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Bouquet Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
125,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
150 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
77 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
926 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
231 xp / minute

"Bouquet dragons have very nurturing instincts. They make sure every dragon that shares their habitat is taken care of and bouquet dragons are the first dragon known to exhibit a behaviour of cleaning up after other dragons, especially hatchling and juvenile dragons."



How do you breed this?

Confirmed Flower + Water

did not work for me

Worked for me

Got it 30 th time

Me too

Horse and Dragons

I got a swamp dragon :(

Confirmed, first try, Water & Flower, both level 10 on regular breeding cave.

nakaruru123's picture


Gabbi Perez

It worked

I will reconfirm it is definitely water and flower. water left. flower right. thanks.

It is water left flower right. The first time I tried this combination I got 9 hours which is bouquet dragon. I hope this info helps. For backup proof everyone els tried water left flower right and got the bouquet dragon so it should work. I got this info from everyone else and confirmed it I really hope this help

Water left
Flower right
= bouquet

I keep getting 11:30:00 and i used the water flower

9 hours is also a swamp dragon...

The sides make no difference. It is the actual combination that you use. Hope this helps. :-)

I think i got it.. got 9h incub. time..

Got 9 hours with Water+flower
Guess its the bouquet dragon


Could also be a seaweed. Gotten that multiple times thinking it was a bouquet dragon. Good luck, though!

seaweed is 5 hours
swamp is 9 hours

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8 tries so far, I'm getting a bouquet alright...a bouquet of FLOWER dragons.


Me too UGH!

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Thanks! Worked first try :-)

I tried doing these combinations, but every time is a failure.
Can u suggest me any other combinations ?

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Dont matter cos it go off sale today :-(

P.S. Like my pic? It is minecraft ninja cow!:-D edit photos with photo FX

glacier and sonic got me 9 hr

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Salamander 10 and Flower 15 in the cave. I tried 4 times in a row with flower and water and got nada, then got a Bouquet first try. GOOD LUCK !!!

Green Inferno

1st try flower and water both level 12. To the developers I suggested a few dragons: star,sky sunrise,Sunderland twilight. Also thought of hyacynth (not spelled correctly) hydrangea, grass or Gaia ( mother earth). Hope you like them.

I really like your ideas for dragons. Twilight, star are perfect new dragons that could go in the moon habitat. And the other one I'm just trying to pictured hmmmm grass dragon...........

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It could be released next April. Maybe around the 20th? LOL Great ideas for dragons!


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I tried Coral and Swamp and got 9 hours but it could just be another Swamp

What to dragons to breed this dragon.

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Water and flower:)

I made this first try with Coral on the left and Flower on the right, both level 10. I'm level 18. :)

I finally got it after I tried level 10 flower then level 10 water in the breeding cave. I am really happy. And the egg is so cool

I did Salamander & Seaweed, got it first time.

I did Salamander & Seaweed, got it first time.

It's a day after mothers day why's it still avilble

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Annoying eh :(

How do you breed this? How new is it?

Nick Helton

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Brand new, came out TODAY. We are still researching more info.

How long will these beauties be around?

First try poison + water

How long to breed?

9 hours I got the dragon with seaweed and fire

9 hours

I got 9 hours with seaweed and fire, too. both lv15 on island.


Chasing dragons: none

This is one COOL dragon. I can't wait to get it !! Have you thought about star, sky, sunrise or sunset dragons?

I love the idea of all of those! Hope the developers do too!

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Another awesome idea of a Dragon would be a music dragon with plant/earth/air combo!!! Or maybe a time dragon as epic type!!!!! I really hope that the manufacturers are looking at this cause I think those are awesome dragon ideas!!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

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I love your ideas! I've made some myself. They are cat dragons and there are one for each epic element. And then I made a Quartz, imagine, and spirit dragon. I may post them sometime.

Total dragons: 130
My Dad will not let me post my GC name.

My dad is not awesome enough.

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Salamander and Flower

What about seaweed and fire?

Seaweed and fire?

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Second try with a Water lv15 + flower lv15 (7:12 upgraded EBI)

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I want that sooooooo bad!!!! It is so cute:)

Daily gem trade! Add me tyler.cyr.5

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Seaweed + fire second try and i got bouquet dragon

What's it's incubation time for breeding?

Got it on first try with flower lv15 + water lv17

Third try with flower and water for me.

Just bread Motley and Water, 9 hr incubation. My fingers are crossed for a bouquet.

Tried Flower + Water, and Seaweed + Fire a few times each, running through the number of gems I'm willing to spend to speed breed for the moment. Still nothing. :-( I'll keep trying Seaweed + Fire for the moment, since my seaweed is at 18, and is one of my highest leveled dragons right now.

Got it first try, Salamander(lvl 10) and Flower(lvl 15) in that order in a upgraded breeding cave. Breeding time of 7:12(upgraded time) :)

Took a few tries, but I got it with water and flower too.

Bred bouquet with sonic, got seasonal on my first try. I like this dragon. Lol

Really! The question was how to breed bouquet.

Lesley A.

Do you go to Grand Ridge Elementary in Issaquah? If so then I am in P2! Yay!

Try seaweed + fire. They both have to be Evelyn 10s thought. Seaweed left. Fire right. Got it first time.

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After many, many tries (some dragons just don't come easy!), and after I raised my Water Dragon to 20, I finally got one with water and flower. Good luck everyone!

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

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I keep getting seaweed which h has the same breed time.soon annoying

Sorry, I meant swamp dragon. I can't believe how hard this one is to get

Its not a gem for goodness sake!

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Water/Poison gave me 7.12 in upgraded breeding cave. Tried Flower/Water and Salamander/Water to no avail. If you read what she is water/plant/fire, the poison dragon is plant/fire in that order. Just add the water to the front of the combo! Good luck everyone!
Nope...wasn't the Bouquet dragon. Same breed time though. DRATS


Thankyou i did as you said water then poison got 9 hr..1st try too glad i read these post all the way to the end

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Needs a flower to breed. Swamp has the same times.


I took coral and plant, got it on first try.

Level 10 Seaweed Level 10 poison. EBI - 9hrs first try. Good luck!

I used flower + swamp and got this dragon.
i got two of them using the same combination.

Maybe coral + plant?

Water and Flower - 7th try but worth it !!


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Anybody know if it's limited?

It said "till Mother's Day" on Facebook. So I assume 1) us/canada mother's day and 2) we have just over a week.

No it is not limited at this point

Got it!
Did lvl 15 flower & water in cave and island- 2poisons.
Same again. Thought I had 2- island had swamp, cave had this little beauty. Pretty egg- purple w/ the yellow flowers.

Water flower first try. 8 gems to get egg, 9 gems to hatch egg.

Think I got it (7:11 breeding time) 1st try with water 15 & flower 13 on the EBS!

I just got one using lvl 11 flower and lvl15 water. Took several tries. Got 3 salamanders, a flower, a poison, and something else.

Water 10 + Flower 15 first try. Twice. My boyfriend did the same and got it first try.

dshy's picture

I used flower & water and got it

Coral and flower, both level 10 on EBI!

First try water and poison

I used level 10 Flower + level 10 Water in that order, in the cave, and got it on the first try.


Got it first try both lvl 10 poison and lvl10 water dragon

Got it with Coral (level 10) and Plant (level 11)

Flower + water 9 hours.

Coral and flower 3rd try.

Suffee's picture

2nd try with flower & water both level 15

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Bouquet Dragon has to be the cutest hippy plant yet. Love it. Imagine if it was bigger. Could really show it off. Please that is no complaint, very clever. How oh how do you creators do all these creations. Wow. Keep it a coming.
It took heaps of try's using different mixes.
Water and poison and W/ flower worked Finally. Harare and its only the first day. Oops.
Thank you. This one has good d/cash collection

D/V. Georgie
Lvl 50 with ' all but ' dragons
:" Good Dragon Fortune to All ":

Flower on left and SWAMP on right. Level 12 flower and level 10 SWAMP. Bred in epic. First try. Good luck !

Flower and seaweed
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I really like katmandos suggestions and I like to add to to it,what about the zodiac signs and constalations,, that would be different. Thx


Seaweed and fire and I got the breeding time for the bouquet dragon

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How u all know is that dragon.. It could be swamp dragon.

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It's been my suspicion that not all gems get where they are going. And when you receive from more than three friends you get a message like "your friends X, Y, Z, and others have sent you gems" which means at least one friend is not getting a mention. It can be frustrating to not receive a full amount of daily gems if you are desperately saving up for something like the island :$ but having multiple gem friends adds to the enjoyment of this game. You get cash for visiting parks... It's not all about the gems!

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
Every day in this dragonvale park do i play,
Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

Water and Flower, both level 10, first try.

I got salamander drAgons all tries

It is a flower dragon with a water hybrid! It is the only combination

Gill's picture

I breed Seaweed level 13 and Salamander level 11, got 9 hours breeding time
what is this ???

_" _"_

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Well I just started playing his game and got a spring dragon in my first week by accident trying to get a blue dragon haha and now I'm going for this bouquet dragon but I also wanna breed an emerald dragon but I need a lichen first to do that.... So what's the best combo for a lichen but back the this bouquet dragon... It looks like a flower kind of so flower and water makes sense and probably gives you a higher chance

Add me ID: LBS-Y

I almost envy you! I've been playing since December and I miss the anticipation of breeding for different dragons... The few I have left to collect are gem and epic and getting them is extremely dull. Breeding over and over for an elusive rare dragon is offset when you get it but it's not the same excitement as getting a new dragon almost every day. This site and the sandbox actually make this game more fun than it would be without them. So thanks Admin...

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
Every day in this dragonvale park do i play,
Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

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I somehow got it with gift and river while trying to get century.
And Add me 1Fifi1 on game centre


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Water and Flower worked. .. but after a couple of tries.

Hello Goodbye

PP's picture

2 attempts each with flower/water and seaweed/fire.

May the 4th be with us all.

Brad's picture

Level 15 Coral with a level 15 flower on my second try.

Me and my man used coral level 9 and flower level 10 and we both got it on our first tries so it is probably the best combo :)

Oh forgot to add it was breed on regular breeding cave 9 hours incu. Time

Oh forgot to add it was breed on regular breeding cave 9 hours incu. Time

First try with flower and water 9 hours!

Thank you, Brad...after many tries with all other combinations...coral & flower (both level 15) worked twice in a row! Whoo hoo!

Got it 1st try, seaweed and fire.

Regular cave both lvl 10
Add me on Game Center gem 4 gem

Fire+swamp and flower+water

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confirmed water and flower on EBI


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I got this with butterfly & water as well as flower and water......

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Got 2 bouquets in a row! Island.
Flower on left, and coral on right. (first try used Coral/Flower, and got Flower. Then 2nd and 3rd times used Flower/Coral and got 2 Bouquets!).

heyheyhey's picture

Flower lvl 11+ water in cave

Salamander and Flower- level 11 and 15. Second attempt successful- upgraded breeding island. :o)

wren31's picture

Dame y'all suck ... Just kiddin I cant seem to find the right time to do get this I have tried and tried all the same combos that y'all have suggested. The Bouquet and the Emerald are kicking my ass. Any one know the best combo that works just about all the time. ? Anyone. Thx


Water (left) Flower (right) have got 4 of these by using this combo

Tramac's picture

Today with Flower and water.
Both level 12.
Had tried about 10 times with various combinations.


Been playing Dragonvale for years
Level 70
240/261 Dragons Collected
179/260 Pedestals Collected

Tramacsbt on Game Center

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It took me ages, but I finally got it with flower & water, both level 10. Such a pretty egg :)

Flower and Water over and over - but some of the fails we're spectacular; Coral and Salamander!! I love the new giant habitats. Being level 37 is no fun 'cos you get nothing for leveling up.

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
Every day in this dragonvale park do i play,
Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

Water and Mötley both level 15 on the island.

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What combinations if your dragons are only level 10? would that still be water & flower or alternate combo? And what about the Rainbow dragon? I'd love one of those, they're so pretty!

Please feel free to add me as a friend! Ravynator

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Water (Left) Flower (Right) in regular breeding cave. Thank you all for the heads up on how to get this new dragon. Happy Mother's Day to me........a little early... NOT!


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All I get is swamp using flower with water

Me too!!! 9 hr.swamp over and over!

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Im bought this dragon ... Hehhe

Seven Dragons's picture

Congrats...... Good for you..... Next time, don't work hard!!!

Seven Dragons

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Salamander and plant got me swamp I want this dragon so bad!!!!!!!!

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My poor visitors won't get the gift they were waiting for all year. =(