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Current Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
75,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
250 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
130 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
226 coins per minute
Sale price: 
300,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
313 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
78 xp / minute

"Though current dragons are mostly known for making people's hair stand on end, it has been said that when no one's looking these rare dragons put on flashy, electrical displays for each other. Maybe if your guests hide they'll be able to see the show!"



how do u breed it



dragonpawz's picture

Got it first try with Water and Sonic level 10 in the breeding cave.

I got it with cold & storm



OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
This is so easy to get, cactus and water like, every time!

This combo works, any level, first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any breeding cave, too!!!!!

I bred water and current and I got another lightning, how?
I probably think lightning and current for plasma.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

The two elements are opposites, so you cannot breed Water directly with Lightning. Instead, you need to breed some hybrids that contain water in one hybrid and lightning in the other hybrid (and get a bit lucky to to the the combination you want).

Got one first time, breeding a level 9 Water dragon with a level 5 Crystal dragon. Not sure if the level difference helped, but didn't want to leave that part out in case it was significant.

dragonlady's picture

I just got this with one with lvl 10 magnetic and lvl 10 water. I tried many times with scorch and water and firefly and water but never could get it with those.

It took me a while to get this one, I got very annoyed with it...

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

mytydye's picture

I have tried everything and get all except current

Royal_J's picture

Current dragon will be the death of me! Lol any tips peeps?? Thnx

~*From the Distinguished Office of the Royal Guild*~

<*>Got Them All<*>

^¥^Phantom Dragon Shall Return^¥^

OMG! Your dog is sooooo cute! I love pugs! Any way back to the subject, how do you get this dragon?! I'm dying to know! Please tell me! Bye:D;P



I jst tried it with magnetic n water n i got a copper dragon?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


my egg turned out 12 hours . is that a current or a plasma?

It is a plasma I already have one.

That's weird, plasma and current are both 16 hours. You said that your egg was 12 hours. Check for yourself.

Just got this one with level 11 firefly and level 11 water normal breeding cave, the last one on my list yah :-)

Hitdat's picture

Just dis crystql n water I got a 35 hr egg any ideas


you got a olympus


I was examining some of your posts on this site and I think this website is real informative! Keep on putting up.

Quake and Lichen

drag_anao's picture

I got rainbow with that combination

you got rainbow with quake and lichen? i always wanted that thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Magnetic & water on island.. Was trying for plasma

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now there are 118 dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's a hail dragon? I got one

its the new dragon. combo cold and lightening...we have him too

Kyla066's picture

Current first time with water and magnetic for my second park been trying for about 2 weeks non stop on my first park without any success, it is the last dragon that I need on my first park.

I'm breeding water + storm. The time says 7:88:14, does that mean 7 hours or 7 days? And what will I most likely get? Thanks :)

Wildzwerg's picture

Wow, 7 hours 88 minutes and 14 seconds ...very special, good luck! ;-))

Aayla Secura's picture

Yay! First try with Water and Magnetic!!! :D

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I tried with quake And water got 24 hours someone know wich dragon that is?

SandstormDragon4's picture

Never mind just a crystal one :(

Copper + water 3rd try. Was trying for cyclops:)

Thanks for this suggestion! I couldn't seem to get current OR plasma....been trying for a month! Popped in this combo...bam, 16hr egg. Woohoo!

Finally! It took a lot of tries but I got it with Sonic and Water.


Wiiild's picture

Hey, peeps, just a word of advice, but a good way to get this dragon without any crazy long breeding times* would be to use SONIC+WATER, THUNDER+WATER, FOG+LIGHTNING, RAIN+LIGHTNING, CACTUS+WATER, ASH+WATER, SWAMP+LIGHTNING, SEAWEED+LIGHTNING, SCORCH+WATER, FIREFLY+WATER, STORM+WATER, HAIL+WATER, ICE+LIGHTNING, or ICEBERG+LIGHTNING.

*See the 10 gems trick on the second page under "century dragon".

Tahlia's picture

Firefly and water both level 10


Water and quake

Smdgutierrez's picture

Must be a water and ??? Combo. Any other water hybrid doesn't work

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Omg I LOVE your profile pic!!! Kairos is one of the greatest dragons to ever live!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

I'm having a crazy time getting this. Water and firefly lvl 15 both and I've tried 20 times

notanoob's picture

HELP!!!!! I have been trying forEVER to get this dragon!!!! Any tips??

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

I finally got current after eluding me for 34 levels. Ash and water

notanoob's picture

WOW. You must be reaaaaaaaallly patient to wait THAT long!!!!!!!!! Wish I had that patience!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

After many, many tries finally got one with level 10 scorch and level 10 water. After this I did the same combo and got the Salamander dragon too!

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First try. Thunder on left, water on right in the upgraded breeding cave. Both dragons level 10.

Got it on first try with Rain+Lightning!

OhioDragonGirl's picture

was trying for current...used seaweed and a salamander instead...its a win either way!

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

OhioDragonGirl's picture

FINALLY Got a current lv 12 water/lv 12 magnetic on regular breeding den (leveling up your dragon shrines w/gem is worth it. no one has time to get 50 lv 10 dragons!!!)

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

Grazz200's picture

Just hooked one of these up with magnetic and water then got cyclops

Pro dragon breeder

Braderus's picture

Took like 5 goes but finally got it with cactus and water


culbetam1's picture

I keep getting the electrum dragon. I think I am going to give this one up for a bit.

Trying for days. Have every other dragon. Trying water and plasma on both breeding cave and island! Both either lvl 18 or 15, no love. Had already tried other suggestions. Killing me!

Dreamsnake's picture

Argh! This one is supposed to be so easy to get, but not having any luck! Have all available dragons except this one & it's driving me nuts, lol.
Have tried every common breedings for this (cactus/water, sonic/water, etc). Anyone have any suggestions? Frustrating, soooo frustrating! :(

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Oh my gosh!
Got it! Got it got it got it, lolol! Have all current dragons now, whoo-hoo. what?!

(G.C. ID: ABHummingbird)
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(Please note - you can only enter ONE friend code, ever! Please be sure you are familiar with how this works before entering a number!)
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Just collect money, and raise more food... and get them all up to wearing crowns...


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

Back to breeding for this one. I've been trying off and on forever.

aimsteroo's picture

Got this baby with water 15 + cactus 16, Epic Breeding Island, Second try

I didn't have luck with water plus sonic.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

Chico836's picture

Having the worst go at this one!

FortunaDraken's picture

Lovely, just got this guy with a level 14 Hail and a level 10 Water. Been trying for a Sun and Moon with all different combos, but this will do nicely as a fail.

Game Centre: FortunaDraken

Got it on thebreeding island with level 16 firefly and level 10 water first try

I GOT IT!!!! first try EBI with water and cactus. I've been trying to get this dragon for ages. Now I've finally got all the elemental dragons XD

Murrisha's picture

Got this one on my side account twice with Magnetic (lvl 15) + Water (lvl 15) while trying for Ouroboros!

Level 95
GC: Murrisha (maxed out gem slots)
267/353 Pedestals
355/357 Dragons (Missing Pond and Plateau)
Trying For: Pedestals

I got it! Cactus and water third try.


Getting very frustrated with this dragon!!
Without this dragon I cannot get Hydra. Without Hydra I cannot get new Shield and it expires soon!!!

HELP!! Anyone. Please??
I have tried Water + Plasma, cactus, magnetic and more...