and in the cave due to a sun taking its time on the island.

Cannot get this dragon to save my life. Joke's on me, I guess.

Somehow, I bred it with water and cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o

It's cool first time but have 2 now and now 2 more coming and taking up both breeding sights while trying to still get century. If I miss century because of this dragon I will be so mad!!!

Got my second with ash and storm. This dragon is getting annoying with its 13 hr breeding time and also because it can be bred with any combo, even fire and water!!!!!!

I got him using blue fire and metal. Weird.

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got it two times in a row with moss and forge both lvl 10 on the island

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I just got a checkered egg (motley dragon) with fire and hail. Hope it helps :)


Got it with sonic+tree=motley he's so adorable but the egg was mysterious!!!