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Apocalypse Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
122,112 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
130 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
316 coins per minute
Sale price: 
122,112 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
101 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
101 xp / minute

The Apocalypse Dragon requires the four elements Plant, Lightning, Cold and Metal. An good breeding combination is Magnetic + Lichen Dragons. It was introduced for the 'end of the world' on December 21, 2012. It's available until January 9.

"When the mythic volcano Garita erupted, wizards feared the end of the world. Luckily the only thing that emerged form those ash clouds were these incredible dragons. Be careful with teething young Apocalypse dragons as they love to gnaw on wizard footwear. You wouldn't want one to swallow your sole."



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I got 20:12 breedtime with steel and ash in cave :)

GameCenter - Katzie<3

Me two steel and ash in order ebi

Steel and ash first try in breeding cave

its you TOO not you TWO!!!!!! or you 2

Clever huh?

ok bye!!!

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I finally got one with EBI and I used a level 11 Copper with a lvl 11 Lichen YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steel and ash keep me giving moon dragon.

Cool I want moon it's still a good go!

How to breed moon dragan is blue fire and criztal, or sun and rainbow

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your very sexy

Add me at matt.campagna3



Lichen and magnetic first try.
Ps please add me dragonspider

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Lichen and Magnetic got me a 48 hour egg, different mixes have gotten me 4 rainbow dragons this week... did I just start another rainbow??

That got me 2 leap years!!!! But sadly no apocolypse

its cactus and steel

Awww!!!! I want a rainbow dragon

my dad has a stinking rainbow dragon

Crystal and lichen =rainbow
Enter code 10006403 for free gems = faster breeding


Me too

he do u breed!!!!!!!

I have this in the ebc right now and it's end of february..... time or 20:12............


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I have epic breeding island and I breed two level 10 Leap'm Year Dragons to get the Apocalypse Dragon


Free gems enter code 15018286 got first one with leap year and rainbow on island


1st try! Lichen level 13 and magnetic level 14 on island!


Got it 1st go level 13 magnetic and level 13 lichen lol yipee

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You would think this is a hard dragon to get, but people are having good luck. :)

Not me :-( But I have gotten a rainbow and silver from all the tries at least!

After a bunch of tries with magnetic & lichen, I got it first try with steel & ash!

I need both of those.

No luck either I just got 47 hour one... That's silver right

Is it going to come back?

What best way to get a

Not me.. Have tried magnetic/lichen & steel/ash several times each and I can't get one to drop

Stupid idiot I only have three

Gorgeous Dragon! must have it ;)))

wooohooo! got it with LICHEN & MAGNETIC so Happy! :))

1st try level 13 Lichen and level 10 Magnetic on island, so happy...

used Lichen and Magnetic but 47 hours....what is this?!

The 47 Hour dragon is the Silver Dragon

sun dragon ! I also got it

It's Silver dragon for sure guy!!!

oh i see!! thanks a lot :D

Just got 20 hours 12 minutes with Ash and Steel.


Got it first try with lichen and magnetic. It's incubating now, the egg is really cool looking, can't wait to see it hatched!!

Got it first try with gems :3 (I wish, btw, why is this dragon so cheap?)

I think he is cheap because this dragon cannot come back. There is only 1 apocalypse. This is the last known prediction of the end of world. So the apocalypse can never be offered again and he wants everybody to get it and buy it incases someone can't breed it

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The adult is so cool looking. I tried breeding but gave up quickly because I was too impatient and spent the $5 on gems instead. :-)

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

Cactus+steel. First try.

Thanks!! Just tried this combo and got the apocalypse breeding time!

Love at first site

Ash and mine first try

Got it on first try with lichen and magnetic :3

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Is this Dragon permanent? I wouldn't be surprised if its limited but it seems like it might be here to stay.

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Only here for four days since it released.

I say! Luckysevenmax a.k.a Royal_Lucky

Got it steel and ash first time after several times with lichen and magnetic

Lichen 11 magnetic 10......both times copper

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Got this one breeding Lichen and Magnetic both level 10, also got a Rainbow and Sun Dragon from same combo while trying for Apocalypse Dragon.

In the epic breeding island or regular cave?

got it cactus + mine !!

When is it expiring ?
I wanna breed this dragon so bad !

Ash and Mine first try for me too! ... After I bought the habitat, wonder if that helps?

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Got my three... Two for the habitat one to display egg :)

It is ugly
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This is by far one of the coolest looking dragons yet! Love the colors and the patterns! Got me a pair and incubating egg for display. I like this one so much I bought 2 habitats, I may buy a third!


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I used Magnetic and Lichen for my dragons.


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Seems like people droppin some cash for gems on this bad boy. ^^

Finally got it with steel&ash! Can't wait for it to finish breeding!

Sanne Hale

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Second try with lichen and magnetic

zulma gunther

I just got another update from Dragonvale, you can breeding all expired and limited dragon until Jan 2 2013. Yay!!!

PS got this dragon 1st try with lichen and Magnetic now for the expired ones Sakura here I come!

I'm soooooo excited!!! Also just got update and fireworks here I come!! Best of luck with Sakura my friend!!! ;-).

Just to be curious is your name Annalisa Nguyen cuz she play d-vale too

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I got 1 day and 5 hrs using steel and ash. What is that?

I say! Luckysevenmax a.k.a Royal_Lucky
Royal_Lucky's picture

Wait, Blue Moon. Pleasant surprise,though.

I say! Luckysevenmax a.k.a Royal_Lucky

01:05:03:45 from lichen and magnetic...what is it?

Aayla Secura's picture

If you meant 01:05:31:45, then you my friend have a Blue Moon! Congrats!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Me too ;)

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Got it first try with magnetic and lichen both level 10 ...

iOS 8.0.2

Steel and ash first try in cave! :-)

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HI :) I think I got one cooking now :) Got it with Magnetic & Lichen :) WLYK :)

"To Love and be Loved is Life's Greatest Gift!"

Tried twice with Steel and Ash, got Reindeer and Silver lol!

This combo produces lots of interesting dragons! I hope I can get an apocalypse on though. Gotta wait out my currently breeding silver and solstice.

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

Okay, so I got the dragon with a lichen and magnetic after three tries. It seems that lichen and magnetic is the best combo, as my friend used the same combo and got the dragon as well. Also, there were a bunch of peeps on the first blog that got this with lichen and magnetic. But who knows.

Used magnetic and lichen and got 23hrs. What could it be?

Yep, lichen and magnetic just got the right time on the EPI. Woohoo! :)

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Lava n mug 31 hr egg?

Desertflower1979's picture

Steel and Ash first try on island!

223 dragons out of 227
222 eggs displayed out of 226
Working on getting a "baby" of each dragon: 200 so far!
I bred them all! Didn't buy any!

Cactus and mine first try!

I bought mine the second I saw it

I'm getting ready to do the lichen and magnetic. Is there any certain time to do it. Like at night???? And when is it expiring?

OMG!! We can breed ANY dragon til the 2nd of Jan??? Shweeeeet!! Fireworks dragon..momma's comin to take u home!!! I love, love, love that dragon!! Did I say I love that dragon?? Off to breeeeed!! Best of luck all...and Merry Christmas and happy holidays, whichever u prefer;-)

I'm on my 3rd try with mag and luck so far:-(. My mag is 10 and lichen is 15. Also in regular cave. Maybe I should try the EBI, but I've found most of my epics or rares have been in the reg cave. Best of luck fellow breeders ;-).

I have diarrhea of the fingers But I have to add that this apocalypse dragon is gorgeous!!! The person that designed it was spot on!!! Hope I get one. Happy breeding all!!! ;-)

I got it with lichen and magnetic

Trying to Apocalypse, but got Blue Moon with Magnetic and Lichen on the island.

Got it 2nd try with Cactus and Mine in the normal breedingmcave :D

First try Lichen lvl 10 and Magnetic lvl 10 - yea!

I got mine with magnetic and reindeer first try and my aunt got it with copper and reindeer first try too. I tried for a second one with magnetic and reindeer and got an apocalypse!! :)

I got 2 of them 1 I payed for and one I hatched still trying to get a panlong tried every combo tried blazing and mud but got solctice from it and now I have a 48 hour time. I think its a rainbow!!

I bred them to get it for the first time and just got my Reindeer Dragon. So I didnt have him yet it is 10 hours :(

Retried with magenetic and lichen and got 10 hours? maybe a mine dragon?

Got a mine dragon now. Tried third time lichen and magnetic and got 30 Minuit time. Probable a catus dragon. I'm trying ash and mine next time

I've now tried Lichen and Magnetic 4 times...
I've gotten a Reindeer, a storm, a Copper an a Blue Moon.
Time to try something else.
I'm happy about the Blue Moon though.

Is the apocalypse dragon available until Jan 2 also?

Jan 9.

Been trying that combo since the dragon was first available - No Luck!!! Tried steel and ash on the Island and got it first try - YAY!!! Give that combo a try and good luck!

Ash and Mine First Try!

Just got 20 hr 12min time one normal breeding cave with steel and ash dragon. First try. Yay.

cactus and mine - 1st try :)))

I bred Magnetic and lichen and got a time of: 29h 32m..... What is it?!?!?!

Bianca - Admin's picture

If you got 29h 31m 48s can be a Blue Moon if you did not upgrade the island/cave.

My website:

I think I got it? After three tries with lichen and magnetic. I used in stead ash and mine. But my time is 19:59:50?

Aayla Secura's picture

Sounds like you have a copper instead :(

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Yes I got a copper :(

I got solstice,lunar and turqoise in the normal breeding cave,now im sure to get the apocalypse dragon... Here i go ......Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
If i had enough gems to skip the other dragons n'stuff
My dragons in the breeding cave made only a copper dragon egg....that was so disapointing for me....

Prettypixie55's picture

I just got it with Catus and Steel, whew! Was trying with magnetic and litchen - just wasn't working for me.

Got instead of Apocalypse, Blue Moon and Moon ...

I've tried a lot of time now with Lichen and Magnetic, i haven't got it yet :/
But instead of the Apocalypse dragon, i got the Silver dragon, Blue moon dragon, 2 reindeer dragons and a steel dragon... it's really hard for me to get the Apocalypse dragon :(

Lichen-mag .. 2nd try , 2nd blue moon .. Don't know if i've to be happy or not

Steel and ash finally worked for me!

I just got a copper dragon at 20 hours. Try again. Lol

Second try: Lichen (left), Magnetic (right). Epic Breeding Island (not upgraded). When I used the breeding cave I definitely didn't get what I was looking for :D

Ok. I think I got it!!!!!!! 19:59:07, but my phone glitches and I think it should of been 20:12

Probably copper...

Lol got leap year and blue moon with my 2nd time,i have such an epic breeding cave xD. ut still no apocalypse

I just got a gifting tree, and am looking for some people to go gem for gem daily with. (Meaning you have to give me a gem daily and ill give you one!).
I have 3 friends total right now, so I'm pretty sure I can take 5 more?

Anyways GC account is: Dance Monkey Dance

Add me:)

tjippie's picture

got this in 3 tries, magnetic lvl 10 on left, lichen lvl 10 on right. :)

I tried magnetic and lichen and got the leap year dragon. Then I tried steel and ash and got the silver dragon. Still trying to get this one.

Seven Dragons's picture

Hard one for us. At it. Steel and ash. So far so good...managed to get ruby, emerald, apocalypse, fireworks, blue moon. Running out space for the eggs. All the best very one.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Seven Dragons

Can Mine Dragon and Ash work too?

Can Mine Dragon and Ash Dragon work too?

Just bred again. Lichen (left) and magnetic (right). Uhhhh. Ended up with time. 1:05:31:38? Thirty hours?

Hawgz's picture

4th try with Ash and Steel got it for me

I'm doing the ash and steel next time. I've already gotten 1 raindeer, 1 catus, 3 copper, 1 rainbow, and now this one I think is 48 hours. Will be a sun, moon, or another rainbow. Time to buy it. Hahaha

First try steel then lichen

Finally after 30 or 40 tries... 20H 12M ;D freaking happy now :D

Congrats! I have been trying like 30 times without luck. What combo worked for you?

Lichen and magnetic didn't work, i got 2 silver dragons and a blue moon dragon and a lot of "useless" dragons, i lokked at all the combo's in here to find the right one.

I was breeding magnetic + lichen.
Got leap year on my first try, silver on my second.
Not what I wanted but very nice, I normally don't have this kind of luck.

Lichen and Magnetic = 16:09 first try - Epic Breeding Island :-)

Kiwi Pom's picture

I'm on my 4th try on both breeding places a x still nothing

Cactus & steel 1st try!

Working on this dragon now and not much luck yet. Many tries with Ash & Steel, Ash & Mine, Lichen & Magnetic. I tried Copper & Reindeer for the first time and got a 48 hour breed time. Hoping for a Rainbow but I think it could also be Sun or Moon, can't wait to find out!

If anyone is looking for friends to gift gems add me :)

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

surfernattie's picture

I used Lichen and Magnetic. Both level 10 on a normal breeding thing. Which habitat do I need for him?

You have to buy the apocalypse habitat

Is anyone getting glitches? Again I just lost/disappeared 3 poison, 1 flower, 1 fire, 1 mud, 1 copper dragon just disappeared from my park. This is the second time. The first time I lost all my dragons! How can I get them back!

you suck

used ash and mine first try

I have been trying since monday. Steel and ash, lichen and magnetic... I have gotten 2 blue moons, 2 coppers, a mine, ash, reindeer.. im happy about the blue moons but I really want to get this so i can work on the others before jan 2!! so stressful. lol

Nancy Griffo

I have tried about 20-30 times and no luck yet. Getting really frustrated!!! I would really like to get it and still have time to try for the limited ones before it's too late.