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Dark Rift Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
93,141 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
3,650 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Sale price: 
186,282 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
65 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
32 xp / minute

"What? Another rift dragon? The wizards thought only the first magic would imbue rift eggs, but so much Dark Magic was cast through the rift that a new type of rift dragon was made possible."



Xishom's picture

The second of the rift dragons, this guy is a beauty :)

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i don't think u can breed
i tried dark rift+dark rift and didn't game me any rift..only light dragons..

H64-GT18's picture

I second that! The pedestal's better than light as well. But I think the chin makes it look fat lol. So that would make rift dragons the opposite dragons for these types.

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emeraldwhisper's picture

Jay Leno

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

This guys head reminds me of a kaiju from pacific rim. Anyone else notice that?

Love the new Dragonz! Especially the dark rift! Add me on gamecenter : 3nd3erwolf I'll try to send gems I promise.

sjbaum's picture

Agree, kaiju, maybe it has green blood.

emeraldwhisper's picture

Maybe blood made of the night sky

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

Jeny Lynn's picture

I just tried to breed a dark dragon with a lightning dragon and it wouldn't let me. It's going to have to be a lightning hybrid. Now here's my question, if you can breed a dark rift dragon with dark and lightning, can you breed a light rift dragon with light and lightning?

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Soma VI's picture

Lol I just got this little guy four days ago

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Traceur's picture

When you breed two dark rift dragons you have a possibility to get a 48h (39 upgraded) for another dark rift, I bred two of them for a total of four now :) happy breeding!

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What do you breed to get a dark rift dragon? I have one, but I want another one for the pedestal, and I would buy it, but I don't have enough gems. I tried breeding dark rift and lightning, but it wouldn't let me. :(

Mistidog9's picture

I keep getting glass dragons trying to get this one. I've gotten a total of 3 trying to get it. Is it not working because I'm not high enough level for dark???


D_samriel's picture

Possibly, if your not allowed to buy dark dragons, not dark rift dragons, in the market... then that's probably it...
Just keep trying... if you get it, I'll be happy for you if I'm wrong.... ^_^


Total Dragons.... 179
Just need Jade and 4 of the new hybrids, and I'll have them all.....

Mistidog9's picture

I've gotten 4 glass dragons and 1 or 2 sand dragons :( no rift yet


emeraldwhisper's picture

They have them if you do an jpdate I got a dark rift dark and light dragon I mean undated I mean up date

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

emeraldwhisper's picture


Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

emeraldwhisper's picture

Rofl rofl

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

emeraldwhisper's picture

No the chin makes it look like jay Leno

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

grenadeface's picture

I want the damn egg and I don't think I will get it :(

Mistidog9's picture

I don't really know how this dragon is so hard to breed for me :( I got a rainbow when I was trying to get a paper!!!


Aayla Secura's picture

It seems the only way to breed it is with two dark rift dragons. What were you using to breed? Also, paper? Paper is long expired, you will not be able to breed paper unless they do another bring em back special at christmas.

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Mistidog9's picture

No dark rift dragon for me :( sooo sad


Tigress's picture

I bred a fungus dragon with bloom and got a 38:24 time in the upgraded cave. It's must be dark rift there really is no other choice.

Tigress's picture

It was a Rainbow :(

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Way to go Bianca! Some people won't just listen until they are warned harshly =(

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I... Want this so much. Why is it I'm only level 17 and everything is too hard for my level? Btw, seriously? This is for dark rift dragons, not codes...

I want that dark rift dragon.... why is it so hard?!?!? Grrrrrrrrr

aimsteroo's picture

I did breed one of these with two dark rift dragon parents even though it is expired. First try = light dragon. Second try = dark dragon. Third try = dark rift. I was going for the eggs for my collection. They were both level 11 only in the cave. I was quite surprised.

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Jeny Lynn's picture

I just bred a dark rift dragon with a level 16 light dragon and a level 16 dark rift dragon in the EBC!! Incubation in the cave was as stated above but once it hit the nursery it was ready to hatch in seconds! Yay! Now I have two light rifts, two dark rifts, and their eggs! ;-)

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Boo_Kitty_Queen's picture

ALL THE DRAGONS ARE BACK!! How do I breed these ones?!?

Murrisha's picture

I just got him as a twin on my iPad GC. I had the Light Rift in the co-op cave hoping to breed a Light Rift on my main GC. Someone must have bred Dark Rift with it before I took it down; durr it's a hybrid dragon and can't be gotten until they re-release. Anyways, I waited FOREVER for the egg to incubate but when it hatched... Boom! Dark Rift. I hope it's this smooth getting the Rift dragons on my main GC.

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I have co-op bred Light Rift to a friend's Dark Rift trying for a Dark Rift. I've gotten 4 Light Rifts, still no Dark Rift. Sandbox says Light Rift to Light Rift has a 31.7% chance of producing a Dark Rift. That hasn't worked for me either. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Can anyone please help me!!

I already have the light rift dragon, now I want the dark rift dragon too. A friend offered it at the co-op breeding and I tried to breed it with my light rift. I got six other light rifts. Now I'm trying my light rift and a simple dark dragon, as the rift dragons are available right now. I got seven light rift dragons until now, but no dark rift . Am I doing anything wrong? Please help me, I'm desperate...

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Would one of you who have a light right be willing to friend me and co-op it? I have dark rift from a gift egg but really wanted a light rift one and from you comments it seems light right is easier to breed then dark. I dont have GC but I have a facebook account just for this game. If any is wiling to help add me then message me and we can arrange something!

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cynthia mulrooney's picture

I was trying for Bloom Dragon, I have every dragon listed for this time except Dark Rift! Wizards? Wizards help? Please!