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Blue Moon Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,250 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
316 coins per minute
Sale price: 
2,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,129 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
56 xp / minute

"During the blue moon festival, a number of wizards buzzed about collecting its rare essence to the Moon Habitat in order to attract a blue moon dragon. It wasn't until days later the famous wizard Aiden Strongarm was able to find a way to bring the blue moon dragon back before it disappeared for another 3 years! It may have been one small step for dragons, but it was a giant leap for wizards."



Firefly (10) + storm (10)
First try in regular breeding cave. I found the combo on Facebook. There were other suggestions as well.

babytrucker's picture

i keep getting storm dragons. gonna keep trying though


That's all I get too

I got one with a gift dragon plus a storm dragon

I think I got one with a ash and mountain... Both level 10

I was trying for a Sun but keep getting storms. Just used Hail and Gift and think I got a Blue Moon at 2:30pm. Checked the incubation time a few minutes later and it was 01:05:26:26 (29hrs 30mins is my estimate for that). I don't know of any other dragons with that time that could be it. Its like when I got a Leap Year trying for a Rainbow. Unexpected.

I was trying for a Sun but keep getting storms. Just used Hail and Gift and think I got a Blue Moon at 2:30pm. Checked the incubation time a few minutes later and it was 01:05:26:26 (29hrs 30mins is my estimate for that). I don't know of any other dragons with that time that could be it. Its like when I got a Leap Year trying for a Rainbow. Unexpected.

I got this one with Arctic and Motley.

superdave100's picture

I tried cold and lighting but I got a sun dragon instead…

Oh, does the blue moon dragon live In the moon, cold or lightning habitats?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

The Blue Moon Dragon lives in the Moon Habitat.

UNITED11s's picture

I got with storm and fire first try in the morning

I was just messing around .... Saw the egg and was like... Woah cool egg.. I want a Sakura but this was pretty cool too... Fire fly dragon and storm dragon

ive got it

I got mine with blue fire and storm

How do you breed a moon dragon

Do it at night

Do it at night after 7:00 pm or you will get a sun dragon

Seriously isn't that what u make up?

Nope, they are right
I tried it, I got

WHEN you breed has absolutely nothing to do with WHAT you end up with. If this was true, it would be included in each dragon's information, right with breeding time.

When the walls come crashing down, I'll be standing right by your side.

11.01.2013 & 1.29.2014

I did the blue moon dragon at 3pm it changes nothing. Do it when you want it's random

I got one at 9:45 am

I keep on getting sun dragons and moon dragons and still no blue moon :(

I got it on my first try plain lightning and fire really easy

do they have to be level 10/

No. I currently have a lv 7 Motley and a lv 7 Hail going with a 29 hour breeding time (Blue Moon Dragon). It also doesn't matter how you do it, whether through regular or upgraded breeding cave, or the island, as mine is cooking in a notmal breeding cave. The time of day doesb't matter either.

When the walls come crashing down, I'll be standing right by your side.

11.01.2013 & 1.29.2014

Do christal and lichian it took me 8 trys and i got a emeral and a blue moon

Somehow I got it with firefly then lightning

Iv'e been trying that combo too

Dude you should know that the Moon Dragon can only be bred between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Then the Sun Dragon is bred between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Actually I once got a sun dragon at 1:00 am. Time doesn't matter...

I got my blue moon dragon i bred an ash with a mine dragon at 11:43 am i keep breeding those hoping ill get an apocalypse dragon but ive had no luck ive gotten a leap year and the blue moon dragon no apocalypse yet crossing fingers

UNITED11s's picture

Yeah I bred mine at 1:30 pm and got blue moon

What dragons did u use. I have tried everything can't get a blue moon

Firefly and Storm worked, but after about 10 tries. Good luck!

Storm and regular fire. Produced 2 in a row even though I've been trying for a blue fire dragon for days.

TDR's picture

1:30 pm is fine... But at first I read it as 1:30am, and that would be bad.

Anyway, I got one a long time ago, but I don't remember how I got it XP. I do know I bred one after they expired by putting together blue moon and moon. Lol, that probably wasn't helpful! Hahaha nevermind

-Triple Double Rainbow

Breed it after 7:00 am with cold on the right and lightning on the left try that and reply back to me.

How did you get the sun dragon? Just keep trying. Try lichen and storm that's what I did.

lives in the moon habitat

You need to breed storm and cactus period no dougt about it


That's probably because you bred it between 7 am and 7 pm,am I right? You have to breed it between 7 pm and 7 am a.k.a. at night.

() ()

I have a Blue Moon Dragon and it lives in a Moon Habitat.
Hope that helps!! :)

It is because you need lightning then cold not cold then lightning. Got it I have it and I got sun and then realized why so tada!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

Me and you almost have the same user name

It can only live in a Moon Habitat.

Is your dragons at level 10

Did you ever get it?

I go it with lv.10 lighting and lv.10 cold. ;););););););)

Put a level10storm first then level 7firefly it really works I got one

Try cold + crystal got it first try

What level

Both level 7

I got it first time using cold dragon and quake dragon

I got the blue moon with the ghost and the storm on the epic breeding island.

when is available???

Once every three years. I got mine with a moon and equinox, moon and lunar eclipse, and two blue moons. :)

Firefly and storm is the way to go?

Tried firefly and storm it didn't work

Yeah me to I tried every thing!!!!!!!!!):<

Got my first blue moon with blue fire and crystal at breeding island. Got my second one at breeding cave with storm and fire. Neither breeding area is upgraded

What level were they?

Blue fire and crystal

you can try to use bluefire dragon+crystal dragon

I got it my first try using a lichen dragon and a scorch dragon :)

Omg same!!! :DD

Got it using lichen and magnegic (was trying to breed apocalypse dragon)

Was trying for apocalypse using lichen and magnetic and got blue moon first two tries.

me too

How do I get a storm I'm level 13 they brought it back

I got the blue moon dragon the first try with the firefly and storm dragon on the breeding island


I got blue moon by breeding sonic and storm lvl10 and it my first epic dragon It took me only 1try to get it

I just got mine really weirdly?!? I got mine by ash and Easter dragon!

I got it trying to get a moon. Scorch & Storm

Leiparis's picture

I got it 1st try with fire & storm too.. Both lvl 10

**I have ALL 113 Dragons of Dragon Vale **
>>DragonVale Fanatic<<

I got it first time using cold dragon and quake dragon

Nope it's linch + crystal

when this dragon available??????

Got Blue Moon on the third try with Firefly (12) and Storm (12) in the upgraded breeding cave. Very next try I got a regular Moon Dragon.


Fabi&#039;s Dragons's picture

Yess firefly (10) + storm (10)
Second try regular breeding cave


luv2grm's picture

Yes! Firefly and storm ! Worked for me after many times with storm and fire.

Please add me: luv2grm on Game Center
I like to look at other parks
Thanks :)

ZoëSky's picture

I don't get how people can get epic dragons on their first try! When I got my Sun, Turquoise and Autumn, they all took me at least 3 tries. Are people just lucky or what?!

i used evergreen and copper both lvl 14 and surprisingly got the blue moon

I just got mine with Leap year and Double rainbow on breeding island.


Got it white Crystal(8) and lichen(8)

Nothing is impossible except go impossibility o--------(===============>

Yep. This combo worked for me too. Lookingv nice :)

firefly10 storm10 first try breadingcave

This worked for me, but it took a heck of a lot more than 1 time!

Crystal (10) and Lichen (10) also worked for me

Got it first try with lightning and cold in regular breeding cave.

Me too! Plain Lightning + Cold, both level 10, regular breeding cave!

Got mine the first time with lichting and cold to. First try. Both level 7. Lucky me I guess.

Dragoness's picture

I think I did it!!!! Yea on my first try. I of course wont know until tomorrow when my dragons are done breeding and i see the egg. Will let everyone know for sure then. :)

}i{ Believe }i{

I used Lichen and Storm...both level 10 and got Blue Moon first time in the Epic Breeding Cave...

Sonic and iceberg first try and fire and storm first try. I bred 2 at the same time, all level 10. One in cave and one on island.

I have 2. I can't believe it because I have been trying for months for some other rare dragons

Woohoo! First try with Storm + Lightning dragon! Good Luck!

rainyroo's picture

YES....firefly and storm first try with this 4 try's.


You're lucky then, i've tried all weekend but cannot get the stupid thing to appear for me. I've probably tried Firefly/Storm 18+ times and i also have the breeding Isle which i used my Lightning+cold at least 7 times. I mainly get firefly, an occasional scorch or Storm dragons, nothing else...this is BS...

Aloha, for the Topaz Dragon use Cactus & Firefly. You have to do it a few times, maybe 5x's but then you'll get 2-4 in a row. I've only used that combo and I have 8 Topaz Dragons. Then you might have to repeat the ?in between? breeding. Oh and I used both breeding places. Hope it helps...

Try storm and flower then, i got it first time

scorch and cold. trying to get a blue flame

Sonic + Iceburg. I now have 3 Blue moon dragons.

Fire + Storm did it for me on the third try.

It work for me on my first try

Just 5 times and it will get u this

Is there any way I can find you all and add you as friends on my account?

yeah... i tried 9 times and still don't have it...

got it on the first try w/ firefly 10 & storm 10

First try with crystal and lichen yes )

I got it first try Crystal and lichen 



Do you have to breed at night to get it?

I bred mine around 3:30pm yesterday

tried ice and lightning and things are looking pretty good

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Nymphettamine got 2 on her first 2 tries, I am on my 10th try and still no luck. :) Keep in mind you need to breed those in the evening/night!

Does it matter which time zone you live in?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Supposedly for Moon Draongs it matters if it's day/night in the current timezone that your phone is in. Some people reported getting Blue Moon during the day, so maybe it's different?

Time is 2:45pm in the afternoon and I have got 3 blue moons in a row using 3 different combos.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Yes, the Blue Moon Dragon can be bred during the day, too. Today is the last day, so good luck to everyone!

I got one my third try with a Lightning(5) and Cold(5) at the regular breeding cave after two or three tries. ^.^

Got mine third try with ice+storm...
Anyone know if we can breed one with a moon for another one?

Firefly and storm, first try.

I used storm and water= moon dragon, but for the blue moon dragon I used poison and storm.

I got two blue moon dragons in a row with crystal and lichen (crystal on left, lichen on right)

Yep...Storm and lighning did it...

I have 4 bluemoon dragons XD i had 5 but i sold 1

,I would be interested in one

Mary stockslader

Storm 12 and flower 12

babytrucker's picture

01:05:26:15.... I think I did it.


Dragonvale Admin's picture

Yes, you did, congrats!

Got a blue moon on my first go with a litchen and a storm XD

I've bred 3 Bluemoon Dragons on the 1st try I went LVL10 Scorch + LVL 10 Storm on my 2nd try I went with a LVL 10 Cold + a LVL 10 Storm and on my 3rd one I wasn't even trying for I bred a LVL 10 Current + a LVL 10 Storm

can you breed two of your blue moons together to make another one?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Too late to find out now, I guess. Did anyone try? My guess is that you'd get a regular Moon Dragon now.

I did, and got a blue moon dragon. But I sold it. If I try now I'll just get a regular moon right?

Got mine third try with crystal 10 and lichen 9

Snakegirl79's picture

I got my first with firefly and storm. 2nd with bluefire and crystal. Two tries each at night.


i got it when i bred scorch and cold

why it is so had for me to get it.... arrrgh...!

Dragonvale Admin's picture

I have two now, it's easier to get than the Moon Dragon. :) Use some gems to speed up your unsuccessful breeds since today is your last chance!

Got it second try lvl 10 lightning and lvl 10 cold 11:43 pm normal breeding cave

hi trade gems w you deathseeker155

Do you need to do it at night?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

No, the Blue Moon Dragon can be bred during the day, too.

5tries with lightning cold. No luck. Two tries with fire and storm. No luck. 6tries with firefly and storm. Got it on my last try and used up 21 gems to incubate other eggs and speed breeding. Your best bet is firefly and storm because if you don't get the blue moon dragon you will likely end up with a firefly which only takes three hours to breed instead of lightning and cold taking 5 hours to breed for a storm dragon. Add me GC: Dylan_J_Stewart

got mine using bluefire and krystal dragon in that order. the shell is a glowing blue with a full moon design on it.

Fire(10) + Storm(10) x2