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Coal Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
250 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
59 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
87 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
114 coins per minute
Sale price: 
122,500 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
170 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
0 xp / minute

"It is said that before the discovery of magic, humans relied on far more crude ways of meeting their needs. They burned a black stone called coal, named for the coal dragons whose skin it so resembles. This time of year the wizards exchange coal dragon eggs with each other to remember hardships endured by those who lacked the companionship of dragons."

As of BeB 2015 this dragon can be bred with the fire and earth elements.



lisaw's picture

Any thoughts on breeding two Coal dragons together? I'm just starting my pedestal collecting and am wondering if that might work.

Yes it could. But as the breeding rules of the game dictate, it may also get you any other combo of earth and fire like Obsidian or Lava. Since the Coal dragon is unavailable in the marketplace now, you would only be able to get the egg through breeding at least one Coal dragon with any other dragon (until it is available again). But the chances would hopefully be better by breeding 2 of them together.

lisaw's picture

Thank you!

Aarongorn72's picture

When is this available?

Hail Hydra! (Dragons!)

I got this one today! Level 16 flower with level 16 moss, was trying for clover dragon but happy with outcome.

Bianca - Admin's picture

Yey! Now I have my Coal Dragon! I used Bloom (lvl 15) with Panlong (15) in Epic Breeding Sanctuary. Good luck all!

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