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Butterfly Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
650 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
96 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
169 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
694 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
139 xp / minute

The best way to breed a Butterfly Dragon is to breed an Air Dragon with a Firefly Dragon.

"Flightless as babies, the amazing butterfly dragons transform into multi-winged magnificent creatures. They can be found fluttering around the lush Sykie Meadows. Their large and beautiful wings are sure to attract visitors... unless the visitor mistakes their wings for a fearsome wingaling dragon."



will it ever come back

I really hope it comes back!

It's back

yes it will come backe


Trying Firefly and pollen.. Free gems just enter code 15018286


Saphira's picture

I hope it does. :(


I wonder if it's only around in the spring?

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

You can get in spring and summer.

How to breed this dragon......??? I want it.......!!!!!

you breed it with a blazing dragon and a lightning dragon.


I got it the first time I tried this combo sonic+firefly=butterfly at first I try what everybody said,then i tried my own combo and it worked and both the dragons I bred it with were level 10 awesome!
And regular breeding cave!:D

Just got it, with firefly + pollen. Was trying for seasonal dragon, got butterfly instead.

Use firefly + pollen ( both level 13)= leap year 14.30minutes!

Anifannae's picture

How do I get my dragons past level 10?

Seven Dragons's picture

Firefly and blazing, 1st try

Seven Dragons

Firefly and Air works fine. Got it first try.

dfshima78's picture

Blazing+firefly=butterfly. blazing was level 12 and firefly was level 15. First try.

What do u mean by level 12 and level 15

What dfshima78 means is what level the DRAGON is on. 12 and 15.

Wiiild's picture

Seems firefly and anything else with the air element works fine. Just my observation.

Just got 12 hrs with firefly and pollen

Air 10 + Firefly 10 = Butterfly second try.

atlaloire's picture

firefly and blazing = 10th or so time breeding the two got it lol

Sharinacle's picture

I still cannot get this dragon it is frustrating.....grrrrrrr

Life is too short to let love pass you by!

T.dare's picture

I just used firefly (13) left and pollen (13) right on the island and of 12hr inc time... Crossing my fingers!!

Trina dare

I love this dragon!!!!

Just got a Seasonal Dragon while trying for Butterfly with Firefly and Pollen :)

Finally I got it with AIR+FIREFLY,result is 12H!

Waddle14's picture

Got it on my 4th try with Blazing (Lvl 10) left and Firefly (Lvl 10) right, Regular Breeding cave! Good Luck All!! :)

Devdawg1's picture

Woohoo got it at the last minute with Firefly and Blazing 1st try EBI.

When will this dragon be available ????????

I wonder if it will ever come back:'(

It's the exact opposite of the century dragon lol

I dont see how...……

Leanne1978's picture

It's opposites are the combo for century.

GC ID: Leanne1978

Still need: Got them all....for the moment!

Do you think this dragon will come back in April?

Desertflower1979's picture

It's back! Got it first try with air x firefly! Now I just have to wait until November to get Topaz!

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I bred them all! Didn't buy any!

Anyone know what month this will be back, it's the only non Gemstone Dragon that I haven't got :(

Caurdice87's picture

Does anyone who was playing last year remember approximately when this dragon was available? I got one at Christmas but would like to add a second to my park. :)

Yodatu's picture

Hope this dragon comes back. It is a pretty dragon and will compliment my Bouquet and Sakura dragons!


This dragon rocks!


Marnakay's picture

I'm sorry I missed this one!

Monkeybone74's picture

Can not wait for this dragon to return! Any ideas when?

Getinmycave's picture

Come on little butterfly... Time to make another appearance!

Pippin10's picture

I thought it would have appeared by now - my only missing dragon

heretonightjosephine's picture

It's coming anytime within the next 24 hrs!

Alectra's picture

It's back! Need 1 more so I can breed them.

- Alectra

Think Ive got it :-). Firefly and rain 12hrs

Suprised plant isnt one of its elements

Sid Bop's picture

Got 1 Air and Firefly 9:36 on the island

Yea!!! Air and firefly 1st. try on island. Can't wait to see the egg....


Got one first try! Air 12 with Firefly 12. Don't have to keep trying now.


Dragellie's picture

Got this 3rd try using firefly 13 and pollen 13 in breeding cave. Put them both back in again and now have a rainbow incubating!! Must be my lucky day!!

I cant get it :(

There back and I got one!!!!

Its back :)

I got this with firefly, level 15 and pollen, level 13. Good Luck!

heretonightjosephine's picture

Struggling to get it no matter what I put in :-(

air on left and fire fly on right first try

I'm supremely confused. Is it best to breed Firefly and Pollen or Firefly in Air? I have not yet tried Firefly with Pollen, but before I use up my precious time, I want to ensure that there is a high chance.

I just got mine breeding Blazing and Firefly. There are multiple combinations to try.

Just got it breeding Firefly and Fog in breeding cave.

Big Jay Sig's picture

After numerous tries (25+) with firefly and air, firefly and pollen, and firefly and sonic, my girlfriend told me to try firefly and smoke and sure enough, first try was a butterfly.

These dragons done stole all my free time!

Dragon Den - 2's picture

Got two in a row with air and firefly after tring a lot of pollen and firefly.

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I'll be hosnest, it looks cool when Its older but, O.K I'll say, they look really, um... unusual when they are babies.

Xishom's picture

Hehe... The butterfly dragon as a baby is meant to look like a fat caterpillar. If he was green, he would look similar to the fat caterpillar in A Bug's Life.

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2nd try in normal breeding cave with combo both level 10 firefly and blazing! :)

Elms's picture

I bred this using smoke and firefly.

Hooray! This was the last dragon I needed. I have every single one now!

Jeny Lynn's picture

6:28am EST - I've been trying to breed this little cutie with Air/Firefly nonstop in the cave and on the island and kept getting fireflies, scorches, and smokes. Got tired of those and thought I'd try Firefly/Sonic for a change; and WHAM! got a twelve hour breed time right off the bat! According to the sandbox, it should be this beauty. FINALLY! ;-)

P.S. - I can't wait until it hits the nursery and is confirmed! Lol.

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Jeny Lynn's picture

Confirmed. It's a butterfly dragon egg! Yay me!!
For those interested, it was a lvl 14 Firefly on the left and a lvl 11 sonic on the right in the breeding cave.

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Got 12 hours with firefly left and pollen right both level 10 in the breeding cave.

After trying a million times finally got a 12 hour with firefly and sonic which i also tried like 10 times thank god
Woo hoo...

LadyoftheLake's picture

I JUST GOT IT!!!! Firefly on right Pollen on Left! FIRST TRY!!!


Rose_7's picture

Got one with firefly and blazing first try. :)

Confirmed, firefly and smoke.
First try, both level 15 in normal cave.

I need gem friends; I have the gem tree!! Gem4gem!!! Game Center @ aeleenrock

Yet to get this one tried over 10 times

Lol add me people i need friends on this game yamifoxey

Wonder if buying the butterfly pavilion helps? Says so in the description!

SippySippy's picture

First try level ten firefly (left) and level ten smoke (right). I hope this helped!!!

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I keep trying blazing and firefly in different orders and in cave and EBI. Still keep getting blazing, firefly, scortch and thunder. I don't wanna give up on using blazing and firefly cuz soooooo many people said that's what they used. HELP PLEASE!?!?!?


Well, the date said 6/24 when you open Dragonvale... but the message is still showing up today on the 25th. is it actually still available (as in: do I try one more time??)


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I'm thinking that since it's still available to buy, it should still be breedable. Still trying for it myself, keep getting sonic and thunder.

I got it with Air(lvl 10) + Firefly(lvl 10) First Try On the Epic Breeding Island!


OhioDragonGirl's picture

been trying with lv 15 air and firefly, chrome/scorch, now trying firefly and blazing lv12 is it still even available?

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

Have tryed all combo and still No butterfly dragon...... Its says on here that Its available, but not on dragonvale game, som i dont get It!!!!!
Plzz help


frogtwin's picture

Oohhhh Yeahhhhh First try after I got pollen, using firefly and pollen both lvl 10 in the reg.breeding cave. It is a 48 hrs. inc. so it shows either a Seasonal or my ellusive rainbow!
I can't wait, LOL !

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Butterfly is no longer available. Status should be expired.

Breeding in..... Breeding out.

Just put air + firefly in cave ta do it ;) got 9 hours wut could it b?

is it available now?

Xishom's picture

No it is not.
It should come back naturally in late spring early summer and during the winter bring em back event.

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omg this dragon vale just got intense

For Gems, Enter code 15311084

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I tried firefly and pollen 3 times with no luck. Firefly and air twice with no luck. Got it first try with Firefly and snow, both 15 on EBI! Can't wait till it hatches.

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Happy Breeding!

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Got it 1st time with blazing & firefly!

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Shouldn't this dragon be back soon?

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Amandaniicole's picture

Yes got it on the first try with blazing and firefly!! I never get anything first try! Yay.


Just got- peridot, geode
Trying for- dream, amber

Vineskm's picture

Amandaniicole, Way to go!

Amandaniicole's picture

Thank you! I thought I was going to have endless fails for this one.
Now to try for the dream once it's hatched.


Just got- peridot, geode
Trying for- dream, amber

dukeesq's picture

Firefly + Smoke (both Lvl 14) on the island. 2nd try.


272 different dragons so far...

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NanaKittie's picture

Same combo, but both lvl 18 and in the EBS first try

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I love butterflies n really want this dragon but it's alluding me. Don't have breeding island. Tried all sorts of combinations but no luck. Getting very frustrated!


SaucyWench's picture

They have made breeding the new and limited available dragons extremely difficult for those of us who have most of the dragons, and who have reached max levels. I have had only one success breeding nectar, and the rest (after literally countless tries) have received nothing. They are making it so difficult that I am getting bored with it.

aimsteroo's picture

Yes, SaucyWench!
I feel the same as you. It should be easier, not harder! Level 55 player and high level dragons should not make things harder!

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jarrat's picture

They claim L15 & above is MEANT to give increased chance, certainly has NOT been the case for me. Agreed, it makes it boring to get take 4 weeks to achieve something

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Rockyblue's picture


Got this with firefly level 13 and wind level 16 in cave.

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After like a billion tries I finally got with Sonic and Firefly

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Got it after a handful of tries with Firefly (lvl 15) + Air (lvl 15) in the UBC. I didn't know I had it until my dragons had finished breeding and I went to incubate the egg. It's funny but usually when I don't check the breeding times, I end up with the dragon I've been trying for lol.

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Finally got one after 1 million tries with various combos in various places!

EBC - firefly and air both level 12.

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