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Leap Year Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,750 gems
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
400 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
2,874 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
115 xp / minute

It was created by breeding at least four different elements.

"The exceptionally rare leap year dragon can only be seen in the wild once every four years near Bridget's Pass. Getting one of these in your park is sure to make your visitors over the rainbow? Or is it over the moon? I can never remember..."




Oh my gosh wwhen is it coming back I need one so bad. X(

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Every leap year, I guess, so 2016?

Not just leap year i got one a few days ago but dont remember what i breed same day i also got a solar eclipce also dont remember what i breed


You are correct. It won't come back for another three years, until 2016, or if there is another "Bring em' back" event in December again. Until then, you have to wait

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... I can't wait that long weeeeeaaaaaaahhh:(

Actually, at the end of the year there is a dragonvale event that brings back EVERY SINGLE limited dragon called "bring um back" that occurs at the end of every year, so leap year will come back in December 2013.

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Comes back for bring em back.... I've been trying rain and mountain on my ebi for some gemstone dragon (I don't remember what it is the combo for) and so far I've gotten severel river dragons,some rain dragons, a snow dragon, a lunar eclipse dragon and now a leap year! This combo is great guys, I recommend that during bring em back you breed rain and mountain over and over again until you get that unknown gemstone dragon :) happy bring em' back everyone!!!!!

-Triple Double Rainbow

I`ve got a whole island and i mean whole, that`s just for leap years. :-)

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I'm getting jealous.

If anyone is wondering how to get apocalypse dragon you breed blazing and an earth or earth hybrid dragon

Apparently this dragon is not yet expired. I just bred one. January 26, 2013 with two leap years. Was hoping for pan long.

Even if a dragon is expired, u can get one by breeding 2 of the same, ie. leap year + leap year= leap year

I got one

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paano mag cheat sa dragon city

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Yeah well I've got a rainbow island with three rainbows, three double rainbows and a leap year in 25 hours

-Triple Double Rainbow

it doesn't say how you get one. can u tell me?

I bred a gift dragon and earth dragon and got a leap year dragon egg breeding started yesterday

I bred a glaicer dragon and a flower dragon and got one!!!!
Now I just need a rainbow habitat, but they're sooooo expensive...

Psh....they're NOT that expensive at all. Only 150,000 dragon cash I can get that in less in a hour. It depends on how many habitats you have, but it's actually cheap compared to buying ISLANDS

I bred
Obsidian+ Lichen 1st try
and I wasn't even trying to get the leap year

I was trying to breed the apocalypse dragon with Ash and steel dragon, but got the leap year dragon instead

I was trying to breed the apocalypse dragon with Magnetic + Lichen and got the Leap Year Dragon instead. First try!

Serpentperi691's picture

That's what I used. Obsidian and Lichen, got it first try.

I used tree and blazing I was going for Sakura

I hear you, i thought my was going to be a gold dragon, because egg looks like solid gold

Dark Elf's picture

i'm trying that now! :D

-Dark Elf √π

I bred
Obsidian+ Lichen 1st try
and I wasn't even trying to get the leap year

I got one with obsidian left lvl ten fog right lvl ten first try! Then got panlong same combo first try! Soooo happy right now!

i got a rainbow dragon

I never got the rainbow dragon.
But I wasted 150'000 dragon cash on the habitat!!!!!!!

it has something to do with a gift dragon

I want to know to

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I've made almost 7 leap years now while tryin for another. Combo is ash and steel. Both over 15 bit I made 3 when they were level 11

139 dragons so far!
Name in Game Center is same as here.
Please use my friend code for free gems!

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How did you get it? I really want it.

Magenetic (lvl 10) + Lichen (lvl 10) first try in the cave

With Snow and Seaweed or Quake and Snow. But it only shows up once every four years.

How do you breed Leap Year Dragon?????????!!!!!!!!!

Aayla Secura's picture

The Leap Year Dragon will not be available to breed again until the next leap year (3 years from now). Or if they do another Bring Em Back special sometime. But otherwise you cannot breed it unless you already have it. Sorry :(

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

I bred mountain and rain = leap year

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Just got one, with crystal and lichen on the island :)

GameCenter - Katzie<3

I got a rainbow dragon from that...normally I would not complain but I don't know how log every dragon will be out. Any ideas?

incubating & breeding r 48 hrs

The dragons are out till jan 2nd.

The bring'em back is extended! Not sure when till though.

i got my 10th with blue fire and crystal.

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dragontamer46 your a genius!!! Got it first try with your pair, thanks so very much!!! (:

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

I got one the same way on my first try

thanks thanks thanks! I was trying to get leap year for days and days, But now I use your combination an I got it on first try! Im so happy thanks!

Wow. That's very impressive.

I got one with evergreen and lightning

Just breeding the cactus dragon with the Brass dragon together with the epic breeding island

The leap year dragon comes every four years but in christmas u can get it

I got it with gift and air 1st try like a boss.

I got one today bred gift dragon with lightning

UNITED11s's picture

Extended limited breeding season get em now! :)

I just got one. Dragons had sex 15 hrs ago so as of the morning of January 11, you could still get one.

Used Mud + Blazing btw

Just bread one first try using storm and and obscidian

its still available till febuary i got one yesterday with gift&blazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It says that it won't come back for another four years until the next leap year

Me too :(

Storm and Flower both lv 11 Epic Cave
got 3 in 24 hours, KMN i really want moon and sun


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Some how I got it with dark dragon and cotton ..both level 15...I was putting random dragons together and got it..wasn't even trying :) it'll take a couple of tries but I think I'll get it :) dark dragon or dark rift and cotton

Free gems enter code 15018286 breed faster...I used gift and crystal


Free gems enter code 15018286 breed faster...I used gift and crystal


ive got one i mean so much ill tell you what it looks like it is the same as a rainbow but where theres rainbow theres gold

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Cool, so how do I freaking breed it when the time comes ?


Breed Quake and Snow, but they both have to be at a Level 10, but the order doesn't matter

Noo I missed it! Dang it...

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*


What dragons do you breed to get it. I want to know so I can breed it when the time comes.

just now somebody said crystal and lichen. so I tried it of course. but I can't be sure if what I got was a rainbow or a leap year

Aayla Secura's picture

What was the breeding time?

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

14 hrs and 30 mins

Aayla Secura's picture

No, I wasn't asking in general what the breeding time on a leap year was, I know where to look for that. I was asking Mackenzie what his breeding time was because he said he wasn't sure if he got leap year or rainbow... though it was several days ago, so I'm sure he knows by now!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

rainbow dragon takes 48 hours and a leap year takes only 14 1/2 hours (14 hours 30 minutes)

you breed gift&blazing, i got almost every dragon ex. 5 so if you need a dragon ask me what to breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to breed Quake and Snow. They both have to be at a level 10, but the order doesn't matter

need one need one need one

OMG this is serious.i need one so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddd

gift and blazi'n

put updates for dragonvale on samsung galaxy S2

Does anyone even know what these look like? If no one does, it looks like a golden rainbow

Whizzard's picture

This dragon will be back for a limited time later this month for all to breed.. According to consensus on be ready IF it does!

It's in the store!

Sanne Hale

Whizzard's picture

Lol wtf. All the limited dragons are back! Gahhhh no way to breed all these!

Aayla Secura's picture

I know! It's a very clever marketing scheme on their part. There will be a lot of gem buying, that's for sure! I know I'm going to probably succumb to it, but oh well. I'm still sooo excited!!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Lol whizz!! I know huh?? It's crazy!! I'm going nuts trying to figure out which ones I MUST I'm like a fat kid in a bakery!! (No offense meant..if I did. ). But wow....ima gonna go breeding crazy!!! Best of luck fellow breeder!!! ;-)

Scalecladmama's picture

whats the breeding combo for this dragon?


gift&blazing makes leap year also seaweed&mountain!

Quake and Snow. Level 10. Order doesn't matter

Snow and Seaweed or Quake and Snow. Either one, they both have to be at a level 10.

tsavoy's picture

Confirmed sonic and lava lot of different results so be patient

Oh my gosh just got it with chrome and scorch sooo happy

Whizzard's picture

Seaweed firefly works as well.. With many outcomes

it's back

checked the sandbox. basically any 4 element combinations can yield Leap year... but pls do confirm this here

sorry any 4 combinations with lightning fire plant and water. so firefly + swamp? i'll try with this combo.

this dragon is back as a Chrismas gift! so another chance if you missed it earlier!

If you have a leap year dragon post a picture of it in whatever stage you have it in I don't care I just want to seeit

Second try with Blazing and Crystal. :D

It figures I really want this dragon but I just got a 48 hour breeding time from storm and flower before it became available lol

Same will be a rainbow dragon btw

48 hour breed time can be many different things...especially since BF studios has released ALL dragons for breeding til the 2nd of January. So...u may be surprised at what u get, and that's a good thing I think;-). Happy breeding ;-)

i think i got it with storm and flower still gotta wait to see egg though. time is 14 hr 30 min. let u guys know if it is when i can hope this helps!

Been trying hard to get this dragon using Seaweed and Firefly.
30 tries in and a big variety of dragon eggs but no Leap Year yet...

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

Crystal lvl 10 & Snow lvl 10 First try! :-)

got this one with luck

I think i´ve got it while trying for apocalypse, second try vid lichen and magnetic on EBI. 14.30 h

Did you know that Cactus + Mine = LOTZ of awesome dragons? Srsly I got a Blue Moon, Apcolapse, Lichen, Evergreen, Ash, and I'm incubating a silver- ALL from that combo!
So if you haven't gotten the apocalypse one yet... Try that combo a few times... :3

Just got this dragon with chrome and scorch on the breeding island! I was trying to get the firework dragon but got lep instead! Happy!!

I was trying to get a bloom with crystal and lichen and I got 2 leap year dragons!

cassimo's picture

Chrome Scorch - on accident trying for a Ruby.

Got it trying for Ruby (my birthstone) chrome & scorch, happy bunny :0)

I was so puzzled when I started the breeding, I saw 14hrs and 30mins, and I knew it was one of the limited times, but which one? I went to the market and checked every limited dragon time except the epics cause they all have more than 24hrs except leap year and apocalypse, and I didn't find it, so I went to the epics just in case and I checked even the ones that weren't limited, and I found it jayyyyyyyy:-)

add me on gamecenter, ID dragonelites

I got it first try with crystal on left and snow on right.


I've got one with Rain + Obsidian. Loving Dragonvale bring back all of the limited, I'm breeding limited's all over the place


What is the best combo 4 this dragon???

its gift&blazing or seaweed&mountain!

Royal_J's picture

got leap year with rain and obsidian. thanx steph7109 :)

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

Windy Cline's picture

Does anyone know how many gems you can gift a day with the gifting tree? I thought six but it seems like it grows more in less than 24 hours.

I just tried 3 times with Chrome & Scorch, I got 2 ruby and 1 gold dragon :)

Still no leap year and I don't want to spend more on gems, I caved and bought a few earlier to help sapped up breeding and incubation times.

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

gift&blazing or seaweed&mountain, i got 2-6 leap years placed in s habitat but i sold 5-6! there worth a ton!!!!!!!!!!!

i got it with chrome and flower. not even trying. but hey i will take it!!

Storm and lava on 1st try. I spent over a hu Fred gems to speed up breeding for butterfly and Sakura. Sighs all I got smoke and bones.

How did hundred becomes hu Fred lol

Whizzard's picture

Got this mutha after 2 days of relentless breeding! What a GLORIOUS day!!

What is the best way to get this dragon in cave

i got this dragon with Snow and Seaweed! how random.
wasnt even trying! i was trying to get the pearl dragon!

try crystal and lichen works awsome.

Just got the leap year using chrome left and scorch right both level 10 on the upgraded breeding island. Was trying for ruby. This was a first shot. Doubt I could do it again.

I'm getting a lot of great dragons but not the leap year yet and this is the one I want most!

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

I tried the lightning and magnetic. It might work for you too.

Just got it with chrome and scorch in regular cave! Best combo ever

Got it again with air and pollen going for butterfly. That's two in a row

TemptaZn's picture

Was trying for Pearl.. Got Leap Year with Snow + Seaweed

Catnymph's picture

Got another leap year with ironwood and bloom! Tried like crazy for a second one when it first came out but never managed to get it so this is great! Now I can breed them for an egg to display too. After I try for another apocalypse dragon before it expires. Which is what I was trying for w this combo when I got the leap year. I was going to try for another leap year more after I got that. Had tried seaweed and firefly several times but decided to go back to working on my apocalypse. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? Lol...


My son got 2 leap year in a row

Got one with a smoke and seaweed dragon first go

Got it by 'accident' when trying for the apocalypse dragon,still happy though x3

I just accidentally bred this dragon too! I NEVER get lucky and THIS the second if not FIRST rarest dragon!

mm0rpg's picture

Confirmed seaweed and firefly. Leap year on the ebi, add me gem for gem. I need a lot more friends I don't have any that gift gems back. {-}rpg{-} so awesome!

Aayla Secura's picture

Lichen and Crystal is a great combination for a ton of different things! So far I've gotten 2 ghosts, another reindeer (already had one), blue moon and now this guy!! I've yet to hit emerald though which is what I'm always trying for but at least I'm getting good things, like leap year, along the way!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Try breeding the emerald dragon again when it's may,

() ()

I just accidentally got the leapyear dragon from magnetic and which in on the regular breeding cave while I was trying to breed apocalypse well it's a pleasant surprise

Same story here. Relentless apocalypse attempts and after all sorts of other results, including a silver dragon, a leap year suddenly appears. Used Lichen and Magnetic. Back to that combo next--still want apocalypse.

Kyla066's picture

Finally have the Leap Year Dragon from Seaweed and Firefly

Take a look at my park RASMARC

Got leap year while trying for apocalypse... Breeding ash and mine, both lvl 10 :D