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Dodo Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
15,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
500 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
51 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
90 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,000,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,042 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
16 xp / minute

"Cave drawings of the dodo dragon were first discovered on Mooretoss Island long ago by the great explorer Lewis Dodoson. They depict an ancient, flightless, and rather clumsy dragon. For centuries it was thought to be extinct, but we now know that while the dodo dragon may be rare, it is certainly not extinct! I wonder what other dragons have yet to be discovered!"



Anyone know how to. Breed?

Wendallzmom's picture

Earth and Sonic - EBC trying for Olympic Dragon

I live in my own little world...but it's ok, they love me here!

I still cant get the dodo dragon any other breeds do you recommend

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I got one with earth and fog

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Nothing wrong with that.

Just got one by breeding an earth dragon on the left and a blazin dragon on the right

Got it with earth and rain normal breeding cave

Earth and rain.


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I just got this dragon with earth level 10 and pollen level 10 on the breeding island.

SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Air and lava 2nd try

You cannot get dodo with that requires earth to be one of the pair. What did you end up getting with that combo? Because it is not possible to get dodo.

Read the Dragonvale states that it can be bred by selecting Earth dragon to breed with air hybrid in either order in BC/EBI

FYI lava dragon is a combination of fire and earth

I got it first try


Bianca - Admin's picture

Earth + an Air hybrid or an Air + an Earth hybrid.

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Tahlia's picture

I've tried many combinations, just can't seem to get this one dragon. What combination did you use?


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Tahlia, im sure u have tried these two combos but i got dodo using mountain and air both lvl 10 and/or pollen and earth. its tricky tho... good luck :)

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Well I eventually got one :) I used earth and willow, I got lucky!


Got it!! Earth + Pollen in that order both level 10 Epic Breeding Island (2nd try)

I got it with both level 10 dragons snow and earth on EBI.

() ()

Sonic and earth


simpler please

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You can breed any dragons that have Earth and Air elements in it (you can't breed them directly since they are opposites). Any such combination will have several possible results, so it takes some luck to get the one you want.

Got it 3rd try malachite + air.

Really? How?

I got 2nd try with earth and sandstrom. But my husband got it from earth and blazing.

Got mine first time with earth and sonic

jhay-em's picture

Got 35 hrs with this combo ;(

Crome then earth , got it third try

Wtf is wrong with earth +air!!!!!

You mean why it's not letting you breed them? That's because they're opposites. That's what makes these types of dragons tricky. You have to use a different combination. I got it with level 10 snow and earth on the EBI.

() ()

Just got it with snow and earth as well. I believe this Dragon is similar to frostfire and bluefire in that it must have the earth dragon in the combo, like ff must have fire and bf must have cold.

I am very aggrivated. I've tried so many times to get this dragon. It's the only dragon that I don't have that's an opposite dragon.

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

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I can not get this drgon... any suggestions on a combo...I have tried everything above many times with no luck.


Yeah, I've tried all of them too!

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

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I was trying for a eclipse and got it on the island snow and earth dragons both lvl 10.

Game center=Dravenyancy030212

Earth & Blazing - first try

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It's still in the store, so it's still available. These opposite combinations are hard to get since there are so many possibilities. :(

Yeah, I keep trying Earth and Sandstorm, but I'm gonna start trying Earth and Fog/Rain

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

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This is the only hybrid dragon I don't have... will keep trying!

Try smoke and mountain

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Flower + Air both lvl 10 in the cave...2nd try

need an earth element

Just got this by accident while trying for the Eclipse. Used Earth and Blazing in regular breeding cave.


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Was trying for Solar Eclipse and got 2 of these guys! Earth x Blazing seems to be a near foolproof way to get this opposite. Now if only I could get Sandstorm...

I was trying for the Dodo and got the Solar Eclipse with the Earth and Blazing combo... Crazy.

Quake and air


I just hatched the Sandstorm. I used a Pollen and Earth. I'll give your combo a try. Can't hurt. Great picture, by the way. Where was it taken?

Dave Weaver

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Same as SaraBelle, got it trying for the Solar Eclipse. Not sure how many attempts though.

my friend is trying to get the solar eclipse so I told her earth + blazing... hopefully she doesn't get this one!

This dragon freaks me out so I don't want one. All the adult ones in the races always look like they're gliding very fast but they're hardly moving their legs. I X <3

I never intended to get this, but one day I was attempting (for the millionth time) to get a panlong dragon and I got this instead.

It doesnt work at alll
I tried it for 12 times but i dont get a dodo or a sandstorm

Dragonvale Admin's picture

It works but all these opposite dragons are a bit harder to breed.

dragonlady's picture

I got this twice with earth and snow!!

Lovablygsd's picture

Got this first time with Earth and Blazing.

Dravensmomma's picture

I got it trying for an eclipse dragon. It is still on the island it is the only possibility with 16 hrs and breeding a snow and earth dragon.

Game center=Dravenyancy030212

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I'm pretty sure I just got this one with mountain and air.

Earth and snow both lvl 10 - first try. Was trying for a lunar eclipse but I'll take it as I don't have one of these!

earth and cold, got it first time

Got it with Sonic and Earth

Just put earth and blazing together and got a 39 incubation period? Any suggestions to what this might be?

Also looking for new friends! New to game have lots of dragons but not a lot of friends to help!!

Earth15 and chrome15 in reg breeding cave. I've been trying for this one constantly for 4 straight days in both caves. Probably at least 50 tries or so. Now onto ironwood and bluefire the last 2 dragons I need thanks to the bring'em back and a ton of breeding and unfortunately a bit of cash

Earth and sonic, was trying for olympic. My son used the same combination and he's getting an olympic dragon.

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I also was trying for Olympus with earth and sonic and got this guy on my second try! No olympus yet, but super stoked I got Dodo! He's so cute!!

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Blazing & Earth at first attempt

I used panlong and earth, trying for something else but got the dodo dragon! Quite pleased because I needed it!

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First try in normal breeding cave! Earth (lvl 10) on left and Chrome (lvl 10) on the right! Good Luck All!!! :)

I got snow with the mountain-air combo instead of dodo.

Fivestarllc's picture

Blazing and Earth first try EBI both level 10 :)

Montgomeryswife's picture

Earth and an air or air hybrid and I got it first time with earth and pollen

Dragon Den - 2's picture

Earth left and Rain right in the cave. First try!

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Finally! Got it with rain & earth

I got it using a hail and a sonic weird combo right:-D hope it helps someone

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Earth & Blazing on breeding island, 16hrs 1st try

The dodo is sooooooooooooooooo cute

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Is there any other possible outcome with 16 hours breeding Earth and Sonic? I got 16 hours but I'm not sure if it's Dodo or one of the other possibilities. I think Current or Plasma were the other 2 with 16 hours. Not sure if Sonic has the water element since it was water/fire that made air.

Awww this dragon is super cute I want one, but you can't breed air and earth without the epic breeding cave that costs tons.........

Got it first time blazing and earth

Can any body give me any good advice

Peach17's picture

Earth and rain

Earth and sonic lvl 10 in cave.. Trying for another Olympus


First try earth and fog cool I've wanted this dragon so long it is cute as a baby

Earth and snow 1try trying to lunar eclipse

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Earth and Snow both lvl 10...was trying for lunar eclipse

Got it on first try with earth and snow both lvl 10. Tryin' for a Lunar Eclipse and I think it's on it's way now! Got a 48hr with snow and earth on second try

Tried earth & blazing, blazing & earth, at least 20 times (using tons of gems) in both the cave and island without any luck. Tried earth and snow, got it the first time!

I got it with earth and blazing in that order on the first try. Normal breeding cave

Earth and Rain worked for me on the third try.


Ashley_Peters's picture

I'm breading a dodo right now :)
I got it first try :)
Good luck!

i got an bronze olympus dragon trying to get this haha

Lol add me people i need friends on this game yamifoxey

oneswtsavylady's picture

Earth (left) - Pollen (right) Epic breeding Island = Finally, I almost bought this egg...geez

Earth and sonic 3rd try for this combo. Got a silver Olympus first.

I tried so hard to get this dodo dragon!! how do you get it? what are the combinations\2 dragons to breed it? someone please tell me!


Kyla066's picture

Just breed two Dodo Dragons together for an egg for my display and got an Earth egg and then an Air egg what's going on. Same happened with 2 Plasma dragons Water followed by aLightening Egg.

Scrappajax's picture

Breeding the same dragon with same two parents is no longer a guarantee to get that dragon with the new update. Not sure what the odds are as haven't tried yet. Good luck

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What happend in the sandbox? Why I can,t have hints for dodo?

And the same whit malachite and ironwood, current. They disapird from the sandbox....

Nannadragon's picture

Just got Dodo with earth + smoke on EBI both level 15, been after this one for months.

aimsteroo's picture

Success with Earth 16 & Wind 11, EBI. ( Finally!)

I was having no luck at all after countless tries with Earth plus willow, blazing, snow, blizzard, even fog. So, I decided to try with Wind, which is air plus light. I got it on the second try. I also thought of Miasma, but Wind has lower breed times for fails. The plus is that the fails sell for quite a bit of DC, or you can add to your egg collection.

Now to try for winter and sandstorm....

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

Bred sonic & earth and got dodo.

Rita O'Dwyer

Bred them on EBI.

Rita O'Dwyer

I have my first one cooking with earth & thunder, trying for the Olympus dragons. :)

aimsteroo's picture

Earth and sonic.

My daughter got Dodo while trying for Olympus dragons.

Level: 60 / Dragon Count: 212 / Pedestals : 211

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I finally got a sakura dragon by breeding in this order from left to right: dark and rainbow. OR double rainbow and lightning

Francisco Navarro

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FINALLY got Dodo with Earth and Fog after about 6 tries in EBC. Now gotta get my Plant-Metal Hybrids.

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I finally bred one with using level 16 Earth and Pollen dragons in the EBS!!

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Level 14 Earth on Left + Level 15 Blazing on Right (on the EBI). Was trying for Solstice...ah well, try, try again.