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Aquamarine Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,475 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
15,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
8,065 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
54 xp / minute

"A drift in the Sea of Kimzar with no help in sight, the water wizard Koostow despaired that his latest magical experiment hadn't gone quite as he had planned. Much to his surprise, he was lifted from the icy waters on the back of an Aquamarine dragon and rescued. To return the favor, Koostow worked hard to make sure these dragons would be comfortable living on the Gemstone Island. Aquamarine dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed."



Yodatu's picture

Have done 2 breedings with level 10's River/Iceberg and come out with 2 - 8 hr breeding times on EBI. Will try again...

So far, 2 Mines and 1 Mud. Just got a 13 hr breeding so have to assume another River dragon. Yes, another River dragon!

Got 2 Mountain dragons off this breeding now on top of the dragons mentioned before!

GRRRRRR.....just got another 14 hr breed time! Another Mountain all done on Epic! Six breedings now :-(

I wish I could say how many times I've done this breeding only to get other dragons! I've tried same breeds of dragon, different dragon names, on EBI and in upgraded cave to no avail. I think my tries are now at 19 or 20. Now I am left to hopefully get my 50 dragons and upgrade to levels over 10. Have 9 more dragons to get on cold so I hope to get those this weekend. It is literally eatting me out of FOOD and GEMS! I have stopped using the gems to hurry up the breeding and incubations for I am getting too many 14 hour breed times and if I hurry them up, that could be 28 gems for 1 incubation in a hurry!

Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP! I am at level 23 or 24.


How u git river

Samiii.j25's picture

Water lvl 10 n Earth lvl 10 but you need to have that pond

I got it with lvl10 mountain and Water dragons while trying to get a century.

Know for sure it going to have a water in there somewhere

waterhorse's picture

i was trying to get century with river and iceberg but got a 31 hour instead of 10 :(
but i got an aquamarine dragon instead xD xD xD

Actually, I breed my river without buying the pond. And got a few extra eggs after that.

Talk about the river on the river page!

Yodatu's picture

I have the pond but it is not on the epic breeding island! Does this mean you should also try in the regular breeding cave? I have come out with multitudes of mountain and now on my 2nd mud dragon! This is getting frusterating


It IS frustrating! Sometimes - perhaps - no real evidence except from this forum - if you switch the order when breeding back to back, iceberg/river then river/iceberg... The upside to getting other dragons is the egg collection gets a boost!
Good luck!

Join me for gems! GC = I8abug!

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
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Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

I just got the 31 hr breed time after a dozen or more consecutive tries with level 10 river on left & level 10 iceberg on right on island.

Lucky!! I tried to breed the aquamarine dragon like, thirty times and I got either Ice, Iceberg, or River!!! :(

What dragons did u use?

me too.

did u use he epic breeding isand or cave?

Sahil Alam

Got him unexpectedly after 13 tries

What pond

You're mums

DragonVale Lover12108's picture

The Ami'Lya Pond, It is in the decorations year round, apparently it is supposed to boost river\all water dragons performances (I dont think it actually works)

You don't need the pond, it just helps. I got my river and aquamarine dragons without having the pond :)

Get a earth to breed with
Got that yet

Buy the ami lya pond then breed water and earth. It might take a few tries.

() ()

I got it with out the pond. First try. Water and earth level 10

what pond??????

For all you wondering its the ami'lya pond... pretty obvious cause thats kinda the only pond you can buy but of you didnt know there ya go

DragonVale Lover12108's picture

Other than the swimming hole, of course

The Ami'lya pond in the decorations

cujo2255's picture

I got this dragon and I never had to buy or use that pond I breeder river left iceberg rite in the EBC got it third try


My mom bred an iceberg and river. My first limited dragon. So cool!!!!!!

To get a river = water and earth. It was harder for me to get a river than an aquamarine.

I know. Every time I try for an aquamarine dragon, I end up getting either river or ice. The only good dragon that I got from there was my only century dragon.

I got river on the first try but am still having trouble getting the aquamarine

bronzedragon732's picture

What did you use for the aquamarine

We are the opposet river easy marine not so much

The 1
and only

I'm still trying to get the aquamarine dragon if I could I would just get ready for next month If I knew how to breed it...

In the market it says you need to breed a Water (on left) and a Earth (on right) but, it lies. I tried that combo at least 6 times then I just switched the order and got a River first try with 2 lvl 4 dragons.

easiest gemstone EVER!

O.k. muss ich wissen, wie man diesen Drachen ohne Fluss oder Eisberg zu erhalten! Wenig Hilfe!

Wildzwerg's picture

Kombiniere einfach Erde mit zweimal Wasser und einmal Kälte, wünsche Dir viel Glück!

Schau, ich brauche Hilfe! Welche Sprache ist das?

Diese Seite ist alles auf englisch ... Du kriegst dieser Drachen durch iceberg und Fluss glaube ich... Aber ich habe bis jetzt kein gemacht.... Glückwunsch !!

Wildzwerg's picture

Ist jetzt nicht Dein Ernst, oder?! ...selbst in der Baumschule spricht man englisch ;-)

yes. I agree with you. For me, this game is an exercise in frustration....I thought games were supposed to be;D

Stop playing then!

That's not encouraging try rain and brass,rain is the same shades of blue and it's water with fins,brass has 2 heads and long necks but now that I've typed that I feel that instead of rain and brass do brass and rain I have not tried it yet but to me it seams most likely to pop up an aquamarine dragon

What language is (s)he speaking?

Its german... He ddoesnt understand English apparently but wants to know how to get this dragon :).

Ce que disent les gars ! On dirait une langue bizarre !

There ain't no rest for the wicked! U easy to trick!

Oh no I ain't!

Yea u r!

Lol talking to myself!

That's so cool. I always wanted to take German but my stepmom made me take English. My brother can speak a little German, though, but he lives in a whole 'nother state

Well don't stop playing it's better to have little than nothing.try rain and brass I have not tried it yet but it might work?
Tahlia's picture

Keep trying iceberg and river in that order, you should eventually get it.


I've been trying river and iceberg. I'll try iceberg and river and see if it works.

I try both ways no luck

This combination doesn't work for me.



Dear admin read my comment. It down, please write a message to me too.

yea i started as soon as it was out what to breed and after 5 days I finally have the 31 hours good luck though

Tell what you bred!

I feel your pain... spent the entire month of February with a sonic and hail in either the island or the cave trying to get Amethyst. Now doing the same thing with river and iceberg trying to get Aquamarine. So far no luck for me. My best, but so far unsuccessful advise is to keep trying.

I dont have a facebook my mom wont let me get one:( and she wont let me buy gems can anyone help i need the breeding island! PLEASE HELP!!!

I have exactly the same issue... I've bred them 14 times now and yet I only ever get mountain or river or mud dragons. This is driving me crazy because I really want this months gemstone dragon! My Iceberg is level 15, my River level 10 and I have the regular breeding cave, I have no clue why I can't breed this :(

jadedfareie's picture

I am right there with ya! Ive done the same everyday since March 1st. Come up with the same results. :/ gonna do the same as you, hopefully get em all leveled above 10 and keep trying!

It IS VERYYYYYYYY frustrating! I am upside to getting other dragons and my eggs colection is growing with ice, cold, icerberg ....! I have the pond, the breeding island etc etc etc
Good luck!

I bred iceberg and river about ten times switching between the two... Finally got on this morning.

My results were, Iceberg-River both level 9's. Used the breeding cave and kept switching them back and forth. Got it on 6th try.

Do you have the gemstone island? I tried several times, but got it the first time after I bought the island.

Princess BubbleGum's picture

Got 31hrs in EBI using level 11 river and iceberg..hehe

notanoob's picture

Omg!!!!!! I <3 skitty and princess bubblegum!!!!!! Love your profile pic!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

I've heard that some people got it with iceberg and century

My first gemstone! Just with level tens!

Ditto!! I've given up :(.

Well i got it now and waiting for the next gemstone. I am level 20, but got it at level 18.

I know how you feel!! Try searching up other combinations and just see what you get! Don't use a lot of gems because you will be out before you know it then your stuck saving up again. I recommend the first thing I said about searching up other combos. Also you can breed them before you go to sleep and in the morning it'll be rather done or will have a few hours/minutes left. Patients is key, Lisardlover432
waterhorse's picture

ok well i was trying to get century but did river and iceberg and got 31 hour breeding time hope this helps!!!!

what level does your breding cave need to be

I have been trying for days for the Aquamarine dragon. I keep saying this is the last time but I can't help thinking that the next attempt will be the one. I am at level 23 and I have even upgraded my dragons to 11 or 12. I might take them up to level 13 to see how I do. I did read that the higher the dragon's level the better chance you have at getting a rare egg.

Good luck!


Peggy N

I've tried at least eight times help please

Level 10 river and 15 iceberg

14 tries with EBS and regular cave with 2 level ten river and 15 and 10 iceberg

I think I got it with 24:48

Third try with River on left and Iceberg on the right on Epic Breeding Island

Try searching up other combinations and just see what you get! Don't use a lot of gems because you will be out before you know it then your stuck saving up again. I recommend searching up other combos (there are lots of sites offering them).
Patients is key,


Newbie Dragan's picture

This looks so cool! Can't wait until I get one!

First comment

Do you really have to say that?

Be patient it took me 35 tries to get it with iceberg and river on the island

Wow, now THAT is what I call patience.....

Hopefully got it first time lol

I agree with bunnyandtwiligh, that is some serious patience

Got it first time wish me luck

How do you attempt it 35 times in 1 day?

i kept speeding up the incub time to clear the island.

Over 35 tries still not getting this one :(

I'm on my 41st try... I'll quit after 50, need to get clover!


River and iceberg dragons. Both level 10 on the breeding island. First try gave me 31 hours. Yippie.

Yodatu's picture

Lucky! What level are you and what level are the dragons?


Just got the aquamarine dragon on level 28, using level 15 river and level 15 iceberg... I tried 14x as I leveled up the dragons and as soon as they hit level 15, I got it!

Thanks I tried yr combo Lvl15 RIver & Iceberg & got 2 aquamarines on both tries.

u have alot of water dragons do't u? do u have like 2 of the same dragons? because i dont p.s what level do u unlock the water shrine

waterhorse's picture

i am level 26 and got it with 2 level 10 river and iceberg!

waterhorse's picture

im level 26 and both were level 10

JVenturero's picture

At what time of the day?

Bianca - Admin's picture

I tried with the combo and I got 24.48 ! :) First time I breed a dragon from first try.

My website:

Did you use EPI OR normal breeding cave

Im not so good with limited dragons:^( Agree?

I got really lucky and got it on my first try using level 15 dragons in the regular cave! I was pretty shocked to see the 31 hour breed time lol!

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

Montgomeryswife's picture

About ten times of river and iceberg and I got 24:48 :)

I think I got it this time! Second time. First time I did river left and iceberg right and no luck them I flipped them and got 24:48 in upgraded breeding cave


Sandy Wopart

River on left or right?

River on left or right?

Veeks62's picture

13 tries with level 15 Iceberg/ River got me 24:48 on EBI! Most tries for me getting a gemstone dragon even with level 15 pair. Also spent $4 on gems to get this done. Not too bad. Sometimes you gotta pay to play. ;)

“Never laugh at LIVE dragons, Bilbo you fool!” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Level 31, D'sai Tree, Kairos, Silver/Gold Shrines, 7 gems drgns, all Epics
Started: December 2012 Game Center: veeks62


Sandy Wopart

It can be done in regular cave... I did on my first try

GC ID: ..MalaFox..

cujo2255's picture

No it does not I got the jem stone dragon in the cave not the island


RobbinDaHoody962's picture

River iceberg got it first try i was so excited that i got it first day it came out


Not trolling, are we? ;)

() ()

Level 10 River left and left 10 iceberg right in cave, 31 hours... first try. I have never been so lucky.

rainbowfox007's picture

I've noticed a lot of comments on the dragons being at level 10, does this make a difference? As of right now my dragons are at level 8.

CleverBast's picture

Technically, level doesn't mater until they are over level 10, but most people try to get their dragons at the highest possible level, just in case.

musquack's picture

I leveled up all my dragons to get all the Epic & Gem dragons on my islands. But I have a friend with Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Amethyst and a number of Limited Edition dragons. None of her dragons are level 10, go figure....So you be the judge.

I have a seasonal, rainbow, and a silver Olympus dragon and i really want an aquamarine dragon It would be totally awesome. I just need help.

CleverBast's picture

I got it! Second try, lvl 10 iceberg+river!

MJ29's picture

Got it on 2nd try with lvl 10 river and lvl 11 iceberg. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Georgie's picture

I am busting and selling everything to try get iceberg first. Trying with other ice thingy anyways apparently it's much easier with android phones. I have iPhone.

D/V. Georgie
Lvl 50 with ' all but ' dragons
:" Good Dragon Fortune to All ":

Add me on GAME CENTER: lilvic_

It gave me 8 or 14 hours :/

I just got a 14hr egg with river and iceberg what is it?

Yodatu's picture

Probably another River...I got this breeding too.


A river is 13 hrs this is a mountain.

Desertflower1979's picture

Got it on my first try! Upgraded cave, Level 15 River and Level 15 Iceberg!

223 dragons out of 227
222 eggs displayed out of 226
Working on getting a "baby" of each dragon: 200 so far!
I bred them all! Didn't buy any!

Daevers's picture

Finally!!!!! After I don't know how many tries, I finally got this dragon! I'm so happy!

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

1meant4more's picture

First try! I got 1 on the first try. River and Iceberg both lvl 15. Woohoo!

Would mud and iceberg work? I'm having trouble getting river, got like six MUDs already :(

Yodatu's picture

Got my River with Level 10 Water/Earth 2nd or 3rd try.


Solstice, do water and earth, I got it first try with that. But it HAS to be in that order, or you might get a mud. It matters the order you put them in, believe it or not

Level 15 iceberg/level 15 river in breeding island....1st try, thank you very much

i cant wait to breed in march

ConstantGaming's picture

I have a river egg ATM and I'm breeding iceberg right now.

I'm planning on making 2! I'm gonna put 1 in my Hibernation cave!

Got it yesterday with river and iceberg

BurntToast's picture

First try got me a mountain egg, second try is a 14 hour breeding time.


First try last night. Lvl 10 iceberg. Level 12 river. Ebi

Brad's picture

I got it first try own EBI. This is the second time I got an epic on my first try. My first being a solar eclipse.

Can you use mud