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Amethyst Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
893 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
60 xp / minute

"Whilst exploring the Gerias Mines, the enchantress Gigi Ode came across a spherical chamber completely covered in purple hued crystals. She quickly came to the realization that she was, in fact, surrounded by a plethora of amethyst dragons. Like all gemstone dragons, amethyst dragons cannot breed."



got mine! first try which NEVER happens. yay!
used Hail and Sonic.

Thats great! Did u use EBI or regular?

ok ppl, I looked this dragon up on the breeding calculator, and you have a 28% chance of getting it. there are also sonic snow storm and blazing with 28%, do try not to get so mad.

Can't tell you how many times I have tried and still no success - this has been the most frustrating dragon to breed! :(

terryhunt's picture

I have to agree. I am like on attempt # 20 on the island breeding Sonic and Hail and I still don't have the Amethyst. It is a bit frustrating. I have gotten a Sun and a Moon but still no Amethyst dragon. I have been trying since the day it was released.

same right here, got a sun in the process and 2 blizzard (which are hilarious looking)

Me too then got Moon which my girlfriend said she was going to strangle me for LOL...

i lost count how many times i attempted it and still no luck ... very frustrated :(

I've tried so many times too and I really want this one being mine and my sons birth stone, still no luck

Yeah but my sister got amythist with sonic and hail ( that way round ) and a rainbow with fog and lava but I got a pang long with fog and lava but its expired now so more chance of getting a rainbow it's 48 hours and its 100% of getting it

That's a lie dragon calc Alright but messed up

It works either way it did for me I have 2!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

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Same here and I am shocked! I was on the island .

Even guinea pigs love dragons.

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Did you use the island or the cave?

I got mine with hail and sonic too in the breeding cave


The breed time is rong its 28 hours not thirty
I need tips on how to get the solstice

duskyeskimo's picture

You can't get solstice any more, they expired

Nope didn't get it I got storm but maybe crystal and sonic one day


Sonic and Hail :) Normal Cave yay!

Hey y'all I was frustrated with trying to get this. I finally breed a new hail, fed to level 7 and breed with sonic and I got a time of 1:04:00. I am waiting but think I got it.

Yep got Amethyst.

Did you use the combo Hail first and Sonic after or vice versa?

It does not matter what way you choose them. I got mine today on the regular breeding cave with level 15 Sonic and level 14 Hail dragon.

it didn't work for me tell what level what your dragon were?

Hail and Sonic. It took over 20 times, but now its hatching :)

You are so lucky!!!!!!!!! How many times
Did it take to get that darn dragon!!!!!?!????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Congratz, I've also used Hail and Sonic on the EBI. Time shows 48h which I find odd, as I am unaware of any dragon taking more than 49 hours. Any hints?

49 hours is a platinum dragon

Took me about 4 times


to felix the wolf 13 you need to add me as a friend so i can give you gems. from memaw.

Did hail and sonic in both the cave and the island, ended up with two 48 hour breeding times at the same time.

I did What you said but it did not werk

Yodatu's picture

What level are you at? I've tried this combo a few times and still can't get it! I'm at level 21 now.


I'm at level 21 also! Been having a VERYYYY difficult time with the Amethest dragon! Did u get it yet?

Sandy Wopart

Same, sonic then hail at midnight sharp. Regular breeding cave both level 10. Trying for a moon

Depends on the time of day you breed...if it's daytime you will get sun, at night you breed then you will get moon.... Hope that helps :)

Just got mine!!!!! Omg I swear it was over 50 tries...I looked where the person wrote sonic only at level 7 and hail at LVL 10 so I did mine both ways....hail LVL 10 + sonic LVL 7 and I FINALLY got it!!!!! GOODLUCK everyone!!!!!!

Took me 10 but finally got mine too!!!! Sonic left level 10, Hail right level 10...Don't know if that left right thingy works but maybe it was just my time LOL.. GLA

Grrrrr I keep getting the sun dragon!!!!! I already hav 2 then 2 are incubating and 1 breeding!!!!!!they take 4 days to hatch!!!! It is so annoying iv tried about 20 times!!!!


jadedfareie's picture

Grrr, Ice tried and tried, I keep getting more sonic eggs! today is last day i hope I get it


Is it still available

valejm's picture

whenever i breed a gem dragon i have to try like 10 times!!! dose the epic breding island Help a lot?!?!

jesse martin

Yes it does. Having the decorations that belong to that particular gemstone dragon helps!

Epicdragon's picture

That happened to me with the pearl dragon! (virtual High-5)

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Is hail and sonic the official best combo? I keep making randoms

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Name in Game Center is same as here.
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It is the only combo. Gemstone dragons are locked - switch levels if you want to try something else...start with 9's or 10's working up to 15' can mix the levels too...Good Luck!! :-)


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I knew they would use HAIL (or crystal) for this new dragon....need the purple color and Hail is the newest! Can't wait to TRY for this guy.....both breeding places are busy with Cyclops and Quicksilver! Gotta wait til this evening....want to see this guy and his egg!!!!!

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Just got 3rd try yahoo. Hail and Sonic EBI.

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Hail/Sonic 5th try on EBI.

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3rd woooo

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Got another hail first try, which is good since now I can have 2 breeding pairs going at all times to try and get it sooner. :-)

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

How do u get hail?

I did ice and lightning got on my 3rd try but I got storm dragons both times before

Me too. Second attempt has an 8 hour time, so no luck there yet. And my darn cave is busy with I have no idea what... I can't even remember what I was trying for....

Its so cute, I want it but i need a Hail and Sonic dragon to do so....

Got it, first try! Trying for another.

Is it hail or sonic first ?

It says hail then sonic. I tried that one twice and failed,and then tried sonic first and then hail and I think I got it,still waiting for the breeding to be done. First try,sonic left hail right.

I really want this dragon as well but I don't have a hail dragon so frustrated ,now I am going to have to wait even longer and I have already have dragons in the cave for 8 hrs!!!!!

This site says the incubation time is 30 hours but the game says 28 hours... I think this page needs corrected.

You are right. The correct breeding time is 28 hours not 30. Thanks for the post :)

Seven Dragons's picture

stuck with 48hrs on both breeding cave and island with hail and sonic. getting either sun or moon. i hate thing i learned from dragonvale breeding is that patience pays off. fingers crossed

Seven Dragons

Same I wonder whatit itsni hopenits not another rainbow

I breed something and it said 48 hours and I can't wait till Kaoros speeds it up:)

aaronsawesomeunicorns's picture

I got a Sun with that! It could be that or a Moon

-have a super sparkly day
GameCenter acc: aaronsawesomeunicorns
ha, i know you have gems... come on....

Me 2 and now I can't bred anything :(

The same just happened to me. Ah well, sun dragons are nice too :P

Wow. Didn't get it on first try in EBI but I did get a 48 hour egg! So will now have to wait to see if it is a sun or moon. Am happy as I don't have either :)

Then I'll be back to try for Amethyst again.

Good luck everyone.

Lucky I just got hail

Snakegirl79's picture

I've got both breeding habitats tied up with 38hr breeds...both with hail and sonic. This may take a while


48hours? Shouldn't that be 38h 24m on the EBI?

All you who got it first or second or third try can suck it. All January long I did smoke and obsidian both level ten on both breeding areas....never got garnet. All month long that's seriously all I did minus the cyclops and hail, which I got 3rd time a piece. Is it so much to ask just to get these damn gem dragons? All I need are those and the seasonal.

I can't get that darn seasonal. It has avoided me like the plague!

try breeding firework and plant. my boyfriend and i both got it 1st try w that combo.

I got my seasonal with a flower and sonic on EBI.

I too am frustrated, I continue all month for a gem dragon, and scour the really helpful lovely hints on this page... But to no avail. Hopefully this one may be kinder to us.

You had to do it between 10 & 11pm eastern time :)

Scheytrinity's picture

Boyfriend and I both got it with in two tries. Both within minuets of each other. With sonic and hail of course, don't know if it makes a difference or not but the first attempts for both we did hAil first and failed. Second attempts sonic first and we both got amethyst! The dragon gods were smiling upon us today!

mancityfan3's picture

1st try with hail and sonic, got 5 hours :p Looks like I'm in for a looooong line of failures

Montgomeryswife's picture

Second try hail/sonic on island and got 28hrs what is that?

Amethyst oddly, mine just arrived on the incubate stands and it's an amethyst egg :-)

Fisrt try with Hail and Sonic on the EBI 28 hours breeding time whoopee :-)

Sapphire's picture

Waa!! trying for amethyst and keep getting hail/snow/storm...
No Fair! lol!

... tried again and i got sonic!!!!!!

I am with you right there, I keep getting those same dragon along with blazings and lava. It just gets so annoying! I'm gonna keep trying, though

Mina's picture

I have the same problem! But I keep getting Hail and Sonic! It is getting frustrating!!!!!!!

Guess I will keep trying. Good Luck!

zlorena's picture

48 hours with hail and sonic! :(

zulma gunther

Friend me on gamecenter I'm Nightmare95125

Sapphire's picture

I think i added u... not sure tho coz im new to this :)

Extreme_Dragon_Keeper's picture

I did quake and lichen and got 24hrs anyone know what I got

You got a crystal.

Sapphire's picture

sounds like crystal

After 12 tries I have 2 storm, 2 sonic, 1 hail, 1 Sun, 5 snow, and now a 28 hour time in the breeding cave. Think this is it.

Sapphire's picture

u r sooo lucky. i have had so many tries it aint funny. all i get is storm, hail, snow and sonic :(

zlorena's picture

Try sonic on the left and hail on the rt epic cave, I got it first try

zulma gunther

I posted a pic and I think this is it. I had 22 hrs 24 min in an upgraded island. I could be totally wrong, but I couldn't find anything matching in the calculator and I have never seen this egg before.

Catnymph's picture

Same here w the breeding time but I went ahead and hurried the breeding and it is the amethyst...


Sapphire's picture

yep its an amethyst, congrats!!

Yay! Thanks, I needed an easy one after last month. I literally only got Garnet 3 days before the end of the month. I was trying constantly with both breeding places (2 sets of breeders). I thought I would never get it. I got this one after about 15 tries. (I used gems, my husband says I am addicted and need to stop!) ROFL! Very happy to get this one, January was my Birthday, this is my husbands and next month is my almost 5 yr olds. I hope it is an aquamarine Dragon next month :D My son wants an aquamarine dragon for his birthday.

That would be such a pretty dragon. I hope they come up with one of those. I'm gonna start saving up right now!

Heh I'm quite unlucky with the gem dragons, both pearl and garnet I got on the literally last day. Sapphire I got during the expired dragons period. Those are the only ones I have :/ today I tried for the amethyst for the third time and I think I got it! Garnet is also my birthday gem,but I wish I had peridot and emerald dragons,they are the cutest ones!

Sapphire's picture

I must be THE MOST UNLUCKIEST person... Been trying for over 3hrs now to get Amethyst with no success.

I'll be unlucky with you, I never seem to get the dragons I want, either

Lufenia's picture

you're joking right sapphire? xD 3 hours isn't long at all! lol
I just got a moon/sun on my first try.. now i'll have to wait 4 days to try again on the island :/

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Sapphire's picture

yeah 3 hrs with gems to hurry each process... think ive bred them like a million times now lol

Sapphire's picture

oh and i cant use the island atm coz ive got water and crystal breeding ... 17hrs till they've finished

Sapphire, some are just harder than others at times. My garnet took me forever. I bred smoke and obsidian at both island and cave, with gems to speed things up for the entire month. I only got one 3 days before the end of the month. I was trying almost non stop. Believe me that one took forever. I only paused at one spot to get cyclops and hail. I was so sick of smoke and obsidian that I almost gave up. I actually said I was done after one more try and that try is when I ended up with a garnet. It can be really hard, but when you get it you feel great!

Cordlesskilla's picture

I just got a 28 hour breeding time, what is it?!?!?

Sapphire's picture

what are the parents?
if hail and sonic would be amethyst i think

Sapphire's picture

yeah i have heard its a pain in the... to get these gem dragons. im also trying to get rainbow and seasonal and current without success so far but i wont give up...

I absolutely cannot get seasonal and current. Tried hundreds of times

Ayesqi's picture

Urghhhhh.... I have to get Hail first and then I can try for Amethyst...

This may be of no help depending what you've tried, but I bred 3 currents while my dragons were all juveniles, but as soon as I levelled them up I haven't bred 1 since. Not sure if it makes a difference, thought I'd throw that out there!

The current dragon's easy to get breed water left lightning right if it dose not work the first-time switch sides . I got it first try.

Got it first time level15 both sonic and hail!!!!

First try didn't get it

musquack's picture

lol that's what most of us wanna say

zlorena's picture

I got it! Sonic lft and hail rt!
I try hail lft and sonic rt, didn't work

zulma gunther

Cordlesskilla's picture

Problem solved 28 hrs is the gem dragon! This site is wrong about the breeding and incubation time.

Sapphire's picture

Congrats zlorena
ive tried both ways and still havent got it lol.

Caurdice87's picture

My mom already got one on her third try! That never happens to me!

Sapphire's picture

Well i think im gonna give it a break for a while... not my lucky day today.


mancityfan3's picture

Hail and sonic 2nd try got 28 hours, what is that?

All gem dragons are the birth stone for that month, so the breeding and incubation time go with the number of days in the month!!! It was inaccurate info when they first put it out, but it's since been corrected.....just thought I would let you know......

Sapphire's picture


mancityfan3's picture

Alright!! I tried for garnet 23 times last month (never got it) and get amethyst my 2nd try, that's awesome

I got it on my 2nd try too, EBI, Sonic and Hail. And for those that struggled in January, me too... I must have tried 50 times for Garnet... got it eventually but cannot get Seasonal for love or money - it is my last dragon to get and I am alternating Love + Air with Butterfly + Flower... here's hoping.

try breading straight up what the breading elements are

Potterhead23's picture

I literally tried to breed garnet all of January and got every other dragon EXCEPT garnet! Hopefully I have better luck with this one considering it's my birthstone.....

I completely agree with you truer all January nothing birthday is tomorrow crossing my fingers

Second month in a row I get the Gem dragon first attempt :) Hail and Sonic on EBI. Still don't have the dam Platinum Dragon yet, lost count at about 35 tries lol

Kyla066's picture

I got Platinum with Water and Magnetic whilst trying to get Current.

Please add me "Grizouli" I gift gems daily!!! I spended all my gems for garnet ... Nothing!!! Hope to get this one :) good luck to all cheers

Four tries with Sonic & Hail in both cave and island... No luck yet. Only day one though!

Aayla Secura's picture

I can't believe all the people complaining they don't have it yet or that they've tried soooo many times and are getting soooo frustrated... Sheesh. It's only barely the 2nd of Feb people, chill!!! Patience is a virtue which today's society seems to have lost.

Anyways, I tried a couple of times last night, first try in the cave: 48hrs! Doh! Haha, guess I need a second moon anyways! But that was my only hail! So I bred myself another one, used some gems and tried hail and sonic on the island about 3 or 4 times, then went to bed. First thing this morning, bam! 28hrs! I was really surprised, I thought for sure it would take longer! Will be trying for a second one for the egg when they're done. Good luck everyone! And be patient!! :)

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I got a moon

lillybeigh's picture

Tried since the first hour of February... Still no dragon ;-;

- lillybeigh x

DrSuperAwesomeDude's picture

Got it!! Only took about 15 tries which seemed like a lot but still pretty good for a gem dragon. And got my Garnet egg on the 31st just in the nick of time. Now I need a second Amethyst for the egg. Does anyone know if Amethyst is a swimmer?

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I know you have gems give them to me now!!

Kyla066's picture

Have my Amethyst in the bottom Gem Island habitat haven't seen him go into the pool yet.

Hail and Sonic first try on epic island.

Hug_me_brotha's picture

Tried about 5 times, no dragon yet!! Guess ill keep trying! Haha,

Add me on GameCenter! Hug_Me_Brotha

Got four

I just got it, but the time is wrong, mine said 28 hours not 30

Its 28 for the amethyst dragon

Breeding time is 28 hours... Bc it always corresponds to the number of days of that month

firelizard21's picture

I never realized that! :-) I always wondered why some were 30 and others were 31. I learn something new every day. LOL

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.