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Ash Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
5,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
86 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
150 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,389 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
14 xp / minute

"The strange expression all ash dragons have was caused by a loud magical boomstick going off near one of their ancestors. It's said the BOOM! was so loud it echoed through time and affected ash dragons throughout the generations. That seems almost as unlikely as the dead rising from their graves!"



This dragon stinks I've tried it like 6 times and I can't get it, and why would it be lightning and plant that doesn't make ash

you are so d*** it does make sense by the way I got it using fire and willow

When i bred fire and willow I got an 8 hour incubation time and I'm pretty sure that is a blazing dragon

I got it by breeding plant and lightning.

I got an ash dragon by breeding a scorch and a glacier dragon? Makes no sense?

I got them with lightning and bouquet

Dragon wings's picture

I did firefly and pollen; was trying to get a seasonal dragon...

I can fly high
because I was given a gift
of Dragon wings

check what the egg looks like on eggs categories

Yo are really mean stop it but you are right it does make sense

I got it using storm and flower. Took a few trys though so don't give up! Storm and flower give some nice dragons.

I think it can only breed on a certain day of the week

I have bread it 2 times trying to get a cactus dragon used plant and lightening both level 7

It's a level 7 plant and level 7 lightening
Good luck

i got this by breading flower and storm both level 10

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Breaded dragon- yum, yum! :)


That funnie shit lol

try sonic and plant on regular breeding cave first try


I used lightning and evergreen dragons to breed my ash dragon.

plant+lightning 1st try

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that is what I used and got Ash on the first try also.

If lightning strikes a plant you'll get ash

Well i got one with evergreen and lightning

It does work I've done it many times but here's another way plant and sonic

Put lightning and moss together I got it on my first try

Try lightening and swamp, got it on the first try :p don't really want it though :((

I got it with plant lightning first try

All you have to do is storm and flower. Sometimes they try to trick you, such as the Bluefire dragon and the Frost fire dragon. Instead of useing the straight fire dragon they use the lava dragon instead. I hope I awnsered your question corectly!

It could be ash because when lightning hits a plant then it burns and the leaves and wood turns into ash, keep trying never give up at some point you'll get one!

I bred a firefly and seaweed I was trying to get a rainbow but I got a ash dragon instead

I got it with plant and storm try it!

I've tried with blue fire and crystal first try. Makes no sense?

Sonic left flower right first try
10 and 10

Yes it does. if you weren't simple minded, then you would know Ash is a type of tree, and lightning strikes trees and they blacken and die...

I think it would be lightning and fire even though that's the scorch dragon

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I think I got it first try with plant and lightning. I'm guessing Ash because if you've ever seen a tree hit by lightning, it kind of, you know, burns.

If the plant gets struck by lightning it does


I Got The Ash Dragon On My First Try In Regular Breeding Cave! You Have To Breed Sonic+Plant

Thanks I got it on my first try thanks to your advice!

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I got it using swamp and dragonfly.....took me at least 8 tries though.


I didn't get it on my first try it hasn't worked yet

What does the egg look like! I have yellow background with green waves I guess you could call them, none of the tea can tell me what this is!

That's The Ash Dragon

Just got it 3rd try, i used plant and lightning on the epic breeding island, its in the oven baking.

I got ash every time I bred Lightning with Swamp. I bred them twice, once with lightning on left and once with swamp on left.

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While I love this little dragon it adds more failed attempts when trying for Plasma and Current, lol.
Win some, lose some!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

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Annnnd rainbow, :K

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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Sent you an invite

I have no clue what you mean by game vented. Amazon???

For plasma due lightning and water it worked on my first try

Got it on second try with Lightening and Swamp

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I breed plant lv10 lightning lv10 and I go it on my first try

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I got it the first try.

How the HELL did you get it

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Language! :O

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I appreciate you keeping the threads clean :-)

By waves do you mean vertical or horizontal?? I have an egg with vertical green stripes on yellow from lava level 4 and lightning level 4....don't know how that would've happened!

I got it after 6 stupid cactis dragons I used leaf and lightning.

Me too, 6 tries. Cacti aren't too bad though. Takes only 30 min to hatch and sell them for 100000 so I was happy.

Sonic and Plant worked for me first try!

Marisol Trejo

New formula... I got tired of failing with the above combos so I decided to try something new: Magnetic with Poison... got it first try!! So did my daughter! Good Luck

I got it on second try with sonic and plant . So excited gotbreading time of31:00 hours trying for opal any idea what it is .

31 hour breeding time trying for opal is... Wait for it... OPAL.

Hey - just bred the Ash Dragon. Breed Plant and Firefly. Sides and level do not matter. 6hrs breeding and 6hrs of incubation. Happy Breeding.

I bred level 10 Lightning and Plant in upgraded breeding cave. Got a yellow egg with green stripes (swirls). I'm thinking its the Ash. How do I post a pic from my iPhone?

I figured out how to add pictures from my phone. No need for instructions.

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Thanks a lot!

Jeg avler lava og lyn tar 10 timer, viljen drage tror dere det blir?
(Kan dere bli venn med meg jeg heter Timon)

I'm pretty sure I just got Ash on my 2nd try with Lightning & Plant, both level 10...

6 hrs incubation time so fingers crossed...

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I got the ash dragon with lava and mud, trying for an opal.. Like the fifteenth try!

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Strange, that combo shouldn't give you Ash.

Most dragon matchups can breed most dragons, it is just a matter of the likeliness of the hatch. Like a fire and a water could hatch an evergreen, but the chances are like .05% versus some other dragon

I got it on 1st attempt with lightning and willow.

I bread lightning level 10 ( left ) and swamp lvl 10 ( right ) and I got 6 hour breeding time I hope it's ash otherwise I'm going to blow up dragon vale. Lol it was actually my first shot.

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It's a pretty easy dragon to get, so no need to blow anything up. :D

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I tried like 5-6 times and didn't get it. I get only plant. :D Not easy fo everyone.

My website:

I got it on 4th try with with plant and sonic

Add me I need more gems! (Natemo34)

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Is there any particular reason why you dont do plant and electricity together, thats what i did, didn't bother with hybrids at all, got it on my third try.

Dr. Who Rocks
add me as a friend (same nickname)

I have like 5 of these now lol I'm getting sick of them :D

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A lot of people just have really good luck. My brother always gets rare dragons without even paying attention to the dragons he's breeding.

I got it by breeding the seaweed and firefly. I speed it up every time. Wanna know how, go to game center, log out, go to dragon vale, when it says new account, press cancel, wait for new park to load, exit, sign back into game center, go back to profile, and you should have 10 gems!

Got it on the second try, every time I try to get another one I get Cactus.

I'm having the opposit problem, I hav tried twice with the same simple combo of lightning l7 on left and plant lvl6 on the right and both times I have got the ash dragon and now I want the cactus dragon! Lmao

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Level 6 lightning and Level 6 plant... I think I have it. My first two attempts were Cactus but now I have a 6 hour breeding time. Has to be ash right????

Plain old plant and lightning worked!:-)

Lightning and plant first try in epic breeding cave :)

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

First time with sonic and plant! Thx!

Jackie wood

Pollen + Crystal, got it first try!

uhg all these FANCY ways. just get a level 10 lightning dragon for dragon 1 and level 10 plant for dragon2. works with regular breeding den. FIRST TRY.

I know right

I was trying to get a seasonal by cactus and firefly but I got an ash dragon instead
From Donnyplace

Yo I just got it on my first try. Level 7 lightning + level 7 plant

uhhh was level 5

I have a question, is this dragon permanetly available?

(Sorry is i messed up on any spelling errors XD)

Lightning and cactus 3rd try

i got cactus.

sorry i ment i got cactus 2 times

I got this one EASY. The first time I bred Plant and Lightning I got Cactus. I WAS TRYING TO GET CACTUS. Second time I got ash. I tried to get Ash :P

Second try with Lvl10 plant and Lvl10 lightning

I got this one on accident while trying to get the Plasma Dragon with a level 6 Cactus and level 10 Water.

I bred lightning and evergreen and got 30 hour incubation time. Any ideas?

How do you get your dragons past level 10?

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Purchase shrines

I sent request.

First, u need to buy the shrine. Then have 50 level 10 dragons of the shrine's element(hybrids cover two or more shrines so its better)(if u don't hav enough place to keep them, u can sell them off. The shrine still counts even u sell the dragon). After that, the shrine will automatically transform, and then u can let your dragon to go beyond lvl10 by feeding them.

And Thank you.

I tried like almost 10 times but still can't get it. Always getting a cactus dragon. (To all dragonvale players that sucessfully bred a ash dragon: do you need to use the epic breeding island to get the ash dragon? Please reply me.i'm almost giving up hope breeding this dragon.:(

Try with a lightening and plant both level 7 order does not matter

I got it first tried with plant N lighting!i want a cactus dragon but it breeding time is 6h so it is ash!i'm so happy!!i wanted it too!!!

Storm and Flower
also with Lightning (9) & Flower (8)

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What a surprise!
I'm trying to breed the peridot dragon using crystal and cactus and got a 6hr egg. I thought it was a quake but its an ash which I don't hav it.


I was just breeding cactus dragons with plant & lightning to make cash (30mins ea) & I got an ash on the fourth one

Weird, I got an ash dragon using lichen and magnetic

Not weird at all. Lichen has the plant part, and magnetic has the electricity part. Everything you need for an ash dragon.

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is NOT the sport for you.

First try in regular breeding cave do level 10 sonic then level 10 plant

.got it on the 1st try . .lightning lvl7 and plant lvl7 . .gudluck !!

I was trying to get an apocalypse dragon using lichen and magnetic. But instead I got an ash.

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Got this one trying for a gemstone dragon. Used crystal and lichen

I don' t know how I got it but when I did I accidentally deleted it which dragons do u use to make the Dragon

I used Storm and Gift,trying for a Bloom, got an Ash instead

Try cactus steel

I got it with lighting and lichen first try

I used firefly and seaweed. I was hoping for a rainbow but this is ok.
Friend me khanh quoc

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ASH=Obsidian and Blaze first try. PLease avoid name calling we are all here to learn


Lightning and Plant works very well, you just have to be patient. I got Cactusdragon twelve times before i got my first Ash. Then they came 3 in a row and now i have four. And why complain about getting Cactus while your trying? They only take 30 mins and then you can sell them, 100 000 for each Cactus. So it isnt that bad having a little Cactus-army when you need dragoncash i would say :D

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love and sonic. this was a hard one.

Friend me on GCS Reiki Junky

I used plant l7 and lightening l7, was trying for cactus and got ash...

Lightning and seaweed or swamp - almost fool proof. I'm trying for plasma and get only swamp or ash.

Ash and Coldfire I got an Epic breeding time. 38 hours.


I used Quicksilver 10 with cactus 10 to get ash first try 6hrs

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I got it 2 out of 6 times using just Plant and Lightning


Sonic and plant first try I have a 6 hour breeding time, I guess it's ash :-) yay :-)

I love the subtle Army of Darkness Reference (or not so subtle). :D

When I got I was going for the Celtic Sargon storm and flower dragons

Got this on the first try :) . Plant left, lightning right. Hope this also works for everyone.

I got it from Breeding Lightning and Poison :)

Moss and Sonic. Got Ash 1st try.

I got an ash dragon using crystal and lichen, in that order, both level 10 on the EBI.

I have all but 6 dragons
GC: Sarah Millikin
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I breaded lighting and lichen once and I got a ash

I got lighting and plant first time

Evergreen and magnetic, first try.

Wierd combo but got first try lv10 magnetic and scorch hope it helps :)

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I just got this using flower & sonic : (


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I got this with crystal and lichen. Makes no sense to me...

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been using lv13 lightning and cactus...still no luck

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

OhioDragonGirl's picture

finally got it with lv 14 seaweed and lv 13 sonic

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

This doesn't work I tried lightning and plant but it gave me CACTUS! :/ :(

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I got with lightening ans seaweed first try

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
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