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Bronze Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
450,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,000 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
143 coins per minute
Sale price: 
3,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,268 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
163 xp / minute

"Bronze dragons are extremely playful. The toymaker Lerner has spent years trying to create a toy strong enough for bronze dragons. Unfortunately, park owners report that none of the toys have lasted more than 10 minutes. Back to the drawing board."



aligatiger's picture

Got it on first try normal breeding cave scoria and iron woohoo!

twf913's picture

OMG, first time I have EVER got what I wanted on the first try! Plus I was only using lv 10 Earth and lv 10 Metal dragons in breeding cave! I thought I would have had to try at least 200 times lol

Jennifer Crawford

I wasn't really trying, but
I got one 1st try using my Singularity dragon and Nogard the Great's comet dragon. (Both galaxy) Singularity lvl: 10 Comet lvl: 5. It took me 2 days on the co-op breeding cave.

Thank you!! Was trying Scoria with Metal in both breeding areas & tried so many times. Tried Scoria & Iron on EBI & got it on 2nd try.

jim_burris's picture

Thank you! Me too...1st try...EBI...Iron and Air...both level 15

Jim Burris

Dodo and Chrome got it on 2nd go :)

This worked for me first try. Dodo left and chrome right EBI both 15


Chasing dragons: none

Thanks for the tip

Grant Gaskill

Mrs.Mateycak's picture

Add your pics so we can see what the egg looks like!!

K. Mateycak

The pic of the egg is in the market. It brown on on side and bronze on the other. I used it combos nothing worked till I read the description and it said earth and metal. So I used EARTH AND METAL they 're both brown and it makes sense. First try both level ten. First iron has earth in it so I kept getting iron. Chrome dont even remotely look like bronze. So if u want this egg go for earth and the old metal. No hybrids. Just basic dragons. I got all dragons in the game so I kinda know a little something!!! ;D keep on dragon Nina

And oh yeah Scoria and chrome makes copper not bronze so I don't know what u got but the eggs are similar. Check it out before u waste gems............ lol Nina:;D

I got 2, one in each breeding cave using forest and metal.

This worked for me second try.

Earth and metal both level 15 in EBI first try;) First try......that hasn't happened in a looooong time.

Scoria and iron...1st try! Thanks for the tip- I had tried all the other suggested combos with metal or copper and kept getting scoria. Saw your post and tried scoria and iron in the EBI. It works!! Yeah!

Scoria 15 and Iron 15, EBI, 3rd try!

Have tried Scoria and Iron two dozen times and got nothing but Scoria and Iron eggs. Tried Earth and Metal and got the same result. Have to wait until tonight and all the Scoria eggs in the nests hatch to try again.


Finally got a Bronze with a Lvl 12 Earth and Lvl 12 Metal in the upgraded EBI, but not before getting every Scoria egg in the known universe first.


emeraldwhisper's picture

I was just messing around with different combos and bred quake, level 10 and chrome, levrel 10, in the breeding cave and low and behold, I had a bronze. I tried for a bronze for weeks, but no luck; when I stopped trying to get it, I ended up with it. My rainbows were definitely easier. Anyway, good luck and try quake and chrome.

Best wishes

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

emeraldwhisper's picture

Weirdest combo ever - bone, level 17 left and mine, level 17 right on upgraded breeding island. I was trying different combos for sulfur. Try breeding snow and cotton sometime, you can get a lot of great dragons that way.

Happy breeding everyone!

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

GNewMan's picture

Quake(15)+ Cooper(15), 3rd try on EBS :)

80021223 (add it for 25 gems)

Seraquin's picture

Got it first go chrome and forest both lvl 15 in the breeding island. If that helps anyone. 46hr breed time. So pretty confident.

Rose8824's picture

First try with forest (L 10) & metal (L11) , in the cave.


Looking for 2 more friends to trade gems with, no slackers, must be active daily. Add me thru gamecenter "davepotts1977"

I have my full friends quota for Gem trading now, thx all :)

i'm also looking for 4 friends to trade gems daily! Gamecenter id: Militantkaka

Edit: Thanks guys my gem friends are full now :)

Nikita's picture

Add me on I play daily


Saismin's picture

Interesting that the sandbox recommended Iron and Air as a pairing. Looks like I've got a Bronze on the way on the second breeding!

~Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.~

Fried-beef's picture

I hope I get it

( forgive me if I spelled anything wrong )

Fried-beef's picture

It sounds easy

( forgive me if I spelled anything wrong )

k6biv's picture

Got it with Earth and Chrome both lvl17

Scoria and Iron 2nd or 3rd time.

3rd try with ironwood and scoria

Located in the backwoods of Indiana

sjbaum's picture

I think I got it, 2nd try, 15scoria and 15iron, regular cave. 1day 22hrs.

Dodo & chrome on island.

Grant Gaskill

Steel(15) and river(15) 1st try! this combination also gives you a chance to get silver and platinum in case you need them

MaryJane87's picture

Just got it on 3rd try... Forest (lvl 15) and chrome (lvl 10) :)


Earth and Metal after a couple of Scorias c: normal breeding cave

Add me and I will give you a gem for a gem. Haun0507 is my Game Center name. I have 3 gems available. Thanks!


I got it with Meteor and Earth both at level 15 on the enhanced breeding island. I also tried rust and earth and got a platinum I'm waiting to hatch.

Morgan Le Fay's picture

I Think I Finally Got A Bronze Dragon!!! I Bred A Plant & A Scoria! I'm hoping Its A Bronze Dragon! The Only Epic Dragons That I have Are 3 Rainbows & 1 Summer!!! I really want A Sun & A Moon As Well & have Been trying forever!!! But it never happens! & I can't Afford to buy gems... So I breed everything in The Regular Breeding cave... I can't afford the breeding Island... Hopefully I can get A Moon at least once :)

Morgan Le Fay

Got it first try with lvl 10 earth on the left and lvl 10 metal on the right in the normal breeding cave

Scorcia and iron first try in upgraded breeding cave :-)

Morgan Le Fay's picture

YEAYYY!!!! Mine's Definitely A Bronze Dragon!!! I Just Saw The Egg! I'll Post Pics! I'm SOO EXCITED That I Actually Got It!!! I NEVER Get The Rare Or Epic Or Limited Dragons! (I only have 3 Raonbows & 1 Summer Dragon!) Now I Can Thankfully Add The Bronze Dragon 2 That List! I Got The Bronze Dragon Breeding A Plant Lvl. 10 & A Scoria Lvl. 10 (In The Regular Breeding Cave!) I Believe It Was On My 4'th Try That I Finally Got It!!! Now Im Trying For A mountain Dragon, So I Can Try To Breed The Saphire Dragon!!!

Morgan Le Fay

first try with lvl 15 earth and lvl 10 metal

rainyroo's picture

I tryed all combos above but dodo dragon and chrome worked for me.


Redeyez's picture

Forest (15) and Chrome (15) worked twice for me. Both were on the Island.

Hello Goodbye

Timekeepsonslipping's picture

Upgraded Cave, Earth/Metal both 15. First try! New Fav.

flpeach22's picture

I got Bronze with Dodo & Brass, both level 15, regular cave. Good luck :)

ALL FILLED FOR NOW. I need 2 daily gem traders...again. Bee lady is my Game Center id.


Lovablygsd's picture

First try with Earth and Metal! On EBI both level 15. Yay

Koopa K's picture

I got it with Metal+Scoria! Woo Wee!

Stats: Dragons-157-Eggs: 68-Level: 36-Highest Dragon level: 17 (tree)-Lowest dragon level: 10 ( all my epics)-WHOMPADOODLES!
Check out my park, please!
DragonVale is a box of chocolates-you never know what you're going to get!!! WHOMP!

Glitz's picture

I cannot get this dragon and it makes me so mad I have every other dragon except for two that I could not get when I was not playing the game and they were limited hopefully they do the bring them back

If only dragons were real Taylor Swift the way I loved you

Cristian564's picture

I got the bronze dragon using river and metal


Bronze on 1st TRY!!! WOOT!
following advice on this page, I chose Dodo and Chrome, got it! YESSSSSSS!!!
Thanks to all who have added their hatching combos...just keep trying, just keep trying...

Jeny Lynn's picture

Bronze dragon confirmed; egg's in the nursery. Got it on the third try with a lvl 14 earth and lvl 12 scoria dragon in the EBS.

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Paigeadore's picture

Bronze Dragon!! Finally got my Bronze dragon with Metal and Earth. Got so many Scorias made some good money with selling them. Trying for my second one hopefully I will get it so I can have the eggs. Good luck!!


Level 57 park
211/237 Dragons
181/236 Pedestals

Chrome and Dodo

Glitz's picture

Ugh I can get 3 sapphires but no bronze grrr

If only dragons were real Taylor Swift the way I loved you

tried earth and iron forever and failed...then switched to earth and metal
non hybrids and worked 1st try

MRS.FIFE's picture

Ive tried getting this so many times. :( I want one toooooooo.

Glitz's picture

Finally got last night with chrome and forest

If only dragons were real Taylor Swift the way I loved you

i got it with ash lvl 10 and scoria lvl 10

Good job everyone for getting Bronze Dragon if you got one. Hopefully I can get one soon.

Dodo + Chrome first try.

Surprised me. I have never gotten a desired dragon on the first try before.

aimsteroo's picture

Forge 15 plus Bone 10 in regular breeding cave gave me a 46 hour egg on the second try. I'm pretty sure it's Bronze. First try gave me another Bone. Good luck.

These treasure dragons are tricky. I got Platinum with Magnetic plus Seaweed. That sweet combo also gave me two Double Rainbows, Plasma, and a regular Rainbow.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

Accidentally got it by breeding 2 iron dragons, both level 7 in normal breeding happy :D

Got it again with the same combination....:D

Yay....finally got a Bronze with Lvl15 Forest & Iron 1st try on upgraded Island. Second try has given me a 11:12 breeding time so gotta keep trying for a 2nd one. One is still better than none! Now the only ones left to get is Garnet, Amethyst & Diamond.

Dragonwizardness's picture

Got mine first try with glacier and metal both level 11!

code 10510215 for free gems!! :)

46 hours breed time with Mistletoe and basic metal on island. Pretty confident its a Bronze

Oh wow I think I just got a bronze dragon trying for scoria or iron. I just got a really long breeding time and thought wait, that can't be scoria or iron. Only epic dragons have that breeding time. I went on sadbox and boom, bronze. I love it when unexpected nice things happen!

aimsteroo's picture

I got Bronze with iron 15 & air 17 on the epic island.
I was actually hoping for Sandstorm, as I already had a Bronze dragon.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

Robunny666's picture

YEAH! I was trying to get a Scoria with Iron and Air and then BOOM 36:48 breed time... dont mind if I do =D

Currently sitting at 260 of 261 ... Just Eridanian to go! (Thanks BeB event!) ... One more, one more!!!

GC ID: Robunny666 new friends for breeding welcome :)

Sune3v's picture

Nothing is working for me. :(

Rockyblue's picture

Scoria level 16 and tree level 15 in cave.
I tried many times and got loads of scoria in the process. Keep plodding on, try different pairings, try cave and island, try feeding, try same pairings again. Try talking to them, I do! Most of all believe because he will come when he is ready.
Good luck Sune3v.

Facebook daniel.parkinson.5059

Sune3v's picture

Thank you! Def been trying different combos and stuff. Maybe eventually I'll get it.

dukeesq's picture

Simple pimple...

Earth and Metal dragons (both level 15) on the EBI. WOOHOO!


272 different dragons so far...

GC ID - DukeEsq

Metal 15 & Mud 15 EBI! Pleasant surprise


I'm really sorry can't see my whole park.
why you don't add an option/botton for mobile to have a full view?
just in case... :)

Got it on my first try w/ chrome and mud.

Keipep's picture

Got this while trying for Ironwood. Willow and Iron 46 hours on the EBI! Yay my first Bronze and I wasn't even trying :D

LynnMarie's picture

What a great fail!!! Congrats!!!!

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Pedestals ~ 395/409

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Thanks to all my gem friends!
Please gift only one gem/food and wait until I return it,
It takes me a few weeks to gift everyone :)

3l1ttlep1gS's picture

Got it first try with lvl 11 Sulfur and Lvl 10 Geode on the island!!

Got it with breeding tidal dragon & double rainbow dragon first try lol epic breeding island

Lol add me people i need friends on this game yamifoxey

Murrisha's picture

Glass (lvl 15) + Forge (lvl 15) on EBI while trying for Bismuth.

Level 95
GC: Murrisha (maxed out gem slots)
267/353 Pedestals
355/357 Dragons (Missing Pond and Plateau)
Trying For: Pedestals

I just got a 46 hour breeding time with a Glass and Forge in the regular breeding cave while trying for Bismuth... After spending 2 weeks straight like a month ago trying to breed this damn dragon TT_TT

I was trying to get a Bismuth using Glass and Metal then I got this dragon! Coolness!

Add me! I got gems to share.
GC: tinbritanico

Tin titanic Bismuth is a set combo of Glass and Forge. Metal won't work.

SnoopyRN50's picture

I just bred one with my Silver Olympus and a friend's Gold. I am only almost level 19 so I need nearly everything. So happy that I got this on the first try as I was hoping for a treasure dragon! :D

Please send a PM in FB if you would like to add me as a DV friend so I know who you are. Thank you!
This is my Facebook link; it should take you right to my page.

What level do the earth and metal have to be.