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Diamond Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Gemstone Dragon

Breeding elements:

Unique breeding combination: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
150,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
1,750 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Gem income at Level 10: 
1 gem / week
Sale price: 
1,750,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
972 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
83 xp / minute

The Diamond dragon was the gemstone dragon for the month of April.

"A helpless romantic, the wizard Adam Anteen always loved diamond dragons. Unfortunately, these beautiful creatures are hard headed and refuse to live anywhere outside the frozen highlands. Under a lot of pressure Anteen discovered a way these incredible dragons can live on the Gemstone Island. They love their new gemstone habitat, but like all gemstone dragons, they themselves cannot breed."



Good luck to everyone breed ice and mine and you might get one

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Good luck to you all! Ice and mine, 30 hour breeding time, 24 upgraded time :)

Starting over with my life, one day at a time.
Email me at if you need me immediately!
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I got Diamond Dragon with ice and mine

I got diamond Dragon using ice dragon and mine dragon right now today it works ice and mine

Ice and mine
I got mine on the millionth try on island. Instead I used new ice and mine which I got.
Hope it helps!

Other than getting mine, steel, ice, and iceberg, I got TWO platinum dragons and a silver dragon!!!

Game Center: the t-a-c

I really need gems so please send me them and I will add all of those accounts.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OK, well I have had Level 15 Ice and Mine dragons constantly breeding since the beginning of April. Still no Diamond, but my consolation prizes so far have been the Platinum Dragon and Silver Dragon (in addition to a slew of other hybrids) I wish there was a way to stop a breeding if you know it's a dragon you don't want. (Like when I know it's going to be another stinking Quicksilver). Good luck everybody!

Have fun

FInally! I just bred my ice and Mine dragon and saw 30 hours. Only one dragon with a 30 hour wait... Diamond Dragon come to papa.

Have fun

Yep, I keep trying. Breeding Ice and Mine and also Mine and Ice. Don't have breeding island though, only normal cave :-( but I too have had endless steel, mine but I did get a silver. Still looking for that elusive diamond dragon.

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A 'cancel breeding' option, when I get ANOTHER ice or iceberg.

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I completetly agree with you 100%!! I've been saying this to many of my friends for a long time! Even if it costs a few gems! It would be well worth it to be able to move on and try, again, to breed another dragon you actually want! I completely agree with you!

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Cancelling the breeding just means spending the gems to finish the failed attempt, and hoping you have a spare nest.

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I know right! I hate these Quicksilvers. Especially when I got another kindle and am doing a "No selling or displaying Dragons challenge"

These Epics and Gemstones have been hard with this challenge. And when I know I am getting a Quicksilver, I just, RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes I restarted........ again.
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I keep getting the mine dragon

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I don't get the steel or mine dragons for some reason, I'm stuck with ice and iceberg

All that glitters is not always gold and all who wander are not always lost.
62 dragons, 4 epics GC: Warwisard12
All your gems are belong to us!1!!

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Aw yeah

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Add me gem 4 gem

I have gems to give away on a daily basis. 2 slots left so add me if you want a regular gem income. Finding diamond a challenge!
Perseverance with ice and mine hopefully will pay off.
Good luck all Dragonvalers :)

How do we set it up to trade gems?

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If you use Facebook, I have,1 gem trade left for a daily trader. Just befriend me on Facebook and we can set it up.


Keep getting platinums.

Me too. Four platinum, two silver, and countless rust and steel. And all I want is two little Diamonds.

Wouldn't think it could be this hard, or take soooo long. I have both the cave and the island breeding Ice and Mine. But all I'm getting is long stretches of waiting.

Bright side, I've got two out of three treasure dragons and their eggs now.

I wish I could get a platinum! I've only managed three silvers and a few other combinations :P

What is your fb ID?

add me on fb nicholas ng xiu quan

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My ID is eyemacatluvr and my name is Linda Geser on Facebook.


Hi how do you add on facebook i do play dragonvale everyday and dont know how to add people on order to get gems et give gems thanks

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Add me on facebook need 2 friends

TigerMD in game center. Or Maggie Dee on Facebook add me gem 4 gem

I only have 3 friends on Dragonvale , . I play it on my kindle fire. It is connected to my Facebook. Guess I'll have to go on my laptop and check it out more. I'm almost to level 20. Frustrated with trying to bed diamond Dragon.

How the heck do you add someone as a friend? I have 4 gem slots I can fill.

Got one ice, 2 platinum, and one steel keep going.

Got it 3 in three trys ice and mine still incubating

Hey just breeded ice and mine 3rd try got diamond. But if someone could donate gems it would help a lot!!

add me

Add me

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I could use a lil help if u still have ne open slots


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HiYa! Do you still have open slots for a new friend? If so, please add me I only have 3 friends :-( I will send you a friend request :-) thanks


I have use Ice and Mine 3 times and I have got Smoke twice. Now I am incubating another 14 hour egg. Anything else to try?

Try mine and ice the other way round, check it out on utube.

I think this may be right because I just set them up to breed and it will take 30 hours before I have an egg. Hope so anyway.

How do you get a Smoke with Mine and Ice? I thought you needed a fire and air or hybrids of either to get Smoke

I got smoke trying to get the diamond ,gi figure, can't get pollen been trying for weeks now now luck

Using bloom+blazing I got a pollen! I hope it works for you too!

I was trying for this dragon and somehow got a Motley dragon...go figure...

Me too, got a Motley??????? And smoke shouldn't Be an option either!

Looking forward to this one..

Looking for some GC neighbors, almost have my gifting tree.. GC: iposty

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If u have ne open slots I could use a lil extra help


Tried that and got platinum :-)
Good luck to everyone who wants to breed this a.k.a everyone:-)

First got steel, then got platinum! pretty cool plaitnum!

I tried with ice and mine 3 times and I got the diamond dragon my last try

I'm at level 32. Tried breeding level 10 ice and mine dragons to get diamond dragon 8x with no luck. Is there a trick to getting this dragon?



JUst need diamond and spring...

No wonder I never got IT! i was doing mine and ice not ice and mine! Now i just have to wait for my silver to finish!

Good god man I have been breeding ice and mine no diamond .i have got 10ice,10rust,5 quicksilver,1 silver,10mine,and 1 motley. Is it possible to get the diamond ?

Sounds like me except I haven't really gotten any quicksilver but I've gotten a ton of motley. So frustrating!

My thinking on this, is, if you don't pay to play, then the harder it is to get "ANY" gemstone dragon. Anyone who says they're not, and is getting them is full of SH!T.

Well, I pay to play and have NOT gotten it after 29 straight days of ice 15 and mine 15 in both the cave and island with forced breedings. Got three silver, but not even platinum. Sometimes I feel like the rare dragons were easier at lower levels?!?

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Finally got it!!!! Tried everyday since April 1 st!! Sometimes in the breeding cave and the breeding island!!! Got it on the breeding island with ice and mine:)

I keep trying and trying and I still can't get it when I try the combo it keeps coming out as a mine or anything but dimand

I got it with ice and mine

Getting my second one now after 20 times!!!!

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25 free gems for my friend code..I play daily!!

First try with Ice and Mine dragons :)

What level were your dragons....

Level dosent matter

notanoob's picture

Actually, level matters a whole ton!!!!!!! For example, if you wanted a hail dragon, dragon you would use a lightning and cold, right??? But if your dragons are low levels like 4 or 5, it's a low chance and you'll get a storm. But if they are max levels, it will be a lot easier. So levels DO matter!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

Wha do I do I can't get it I'm only on my 3 try and 2 quicksilver and 1 platinum still breeding

green inferno's picture

I got 2 Quicksilvers, a Blizzard and an Iceberg so far. Still trying...

Green Inferno

Good for you!!!

2nd day not bad at all

Good for you!

I got 30 lvl 13 and mine 15...hope I got it

I tried ice and mine and got silver first try

I got it on the first try first day, now I can get all those other raredragonsnin the mean time

Got 30 hrs EBI with Ice and Mine both lvl 15. First try. :)


Could you do steel instead of mine.

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No, with the gem dragons it has to be the specific dragons, not just the right elements.


ice and mine

ice and mine

Masterbreeder's picture

I just put ice and mine on the EBI and got 13 hrs :( so I put another pair of ice and mine in the RBC and got 8 hrs :( wth! Has anyone tried any other combo's?

I tried ice and mine and got 8 hours first try!

Yodatu's picture

I've been getting nothing but 8 hr breed times! Selling a lot of dragons too :) I have gotten a couple of 12 hr breed times as well as a 13 hr breed time getting the newest dragon but that has been about it.


I got 10 hour breeding time first try

I also got 13 h. What is it? Motley?

It's probably a Steel. I've been getting more of those than I know what to do with. At least they sell for a good price!

Masterbreeder there's only one combo for gemstones try again and hope to get lucky

Just did ice and mine on the epic breeding island and got an 8 hour breeding time, what could it be

It is so hard!!!!!!

Oh No! It's almost gone!

Got it also ice and mine first day of April was so surprised it wasn't on here so I looked up 'what is the breeding combo for diamond dragon dragonvale'

Masterbreeder's picture

Okay, thanks

I need friends so i can get gems and give gems please add me
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Add me

I haven't got a ice OR a mine.. Yet I am breeding for a mine at the moment. I didn't no that April had a gemstone dragon it was the only one that doesn't but hey it was a nice surprise cuz my birthdays in April!

My birthday was on march 27 and I got an aquamarine dragon

I haven't got a ice OR a mine.. Yet I am breeding for a mine at the moment. I didn't no that April had a gemstone dragon it was the only one that doesn't but hey it was a nice surprise cuz my birthdays in April!

Ice and mine, 1st try got 49 hrs! Platinum at last! Been trying for ages to get that. Now going to try for diamond!

The diamond dragon did not so up on my kindle fire I still have aquamarine

I'm having the same issue. Hopefully, it won't stop us from breeding the Diamond. But hey got a Platinum. And bred a second Mine and Ice to attempt two at once.

Edit, If your game continues to show the old gem Dragon, you can update the game in the app store. Worked for me this morning.

Same problem here. Still not showing up on either of our Kindle Fire`s. We are still showing aquamarine.I don`t think we can get it until it shows as an option. If anyone with this same issue gets a diamond could you let us know? I've been trying all month, and don't want to keep trying if it's not possible.

DDsMom's picture

I finally had to remove Dragonvale from my device then reload it. As long as you are using your FB park you will get your park back. If you are just using your local park I don't think there is anything you can do.

Mina's picture

I was having the same problem and I shut down my kindle fire and turned it back on and the diamond dragon showed up for me.

Yodatu's picture

I have tried several times so far with Ice/Mine combo. Gotten a few 8 hr breed times, 14 hr breed time but no 30 hr breed time! Geez, I hope that I don't have near the trouble getting this dragon as I did with the Aquamarine! I've leveled my dragons up to level 12 and 13 so hoping I get luckier.


Same thing happened to me but I'm still trying to get diamond

What did you get from the 8 hours?

Ice or iceberg

Podrian poner el huevo que pertenece al dragon

I tried to get the Diamond Dragon with the Ice Dragon and the Mine Dragon, but I got 47 hours which is the Silver Dragon, on the first try.


daniel.hart1505's picture

So did my brother, but he already has it!! I got diamond dragon first try!! I'm trying for the egg but got a platinum!!

Happy Breeding!! :) :) :) :) May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!!

Seven Dragons's picture

Drum roll please....the gem island is compete.

We got platinum on our first try....then few mine and ice. This morning got the diamond. Hoooooooooray.

Seven Dragons


Congrats to you Seven Dragons...great job!!! ;-)

OMG OMG OMG cutest thing ever!
Oh sorry about that.

I still can't get this thing I have already tried 3 times! Okay I over exaggerated that a little

Seven Dragons's picture

Thanks Annelisa9

Seven Dragons

can you get this dragon in the breeding cave? It seems impossible!

Just keep trying and hopefully you will get it - the gems can be rather elusive! Amethyst evaded me completely after countless tries, then I got Aquamarine within three goes... don't give up :-)

I just got a 30hr breeding time in the breeding cave. 3rd try so excited

Blazing's picture

I tried about 20 times in the breeding cave with no luck. Finally got the EBI and got a 30 hour breed time on the 2nd try!

After several tries and a quicksilver I think I got it. 30 hours.... thanks for the info!!!!!

I just got diamond with ice and mine in my breeding cave. First time I got a gem dragon in cave.

How cool is that. I'm still trying for one.

Have tried ice lvl 16 and mine lvl 13 about 12 times to no avail. Is there a glitch or issues when playing game on kindle does anyone know? Plz help. Very frustrating!!


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I don't think Kindle has updated yet. Mine still has aquamarine in the market, not diamond :(

If your game doesn't update for you, you can go to the app store and do an update. I finally got mine to show the Diamond that way.

I have a kindle to and you have to go to the AppStore and update it

I have a kindle also it took a few tries but I got it from epi. Awaiting for it to hatch!

Was it showing in your marketplace when you got it? Still not showing on Kindle Fire.

Yes it was showing on Kindle fire so is aquamarine though
. It took a bunch of tries but I hatched diamond today. Good luck!!!

Ritz's picture

I did what pantherwisdom suggested. After it downloaded, the diamond dragon was in the marketplace. After a few tries I've got 30 hrs breeding time :)

Ritz's picture

Hopefully I can use the same combo for silver :) Come on 47 hrs..... pretty please?

Remember, you dont get a diamond dragon first try.. and there are other dragons u can get from ice+mine. No glitch here!

Yes, understood but I am on my 12th or so try. It was informative to find out that kindle is a little behind. I am going to wait a few days as I foolishly purchased gems for this only to realize it was not yet released for my tablet. Thanks for the help guys.


When u manually update dragonvale on the kindle, everything will change and everything will be available at the same time any other device shows it.

It has been on Kindle for a few days. It took a bunch of tries got quicksilver but today I hatched diamond. Good luck!!!

Somesortofthing's picture

First attempt, got a steel dragon. Going for it again shortly

Wow this one was easy! Got it on the first try! Good luck!

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Got mine this Morning! Thanks Dragonvale for the early b-day gift!

Seven Dragons's picture

Happy Birthday Anerdra. i guess you got your birthday gift for the day. i wish i can have a diamond for mine......have blessed day

Seven Dragons

i thought that the blue moon dragon was expired

its my birthday tommorw

Got 30 hours!!!! Ice and mine both level 12

So I got a 18 hour what could that be have tried at least six times

vanillafields3's picture


LadyLunaGoddess's picture

If that's 18 hours standard breeding then it's probably a Quicksilver, that is if you used Ice & Mine.
Good luck I'm on try 7 myself.

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My kindle updated showing the Diamond Dragon but when my Dragonvale version updated all my goals reset back to Dragons I already have. Anyone else with that issue?
Btw on my 6th attempt for the Diamond since my son's birthday is next week and that's his birthstone, I would love to get it. Only been playing for about 2 1/2 months & I'm so
Happy breeding fellow Dragon owners <3

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