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Rime or Reason


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It looks like snow and plant landscapes.

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Those tall plants are like the air habitat, I guess their way of representing 'air'. :)


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Evergreen works

I've won every time so far using my level 8 Lichen dragon. Hope you all can too! :-)

How do you get lichen???????????

Poison and storm

2nd place with lvl 5 evergreen on this course!!!!


Lichen worked for me too!

To get a lichen use a 7 cold and 8 plant, got it first try.

My blizzard dragon always wins against snow dragons

If you want to win every time, use blizzard or snow. So make sure you have the cold and air elements.

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Air came third just :(

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
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Hail came second. Is definitely a combo of snow and air will kill it!

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

I won 1st with a level 6 storm, but maybe it was just my beginners luck :)

I have used my motley dragon a lot of times and you people should try it! Because its like really fast mine was lvl 7 or lvl 8 so you can win a lot of times with the motley dragon too ya know.


ya if you don't have a snow a blizzard works

My level seven storm dragon beat the scales off the others in that race. XD

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Baby Snow Dragon is often the winner

I love pancakes. I love pancake dragons. I love level 10 Pancake Dragons. I love level 10 Baby Pancake dragons. I love level 10 Baby Pancake Dragons that just came out of the fountain of youth that have breeding elements Light and Water and have the element flag "pancake", and has 1000 speed in a race, 100% chance of winning a Quest, takes 1 second in the Fountain of Youth, takes 1 food to get to level 10, is a Legendary dragon, earns 1076529486 coins per minute, egg is a pancake, habitat holds 9999999999 trillion Coins,
and in a Pancake Habitat that costs 1 coin, hatches in 1 second, and can be bought for 1 gem, and can be sold for 99999999999 dragon cash and avaliable at Level 1!!!!!! Now you know how much I love PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!

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I got first place first attempt with hail!