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Air Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Basic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
12,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
500 gems or 750000 coins
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
40 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
71 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
4,167 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
104 xp / minute

The Air Dragon and its hybrids become available at Level 14 (as do the Water Dragons).

The Air Dragon is somewhat unusual in that it's both a basic elemental type used to create other dragons with the 'Air' element but it can also be generated rather than bought by breeding two dragons with the 'Fire' and 'Water' elements. Breeding two air dragons to breed another air dragon for sale is an excellent way to generate money quickly as you will generate 500,000 coins every 4 hours. Metal Dragon hybrids provide even better resale value but don't appear until Level 17.

"Air dragons spend almost their entire lives in the air -- eating, playing and even sleeping without ever touching the ground. It is rare indeed that anyone ever gets to view this dragon up close. Wizards have confirmed that this dragon is the result of breeding fire and water dragons."



I like this dragon so much!

Add me!!!!!!!!

The air dragon is a basic dragon and you can breed it. The metal dragon is a basic dragon and you can't breed it. Does anyone think that's weird?!

There are other dragons that you can't breed.Like the cold dragon.

Can't you breed the cold dragon?

I was talking about the AIR dragon!

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no idea !!!



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Don't spam.


There are other dragons you can't breed. Like the Cold Dragon. Unless you had 2 Cold dragons and bred them together.

Not true. I bred a bluefire and cold and got a cold.

I know what you mean I didn't know you could breed it

Tydus Nicolai

Yay got the air dragon after first attempt!
Soon i will get the willow dragon!
Really want it!

it says how to breed this dragon in the info xD

This is going to help me get a smoke dragon. Stash. ;-)

Me too

It is cool

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How do you enter friend codes? I used to only do this game solo, no help from anybody... maybe a hundred dollars in gems but, you get the picture.

Got to breed. Only

500 gem ,I don't have enough gem

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Just breed Water and Fire Dragons and you'll get the Air Dragon without paying. :)

... I'm no noob at Dragonvale. But my fire dragon wasn't available at the time, so I bred water then scortch. Then I got one with an incubation time of 3 hours. I can't figure out what it will be

Not air

It will be a scorch or firefly because I tried water and scorch and it said 3 hours plus the air is 2 hours

I only did it because I wanted a current or plasma dragon








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Tydus Nicolai

I have this dragon

I have a sun dragon

I have sun + moon

How do get an air dragon?

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Either you buy it in the Marketplace or you breed Fire and Water to get it.

I am confused in breeding. Do i always want to breed with hybrid dragons or can i breed just basic dragons to get certain dragons? Ie. Can i breed basic fire and water dragons to get an air dragon? Or do i need to use two hybrid dragons to get?

Yes breed fire and water...will get air

it says how to in the discription xD

Breed fire and water

I have opal silver panlong and paper

How did you get panlong?

i dont know how i got pangalong i diddnt try to get it.

I have Panlong too. Mud and Blazing, wasn't even really trying to get it....

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

I meant that I used Mud and Blazing to get it. I used the Standard Breeding Cave

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

this could be a good way to make some money it only 4 hours and sells for 500,000

Some friend I know told me how to get it. Breed fire and water.100% gurrenteed to work.

A good way to make momey is cactus dragon. First hundred may take an hour but then afterwards if you breed and hatch and sell. You can get a 100 in half an hour bit the thing is for me every 3 tries i get an ash dragon :( which takea 6 hours to hatch and sell for 500,000

Ash dragon sucks.It's evolved form looks like a dead chicken!

it TOTALY looks like a dead chicken i have one too!!!!



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I am having problems getting this dragon. Can someone tel me specifically which dragons to breed? Also, do I just breed in cave or epic?


I bred a water dragon and a fire dragon together to get a air dragon.

I have 1 rainbow,2 blue moon,1 equinox,1 solar eclipse,1 solstice ,1 platinum,1 leap year,3 bronze Olympus,1 silver Olympus,1 platinum, 3 golds!!! For gemstone dragons,I got 1 opal,1 topaz and 1 turquoise....attempting to get ruby and garnet now :D

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Go minecraft

That's nothing to do with dragonvale. :-)

I breed my second Leap Year Dragon, a Moon Dragen and a Love Dragen too in one Day.

how do you get the leap year Dragon? I have been also wondering how do you compete in races? if someone could answer back that would be wonderful.

I bred leap year with mud and blazing and you need the dragon track to compete in races check in the market if you do not have the track

various combonations of rour elements because ihave bred with water,metal,plant,cold while other people have used fire,air,plant,metal... so anything will do probabably

i wanna say that i got my leap year with the mine and ash/cactus

thanks guys! I got the leap year Dragon! with ash/cactus! thank you!

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The Best

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:) that's wut I think about this dragon

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I have 2 hails 1 water 1 earth 1 plant 1 lightning 1 lichen 1 crystal 2 trees 3 flowers 1 evergreen 1 cold 2 lavas 1 obsidian 1 fire 2 mountains and that's it

I just got it with Water and Fire,

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Me 2

From the dancing dragon x

Sandstorm+air water+fire got more than 10

Cool adult form

It looks like the sandstorm dragon only smaller!

All you need to do is have a level 4 fire dragon and a level 10 water dragon. Then put the fire in the first column and water in the second column. It will take 2 hours. Hope you enjoy!

I used level 8 Fire Dragon and level 8 Water Dragon, got it on first try :3.

how come when I bred fire and water it says its gunna take 13 hours instead of 2 hours I think I got a different dragon

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What a pretty dragon it is!

I is stuck at lvl 13 :/ I need 14 for water will mountain work?

Pweez I hopes it does

Bred it with firefly and got three hours. What dragon did I get?Can someone tell me

Almost always, dragons that cost gems can bee bred. Oh, can you actuly breed them with fire and water? I thought they were oppisitests.

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Fire and water!! First try 2 hour breeding time. Woop woop

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
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Gc id: nplewinski

Fire plus scorch and three hrs is scorch or firefly

This dragon is very good, i breed lucky fire and water, to get salamander, and it give me air... I had 15 level.... GG now i got 27 and its help me a lot

Take care.. Bey bay

Take care.. Bey bay

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First try, level seven Fire (left) and level eight Water (right). Yay!!!!

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I have an air on my account but when I try to breed an air for my son I keep getting coral and salamander.

Just when you think you hit rock bottom... Diamonds!!!!

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Conweis... They changed that a few months ago and now u get salamander and coral. It is unlikely to get air with them now lol

GC:1st Oz_Vessalius 2nd Soma IV
I love anime and dragons ^^

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My son's game is on the android phone and it still cost 500 gems to buy but on my tablet it is 750,000 coins. Is there something I should do?

Just when you think you hit rock bottom... Diamonds!!!!

damn ... i tried so many times i wish i read this 2 days ago... well at least i got several coral and salamander dragons..

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Does it cost you 500 gems or 750,000 gold for an air?

Just when you think you hit rock bottom... Diamonds!!!!

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Conweis :)
The Air dragon used to cost 500 gems, but now it is 750,000 gold :)

Starting over with my life, one day at a time.
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How do you even breed it?????

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I have an egg from breeding for something else. Cannot recall how. If you'd like to try for one, do try water and fire dragons. I think your odds are best with those two. That said, here is an interesting thing about air...if you have dodo or sandstorm already (those are opposite dragons) you could try breeding one of those with earth (weird, right) and the odds of air are greater than using Fire and water. If you try this I'd really like to know your results.

Draggin' On
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I think the water and fire way is a weird way because it can may be give you a coral or salamander dragon.

friend code:25452456

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but how come on the kindle it is still 500 gems?

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Are you serious, you can't buy air for dragon cash? It is used as an element for breeding in game. You should be able to purchase to breed with it. It is 750k dragon cash in my market. I didn't even know you could breed it until after I had bought it.

Draggin' On
gem fairy locator code: 5463526
Actually, the answer to the universe is...Just Click Retry ;)
Level 64
207 Dragons

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There's an issue with this dragon listing's flag? When you pull up Air Dragon in the Sandbox, the flags it gives you are fire and water. Just thought you should know. edit: Actually in this listing as well, it lists it's breeding elements as water and fire. What gives? On iOS the only breeding element listed for Air dragon is air.

Game Centre ID: RuariGoesRawrr -- DragonVale Apple iOS -- feel free to friend me but make sure you let me know it's for DragonVale.^^

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Ruari... There's a thread devoted to this problem. The programmer has been alerted to some of the issues, but they have to wait until he's available. It sounds like they started the site as a fun thing and it morphed into a much bigger deal. I think he gets to it when he can. There are a bunch of sandbox issues that need fixed. When the new breeding rules kicked in, it messed everything up. :(

Squirrelland has taken a chill pill and I'm baaaaa-aaaack!!!!

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My air dragon is named Wind. What are yours named?