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Cotton Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
100,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,250 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
113 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
167 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
222 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
347 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
69 xp / minute

"Coinciding with the anniversary of the magic that makes DragonVale possible is the arrival of cotton dragons. The magical fibers that the cotton dragons shed during this time is actually what the wizards and witches of DragonVale make their robes out of. The touch, the feel of magic... cotton."



Got one with forest and firefly 3rd try

Same here. 1st try

Pepper and Crystal 1st try breeding cave.

The point between rage and serenity

Got it with Poison and Quake 1st try

Me too! Quake and Poison Both lvl 13 1st try

I got it with Poison and Quake 1st try as well. Tried Crystal and Poison a couple of times, and that didn't work. Good luck! :)

Forest + Firefly 1st try


frogtwin's picture

Wow ! I got it, poison and quake both 10 n the regular cave. First try and first special dragon.

If you can't be a frog, be a dragon... ,,<●●>,,
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VegasDragonLady's picture

Congrats frogtwin Both first try and first special dragon you Rock !! ,,<~~~``~~~>,, So Poison (L) + Quake (R) , Regular breeding cave is that correct ? Game Name 702JAKE702 If you wish to find me on Game.

I was able to breed it with Flower and Crystal

Poison and quake second try

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Great, thank you :)

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Thanks very much! I just collected 25 gems.

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Thanks JangoMojo!

GameCenter ID : Froysaby

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thanks for hooking me up, I got,them!!


Fyreflye's picture

Thank you JangoMojo!

159 Dragons

Thanks Jango Its Monday the 16th and I got my gems!

Catcal's picture

thank you for that, how do you know when there is an offer going, they had one for their last up dates to say sorry for all the crashes and their way of thanking us for our patience and perseverance :)


It usually shows on their facebook page the day an offering goes live. That is where I have seen the previous 2.

Thanks awesome gem grab :-)

yes, it worked! thank you. any other codes available?

fran clements

Thank you for the information. Received my 25 gems!

Sakura and Lightning level 15 in standard cave, first try!!


Ritz's picture

Pepper and crystal level 15 EBI 1st try!

Forest and Firefly first try, just after I got a bronze on ebi with dodo and chrome!!! Lady Luck smiles on me tonight! Thanks to all who have suggested breeding pairs!!

Sid Bop's picture

First try with moss and firefly in the cave.

Mifty51's picture

Got it first time with ash-level 15 and lava-level 11 using the epic breaking cave. Is going to hatch in about an hour......can't wait to see it :-)

Was trying with poison and quake....think i just got rainbow...48hrs

was it a raimbow

rachelmcarroll32's picture

JangoMojo: thanks for the code! I got my 25 gems! If only getting dragons was that easy! :)

angelahall's picture

I got it on the first try. Poison an quake both level 15.


Shekkers's picture

Poison and Quake on about the sixth try.

Pepper and Crystal worked for me c:

Flower and quake

Btw- code worked today also! 2years

Kyla066's picture

Thank you for the code. Poison and Quake first try.

Trying Quake & Poison in the regular cave. First try is a 1 hour incubation. Hope ya'll aren't having me on! ;-)

dragonpawz's picture

Got two at the same time! Crystal and Pepper and Ash and Lava!!!

First try with Chrystal and Motley.

Paigeadore's picture

Yes Crystal and Flower!! Got it first time!! Got another one with Pepper and Quake. These combos are awesome because you only have 15 dragons instead of 19 from the ComboFinder. Hope this helps!! My husband and kids have all gotten cotton from this combo so good luck!!

Green Goddess

Level 55 park
181/184 dragons

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Got it second try with Love and Forest on Epic Breeding Sanctuary.


Aayla Secura's picture

First try with pepper and quake! (And my 2nd try with pepper and quake got me my 2nd double rainbow!!) :D

Athea_Antar's picture

Omg, I think I just got it. I used forest and firefly and got a 24 hr breed time......*fingers crossed*

been trying quake and posion on ebi
and lava and cacrus in cave for the last couple days and nothing
its evading me -_-

culbetam1's picture

Got it second try with pepper and cyristal lvl 10 dragons in the cave.
Thank you JangoMojo I got my free gems !!!

Fried-beef's picture

Got it with tree and scorch

( forgive me if I spelled anything wrong )

rachelmcarroll32's picture

This game has been so jacked up lately and that's me keeping it put nicely! Third try with poison and quake got a 24hr wait period for crystal! WTF!!! Sick of all this random luck bullcrap! People save up to buy food for these dragons because it'll cost you 40,000+ a pop to feed them and then when you do breed them, you get crap dragons you already have, even when they are at level 15! Sell them you get even more! All the combos are I'm sure for real if you can ever be so lucky! Getting really
BORED!!! Turning into FarmVille from Facebook! :( mad as hell that I can't use a simple combo to get the dragon it's supposed to be!

culbetam1's picture

If you are bored move on... I think it is great that some dragons are really hard to get. Cotton has 4 elements so it is pretty much like the rainbow and very hard to get.
Believe me I have not ever gotten a dragon I was trying for the first time. And I think this dragon is my very first second try.
It was after I purchased the annaversery statue though :)

rachelmcarroll32's picture

All I am saying is I have used all these combos and keep getting what I am actually using to breed. I've used poison and quake three times, I got tree, cactus and crystal dragon. Now I used pepper and quake, got a quake. Wtf?! Breeding them again with a 14 hr time frame. Gee I wonder another tree? It's pretty lame how some get it on the first or second try. Mind you my dragons are not level 10 but 15. And still nothing special comes from it so don't waste the time trying to level these things up. As far as rainbow electrum silver and platinum I have them. I can't get the simplest ones no matter the combination I use/how many re-try's I do! Such as plasma, blue fire/frost fire. Etc. the game should make 1 combo for every dragon and that's that. Why in one house two people playing the game, using the very same combo has two different outcomes each time?

culbetam1's picture

Hum, it seems youcmight not understand the game... and it is just a game. But each breeding combo can produce multiple differnt dragons. A good thing to try is combos that produce more dragons that you do want. Like I want the gold and platinum dragons so I am trying breeding combos that will produce those two dragons and maybe some of the harder opposites. .. but some of the combos produce up to 19 differnt fails or more lol... it is very much like the lotto, the more you try the better your odds...

Just remember it is a game and not all these people that get what they want the first or second try... it just seems that way because they get excited when it does happen because it is so rare.

Marion45's picture

I hear you about the 15s, I had no luck with them at all for quite a while. I don't feel they work better at all. My hubby got all his with 10s and he is so lucky. Hang in there, this game really is worth it!


VegasDragonLady's picture

This game continues to be all Jacked up and that's me keeping in nicely as well!!! I enjoyed the game even with all the hiccups it has, until this latest round of it could be this or it could be that combo's which results in you guessed it dragon's I already have!!!!! I started with Farmville now there is Farmville 2 sorry I got bored on that game also(I mean Farmville not Farmville 2 I haven't played Farmville 2 and I don't want to) I'm mad as hell that I can't use a simple combo to get the dragon it's supposed to be also...............Not ready to return to Farmville but angry as all get out at this game Geez what to play now.................... I guess nothing since I've already played this game and Farmville and I don't want to go to Farmville 2. I sell more dragons because I already have them. I don't need the dragon cash I already have plenty as for gem I have those too. I was able to put Farmville on pause(I haven't been back in several months I check on the game once in a while) guess I'll do the same with this game. rachelmcarroll32 you have my heartfelt condolences because Farmville has just as many problems as this game does, that's why I won't play Farmville 2. Good luck with whatever you decide.

cjencute's picture

Got cotton w/ quake+poison @ EBI

Brad's picture

Lvl 18 Bone and level 15 Ash on EBI on fifth try.

I tried pepper & crystal, got a 24hr wait was hoping it was a cotton but turned out being another crystal :/ .. now I am trying quake & poison, got a 14hr wait, so yet another fail ! Last try is ash & lava .. I hate that I read everyone else gets its 1st & 2nd try and I don't. Its rather upsetting. I've tried 20 times for the sapphire and still haven't gotten it either.


rachelmcarroll32's picture

I hear you on that one! I gave up on trying to obtain any gemstone dragons months ago. Great for everyone else who gets them on the first or second try, using the same combinations we all do! It's all based luck and given at random. Kind of like the lottery. Some win, some lose, some break even and some are so far gone they can't even win their money back! The "what if" keeps us here at this game. :)

Marion45's picture

I can relate to not having the best luck at this game. I went 3 weeks w/o a new, epic, or gemstone. I was so frustrated because my hubby and grandson were getting epics etc. all along. At the same lvl I had 7 epics while they had over 20, I was booo hooooing something bad but I do love this game so I kept going.
Don't give up, it will get better! I don't have cotton yet but I did get an unexpected Summer, my 1st seasonal so I get to buy a new habitat. :)


Marion45's picture

It took me 42xs to get my birthstone, Peridot last mo. It was hard waiting but from the 26th to the 31st I got 3! Keep trying!


flpeach22's picture

I got 2 of them. 1 with poison & quake and the other with sakura & lightening. Good luck everyone :)

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And I just did this and it's still working!!!! Don't miss out on 25 free gems :)

Veva's picture

I wasn't sure if this was actually a thing but it is and it still works! Thank you for the tip :D

~ ~ ~

Level 65 park
216/217 dragons
214/216 eggs displayed

fa407co's picture

Ty flpeach 22 . I just did I have 25 I'm New

Fatima cover

alidingo's picture

Thank you for the code! Really helps my saving for gifting tree.

Omg it actually worked thanks.. I need more codes now lol. Ill use it to get the bone dragon if I can't breed it

Jeny Lynn's picture

Getting frustrated!

I've been breeding lvl 15 ash/lava and lvl 15 poison/quake since the dang thing came out and no cotton dragon! Gggrrr!!!

Level: 62 | Dragon Count: 208/216 | Egg Count: 172/215

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Got one cotton with a lvl 15 ash/lava combo in the EBS and got a second cotton with a lvl 15 poison/quake combo in the EBC.

Level: 62 | Dragon Count: 208/216 | Egg Count: 172/215

Facebook: Jeny Lynn | Platform: Android

Current Hunt: Facebook Gem Circle; Coal, Snowflake 2, Snowflake 3, and Snowflake 4 dragons.

Veva's picture

I got one first try with Forest and Firefly, both lvl 15 on the EBI

~ ~ ~

Level 65 park
216/217 dragons
214/216 eggs displayed

Veva's picture

Just got my second one with Tree and Scorch, both lvl 15 in the breeding cave. :D

~ ~ ~

Level 65 park
216/217 dragons
214/216 eggs displayed

First time with poison and quake :) in breeding cave both level 10

Don't trust strangers... :)

me too!

I FINALLY GOT ONE!!! WOOO HOOO! !! Pepper & Crystal .. finally .. maybe I do have some luck, now going to try for my sapphire again :-)


Today must be my lucky day on dragonvale, I got my summer, sapphire , and cotton dragons today. Yippee!


Marion45's picture

Congrats, glad things turned around for you. I actually got Summer on the pedestal, my first seasonal habitat dragon! I have bred +bred for the seasonal w/no luck and I couldn't get Spring either. At least I got my favorite season one, even though it is an ugly dragon! LOL


WolfGirl's picture

Forest & Firefly did the trick. Twice!


Athea_Antar's picture

Got my first one with firefly and forest.....and I just got another with cotton and rain, was trying for a dodo. both of those were in the epic breeding cave

fa407co's picture


Fatima cover

Fabi&#039;s Dragons's picture

I dont get this dragon trying poison 13 + quake 10 since the dragon is available and get just the other hybrids can anyone Help ?!


aimsteroo's picture

I got one with flower + crystal and a second with flower + quake.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

kelly01010's picture

first try with cactus level 5 and obsidian level 13 in breeding cave. That's strange, cotton isn't in the sandbox's breeding list for these two dragons...

Got 3 of cotton dragons with 3 different combinations. Quake/Pepper(EBI), Crystal/Pepper, Forest/Firefly. All of them level 10. It took me few times, I have no luck to breed rare dragons on first try :)

got it first try with love and earth

Poison + Quake on the EBI on my second try!!

LADragonchick's picture

Confirmed Crystal and Pepper. 2 in a row in fat, so I got an egg to display too :) yay!

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

D_samriel's picture

If i breed 2 cottons after it expires today... is the only possibility only a cotton dragon as an offspring...


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

Lava & Ash !!!! Spent all my gems trying to breed cotton before the end of the day. I didn't realize it was such a small window to get this dragon!

EmeraldIsles's picture

First time with level 10 Pepper and Crystal

Sfhcrispy's picture

I use my lvl 19 Panlong and lvl 18 Cactus and I get so many epic dragons from this combo. Including Cotton. I also swap Cactus out for Magnetic and that works awesome too!

Saismin's picture

Very sad. Despite trying for the short time it was available, and spending a bunch of gems, I have no cotton dragon. :( Wish they'd give it a longer window.

~Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.~

Tried hundreds of times, used all my gems and still nothing.

Athea_Antar's picture

You guys I don't think this dragon is available anymore I was gonna breed it so I could have the display egg but its not available to even buy......


Like most dragons, it may return given time, ghost just came back for a second go!

Got to be the ugliest dragon yet.

Cotton wins Ulster Meadows race easily, and is a scream to watch! Hilarious:)

GC ID = I8abug!
I visit all parks just to see how you do
I admit it's a lark - but I get jealous too!
No money for gems - I rely on my luck
So thank you gem friends - that my park doesn't suck:))

Trying to get a second now. I love this one. A born racer I use this forall the races but where you have to use the steel/forge/quake or sonic dragons. Year of the Dragon, cherry road, Ulster meadows.It kicks butt.

Mine is on a Island with a plant, Fire, earth and lightning boost.

Is this dragon still available? I thought it expired.


Dreamsnake's picture

Took quite a few tries & combinations!
But!! Finally achieved it with flower and crystal, whoo-hoo!:-)

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i want the cotten dragon so bad!


txjvamp1's picture

Poison 11 quake 15 in upgraded cave 1 st try!

Tricia Jorgenson

dragonsrawesome's picture

24 hours in cave with Quake+flower. Crossing my fingers.

182 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: bicentennial

dragonsrawesome's picture

24 hours in cave with Quake+flower. Crossing my fingers.

182 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: bicentennial

dragonsrawesome's picture

24 hours in cave with Quake+flower. Crossing my fingers.

182 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: bicentennial

dragonsrawesome's picture

24 hours in cave with Quake+flower. Crossing my fingers.

182 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: bicentennial

dragonsrawesome's picture

24 hours in cave with Quake+flower. Crossing my fingers.

182 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: bicentennial

dragonsrawesome's picture

That posted way too many times...

182 dragons and counting
Recently achieved: bicentennial

Christine Green's picture

the other night while I was on my social friends finding party hats I came across one friend who had a cotton egg hatching and thought thats not in the market but I need the egg for display so I tried 2 cottons on my island and sure enough its now hatching ! thats amazing