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Crystal Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
10,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
48 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
85 coins per minute
Sale price: 
100,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
69 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
7 xp / minute

"The crystal dragon hoards shiny things. So long as you don't look too greedy around it, this dragon will be quite content to let you hang around."




I bred ash and lava and got 10 hours!What could it be? lollie25:)

It is a lava add me AwesomeToto

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How do you add people as a friend on this game?


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I am having difficulties breeding this dragon. What has been the most successful pairing?



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Earth Dragon bred with Lightning Dragon. Here are the possible results of that combination

I bred Quake and Storm dragons and got it on the first try :)

Thank you!! I tried it & I got it..thanks!!

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I used earth +lightning in that order first try level 10s

The 1
and only

Earth and sonic both leveal ten

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NOPE! Got something cooking for 8 hours.

storm x obsidian
i got that twice in a row :(

earth and lighting

Well I bred storm and lava

I breed the obsidion and lightning dragon and so far i have two of tgem

I breed the obsidion and lightning dragon and so far i have two of tgem

I got it with a quake and lightning

lighting (left) earth (right)

i got it after 3rd try.

Ive tried earth and lightning and now have 3 quakes. Is there another combination?

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Earth and Lightning Dragons are the best combination, just keep trying, you'll get it eventually. It comes down to luck, some people take a bit longer. :(

Got it on my first go lol

Got it with sonic and earth

I bred ash and lava and got 24 hours for a crystal dragon on the first try

I bred tree and lightening and got crystal is the odd

I got it air 10 and quake 8? I have know idea how I did it.;-)

This is my second fav. dragon, after Chrome Dragons. There just so cute and beautiful!!

I was just on Dragonvale, breeding random dragons, so I bred a Lightning and Earth and got it by mistake ;) Good mistake ;D

Water+ crystal =crystal???????"

Bp @-@

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It happens. :)

Crystal + cactus= Crystal all the time.....

Does Earth and Lightning really work or does it usually make something else?

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You'll either get Crystal or Quake Dragons with that Earth-Lightning combination.

We got a crystal dragon first try using lava(left) and storm(right). They were both level 4 on breeding cave.

Storm and earth first try

I used storm on the left and mud on the right and got it on the first try

I just used Earth and Lightning :P

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

Earth and lightning. Got it on 1st try

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I did quake and air
They are now breeding and i need to wait 24h

I got 24h with mud and sonic...hope it's a crystal!

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Wack breeding time for this dragon. Im trying for quake!!

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Yeah, very long. Many Earth Dragons have long times. :(

Earth and Lightning 1st try

Earth and Lightning 1st try

Dang this thing looks cool as an adult.

I go with Smasher324 and Leek1286.

I Try lighting on left n earth on right both Lvl 10 n it looks like it worked n.n

im getting it im breeding in epic island accendently lol

I'm pretty sure I'm getting one.. I bred quake and water.

I was trying for the quake and bread the crystal!!! Super excited.

Got it with a glacier dragon and firefly dragon.

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Thx guys ! I was born in August so I am trying to get peridot

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Lol like how old are u

o3o. $_$ @_@ @) |°·°| °·° lol peeps

Got mine from lightning and quake

Glacier+crystal (adolescent both) breeding time=1:05:23. Any idea what dragon it is??
If u do pls tell me

I got the Crystal dragon with quake and lightning.

Earth (lv 8) and Lightning (lv 10)

I bred a earth with a sonic trying for a crystal dragon and got 35 hour time. Very happy it gave me a Olympus dragon :)

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Mud + Scorch.

I was trying for Sonic using air + quake and got Crystal ,which I already have .
How is this possible when air is a opposite ??

Because both quake and crystal are earth+lightning, so in using a quake in the being opens the possibilities to any dragon that can be made from any and all elements present. So Air and Quake make Crystal or Sonic or sandstorm or air or quake, plus any special/limited dragons that require earth air and lightning. That's why Andy.

I have tried lightning and earth 2 times now and got quake both times s next I think I am going to try quake and lightning. Does that pair work?

Yes, as does any combo that has earth and lightning.

After that if it doesn't work you should try blazing & water it would either be a equinox or crystal. Both are pretty good.

I got it with quake and lichen? I was trying to get Sun/moon/blue moon/rainbow, can anyone tell me some successfully dragons to breed to get them

I tried but some how i got schorch

I bred adult tree and adult firefly and got 24 hours breeding time. What are my chances of getting this?

I bred adult tree and adult firefly, and got a breeding time of 24 hours. What are my chances at getting a Crystal dragon?

50%. The other 50% would be a equinox dragon.

i did earth and electric

I got it with a lv7earth and a lv4 lightning

Can you get it with blazing & water? Cause I either have crystal or equinox.

Yes either getting this or the apocalypse dragon
Breed the sonic and earth

I mean equinox


I got it with lava and lightning the first try.

Got it with Air + Quake

I breed air and quake and got it. Takes so long.

Air + Quake (first try!)

Air and quake, was going for sonic, very annoying.

This darned dragon is the bane of my existence. I currently have two in my nursery, one being bred in regular cave, and one being bred on EBI. Not to mention the one I already have.


I just want a quake dragon. :/

I bred firefly and mud and got crystal on the first try. Good luck!

I can't get it! I keep getting quake dragons!

Have you tried just basic lightning and earth?

Quake is earth and lightning, just swap them around!

Got it with quake and water.


Earth + Sonic dragon. 2nd try.

I got it with Rust on the left Quake on the right, both lvl 10, in the cave. I wasn't trying for it, but I was glad because it was one of only a few hybrid dragons I didn't have.

I tried 2 times but got 2 quakes!
I will try earth and sonic

Earth and sonic

Whats the best combo for this dragon? I heard that its in many breeding recipes for gemstone and epic dragons

1st try, but was trying for century

I got crystal with earth + sonic too, it might give u an olympus dragon too.

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Lightning and Earth <--That order, 24 hr time on my first time :D

I bred Crystal and Water dragon. Any ideas what I might get?!

I bred earth and lighting and i got it :)!!

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Hail and Sonic in EBI...was trying to get amethyst, but I'll take it!

**151 out of 153 dragons

Magnetic and tree on first try :-)

I used lava on left and storm on right trying to get this dragon and got a rainbow instead!!!

Tree left and Firefly right! Got it First try!

I bred tree and scorch first try

lightning+mountain first try

I got it with lighting and earth firth try! Both level 7.

Trying for Celtic with Clover and Storm and got Crystal

I can't get it! I always get quake! Why can I breed rainbow dragons but not this one?

I got one first try with lightning and earth. I was expecting quake so I was super surprised.

Any suggestions? I can't get it! I tried sonic and earth, but I got a thunder. I'm trying to get the opposite dragons too, like sandstorm, dodo, plasma, or current. Opposite dragons and this one are driving me nuts! I can get two rainbows, but not this one?

I bred air and quake dragons. am I going to get this one? because if I do I'm going cry bc I got this one like 4 times in a row already

I bred Lightning and Cold and I got it the FIRST TIME!

i like the crystal dragon because it gets more crystals.

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Lightning and Earth, both level 12 on ebi. Add me JPUDLAS85

I tried to get this dragon but it didn't work. I got a quake dragon .
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Earth and Lightning both level 7 on breeding cave and I got 24 hours first try! Yay!

Same here

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I got a quake... What do I do to get a crystal dragon? I tried twice, lightning and earth in different orders... :(

Earth and lightning first try!

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I keep getting Quake whenever I try earth and lightning. :(
Any other combos?

Skyward slash!

To :Rones
To get crystal I bred a lava dragon and a lightning dragon together and to make sure go the the speed up button and it should say it takes 24 hours to breed so yeah I hopes this helps and if this doesn't work try flipping the dragons around instead of lava to lightning try lightning to lava but yeah

Add me on game center if u have it my user on game center is Max'n Mel

I really hope this helps to breed a crystal dragon
If you have any other questions on DragonVale email me at
From Angel456gz

To :Rones
To get crystal I bred Lava and lightning together
From angel456gz

I bred two level tens-Lightening and Earth. I got Crystal on the first attempt.

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I tried Earth and lightning 3 times, got 2 Quakes and now one 24 hour egg incubating :-)

Ash and Lava level 11 regular cave and I got a 24hr breeding time!


What are the combinations of breeding to get this kind of dragon?


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I got it with Cave L lvl 12 and Quake R lvl 15 in breeding cave.

76 dragons do not have!!

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I keep on getting a quake dragon. Am I doing something wrong?

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Never mind I got it this time:-)

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So long!
I was trying to breed ash. Breed a tree and lightning, got the Crystal. 24 hour breed time sucks!

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I got it with Lava and Hail

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I'm pretty sure I got it on first try with river dragon and lightning dragon weird combo lol but I got it I'm pretty sure

Roses are red, violets are blue,I don't like you and neither do you!

the kid crystal dragon looks weird in the picture
adolesent thats what it says

its head is way to big

Did Ash + Lava and got it on the first try.

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Lightning (7) + Quake (4), it took 3 tries, but I now have a 24hr breeding time! Yay for me!

Game Center: YazMimi
(Feel free to Add Me)☺️

You can try quake+lightning or quake+earth. Anything really. As long as the only elements are earth and lightning. If you try lightning and earth and it doesn't work, switch the elements around. Sometimes it matters what order you put the elements in.

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