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Everyone post you Game Center names in this Forum and Friend others who post their names!! This way we can ALL gain friends EASILY!!!! (State If You Have Apple Or Android To Avoid Mix-Ups!) :) :) :)

Mine is DragonValeAddict19 :)

How do you even add anyone? I thought someone would have to be on my Facebook to exchange gems

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I have the same question. aim not able to add anyone

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If you have Game Center, you'll have a friends list you can go into. At the top of the list is a small little + sign, click on that and it will bring up a message board, add the username into the top and write a small little message before sending it. :3 That tends to be how you add people.

Apple. I have a dragonsai tree. Game center name is be3kay

I´ll send you a friend request. Pls send me a gem and I´ll send back one to you. My name apears as OI_51.

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Game Center won't let me send requests for some reason. Id is Kristi0513

Looking for friends for co-op breeding.
Can't get a gem dragon to save my life.

I just made a new Facebook for dragonvale and am looking for a lot of people to add

Add me : Olive Dutchy
My profile pic is the dragonvale pic

Looking for friends too. I am Joan Burns on FB. White orchid flowers profile.

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ALX dragon
I have kindle fire

I also have dragonvale on kindle and need friends but don't know how to add friends but really need them for the game. Diane


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I've written a tutorial on it under Tips and Tricks.


GC: ipadkitty
sorry, my GC is full, only accept FB friends
Email TheDVguide at gmail dot com
The Best OF DragonVale is in the Amazon store, many of you are mentioned in it!

Apple. Jo1954jo. I have a dragonsai too.


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How do I add you

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I also need friends , so if you are still looking for Dragonvale friends add me. My name is Candy Combs . I don't know anyone and only have one friend so far . I'm on level 29 and play a few times every day .


mine is Hakwoo I just got dragonsai tree too



Mine is spring Clark

Spring C

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Mine is Clantastic88


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nicole marie 13

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I sent you a friend request

ID 5673b796-f964be81-d14e0091a43b

You cane add mi

Thank you

ID 5673b796-f964be81-d14e0091a43b

You can add mi thank you

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I have an Apple (: My GameCenter name is gunnerjamess

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to trade gems (: username: Penn :)
yes with the smiley face
she has an apple.

Klcross62 android

Karen Louise cross

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Genesect1324. I have the tree.

victor india charlie


jostrebi317 ADD ME

joseph strebinger

How do I insert the code and my gamecenter name is SirDabALot1 and my fb name is Andrew Kellar.

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The gem codes are no longer used.


dreamn10 at gmail dot com

Add me bugcei I will give you gems every day

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I have gift tree and am on daily giving gems, working on building my friends list please add me! My gamecenter account is : heatherj<3

Hi Heather, I just sent you a friend request, would you also like to add me? BEBEMAC 54.

Just getting started in dragonvale need a few friends to give gems to. Game Center name - Phredy21.

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i just started, too. GC name is Dragon Grower; I'll send you a FR

GCID: Dragon Grower
House of Iron Blossom
Get magic for the house, get that dragon!


Showing you have all dragons and pedestals ( I think it was). I'm new myself, almost leveled to 20, but only playing for about 6 weeks now. I'm addicted. Stopped playing all my other games. Head to this 3-6 times a day. I need help!

Hi my GC is Oke57 add me if you would like to be friends

jostrebi317 DAILY GEMS

joseph strebinger


Game Center ID is Jimercles. Please add me, I play everyday and will gift gems

I like to be your friend. I play everyday.


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Hi, tried to add you but the request failed. You can try to ad me if you like. I am Gho$teye in GC. Ok, well hope to connect soon. I'll try once more.

Apple name lieselleah

Liesel luther


TomB3471 with apple. Looking for 6 friends for daily gem trade


Got my 6. Thanks!


Plz add zamistas

GC: Kodaijinkasei

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GC - V0L471L3

I have Polarian & Bizurian galaxy dragons.


GC - V0L471L3

ADD me on APPLE GC : chrlatan
Also two gem slots free

Breeding in..... Breeding out.

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How do I add you

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Mine is ipadkitty


GC: ipadkitty
sorry, my GC is full, only accept FB friends
Email TheDVguide at gmail dot com
The Best OF DragonVale is in the Amazon store, many of you are mentioned in it!

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Do you mind if in add you?

Game Center ID: adanicles

Plz add me : zamistas

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GCID dragondude1968
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Zary Velet


Hi! I just sent a request from Timmyboy10, good luck with the event c:

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Is it with the smiley face?

Add me on Game Center as: hannah.storm121

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Just rejoined after about a TWO year break. (Addicted) Need all new friends. I refuse to spend too much money this time! Have gems ready.


Mine GC name is: ceriel theune
I also have gems to give


New friends my gamer tag is Kurtles:o)

My user name in dragonvale ls
! Azucena !
Please invite

Looking forward to lots of new friends!!! Kindle Fire...

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GC: ipadkitty
sorry, my GC is full, only accept FB friends
Email TheDVguide at gmail dot com
The Best OF DragonVale is in the Amazon store, many of you are mentioned in it!

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I'm available.


If you have the bizurian dragon I like to be your dragonvalefriend. My gc name is teergram:)
I return all gems and have level 75 please add me.

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Definitely looking forward to New Friends :) ipad3 XOXOXO

Morgan Le Fay
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Still one friend needed

Game center !$$54

I'd be happy to be your friend--just tell me how to do it.

Rita O'Dwyer

Glenn $

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Hi, just sent a request thru GC and it seems to have went. Hope to see you in Dragonvale.


You'll have to add me since my GC is being annoying -_-


Apple btw

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Add me I play everyday and exchange gifts. ANDYBL4

I play everyday as well and will exchange gifts with you if you want to add me.


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Hi, just sent a request thru game center. Hope we can connect and make the daily exchange.

Apple... I play everyday and i am a newbie. I will gift as much all that I can. Hugs.

Hi, I need friends for gem and gift trade but I do not know how to invite them, I do not use Facebook, any help?

Sent you a gc request! Thanks

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If you're still looking for friends, I used to play a lot. Then I took a break for awhile. Now I'm back and need new friends.
If you need anymore, I have a lot of experience. Am dependable.


I play daily and need new gem friends. Many on my friends list no longer play or cannot trade gems daily. If you have a gem to trade, please add DashingDory in Game Center.

I will try to add you

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Hi, just sent a request thru GC and Seems to have gone. Hope to come visit your park soon.

Sent you a request i havea gem tree