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Clover Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
7,777 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
77 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
64 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
113 coins per minute
Sale price: 
7,777 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
19 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
19 xp / minute


The Clover dragon was a special St. Patrick's dragon.

"The mischievous and reclusive clover dragon can be found roaming the meadows of Ulster during a certain time of the year. Should you be lucky enough to have a clover dragon it is sure to make other park owners green with envy! These dragons delight at playing tricks on others and have been known to, um, "hide" things. Maybe it's best if your guests check their pockets before they leave."



This dragon looks awsome I hope it comes back.

It did come back,all the limited dragons will stay until 1/2/2013.

How come dragons will stay until 2013?

Does anyone know if this dragon is gonna come back this year?

Just got word from dragonvale that this dragon is back but just for a short time.

It is back. Now.

Serpentperi691's picture

I got it first try, upgraded island, level 13 plant left + level 13 moss right.

OMG! it came back!

I tried like 5 times with island and Cave! please tell me how to get one! P.S no shrine Or upgraded breeding.

I used a pollen and earth dragon to get the clover dragon.

I bred Pollen and Earth trying to get the Clover, and I got a 16 hour breed time. What can it be???

Dimarro's picture

I HAVE A QUESTION: if i have a clover dragon then it expires and i breed it with sometime esle, pause, you know how sometimes you breed a rain with a swamp and you get another swamp, replay, i was wondering if i bred my clover with a rain it would be possible to breed a clover dragon even when it expires?


That is a good hypothesis but I don't think that will work. :(

Its back so you can breed it now
GNewMan's picture

Flower + Moss = Clover :)

80021223 (add it for 25 gems)


I got it I got It You can still bred it i bred it


I got it by moss on the left and pioson on the right. I got it in the epic breeding island. You should give it a try.

No, you can't breed it anymore, it expired a while ago. :(

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

What dragons do you breed. I want to know for next year.

What dragons do you breed. I want to know for next year.

how did you breed the clover dragon

I think,it can breed flower & earth!

Does anyone have this dragon??? How do you breed it?? Only have till January 4th to get it!!!!

Bianca - Admin's picture

Breed Plant Dragon and Earth Dragon and be patient. From this combination you can also get a Tree Dragon or Moss Dragon.

My website:

Keep trying but can't get it

sj34's picture

Wat is the combo

Plant and Earth
Takes a few tries, but it is totally worth it

I just got it with Mountain + Evergreen

Royal_J's picture

i got clover by breeding 70+7 gems! Yeah! :) im so impatient lol so many so little time

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

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You are too funny, I refuse to use gems for anything other than upgrading breeding cave or island. Well at least until after that is done, then I will! It is hard to be patient I want them all. I am addicted to dragonvale, at least it's not fattening. Right?

Life is too short to let love pass you by!

Georgie's picture

LOA. HEEhee yep I'm completely dragonvale
Crazy. After years of telling my kids off for
Doing exactly what I do now. Chuckles. All good
I'm loving it.
While I'm here would you like to swap dragon
Cash. You can add me. It's sooo helpful.
And other than a few bloopers/ accidents
With gems, I've learned this round 1/4 way to tree
I think.

D/V. Georgie
Lvl 50 with ' all but ' dragons
:" Good Dragon Fortune to All ":

Totally off subject, but I love ur pic, sharinacle

It only costs 77 gems for one :p but u can only hatch it and not display it, so back to the breeding cave/island for me!

Flower + moss. Second try

Very thank you. Flower and moss first try

Got it first try with moss and lichen

After trying other combinations about 20 times, this combo worked for me the first time. Thank you.

Got it after a few times with Flower/Moss

I just got it with Moss and Tree first try

I did moss and tree and got a 14 hr?
Wut is it?

Moss and Tree 14 hr is another tree dragon. 12 hr would be another moss. 7 is what you're hoping for. :)

Game Center ID: Kavaria

Flower and moss =) first try

Dustin de Windt's picture

Yesterday I got my first Clover Dragon! Happy. But I saw that in the Breeding Guide most of the Clover pictures are missing. I would like to show the egg, the baby and 2 versions of the juvenile dragon. Pls feel free to use them if you want.
Keep up the good work, love your site.

i've already got every single dragon breed a pollen with a crystal it works i tried it LOL!

I bred it with 2 clovers

You can get this during saint patricks day and the following week

I think this'll be a tough one to get.

It sorta looks like Baby Bop from Barney (as a baby at least)

Shouldn't this dragon be available now? New update is about St. Patrick

Its March first somewhere around the globe. Give us clover and marches gem!

Why isnt this dragon available ? I played today and the only nwe dragon in the market was aquamarine !

I want this dragon so badly! Annoying that the game's icon is already decorated with clovers while there is nothing of it in the game! :(

What are they waiting for? I have been checking many times a day, all disappointments. Anyone have any news about Clover dragaon?

JUST CAME: add me: ID: Genesect1324

Is this dragon going to be available this year? It was suppose to start on March 2 and it's already 6!

Daevers's picture

CLOVER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

Daevers's picture

I got it on my 2nd try with level 15 flower and moss. Yay!

Have 115 of 125 dragons. I like to visit other parks, so I'll gladly accept friend requests. Game Center ID: LightningMcqueen95.

CleverBast's picture

It's back! Now to breed it...

Got it on my first try with plant and moss on breeding island.... Then tried same combo for another one and the incubation time is coming up 14 hrs so I'm thinking NOT !!!! So much for two in a row LOL

Dragonguru's picture

i got it my first try with plant and moss as well in breeding cave and did plant moss again and got 7hr incubation so i probably got another one

U can get it by flower moss, tree flower (also gets Sakura) and Moss pollen, also plant tree/moss

Shamrock and Clover Cottage available in market as well

Flower n moss got one for me too! It took 5 tries! Now I'm trying for the egg just to display it n it's taking a very long time

Sandy Wopart

gem for gem add me @ id name vanessa marriie'

ConstantGaming's picture

Coming Back Soon =D

it's back :) tree and moss is the best combo as i have heard :) good luck everyone

Dragons: 206/212
pedestals: 148/212
Level 60
current target: Seed, dragon and pedestal
missing dragons: Nosferatus, Dusk, Snowflake 2, 3 and 4
"Events" are my personal enemy

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Flower and moss. First try for me. Don't forget to buy its two decorations. They will disappear when clover does.

I now have two of every available Dragon ----

This looks like a hard one to get, but ill try flower + moss.

Bianca - Admin's picture

Seems it has to have the moss dragon + plant or plant hybrid

My website:

Mountain and pollen first try

Tahlia's picture

Flower and moss :)


Need gems trading friends, 3 spots available, working on gem tree. Will trade daily if u trade back. mrDepot

I just got my tree - will gladly help you to get there too!

GC = I8abug!

GC ID is I8abug! 2016 -
Every day in this dragonvale park do i play,
Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

Redeyez's picture

Got it with tree and moss. Yay

Hello Goodbye

My sister can get it on her dragonvale but for some reason i cant. :(

It's called luck my friend!!..:-). You aren't doing anything's just that some people get it sooner than others even if they use exactly the same dragons to breed with. Also..the order u breed in has NO bearing on your chances to get the dragon u are wanting. So..that being said...I say, keep trying and u will probably get it sooner or later. There are NO guarantees when it comes to breeding these dragons in this game, which I think is good...because it makes it exciting to see the results of what u get. of luck, don't quit, and as always....happy breeding!!! ;-) ;-)!!!!

That is the longest comment I Ever read thank you for wasting my Life.

Yodatu's picture

That is one of the rudest comments that you made Random guy. She was trying to keep someone's chin up and you bash her. Shame on you!


Thank u Yodatu;-)....yes..some people are definitely rude. And u were exactly right with why my explanation was long. Ohh..I better not go on too I might waste someone's life/time for reading this!!!?!!!! Anyway...thank u ;-)

I don't think anyone was forcing u to "waste your life" and read it mr random guy :-/

Flower and moss 2nd try both level 15

Level 15 Flower and level 10 Moss EBI 2nd try

CaliGrown's picture

Flower and moss 3rd time

Lord MacIan's picture

what is game center and what is link for it? only peeps i can trade with are FB friends.

Kyla066's picture

Game Centre is on iPad and iPhone, it usually asks you to join Facebook if you are not on an i device eg Kindle Fire etc.

Moss and plant!! U have %33.3 chance to get the clover ;)

You would think. Took me 9 tries for the first one. 13 tries for the second one but still unsuccessful. It would be cheaper to buy from the shop. Ugh!

Why isnt the clover dragon in the market ?! And no shamrock or clover cottage, either !

Maybe you need to update your game

I keep on breeding Ivy and Earth but keep on getting a Moss. BTdubs I got my first Moss dragon.

This dragon came in the market this morning I saw! Can't wait to get it!

Tried moss and flower like a billion times it seems and got: moss, tree, lava, poison, moss, tree, moss, moss then I did reg plant with moss and got clover in normal breeding cave. Good luck!


Plant and Earth, simple! Add me on Game Centre for a Gem for Gem swap GCN "Senatus Populusque Romanus"

Yodatu's picture

May have gotten it first try with Flower/Moss in upgraded breeding cave. 7 hr breeding time! Hope I got it!

Nope, got an Obsidian dragon...try again.


How do you get one my dad got one and I want one to!

msvidkiller's picture

Hi :) Got it today with Flower & Moss after tring plant and earth and every other one :) TYVM for posting everyone :)

"To Love and be Loved is Life's Greatest Gift!"

I tried and tried using Flower and Moss (L & R) with no luck. First time with Moss on the left and flower on the right I got it! Yay!

Got it first try, level 10 Moss (left) Lv.10 Flower (right) on EBI can't wait until it hatches!

Add me on GC @lilvic_

YES finally :) Moss x Flower... 7 hours, must be it :D

But it wasn't, it was an obsidian, how can that be? Hatching only takes 5 hours after 7 hours breeding???


Cwadagi On gamecenter

D4v1dGK's picture

Finally!!! After several attempts using flower+moss and moss+poison, 7 hours with ironwood (lv 13) and moss (lv 10)...

**151 out of 153 dragons

Flower + Moss worked for me. 1st go for a change!!!!!

I don't get it, yesterday before I went to bed, moss x flower gave me a 7 hour breeding time, so I thought that must be it. Nice B-day present :P

However, I got an obsidian egg, hatching time 5 hours. How is that possible??


Cwadagi On gamecenter

Aayla Secura's picture

Obsidian is 8 hours. Unless you have an upgraded cave/island, then it's like 6hrs 20something minutes, which would show as 7 gems to speed up breeding, which you may have seen and thought 7 hours... ?

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

No that was not it, I did not have the upgraded cave that time. And I still don't have the clover either BTW.


Cwadagi On gamecenter

Yodatu's picture

I had the same thing happen and I was scratching my head too. :(


You too!! Really strange. I still don't have it... Gave up trying too though, to many other new dragons. But when the cave becomes available again might start trying again, got Spring, Equinox & Sakura and a Rainbow & Sun in the process... but now there's Bloom too and I also still don't have Century. OMG too many dragons, so little time :)

Yeah I got it, Pollen x Moss in the updated breeding cave

Had a very good day dragonvale wise day, spring, clover en Kairos!


Cwadagi On gamecenter

I tried mountain and evergreen and I got a panlong!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooo hoooooo!

I thought Panlong Expired

It did. But don't know how I still managed to get it.

Moss + poison
Flower + Moss
Are 2 combinations that you can try to get the clover. It sometimes work.

Tree and Moss, first try

Tried getting this for what seemed like a hundred times with flower & moss and moss & rose. Bought the Sham-rock (I read on some site that it greatly increases your the decorations description) and bam! Moss (level 12) and rose (level 10) finally got it (with the sham-rock's help).

0YouNeverExpectedThis0's picture

I've been trying all month so far and no luck... I also noticed that it isn't in the store?? Is that why I havent gotten it yet? How can I get the clover dragon to appear in the store?

Just got the clover dragon egg with Moss dragon left Flower right. First try! So excited because I didn't know it was going to be clover! My first themed dragon :D

Candise's picture

Moss & Rose dragons worked for me, none of the other combinations had been working. Got it 1st try with moss and rose, good luck everyone!


0YouNeverExpectedThis0's picture

Your combo gave me a 48 hour breeding time. Thanks!

Suffee's picture

Yeah it works, I got 5hr36min breeding time. Thanks!
Oops it's Pollen. Need to work hard :(

i dont have a rose, are there any other new combinations since its been back that works? ive tried the others like a millions times cant get it. even with level 15 earth and plant

I got clover first time!With 5 Sham-Rocks
and plant lv. 4 left moss lv.4 right.

Been trying for several days with moss and flower, then tree and flower, and I just got it with moss and pollen after being suggested on this page. Thanks to all the suggestions from everyone, now gotta get the egg for the collection!

cheers and keep trying!

TheFratster's picture

Moss and Rose just gave me a Seasonal Dragon. Go figure. I try for this stupid dragon and get the one dragon I have been trying to get for months.

I got it first try plant left moss right. Both level 4.Also with 5 Sham-Rocks.

Tree and Moss

Flower and Storm got me 17 hrs

Till when is Clover available? Both breedingstations are buisy now, but would love to have a clover....

Miss & Evergreen for 14 hours... Anybody know what it is?

I used pollen and earth and got eight hours, what could it be?


twistedragon's picture

Moss and flower both lvl 10, if u get a poison dragon, flip them.
Doesn't matter which cave.

SeaAngel's picture

When does the Clover Dragon ending?

"On wings of Angel's we drift out to sea."

SeaAngel's picture

I hope it doesn't end today like the Celtic Drago

"On wings of Angel's we drift out to sea."

thomnme's picture

FINALLY! Got it with Moss and Pollen. Both level 15

YESSS THANK YOU! I got it first try with this after like a thousand other combinations!

Sanne Hale

I kind of want to sit here and cry and give up on this one because I have somehow managed to get the other 3 dragons that were limited for the past week on the first or second try, and I've tried pretty much everything for this one, and nothing. When they brought them back it was being crazy difficult too.

Is this still available or am I wasting my time still trying??

If you go to the calc on here and enter 7 hrs it will tell you. Also you should be able to breed it as long as it appears in your market under eggs.

jhay-em's picture

This dragon is a pain in my butt,it is easy to get celtic than this clover dragon and also the aquamarine! :(

Ktpie3's picture

I know! I finally managed to get the Aquamarine just a couple of days ago but I have yet to get this damn clover dragon and I have lost count of how many tries I'm at, it tis sad!

Please help!!! Anyone have gem glitch trouble. How can they take that away!! I cant play this game w/o it please fix it back!!!

I got 30 min what is it mixed flower with storm ?

Got 30 min from flower and storm what is it ?

Aww this dragon is soo cute I really want it but I have used tree and moss like 100 times and plant and moss as well a lot please help before it expires!!

P.s cats rule x

Oh and guy above its probs a cactus they earn cash like crazy!

Got by accident. Poison and moss. MUST GET SAKURA!!!!!!!!

xashx36's picture

They said its not available I just got it and its 3/30 so there is still a chance!


Moss and Flower worked for me