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Bloom Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
7,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
700 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
76 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
135 coins per minute
Sale price: 
100,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
128 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
9 xp / minute

The Bloom Dragon is a limited dragon available only around Easter. It requires a Storm Dragon to be part of the breeding combination.

"The bloom dragon is found roaming the Cadberry Meadows near the beginning of Spring. These dragons have been known to hide their ornate eggs in some unusual places to protect them from Spring-time showers. Unfortunately it seems to have had the opposite effect because children have made a game out of finding them!."




I know

how do u breed the bloom dragon it is sooooo cool

Dragonvale Admin's picture

You need to combine these elements:

Breeding elements: Plant + Cold + Lightning

how do u breed three different elements?????



Breed reighndeer and earth

You mean raindeer and lightning

Even reindeer and lightning! ;)

evergreen dragon and lightning dragon!

storm & the new Motley, first try!

Any particular level? i just bred Storm Lvl 7 and Motley lvl 6, and got 6 hours breeding

Amandaniicole's picture

Breeding storm and Mötley epic breeding island. Storm 11 and motley 10.


Just got- peridot, geode
Trying for- dream, amber

How do you breed a bloom dragon?

the dragon is beautiful!!

Why does it say no longer availibable?

Because it was expired but now it's available again. I imagine its seasonal like Spring and Equinox dragons.

It's for Easter.

Can someone please help i have been trying and trying to get this dragon. Please help

How do you get panlong?

Well, you should have posted this on the Panlong Dragon page, but its breeding elements are Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. All you need besides that is a bit of patience.

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(The last air bender not those crazy blue dudes you idots)


yes you may have seen me on Deviantart, I am all over the internet -__-'''

Friend Code- 55204164

-named her motley dragon "Tobi" Because of how he bounces off the walls-

The last air bender was soo much better from the blue thing guy creature movie

OMG Avatar the last airbender ROCKS!!!

By the way, what happens if you breed a moss dragon and a fire dragon? I looked at some other site's breeding chart, and it said a Tree Dragon, and that made no sense to me.

Oh my gosh! You like Avatar? So do I!!!!!!! Finally someone that appreciates something that I do.


Just now got 48 gems with thunder and bloom

You might be getting a sun, a moon or the epic rainbow!!!

How you make a Panlong is Water and Blazing.

you get it by breeding a mud dragon and a blazing dragon

It's expired you can't get it

scable64's picture

really its says expired but i just got it so yeah

Guys, what was the release and expiration date for the bloom dragon? I think my park needs a bit o prettiness even though I'm a total tomboy.

Opp!god,it is soo soooooooooooo cute!!!

How I get it?i mean bloom dragon!

The flower and storm dragon

bloom dragon should be available around easter.

Bloom dragon should be available all year!!!

How do you breed the bloom dragon since its around till the new year again?

Breed a storm and gift dragon together

I got it on the first try with stormy (cold&lightening) & cactus (plant&lightening)

i'll try storm + cactus (if i can get the cactus) because this dragon is super pretty :)

Got it first try with storm and cactus (level10)

yannie.teecher14's picture

Im newbie in this game.... whats the breeding time on this very pretty dragon.... i need it badly... XD

Not sure what I am getting but I have a breeding time of 1day 25 minutes combining storm with cactus

Aayla Secura's picture

hmmm... there is no dragon with a breeding time of 1 day and 25 minutes... unless you have an upgraded breeding cave or island, then maybe, I don't know. But if you meant 1 days and just over 5 1/2 hours... then that should be a blue moon!

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12:25 is the gift dragon

actually, the sun dragon takes that long *i got it*

He got a platinum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got a dragon breeding time 1 hour 25 minutes too

1 day*

Aayla Secura's picture

Are you sure? Or was it 01:05:31:45? 'Cause that would be a blue moon. If it really was 1 day and 25 minutes, then I'm stumped 'cause no dragon is listed with that breeding time... Let us know what it is when you see the egg!! :)

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Do you know and dragons with the breeding time of 24 apart from crystal

actually, the sun dragon takes that long (i know cuz i have it)

Got it on first try with this

Love dragon and storm dragon on first try

Just got this dragon with storm and flower

zello's picture

Or at least I think I have this dragon it was a 13 hour wait time and I put flower and storm together idk w'ell see
Ps: add me to exchange gems :)... Zellooo

Seven Dragons's picture

Ash and storm 1st try after few attempts made with cactus and storm.

Seven Dragons

CaliGrown's picture

Storm and cactus first try. [*caligrown*]

Mabi-Bunny's picture

Had been trying Lichen and Lightning and it didn't work.
Today I tried Storm and Cactus...BINGO!!!

i did get the Bloom dragon with ash and storm dragon, first try (in normal breeding cave, not upgraded). my ash dragon Was in LV. 9 and my storm dragon is in LV.10... good luck.

Just got 13 hrs with ash and storm. Crossing my fingers!

Got it not trying with normol plant+a storm the two on level 7

i would love a reply but can i still get this dragon by breeding it if not can you tell me how to get it

Yes you can, it is available until the 2nd January 2013. I got mine third try with storm and cactus (level 10) a few minutes ago

I got mine third try with storm and cactus (level 10)

Betsy's picture

I tried Storm and Cactus with no luck. Love left and Storm right gave me this dragon first try.

Love & Storm worked for me first try after many tries with other combos!

Love and storm worked for me too! First try! Thank you!

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I just got a bloom dragon been waiting for it all day I was trying to get a rainbow dragon, I used My flower dragon is lvl 6 & my storm dragon is level 9

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
>>DragonVale Fanatic<<

Used evergreen and lightning on the breeding island in hope to get the bloom dragon but it seems to be the blue moon one :/ both are level 10 and 6.30pm :S

So I used a lvl 9 storm and a lvl 8 flower in that order. Dont think its a bloom lol.. I am kinda new so not sure what it will be. Had a 48 hr wait.

Got mine with Reindeer and Storm on second try.

TDaug76's picture

Thanks for the tip! I got it the first time with this combo. That never happens to me, thanks for sharing!

cwgrl42's picture

just got a 13 hour breeding time with plant (10) and storm (10) in the breeding cave. I am 99% sure it is this one!!! Finally got it on the last day!!!

musquack's picture

Yeah Baby..... Finally after umpteen false starts I have 13 hour breeding time in the normal breeding cave. Since Bloom is the only Dragon that breeds for 13 hours I believe I have a winner.

Storm (10) + Cactus (10) in normal breeding cave

First try with storm and plant both level 10

Montgomeryswife's picture

Used cactus left and storm right and got a Sun!

After many tries, i got it with cactus and storm (level 10, normal cave) it's also nice because I got a moon and reindeer with the combination , and a few ash which sell for a lot ~~ :)


Still trying storm and cactus. Cactus and storm. Holy moley!! I bored! Got a sun dragon out of it though! Still waiting for a bloom. :)

Is this Dragon still available? Or have they ended the availability of the Limited Dragons?

Finally I got 10hr 24 on upgraded island. It is my bloom dragon. Ash dragon and strom dragon both level 10

I love orange's picture

I love this dragon. Should I try to get it around Easter?!

Hey, I bred love and storm and got 1 day and 5 hrs and ? 35min?!(around)
Wat is it?

When you see 3or4 elements,how does play out in breeding

Someone said they used plant and sonic or something.

I was trying to get this dragon by lightning +evergreen (in that order) but I got blue moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pleasant surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When will this dragon be available ?????????????????????????????????

Wait how did you get blue moon when its february ?

Tenshi's picture

Soo pretty

Got it looks like a rainbow egg

Is this available now?

Is this dragon available.

Blu3_3y3s_SrS's picture

I hope they make this available around Easter this year!!!

It's back!

First try: love and storm, my brother got one first try with cactus and storm!!! Add me on game centre: daniel.1505

Fourth try, cactus and storm...still no luck =/

Got it on the first try, plant. And storm

Plant and it first try

Nangawaya's picture

I got mines today with love lvl 13/ storm lvl 12 in the regular breeding cave

Its here?!?!?!?! Right now!?!?!?! NOOOO!!!!!!!

Montgomeryswife's picture

Ash+Storm first try

Love and Storm worked for me first time too after messing about for days with Firefly/Ash/Cactus + Storm. Thanks as ever for all the breeding tips guys!


Tahlia's picture

I swear this dragon doesn't come out until April, I've been breeding ash and storm and all that I have received was a sun and moon.


I just got this dragon this morn after about 30 tries with flower and storm....but it's expired????.

screwes's picture

I just bred it too, storm & flower trying for rainbow. Tried this combo a gazillion times!
I just saw it in the marketplace, so I'm sure we'll see an announcement of its availability shortly!

anniet2431's picture

I got on first try using storm then gift dragon,got it on my ebi

Annie B. Turner

storm and plant level 15 each got me 13 hours 1st try

flower + storm. i tried this combo to get a spring dragon but no luck. Im on my third time because i always get bloom dragon

Lovely_xoxo's picture

Love and storm both level 10 third try! I've been waiting for this one to come back and now I finally have it!!

Ash and storm. first try

I dont have ash...

Dino&#039;s dragons's picture

Got it with cactus and storm EBI, thanks all for the info

Melissa73's picture

question do you have to have the vernal fountain to get the bloom dragon or is it just a decoration? i have been trying catus/storm ash/storm and flower/storm even reversed them.. and tried in both cave and island

daniel.hart1505's picture

No, its just a decoration, its been proved that having a specific decoration does NOT improve your chances of getting the dragon that goes with it! If you cant get the dragon try: . It helps a lot!! :-)

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

I think so. I've tried sooooo many combos sooooo many times. Bought the fountain and tried flower (13) and storm (12) and finally got it.

daniel.hart1505's picture

I got it with storm and ash in cave! Add me: daniel.1505 will gem for gem!!!

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

I got it my first try with storm dragon on right and flower dragon on left- both level ten - in an epic breeding island

brandon357's picture

was trying for this when i got the top egg in my picture, is this the Motley????

I just started playing the game and I just got a lightning dragon lvl 4. What should I do next? I have glacier lvl 4. Evergreen lvl 2. Earth lvl 5. Poison lvl 7. Fire lvl 4. Tree lvl 4. Moss lvl 4. Plant lvl 4. Cold lvl 4. and lava lvl 5. I am making a Moltey right now (at least I think I am because of the egg) I got a colosseum. What should I do next. Oh yea, I am lvl 12.

I just upgraded my evergreen to lvl 4. so I can breed it.

Seven Dragons's picture should be able to see it on the breeding screen. if you can choose it, you can breed it.

Seven Dragons

Does this dragon SERIOUSLY have to be the easiest to breed of all time?! I got it 2nd try 1 on cave, 1 on island. Its egg is in the nursury right now!!

It goes from baby to adult right away

Well I think I'm about to get it becuse I'm breeding tree + sonic and the incubate time is 13 hours Checked what one and the only match is the bloom dragon so you can copy me.


jadedfareie's picture

First try storm and plant in EBI

I was trying for a bloom dragon and I hatched a dragon that isn't on here, it's called a motley dragon, has anyone else got one? It is plant and fire elements...

Flower and Storm finally worked for me. They were both level 12.

dragonpawz's picture

Ash and Storm level 10!

Just got the fountain and bred an Evergreen and Lightning, got 13h, sandbox says this can only be a motley but theres no fire in that combo so how can it be? I hope its a Bloom, has cold, plant, and lightning. I have never tried so hard to get a dragon, so annoying! Is this a bloom or motley?

This dragon is so colorful and pretty! Very inspiring for us artists. Tip: the app the dragon calculator helps a lot with breeding! :) and it's totally free!!

Why don't these dragons have an adolescent stage? (Confused)

I have tried all of the combos listed above and no luck. I have tried the island and cave. Any ideas?


Thanks I just got it on march 30th

Does anybody know when the Bloom dragon disappears?

I Bred A lightning And An Evergreen And Got 48Hr BreedingTime!

Mine and ice, I was trying for diamond

Oh yes the diamond dragon came today I really want it but I searched it on the website but couldn't find it. Hmmmmm...

Got it with evergreen and lightning epic breeding cave both level 10

I did evergreen and lightening 32 times even up the level to 15 still nothing. I really want to breed this dragon and can't get it?

The info on this page sais that this dragon is not available anymore but I just got one with storm and flower \o/

The comment about it not being available anymore was from several months ago when it had been available previously. It's not talking about bloom's current availability in April '13.

Just got it after a dozen tries. Flower (15) Storm (15) --- upgraded cave

I tried the following combos too...Cactus/storm and Lichen/storm

Ok so I'm currently breeding an Ice Dragon(water and cold elements) and a Mine Drago(cold and metal elements). I've got a thirteen hour incubation time (not upgraded). I looked at the dragon calculator section of the site and the only dragons that have that breed/incubation tone is the Motley (fire and plant elements), the River Dragon (water and earth elements), and the Bloom Dragoon (plant, cold, and lightning elements). Does anyone have any idea what I'm going to have in my egg nest in thirteen hours? Would appreciate all comments and responses. Thanks

To kody I think you got a motley or bloom . It happened to me once on breeding a ghost

Can't get bloom Dragon any suggestions or breeding tips

To Cody . I think you got a motley . It happened to me once on getting a ghost.

subdew's picture

why does this page says it's not available when I have one incubating right now?

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