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Topaz Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
833 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
56 xp / minute

Breeding Topaz dragon requires a Cactus Dragon and a Firefly Dragon.

"On the edge of the Shimmering Isles, in the Crimson Sea, one of smaller, more mysterious islands is home to the topaz dragons. Due to their isolation, topaz dragons are a bit shy, but eventually they warm up and are one of the friendliest dragons in existence."



I want this dragon so much. I think it is crystal and cactus

SaraBelle82's picture

Crystal and cactus produced Peridot. I don't think they'll recycle combos for the gemstones, although I do feel like it will have a lightning element. Just my opinion.

I hope they do, I just started playing again yesterday after about 8-10 months not playing it at all

yes the topaz dragon does have lightning and the combination might be firefly and cactus
(i think or at least thats what alot of website say)

Yes that is the combination. Or the one I got it with.

it is firefly and cactus i have got like twenty of then and breed them all by firefly and cactus

I have been breeding cactus and firefly for the past month and cannot get the Topaz dragon. Help please!

I have it it for a year no it is not

It is cactus first then firefly

It is firefly and cactus dragons I got it on my first try

You need to breed lightning and cactus to get topaz.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No, it's firefly and cactus.

Jenn95's picture

Finally got it after 8 try's with this combo and thank goodness because after today they said this dragon is gone, thanks!!

Currently have 169 out of 172 Dragonvale dragons (:
I never bought a dragon
I used dragon breeding speeding up three times in the game and that was during BeB
Not gonna lie bought gems once a $.99 pack
Good luck and happy breeding!

it is best that you get the opal drangon the breeding element is lava drangon and
mud drangon both drangons must be level 10
you will get the drangon in two trys first time i breed i got a lava drangon 2nd time i got the opal drangon good luck

I want the gemstone dragons so much I have the garnet dragon but I want all of them if u get a chance please help me I need help on dragonvale helpppp

emeraldwhisper's picture

I tryd evry thing and nofthing ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I did buy a jet dragon & it was easy, vjh fukggkh4hgthhhhhhgyugo75f9tfpf7ofhgj sorry

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

Cactus and firefly first try my friend also got it this way

I got the Topaz Dragon first try!!!!!! It's level 10 Firefly plus level 10 Cactus in that order. Topaz also is my birth- gemstone, YAAAAAAA, happy birthday to myself!

yea i was breeding the firefly and cactus several time and no success but when i fed them both to lvl 10 i got it first try

I've done tht twice, still no topaz. (Breeding cave) i only have sapphire

I wanna sapphire so bad . you are so lucky. how did u get it? :0

ONLY SAPPHIRE? That is probably one of the ones that the least people get along with jade and emerald and pearl.

First a level 10firefly or cactus

dfshima78's picture

I did it this way and also got the Topaz Dragon. Thanks for the tip.

I'm going to try it wish me luck

I tryed like 10 tryies cactus+firefly but didn't get anything... I'll try more because I really wanna have this dragon

Me too. I am having no luck at all.

What level are they they must be level10

How do you get a Topaz i have tried a number of times with cactus and firefly but i havent got it yet? Any tips?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Keep trying, it can take anywhere from one to hundreds of attempts. :(

Sunniva88's picture

Got my Topaz with cactus and firefly :) Took a lot of tries!

GameCenter - Katzie<3

AssHoles!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

language! kids are reading it too ya know.

do not cuss please

Thank you!

Firefly & cactus, both level 10, epic breeding island, first time.

Withch first

Do you need the epic breeding Island? People that are getting it first time, what kind of breeding habitat did you have?

Cactu + Firefly is how I got mine. Next my dad got it with tree and firefly.

Yes it is crystal and cactus

I got it with cactus and firefly

it is, just got it, 7 tries

What month do ou get it

I tried my lev. 15 cactus & firefly numerous times on the upgraded epic breeding island with no success. Then I used the level 10 cactus & firefly on the breeding island and got the Topaz dragon on the first try. The level of the two dragons seems to be the key!

Okay, I tryed breeding cactus and firefly 27 times.they were breed on the breeding island, and they are both level 10... I don't know what I did wrong. Help please??

Nothing! Remember, this is a gemstone dragon so it is between rare and ultra rare, so it may work easily for certain people, but some may need to breed to the 100th try in order to get it

Your level matters must be level 18 and above to get the dragon easily the time matters most I got two both in the morning and at night 10p.m./a.m.


i got it with firefly and cactus

(i have every single dragon)

how did u get them all? what level are you?you are so lucky! :)


Its firefly and cactus, that's how I got mine

100% confirm its about the timing, got mine at 10 a.m./p.m. Ten of them already all I got it around this time.(a few minutes after/before 10 is okay...........Singapore time)

Crystal + Cactus=Peridot
Cactus + Firefly=Topaz

Well, keep on trying. I've got two of them.

Cactus and FIREFLY.

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ultraraider263's picture

It is cactus and firefly not cactus and crystal. Just trying g to help :D

I just got it with cactus & firefly, third try.

ZoëSky's picture

You Know the reason that I submitted that pic was that my kitten in that pic is named topaz because he was born in tat month!

ZoëSky's picture

Btw my GC account is car0l_48

Dragonvale Admin's picture

The Topaz dragon is so cute! :)

Bianca - Admin's picture

I think is firefly and mountain.

My website:

I am trying crystal and rust

its not gonna be any dragons with metal cause topaz is availble at level 11 but all metal dragons are availble at level 17

It does not include metal dragons it is firefly and cactus

Your out and out.

Try fire and crystal or vice versa

I think it definitely has to be some sort of water hybrid because it talks about the sea in the description.

I predict it is fire and ice ,lightning and cold, or fire and lightning ,it has orange so it may relate to fire,and the blue might be ice or cold

No. It is firefly and cactus.

It's so cute!!! :D I want it!

Maybe lava and water, since topaz crystallizes in granitic rocks exposed to vapors from lava flows =p just a theory

My guess is fire and water based on the description and that the eyes are different colors (red/blue). As soon as I have a breeding area open I'll be trying out combos. Best of luck everyone!

Snakegirl79's picture

Can't have water since water isn't available until level 14.


That completely slipped my mind.

Seems to be that Cactus and Firefly are the way to go.

Seven Dragons's picture

Shimmering is for least in the race track. So I think blue fire and lightening combo. Either blue fire and crystal or blue fire and quake or blue fire and lightening. The reason I think it's blue fire is because of the look. It has ice and fire and the look of the blue in the topaz. If water is not available, then ice is the closest.

Seven Dragons

Hey every one i tried every combination at least 30 Times its impossible

Dragonvale Admin's picture

The dragon has been out for not even a day, how did you try every combination 30 times???

Genki's picture


probably on his jailbroken iphone..

Lol..especially since his name is dragonvale hacker?? mean c'mon!!! Sheesh;-)l,

I believe....based on the description......lightning and fire hybrids. "Shimmering" for lightning and "crimson" for fire. Perhaps.

Or shimmering for Crystal
hint hint

So far the only thing i can find in the breeding calculator is Water / Blazing and thats only a 1% chance.

OK, 26% is Evergreen and Sandstorm

it is definately firefly and cactus

tsavoy's picture

I heard that obsidian and sonic work. I tried but nothing yet.

Obsidian and sonic first try, regular cave 35 hours. Not obsidian but something crazy. Maybe Olympic?

Sorry, not Topaz*. Think it might be Olympic cuz sonic and earth made Olympic

Definitly,,in fact I got my silver and gold Olympus dragons by total mistake

tsavoy's picture

It's Olympic topaz is 30 hrs normal cave and 24 hrs upgraded

Whizzard's picture

Someone on another board said they got it with Bluefire & Crystal... No confirmation yet.

Just got it first time with cactus and firefly

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Cactus and Firefly seems to be confirmed!

It took 14 tries but finally got one!

IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confirmed!!!! Cactus 13 (L) n Firefly 15 (R) in the upgraded ebi 24hrs. Did it twice one is still breeding and the other or is incubating 30hrs. Stoked!!!!

GC = gucci147158

Walkyrja's picture

I'm trying cactus and firefly on the epic breeding island and breeding cave... Only 6 hours breeding :(

I got 30h with Cactus and firefly on first try!!!!!!!!

Yup the combination will be cactus and firefly.

tsavoy's picture

Got mine, cactus and firefly confirmed

It is cactus and firefly cuz I just did it took me about ten try's but sooooo worth it!

Whizzard's picture


Cactus and firefly both level 10 gave me 30 min in the cave

I just got a 30 hour breed, being positive I got the topaz dragon. I used cactus and firefly.

Omg omg omg D: i got to get Cactus dragon AND Firefly dragon like right now D:!

I just got it with Cactus and Firefly 2nd try :)

Bout time since i've had 0 luck in 4 days with the stupid racetrack. Starting to wonder if its rigged.
If I spin the wheel and get a puzzle bit, its one i've already got! (out of the 3 I have) grrrrr

Just keep playing and playing often as it stated. It took me a while, but just got Kairos tonight. He is awesome!!

what does he do? Speed things up?

Yes he speeds up all timed based things on the island by 6 hrs I believe. However, he can only be activated once every 3 or 4 days. Sorry I can't remember the exact time. But, anyway u look at it, he is worth it IMO;-). Good luck;-)

Cactus and firefly 1st try normal breeding cave

How long are these limited gemstone dragons available?

tsavoy's picture

For the month of November

What levels are the cactus and firefly?

tsavoy's picture

Level 10

Thank you. So far no luck; however, there are plenty of days to keep trying.

First try with cactus and firefly. Happy birthday to me!

When you breed fire and water you get air

Cactus and firefly didn't work for me on the island. Will try again. Took me all month to get Opal

tsavoy's picture

Have patience I got one then for the heck of it tried again and I got another.

yeah it diddn't work for me either!

I'm on my 20th breed trying for topaz and still haven't scored him yet:(. But I will def keep trying for sure. However, my hubby did firefly/cactus combo (like I've been doing), and got him on the first try!! C'est la vie!! Just keep of luck!!!

Seems you need to use lev. 10 dragons. I had no luck using my lev. 15 dragons, but got it 1st try withe the lev. 10 ones. Good luck.

So far I got 3 cacti :( but I got all my pieces for Kairos

Got it first try cactus and firefly on regular breeding cave.

me too;]

Now got two more of something else and still no luck :(

eunjeongs7's picture

I got it too, with Cactus and Firefly, both were level11.

Piper77's picture

1st try with cactus and firefly in regular cave. Thought it would be harder since its the beginning of the month so I was shocked

GameCenter ID: -trish_the_dish-

I tried all last month month for opal but no luck. I hope I get the topaz as its my birthday in three days and it would be awesome!

tsavoy's picture

Opal did seem a bit harder got mine the last couple of days before it expired.

Please add me harrigem76

I'm still trying but no luck so far :(
Add me ID: koosvoos

Whizzard's picture

After 10 or so tries finally got it.

i got the dragon in 1 try it is literally cactus and firefly :) too bad i tried and failed for opal the entire month though what a change of luck! :)

How long is the breeding wait

Still trying both cave and island... Keep getting cactus, poison, and flower...

I haven't been able to get any gemstone dragons yet and was wondering--can you level them up for increased income like you can other dragons?

tsavoy's picture

I believe they start at one gem per month but you can level them up to one gem per week

Dragonvale Admin's picture

That's correct.

Oh yes got it on my 7th go not bad

I´ve tried cactus and firefly for 5 times now and only got f___ing cactus dragons. At least I can buy them free since they´re cheap in gems

Me to lol

I've been trying since Day 1 but still can't get it! Tried for Solar Eclipse and the same thing happens! None!

Finally got my first Topaz!

Just got the correct breed time using cactus and firefly, was about attempt 6.

I think I got it! Cactus and firefly gave me 24 in EC! Took numerous attempts using this combination going in both caves! I have so many poison, cactus and firefly from the attempts. Keep trying and hang in there!

Stuzifmist's picture

So far ive tried 8 times since the topaz came available
But still no luck!!

Stuzif mist

Bianca - Admin's picture

I got it last night, too. :)

My website:

dragonlady's picture

Yay!! Got it this morning after about 8 tries. My son got it first try!

I've tried like 10 times and I keep getting flower and poison... Oh well, I guess I'll just keep trying!

GC ID: mouseynurse
Always looking for friends!

They should make shrines for Epic and Gemstone dragons.
The odds are slim as it is