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Coral Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
14,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
800 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
50 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
73 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
97 coins per minute
Sale price: 
800,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,159 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
20 xp / minute

"Formations in the shallow areas of the Crimson Sea have always appeared hazardous, so everyone sailed safely around them. Magical treat expert and excellent witch, Jayme the Cook noticed that charts of the regions always contained discrepancies in the shape and location of these formations, so she decided to investigate the phenomenon. Sailing close and examining carefully, she discovered that it was a new type of dragon, the coral dragon."



Blazing and Water 1st try

Water and Fire, both level 15 - 2 in a row

I got a salamander first try, all 29 times later i got an air

Epicdragon's picture

I tried that way and worked 1rst try thanks!

quinka's picture

Blazing and water first go

Water and Fire first time too

Lesley A.

One thing does it give you an equinox dragon,salamander dragon
Or a corl dragon also an air dragon

Lord Of Winter's picture

You need to work on spelling man. xd

maret13's picture

Seaweed and fire worked for me. Was trying for the bouquet though.

1st try fire and water both level 10 boo ya

i tried that ,and i got a coral dragon!


I hav a lvl 15 coral


Lord Of Winter's picture

I wasn't even going for it, but I got it with level 5 fire and level 4 water, I was going for Air. I hate paying for stuff you can do by breeding and stuff.

Really I'm gonna try it now

Amanda <3

I got mine with Fire and Water, both level 15, upgraded breeding island, after breeding 4 Salamanders first.

Kackisue's picture

So did I on the second try. First time I got a blazing dragon using Blazing and water. Still trying for the elusive Diamond. Keep getting Platinums grr!


Shila1976's picture

I am breeding a lv 12 blazing with a lv14 water and now have a breeding time of 9:12. is that what I am looking for?

Yep, coral dragon. The salamander's upgraded time is 7 h and 36 min afterall

Georgie's picture

Cool because I have no info up yet can u say what times we can expect Rosko? Though this moves fast and will probably be there by the time I finish this. Lol
Yippee, anyway.

D/V. Georgie
Lvl 50 with ' all but ' dragons
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What is the breed and incubation times?

Coral 11.5hrs and salamander is 9.5hrs


Redeyez's picture

I'm shocked I got this one this fast.. Fire and Water.. at first i thought it was a Frost Fire egg but I think the blue on this egg is a brighter blue.

Hello Goodbye

Got Coral first try on the EBI with Fire & Water both at level 10!!!

Breeding noe blazing and water first try and got 11 hr
VonRev's picture

Scorch lv11 & water lv13 (first try)
Upgraded cave 9:12

Somehow managed to get both dragons 1st try. Fire/Water (both 15) on EBI gave 7:36, which gives the salamander (9:30 regular) and Blazing/Rain (both 15) in regular cave gave 9:12 (11:30 regular) for Coral.

1st try fire and water on ebi!

first try fire and water, both level 10 =)


got coral first try as well with blazing and rain!!!! that was fast lol

First try Seaweed and Fire both lve 15 normal cave

Kennyboy2013's picture

Third try on fire and water.. looking for salamander tommorow..

Blazing and water, normal breeding cave, 1st try :):)

I just used a plain fire and water and got coral on the second try!

I got a coral whith a terriden and blazeing dragons and I also helped make

Blazing an Water. Both level 15 in upgraded cave. First try.

Blue fire / ice. First try was just random breeding and didn't know this or salamander even existed

Got 2 in a row using blazing ang water

Wooo first try fire and water

Nangawaya's picture

sorch lvl 13 and water lvl 13 breeding cave 1st try

Montgomeryswife's picture

Blazing and rain worked for me

First try with both new dragons .... Level 10 fire & water reg. breeding cave! Their so cute!!!!!!!

PP's picture

Uggh, I would really like to know how the wizards (game server) selects who gets what and when! I have been trying since yesterday in both breeding locations for these dragons and have got a ton of air dragons and a few fog dragons for my efforts.

I'm happy for all of you who got them on the first try, but Damn...can I get some love?

Aayla Secura's picture

Update your game, that might be the problem. Otherwise, just do straight fire and water, don't introduce any other elements into the mix. You will get them both eventually :)

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Aaylasecura!! Where have u been young lady?! :) missed u

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

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^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

I was trying for solar eclipse with blazing & mud but got a coral instead after 4th try.

Fire & Blazing - trying to get Smoke


Piper77's picture

I got it with gift and mud trying for century. Had no clue new dragons were even out so I was surprised when I hatched it. Fire and water got me salamander on first try then I finally bred century after a straight month of trying so I'm happy!

GameCenter ID: -trish_the_dish-

How will we get the air dragon now?

Blazing's picture

Salamander & fire worked - got coral dragon first time. both of mine were level 10.

I did blazing and water, both level 11 and got it!!!! Woo hoo!! First go!

I got this with Fire and Ice. Both level 10, and in the normal breeding cave.

Water + Fire first try

Suffee's picture

Rain & blazing first try

PP's picture

How do I upgrade without losing everything? Note: I haven't been prompted to upgrade


Anna&#039;s dragons's picture

It is from the water shrine I think :)

PP's picture

Thanks, Royal. Upgraded (I think) and no losses.

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In my opinion......... THIS IS THE BOSSEST DRAGON IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

heyheyhey's picture

Fire+rain first try in RBC

Got one fire and water

jhay-em's picture

Flower 15 and water 10 in normal cave,was trying for a bouquet dragon but its good anyway

Level 10 normal cave fire and water first try for me.

Got it with water and flower first time, while trying for Bouquet

I just got it with water and flower! Add me I give gems and play EVERYDAY! GC: Cariella_S

wansepang79's picture

Horraayyyy ... I got it

got it with fire and water, both 15.

i got it with flower and water both lv.10.

Blazing + Mud. First try, was trying to get a Solar Eclipse and got this instead :)

Flower plus water first time. :)

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Got it first try blazing and mud

Gem for gem, just got the gift tree.

Blue fire and seaweed first try

I got it w/flower 15 & water 10, first try ;)

water and fire both 10 1st try

Who thinks they should change the "Don't Have It" button in My Dragons to a "Have It" button? It messed up my whole account! EEEEERRRRRGGH!

Totally agree, it's completely backwards


Water left - fire to the right= Coral dragon 1st try


Ice and salamander first try on ebi

Ashley_Peters's picture

First try in small breading cave
Both level 10
Fire on left water on right
(If it makes a difference)

Mufasaio's picture

I got mine first try with fire and water ( both level 7 in normal breeding cave)

Kyra cornelius

bibiankiss's picture

got mine at 1st try breed fire and water both level 10

I got this because I was bored and just tried to breed my Pepper Dragon with my Water Dragon. In the regular breeding cave, not upgraded, and both dragons were below level 10! I think it helps that the pepper dragon is a more rare variety. Good luck!

Jenn95's picture

1st try with storm and salamander, was not even trying for this dragon pleasent surprise lol (;

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

got this dragon unintentionally with poison + swamp trying for the turqouise dragon. took about 7 or 8 tries though.

brittany n.e.


i'm not reality is just different from yours.

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For some reason I got air from salamander and fire. Anyone know how? :L

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