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Bearded Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
150,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
150 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
69 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
102 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,111 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
167 xp / minute

Breeding info: How to breed Bearded Dragon? Just breed a Metal or Metal Hybrid dragon with a Mountain Dragon.

Dragon info: "Named by the Wizard Pogona, bearded dragons are named for the spikes protruding from their jaws. They can often be found lazing about, basking in the sun. Due to their solitary nature, they've often been mischaracterized as grumpy, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Bearded dragons take great interest in training younger dragons making sure they stay in line."



Kackisue's picture

Anyone have any suggestions on how to breed this dragon?


Mountain and Brass worked for me.

Kurohiko Shizuki's picture

Mountain and Steel,got it using epic breeding island,second try :D

I got it first try with Mountain L and Chrome R. I wanted either to get a Bearded or a Dodo.


Got it first try with mountain and chrome! Thanks!

Mountain and metal, first try :-) , no epic breeding island used btw

Lvl 15 mountain, lvl 10 metal, second try in breeding cave...

eyemacatluvr's picture

Mountain and brass worked for me second try on the island. I think they were either level 12 or 13.


riverdaughter's picture

I used mountain and steel. Any metal with a mountain dragon will do. But I tried other metals for three days and got bearded with the mountain and steel on the first try. Now to try for a solar eclipse and maybe a double rainbow...


Mountain and steel first try

mountain and metal i did and got it first try. no breeding island.


I used Level 15 Mountain and Level 10 metal, in that order on the Epic Breeding Island.

Timekeepsonslipping's picture

Metal/Mountain both 15 on the island. Took approx. 5 trys. GL.

Mountain + Brass in upgraded cave. 2nd or 3rd try can't remember. Keep trying.

rbanis's picture

Mountain left Mine right.

Mountain and steel first try :)

I bread this with Forge and Mountain also got a Rainbow with this combo.
If you need Gems go to Social ---> Redeem Code and enter 90006464 the code really works Happy Breeding!

As soon as my cave and island free up I am going to try mountain and metal :-)

Monkeybone74's picture

I was thinking the same combo! Good luck!

Maybe: Earth and Mine or Glacier and Metal?

Try steel and mountain.

I got it first try. Mountian + Metal on the Epic Breeding Island. 15 hrs!


Can I ask? How do you know what to try? Is there a way to work it out? Thanks. x

Well, in the shop it shows its a metal/cold/earth type dragon, so people are trying earth/cold/metal combos ^.^

I'm trying cold level 17 and scoria level 15 in the cave. 11h 12m upgraded breeding time. Fingers crossed.


mountain and metal worked.

1st try mountain and metal in Breeding cave

Daevers's picture

Got 2 with mountain and metal both level 15 on EBI! Yeah! Good luck every one!

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

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Is that your cat Daevers because if it is it's so cute.

Chaos bringer

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I love cats....

-Triple Double Rainbow

You can go to sandbox for breeding combos

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Mountain and metal. First try. Can't wait to see what it looks like.


Steel and mountain Sandbox confirmed

jadedfareie's picture

Mountain & Metal confirmed 1st try on hubbies acct

Krister80's picture

Same here... Metal and Mountain first try.

GC Krister1213

Mountain and metal just got me a Silver! Will have to try again...grrr!

Got it with Mountain and Rust. 15 hours in Breeding Cave.

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Mountain and metal in the breeding cave. Got 22 hours. Let the waiting begin :-(

-antisocial teenager-
Level 34, 111/189
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Achieved: Ruby, Dawn, Victory

Looks like I got it 1st try with mountain/metal, 15 hrs hatch time

This never happens to me! First time with level 15 mountain and level 10 mountain yields 12 hours breed time in upgraded breeding den!!

WHAT!!!!!! How did you get a bearded with two mountains?

Lesley A.

First Try! Wo0o0o0

~*.: Sea-Chelle:.*~
<3 Asian Pride <3

Mountain-13 (R) Metal-12 (L) ~ Enchanted Breeding Cave 2nd Try

I have all but 6 dragons
GC: Sarah Millikin
Code: 50071419

First time I got a dragon on the first try. Metal andMountain.

Metal and Mountain second try. Failed the first time in the cave...success second time on the island.

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11:25pm - lvl 14 metal and lvl 14 mountain on the EBI gave me 15 hours, first try! Yay!!

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FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

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Getting tired of sending gems daily and not receiving them back, send me a friend requesting if you want gem for gem. :) JPUDLAS85

U have fb?

Gotta breed em all!

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Mountain-15 and Scoria-15 !! First try after mountain and metal and mountain and steel failed :(

Green Inferno

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i tried Earth + Steel got another steel. looks like metal+mountain seems to be the popular pair so i will try it next lol


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Want this one so much!! :) :)
The only breedable combination is Mountain and Metal / Metal Hybrid!!
You can't breed it with: e.g. Scoria and Cold!!
Happy Breeding!
Have 104 out of the 117 dragons!!

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

mammaroo.22's picture

wow youve been busy... how long have you been at it?

daniel.hart1505's picture

I have been on dragonvale for about a year and a half!

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

Dodo and mine, or dodo and steel :-)

Metal and mountain 1st time!!! No such luck in the double rainbow though lol

mammaroo.22's picture

just tried mountain 10 n metal 10 got 14 hrs.. looks like ive got a steel :-( how do you get higher than level 10? does it depend on what level you are on?

To get higher than a level ten, you need to buy the shrines, and have 50 of plant for example then u can upgrade them to a level 15

LADragonchick's picture

But all 50 have to be at level 10 with the shrine in place in order to get to level 15 right?

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

Yeah, thats right :-)

Yeah, thats right :-)

daniel.hart1505's picture


Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

Assie's picture

I got 15hours with metal + mountian, in that order :)

Mountain + metal breeding island.. 47 hours..!

Feathered Dragon's picture

That's a Silver Dragon!

Feathered Dragon's picture

Is it even possible to breed Bearded and Bouquet? I don't think it is

I got the bouquet but not the bearded. I think it was a fluke. i breed ends up being something I already have. Can't seem to breed epics or gems or the willow or plasma. I just keep breeding the same dragons untill I. get the one i want. It took me two and a half days to breed a snow dragon. It becomes boring after a while.

Lesley A.

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Mountain & Meteor first try! So excited after trying for a pearl with no luck so far.

~Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.~

kirbysmash564's picture

Mountain and metal first try

Y13loveok's picture

Mountain Dragon and metal Dragon and got a breaded dragon

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On my friends icon at the bottom of the dragonville screen, there is a picture of two heads and a gift box. What does this mean?

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Clicking on that icon allows you to gift "virtual gems" (they do not actually come from your store of gems) to other players that you have accepted as friends in either Game Center or Facebook. They can then gift back to you and increase the rate at which you accumulate gems to purchase things with. Feel free to add me if you play daily - I am still looking for at least one more daily player that actually gifts back. GC ID is GrowlfDragon.

The *growlf* Dragon

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Why do so many ask how to breed on dragons that have it listed in the description... Got it 1st attempt Mountain 10 then Metal 10 regular breeding ground.

Pull your head on out your hippy-haze and give a listen; shouldn't have to say it all again: The univese is hostile, so impossible. 'Devour to survive'. So it is. So it's always been.

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@ Dickies: the icon is where you can add friends and send them gifts.

Pull your head on out your hippy-haze and give a listen; shouldn't have to say it all again: The univese is hostile, so impossible. 'Devour to survive'. So it is. So it's always been.

Dickie1's picture

My My! Who stepped on your tail? If that worked I wouldn't have asked!!

Mountain and chrome works as well if you are looking for rainbow/drainbow

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Yay! 3rd try mountain (left) and metal (right).

-antisocial teenager-
Level 34, 111/189
Hunting: Dream, Hydra, Dusk
Achieved: Ruby, Dawn, Victory

ijjonk's picture

First try with metal - mountain
Just try it
Good luck

I was trying for bearded dragon with mountain lv12 left and steel lv12 right. I got 47hrs! I'm so happy its a silver dragon dragon. can't wait for it to hatch! thanks for d tips!

Yodatu's picture

Ok...are you all doing your metal or hybred on the left or right????


dragonpawz's picture

I have been trying mountain and Metal for days!!! First shot with Mountain and Steel!

Catlady2's picture

Mountain & Copper on island 1st try:)

Just got it with brass and mountain first try on ebi

Montgomeryswife's picture

Mountain and brass first try

Metal & Mountain 1st try!

cjencute's picture

Got Bearded w/ mountain+meteor @ EBI

wansepang79's picture

I got it with Brass n Mountain ... Ummpphh

reach's picture

Mountain and chrome - 48 hours - dont know what I got but must be good

I need gem friends; I have the gem tree!! Gem4gem!!! Game Center @ aeleenrock

I used mountain lvl. 11 and brass lvl. 10 in epic breeding island. Got it first try.

Jenn3712's picture

I've been doing metal and mountain with NO luck!!! Ugh!!! Well over 10 times, both level 15.
On the other hand, after months and months of fog and crystal giving me countless olympus- i finally have a Rainbow!!! Now I just need the double rainbow...

Little Daisy

Mountain and metal worked for me......


stormyblood's picture

Try breeding Metal and Mountain.

I also got a Silver from this combo

Park Level: 70
Dragons: 204
Eggs: 176

mafman21's picture

Bearded and butterfly makes an olimpus dragon. Not sure which one tho. Hope this helps people with their breeding

Zodiark's picture

FFS I been tryin every time Ive done Mountain and any metal metal/hybrid even switched order and trying on both islad and cave and nothing... grrrr-_-

<(*_*<) ^(*_*)^ (>*_*)>

mountain n metal first try on upgraded cave :)

Zodiark's picture

is there a particular item I need to buy to up the chances?

<(*_*<) ^(*_*)^ (>*_*)>

Awrsomeguy7799's picture

Zodiark, the way you can up the chances is if you raise the two dragons you are breeding to level 15 or 20. By the way, I got it with mountain and steel

Thanks for the help

I have tried everything & today is the last day :( If you want a gem for gem friend then friend me I always send out gems to friends who gem me. staycieq00 in the game center.

I just tried mountain and brass on the island both 11's got a 12hr breed time so I think I got him YEAH!!!!

what the... I don't know if I should feel mad or should I feel glad! I've been trying my best to breed the bearded dragon today since today is the last chance to breed it but what I've got was 47 hours in my breeding Island and another 47 hours on my breeding cave. Can I consider my self lucky being able to breed an epic dragon not just once but twice on the same day or am I in bad luck because I'll be missing the chance to breed a limited dragon. Faith!

LADragonchick's picture

Oh for snap sake!!!

Glacier dragon number 5 brewing and still no bearded dragon! Mountain + Metal/Chrome/Iron/Brass...none of them worked.

That's it, I give up!

*Throws up hands and walks away*

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

I am with you. I have faithfully tried both the cave and island since day one - all levels 15 and above - no luck. It drives me crazy.

try many time but still can"t get...

mafman21's picture

Sorry to hear everyone was having a hard time getting this got it the first day secondtry. Was an easy dragon to get. My wife also got it quick.

I have also been trying extremely hard to get this dragon. Thought it was expiring last night so I used my gems and bought one. Bummed me out.

I have been trying for days now to get this and can't! Mountain and steel at both breeding areas, no luck. Bearded doesnt show up in my list of options to buy, could that be my problem? I have reset the game and updated, no luck!

I've tried since day one to get this dragon and didn't get it. Bummed :(

Mountain + Chrome got me a double rainbow dragon.

Growlf's picture

Income at 10?
Hmmm.. I don't see it listed. Still trying to get this bugger, so I am curious what his income value will be when/if I finally succeed. Any one know?

The *growlf* Dragon

TDR's picture

I have unsettled business with this dragon..... It was just about to expire when I started DV, therefore I didn't have any metal dragons and couldn't breed a bearded dragon!!! BRIMG 'EM BACK, HERE I COME!!!

-Triple Double Rainbow

What a great looking beard. lol

For Gems, Enter code 15311084

Anna94K's picture

mountain + quicksilver, both lvl 11, got 3 bearded dragons with this combo, ^_^

redeem my friend code 65062054 <3

Keikohoshii's picture

Mountain and Steel both Lv15 normal cave - first try- during BeB!!! Sooo happy and sooo lucky!

The Squirrel Mother's picture

Congrats, Keiko! That dragon drove me batty and I gave up. I'll try it your way a few times!

Squirrelland has taken a chill pill and I'm baaaaa-aaaack!!!!

Keikohoshii's picture

THX! But struggling with Panlong!!! Today I got Century and Bearded two dragons out of three tryes!!! It was a special day! But that ugly dragon is hiding somewhere behind many many rainbows!!!! :) Wish me luck!!!

aimsteroo's picture

Mountain 15 and meteor 15, EBI

I didn't have any luck with mountain and metal, so I tried this one a few times. I got it during the last hours of BeB. Whew.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

USMCMom's picture

Saw in News that Bearded is back, but don't see it showing up in either of the Sandboxes I have used.

Rockyblue's picture


Got it with mountain 13 and forge 16 on island.

Facebook daniel.parkinson.5059

It says it's expired!
How can I breed? Tried it thousands if times with different combinations. Can someone activate it please. And can someone give me a right combo to breed.


Please look in your Dragonarium or in the Dragon Market to find out if the dragon is available.
But as of right now, the Bearded dragon is available, Mountain and metal and any of the metal hybrids will work.

Yesss! Finally got one on the last day before it expires... Many attempts with different combos, even bought gems to speed things up. Mountain and Iron on the island, both level 13

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just tried mountain & steel on the island and got it, finally an egg 1st shot lately its taken awhile to get anything

Kit-E-Cat's picture

Oh my gooosh took about a million tries in EBI but got it with Mountain (Lvl 14) and Steel (Lvl 15).

Add me on GC: the-furry-1

Currently 178/236 dragons.

Recent wins: Hydra, 4 monoliths, all basic hybrids

Next goals, Amber and monolith 3.

I know the Bearded Dragon is expired but If Iwanted to breed a 2nd one What would I breed the one Ihave with to get it or is this one that the only option is Breaded + Breaded?

If this is Utopia, What is there to look forward to?

Dreamn's picture


The only way to get Bearded at this time is Bearded + Bearded. If you have 2 you can breed those together or you can breed yours with a friend's in the co-op cave.

Best wishes,


dreamn10 at gmail dot com