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Arbor Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon
Unique breeding combination: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Dragon egg cost: 
175 gems
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
48 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
70 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
93 coins per minute
Sale price / breeding time: 
0 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
0 xp / minute

"The Arbor Dragon was first discovered deep in the southern Forests of Schloss, using its tusks to root up mushrooms. Due to their magic affinity with plants, any forest or grove they live in is lush and healthy, just be careful of putting them too close to your garden, they love to dig for snacks."



dragonvaler2005's picture

looks too cool so I just used all my gems to buy it.It kind of looks like a root dragon to me.

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dragonvalexpert169's picture

Looks pretty shrubby to me!
It actually does kind of look like the root dragon.

I bought the breeding code. It says to use: Tree Dragon and Forest Dragon. It's my fourth attempt using that combo. I got three moss dragons and now a tree. We'll see how many attempts this one takes before they pull the plug on it!

Xishom's picture

It actually took me over a dozen tries to breed this dragon, which is unusual for me. The fail times for this dragon are all high so breeding him is going to be a bit of a pain, but he looks cool :)

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Flower and bloom is a good combo for the arbor


Robunny666's picture

Awesomeness! I actually got this little guy first shot. Tree 15 + Forrest 15 in the cave = unexpected ;) Plus I had just bought his decoration in hopes in would add to the magic. lol Guess it worked *yay*

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Argh! I hatched the egg, but It disappeared! Gone from my goals, not in my hibernation cave. Where did he go? I want him!

dragonvalexpert169's picture

You probably sold it on accident.

Oh that would be terrible. Hope you find it.

This one is just as hard as the Snowy Gold that I STILL can't get :(

aimsteroo's picture

I'm with you there. This Arbor Dragon has very disappointing fails, too: Tree and moss, mostly. Long times and low egg sale prices. I had too many tree and moss fails recently from Clover, Sakura and Carnival. Frankly, I'm rather sick of tree and moss dragons.

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Snowy Gold?,i got that the first try ill tip you in on the breeding combo,O.K. its blizzard and fire you can get the rest f the snowy s too


dragonvaler2005's picture

have tree and forest dragon, So its possible to breed it right?

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Finally got it using level 11 Tree and level 11 Forest in my upgraded breeding cave, Not on the upgraded epic breeding island!!! Those were both level 15's and from that pair I bred countless moss, tree and forest dragons. Hope that helps someone get this dragon.

Veva's picture

Thanks for that tip, I got the Arbor dragon first try using level 11 dragons. I had no luck at all breeding them at level 15, I've been overrun with Tree dragons all week!

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dragonvaler2005's picture

Its limited already?

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TawnyGirl's picture

Still trying! A dozen times so far & only moss & tree dragons to show for it. I'd welcome a forest dragon! [plant+earth dragons both level 15 in upgraded breeding cave]

Aayla Secura's picture

Anyone know how long this guy is around for? I've rarely had such difficulty before with a limited dragon... It's moss country over here :/

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TawnyGirl's picture

I hear ya! I'm now up to 18 breedings (10 moss, 8 tree). Not even 1 forest dragon thrown in there! I'm also wondering how much longer this Dragon will hang around, but the wizards usually give us a couple days notice at least, so I guess I'll hang in there until then.

aimsteroo's picture

I gave up and purchased with the gems I received from the Easter egg hunt.

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Araheera's picture

I will not re-breed once this breeding is done. I will wait for BEB. I really only want the egg! Maybe the dragon as a baby.

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LynnMarie's picture

Does anyone know when the last day for arbor is?
I have been trying since day one and have lost count of how many tree, moss and forest I have gotten. Its really ridicules the number of failed breedings when is supposed to be 26% chance out of only four other possibles.

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jarrat's picture

In your game, go into the market, dragons there should be a countdown timer running for arbor.
I think it's at about 15 hours left to go.

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alphafemale007's picture

I could have bought this dragon with all the gems I have spent speeding up breeding times. Ugh. Frustrating. Tree and moss is all I am able to get. :(

Same here. I've officially had it with this stupid dragon. He clearly has a glitched drop rate. :/

TawnyGirl's picture

Yep, frustrating & disappointing. I bred the entire time he was available. 26 breedings, all trees & moss. Long breeding/incubation times & low sales price. Ugh! At the last moment, I bought the little bugger. He is super cute & jumps around a lot.

pielover101's picture

This guy was a pain in the bum. Spent 98 jewels to rush this guy before he expired, at least it was cheaper than buying him outright. Had the same problem with clover, bought that one outright for 77 before he expired. Hope there's no more earth/plant hybrids in the near future!

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Slipz Dragon's picture

Got this second try with Forest lvl 11 on left and Tree lvl 10 on right
This proves it does not matter which side!!! ;)

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I don't think it's an Arbor Dragon, Slipz Dragon. The Arbor is no longer available right now.

Slipz Dragon's picture

Actually I got it a while ago

My username on Animal Jam is slipperyseal68867. Buddy me if you can!
Dragons: 34/184
Level 21
Recent wins: Light, Swamp, Bronze, Steel
Hunting for: Silver, Moonstruck

nancyandlucky's picture

I love the egg and hope I can get it.

Christine Green's picture

well I put one in the cave did not get it put one on the island got it tree & forest