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Bronze Olympus Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
250,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,750 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
96 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,250,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
595 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
119 xp / minute

All Olympus Dragons can be bread from Earth Dragon with Sonic Dragon. Any other combination of the elements, like Air and Crystal Dragons also works.

"The majestic olympus dragon. These rare dragons were discovered at the top of Mount Oly and three distinct types are known to exist. This bronze variation is said to be the most common."



how do you breed it

Ilovmabi's picture

Quake and Crystal lvl 10

I got mine by breeding Sandstorm and Lightning dragons, first try!!

Blade731's picture

I haven't been able to get one

Jer. 29:11

I got two both first trying to breed dodo with quake and air

Thanks for the tip
First try with this Combo tried crystal air and sonic earth only gets crysal
Do the combine above

Leiparis's picture

I followed all the comments and couldn't get anything good with crystal & blazing cept for fireworks after trying many times in epic breeding cave then I got Olympus on 2nd try with earth & sonic... Good luck :)

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Good for you !!! It isn't easy to get all 113 dragons:)) I still have 2 dragons to go wish me luck...:) Ever looking for a new friend send a request to 702Jake702 (game name) lvl 45 Good luck and Dragon's speed, 702Jake702(game name)
Regards, VegasDragonLady

Can u add me on fb. Biznitch wilson. Would like to check out ur dragonvale


I need friends on dragon vale. Can u look me up I'm on face book to

Can u look me up. I need friends on dragon vale. I'm new to game some what. I took my sons over and I've been doing it now for 2 months. It's fun but I need some friends, I've got hems to give out but no one to give to. I'm trying for a rainbow dragon but no luck thus far after 14 tries!!!

crystal and air

Breed mountin and sonic

I got this without trying,

Breeding Cave

Lvl 10 Panlong Lvl 10 Cactus

got this just now by 10 Willow+8 Quake First try

Try a quake and a smoke dragon

the crystal and blazing dragon

mdjms's picture

I got mine with air lvl 10 & crystal lvl10 :)

God is good

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Breed Quake and Blazing, it's the best combo.

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Try sonic (left)its lv.5 moss(right) its at lv.4 it worked 2nd try

I got this one three times with the combination Leap Year Dragon and Rainbow Dragon.

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I got it with thunder and sandstorm
But I was trying for a lapis

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I used level 11 fire and level 11 snow - expected completely different result, though

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I got it with earth dragon and sonic dragon.

My website:

Also got it using earth and sonic.

Me too

Me too

Got it with quake and willow (3rd breed) 4th I got gold olympus

I got it with Panlong and Scoria while trying to get a Moon dragon. You just need to breed more than 1 type of dragon.

When I tryed quake and willow I got rainbow

Crystal and air works also. Just got a 35 hour breeding time with those while trying to get a sandstorm dragon. Guess you just need any dragons that give those 3 elements!

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I kept getting crystal with the recommended Earth & Sonic. Then tried Air & Crystal hoping for Sandstorm and I ended up with a 35hr breeding time. Rather have a change at one of the Olympus dragons while trying for Sand then another freakin' Crystal.

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

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I hate Crystal Dragons now, I must have bred 20 of them this month trying to get Peridot and Olympus.

I got tons using Willow & Quake, 1st try, regular breeding cave. :)

Worked for me thank you

I got the dragon at level 16

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Got peridot on only second try with evergreen and quake, both level 14 on ebi

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Just breed mountain and sonic you will easily get a bronze Olympus

Got with Quake & Willow.

This is not working for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The earth and sonic dragon are giving me everything but an olympus dragon.. :(

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

I keep trying and trying... NOT working. I'm using the island. Over and over. Getting tired of trying.

Crystal and air, just got it.

Crystal and blazing works. i got all of mine including the sun and rainbow using that combination :)

Olympic Dragons
According to the "dragon breeding list" these are limited dragons. Does anyone know when they expire or is that still just known by "Backflip studios"?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Looks like they are here to stay, so we reclassified them as Epic Dragons.

i got it first try with earth and sonic

Same here. But the next ones were sonic

I just bred an air dragon with a crystal and got this, I wasn't even trying! And yesterday first go I bred a gold olympus with quake and air, I wasn't trying for that either. I only jut got the air dragon so this was lucky :D

got one with crystal n blazing after try earth+sonic many times.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Looks like Backflip Studios briefly changed the egg of the Bronze Dragon to have all three color in it, but now it's back to the original egg.

I used crystal and blazing .. 2 times

Got mine - Crystal L10 & Air L10

Got it first try with crystal and willow. But before that I had been trying for a month with earth and sonic and no luck..

GC: sarianne
Level 71, 223/280 dragons, 168/278 peds
Hunting: gaia

Paradoxon's picture

Is it one ?? earth + sonic each lvl 10 = 19:11:55

Bayzfynst's picture

I got the dragon with crystal and air on my 5th try with regular breeding cave

Just got 35hr breeding time with earth and sonic, regular breeding cave. Fingers crossed!

Also used Earth and Sonic and got 35 hour breeding on the first try. GL!

I got 35 hours of breeding time on my first try!:)

Same here! I did it with crystal and air :)

Add me on game center I'm habber15.

D3mmalition's picture

I finally got you, you little stinker!
I only need Silver Olympus and then I'll avoid any combination that involves Crystal for as long as possible, lol.

One dragon left!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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Wow, Silver Olympus is the only one left?

D3mmalition's picture

Yup! That's all I need and I'll have at least one of every available dragon.
I'm missing 4 gemstone dragons and 10 limited dragons, though I'm hoping Solstice and Reindeer come back in December.

Now I'm trying for my second Panlong & Rainbow, collecting eggs, and upgrade my shrines again.

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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Just got another 28hr! Be silvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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Good luck!

D3mmalition's picture

It was!
Dang.... I'm done!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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I hope they introduce some new dragons soon. :)

In the mean time, help us create new Dragonvale dragons!

Was trying to get sandstorm with air and crystal but got bronze Olympus instead, at least it wasn't a crystal :)

Walkyrja's picture

Crystal and blazing first try! I have a 35 hours waiting! ^o^

I did Sonic lv 10 and lava lv 10

Got topaz with cactus and firefly yippee .

Why don't you post this on the topaz Dragon page srsly?

just got one with a Air an Crystal both 10 1st try with the epic breeding isle got lucky i think

I have a quake 12 & willow 11 breeding 35 hours. Yay!

Are you able to get it using firefly and cactus?

Because I forgot to check how much time I had to wait but I know that it was more then 24 hours. I used firefly and cactus. I was trying for a topaz dragon. I might have one though.

I got mine using level 10 air and level 8 quake in normal cave YEA.....

zlorena's picture

I got 35 hours with quake (Lft) air (rt)

zulma gunther

I bred chrome and crystal. Got it on the first try. Good luck to all who are trying to breed it. :)

Followed my Reindeer with an Olympus!! 35hr breed time Smoke and Crystal

firelizard21's picture

So excited. Got an Olympus first try with air + quake. Don't know which one yet, but I'll try to be patient this time.

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

Mine ended up being gold olympus. Stoked on that

O got a 35h breeding. Still dont know wich. Air + quake. 2nd try.

Hitdat's picture

Got an egg woot

Got it with quake and air


Got it quake and air check out my picture

I just bred earth and sonic and got a 48hr time...any ideas?

Got it with lvl 8 sonic and 7 mountain :D

TomiTransylvania's picture

I just got this one breeding crystal and blaze. First try. Crystal level ten and blaze level seven.

CrystalDank's picture

Just got this on my first try using earth and sonic both lol 10

i did quake and air and got sonic 4 times in a row...

Quake and willow! Got 28h on upgraded breed time! Awesome!

Fivestarllc's picture

Quake and willow worked for me as we'll the first try got a 35 hr. breeding time not sure which Olympus yet but I know it's one of them woot woot

punkmester's picture

A great breeding combination is Crystal and Smoke. I have breed this over and over and over again, and each time I got an epic dragon like Olympus, Rainbow, etc...

Anyone know if I can get the Bronze by breeding the Gold and the Silver? I've done it twice and I keep getting more silvers.

I herd there's a new dragon could cyclops I think it lives in the olymPus habitat

Waddle14's picture

Got this one first try on EBI!!! Earth (lvl10) left and Sonic (lvl10) right. Good Luck All!!! :)

I bred fog with lava and got 35 hours anyone know what it might be?

I keep getting blazing dragon I've got 10

Cherylr234's picture

I have been trying for an Olympus forever!!! Still no luck! =(

Jewelry lady cr

Komoda's picture

Got him with panlong and bloom, both level ten, regular cave :)


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I think I got this dragon with mountain and sonic! I got a 35 hour incubation but it could be the other olympuses! I've also just got another 35 hours with lightning and panlong! Hope they aren't the same Olympus dragon!

after goodness knows how long, I've finally one of these! No idea what one though as its still incubating but it was 35 hours with earth & sonic.

i got this one with Sonic (left) and Scoria (right) in regular breeding cave, first try. Was just trying to get anything...happy with the result :)

Fivestarllc's picture

You will get it a lot using Panlong and love I got 2out of breeding 4 times

chhutson27's picture

First try earth on left, sonic on right, on the EBI

Try lightning + sandstorm. Sonic + earth , and tree + sonic. Tree + sonic could also give you silver oly and gold oly, pollen,and rainbow!

Fog and crystal first go! Was actually trying for a sandstorm :)

fog and crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy dance :) :)

0YouNeverExpectedThis0's picture

I got it first try with panlong/love. ^^

weird...i just got one with sonic and crystal.....not sure which one yet. Wow, just as soon as I stop trying and just picked two on instinct...weird...I had been trying for a month or two;S...

Please help

I have been trying to get this but haven't so far, please can someone help with what is the best combo?
Thank you

Tahlia's picture

I got one by using smoke and crystal :)


criskat322's picture

Quake x Willow. Got a 35 hour breed time. Yeah! My first Olympus dragon!

I'm getting it on ebi use crystal and air:-D

My first try:-D

Young at heart's picture

Just bred crystal & snow & got a 35 hour in the normal breeding cave, wasn't trying to get this one though but I'm not complaining

Crystal and air on the EBI first attempt got a 35hr breed time,I'm stoked as I had the Olympus habitat for a month with no dragons in it;-)

Level 10 Sonic and Level 10 Earth in the cave = also will get a Thunder dragon

Crystal - left, air - right, both lvl 10. Got two Olympus dragons in a row using this. Regular breeding cave.

I'm not having any luck with any combinations. Been aiming to breed 35 hrs every day for 2 weeks! Unlucky. Will keep trying though.

LyinRyan's picture

I'm having success breeding air and quake both lvl 11 in epic island. I've gotten both gold and silver with this combo. If you look under the sandbox with these combos, these two dragons have good odds at getting you all 3 olympus dragons. Good luck breeding! Hope you get them!

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Sonic and Earth, 3rd try. Normal breeding cave.


"Speak politely to an enraged dragon." - J.R.R. Tolkien

I got one with bone on the left. N sonic on the right. Gud luck!!

Trust me. Im trying a lot of combination. But breeding any with sonic dragon helping me to get high value dragon/ dragon with high breeding time. Above than 30hr in normal breeding cave without upgrading it. Seem like the developer really love that dragon. Gud luck fren!

E.N.S.'s picture

Air and quake

I used thunder dragon,the thunder dragon is lightning and air and also earth wich is obvious

dunnman123's picture

how do u get this dragon i have see that many people have many different dragons!!!!!!!!!!!:P:)!!!!!!


Earth and Sonic-lv 10's

Sonic and iron fist try. Naming mine after Greek gods my bronze Olympus dragon is Hades god of the underworld silver is going to be Poisiden god of water and gold would be Zeus god of thunder

I know a lot about Greek gods ask me if you have any questions about them or other Greek creatures

Oh I forgot to add 'the ' after the gods names sorry

goddessdarknight's picture

i used quake and air ...35 hr dragon!


On EBS First try earth ( right) and sonic ( left)
on the second try got a silver Olympus
And now my third try I am awaiting egg

Tree + Thunder. First try.

So frustrated! I have rainbow and gold but I can't get sun, moon, or Olympus!

goddessdarknight's picture

quake and air got me the bronze dragon! whoop!, still cant get clover!!


Got it with iron and sonic

woknwobyn's picture

I got it with smoke and crystal first try. Regular breeding cave. Both level 10.

Rikochet's picture

Ok, so this is weird. I bred blazing and lava and got a Bronze Olympus. Neither one of them have the lightning element, so all you need is two of the three required elements to to get these guys?

I got mine using lava and sonic... I was on level 16 even though it says required level 17. Then I find you get a bonus for getting it but I haven't got a bonus even though I already have the bronze Olympus. I guess it's because the bonus registers at level 17. Feeling a bit ripped off!

Thunder and earth both level 10 in that order. Regular breeding cave, very first try! I never get this lucky, very excited!!!!!

Ryan13's picture

I got mine with quake and air!!!! Yay

I got mine with crystal and air. First try they were both level 10 on my epic breeding island. Yay I was actually try to get the jade dragon. Lol

May Lyman

2nd Olympus dragon I got trying to get another dragon I forgot the name of haha

Lol add me people i need friends on this game yamifoxey

iAmAnchaZa's picture

I've been trying to breed this with many ways combinations and dragon but still not get it!!!
Please add me to trade gems thank you ^__^

go_novi's picture

i think olympus dragon are ugly, and i am positive that oneday i may have them as fail from other dragons or when i have no other dragon to breed. i am a very lazy person with no ambition so when i manage to breed one dragon, i won't try for it egg pedestal. curiously, many my epic comes as a fail from going for a dragon.

I have one first try Quake and smoke;)

Alex Rhodes