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Electrum Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Epic Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
550,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
2,200 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
171 coins per minute
Sale price: 
4,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,579 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
193 xp / minute

"While experimenting with lightning magic, three wizard brothers from the Stater family attracted the attention of an electrum dragon. Shocked at the discovery of a new Treasure dragon, they quickly dispatched in all directions to inform everyone of this new, epic breed."



Would like to know how to breed this please :)

Brett2Bad's picture

Magnetic and lightning


does it work.

Magnetic & lightning, upgraded island, 1 day 14h so 38h

Gum_E_Bear's picture

I Got 2 Back To Back Incubating Now... The Combinations Are Meteor/Lightning (Both LVL 15) And Air/Copper (Both 15 As Well)
STILL Trying For Liberty

150/158 Dragons As Of December 2013

S0MEF4TGUY's picture

METEOR lvl 10 & LIGHTING lvl 14 First try thanks for the combo

What's next, granite dragon?

What's next? Granite dragon?!

Accidentally got it using Chrome and Scorch.

same here. 38 hours, upgraded with 15 scorch and 15 chrome, trying to get another ruby.

DragonMonkeys23's picture

Me too...trying for another kind & got 1:23:30:00 (47.5 hrs) breeding time.

Epicdragon's picture

Got him easy.

I had steel on the left and plasma on the right. It took a 2nd try but I got this one!

Copper and Iron on the EBI did it for me the first time. It's a bit disappointing though. Gold, Silver, and Platinum are such beautiful dragons. The Electrum is kind of plain. It hurts to put one of the others in storage in order to give the Electrum room on the habitat.


Air & Copper in epic for me


Timekeepsonslipping's picture

Quicksilver- Lightning. Was trying for this.

Well I was trying to breed the Ruby with Chrome and Scorch, but I got this weird looking goldish egg. Turns out it's the Electrum. Cool Beans! BTW, How much do you love that new button "Breed Again". Love it.

Have fun

Well I was trying to breed the Ruby with Chrome and Scorch, but I got this weird looking goldish egg. Turns out it's the Electrum. Cool Beans! BTW, How much do you love that new button "Breed Again". Love it.

Have fun

Wendyyyyy's picture

I have 2 coming one was with Chrome and Scorch the other Magnetic and Water

Level 69
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Game Centre ID +--its me--+

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I got mine by breeding a lv 4 cactus dragon and a lvl 10 metal dragon


Scorch and Chrome....

cougarbeast's picture

Metal and cactus worked 1st time

stormyblood's picture

Magnetic and swamp work. Its how i got mine, trying for ourobus

Park Level: 70
Dragons: 204
Eggs: 176

I just got it with lightning and rust; first try!

Druif's picture

Used Flash(light/lightning)+ Quicksilver = 47,5hours ;D

Count your blessings!
ZEB_ABT's picture

Magnetic and Rust is how I just got it! I also got an Ouroboros with these two.


Polarian and aurora


Olivia Renee Wilson

Shadowfire RavenPheonix's picture

Speaking of which got mine on my first try using the Liberty dragon bread with Copper both level 15 on the ebi. Second try for the egg is still under way but it gotten me another epic with a 24+ hrs. Breed time...

I do know one thing about this Dragon. It has the element electric in it.

Olivia Renee Wilson

no.its not a hybrid.its a treasure!


Guessing, metal+lightning+earth

Jeny Lynn's picture

Don't even have it in the market yet. :-(

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

stygianleo's picture

It's the 4th EPIC Treasure Dragon....Bullshit !!! -_- Wastage of another habitat !!!

Feathered Dragon's picture

Well electrum is an allow of gold and silver. So I think it'll be a unique breeding combo of gold and silver.

[EDIT] I am now thinking that it will be Metal/Lightning. Since the other Treasures are Metal/_____

You will get gold. Did it

Mine and ice were all the treasure dragons. Try that.

Feathered Dragon's picture

Mine/Ice will only get you Platinum and Silver. This is because you have Metal/Water and Metal/Ice. Just like I said in my last post. Gold is Metal/Fire there for Elecetrum must me Metal/Lightning.

Did get a 19 h dragon (quicksilver) at the first try :-(

cactus/magnetic 47.5 hours.

Monsterhighmaya's picture

47 hours is silver dragon! Look at the calc. Duh!

Maya Hovav

Ryan1217's picture

Omg I have to get this dragon!!!!


jessica halleck sandoval's picture

I have 2 gem slots open to gift. If anyone wants to friend me on facebook. Only adults and no foul language please I have children. Full thanks

Hi Jessica...add me & we can help each other. I also have 2 open gem spots...I'm recently retired & do not post bad words! Sorry, forgot to add: FB name is Wendie Lombardi; Game Center is Aunt Wen1...

Aunt Wen1
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Hi Wendi, I have 3 more gems to give. Can we exchange gems daily? Will add u on Game Centre....

Hi Suffee...Thanks for responding. Luv, luv your parks!! Got more responses than I ever expected, but you were the very 1st & yes, we can exchange gems daily! ;-)

Aunt Wen1

Sufee is a great gem exchanger! :) :)

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Thank you Guninet! And, so you are ;)

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Suffee, I will exchange gems daily if you still have an opening for me. I have several " friends" on GC but only 3 exchange reliably. The rest are to visit to help increase my dragon$$. My GC ID is Kuimeaux.
Hope to see you around.

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

How do you add friends

gina bertolino

I have one gem slot if you still want to exchange.

Hi Jessica add me FB name Maria Angelica Ramadan. We can gift gems to each other.

ARamadan level 50
Friend code 15011703

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carisasing's picture

Quake and magnetic 16 tries 38 hours adjusted. Good luck!

Bred this one using metal and sonic.

Got this one using lightning and metal for 38 hour breeding time and 48 hour incubation time, very little fails.

William K. Edwards

What level dragons did you use?

Level 15 dragons

William K. Edwards

Mistidog9's picture

I tried this and got a 4 hour breeding time :/


I've just tried air (15) and copper (15) in island and got 47.5 hours, I think I might have the electrum

Redeyez's picture

3rd try....with lightning and metal 48 hrs on the island...then I accidently finished the breeding....thought it was a rainbow. The egg is cream colored with white/greyish circles and a light blue wavy line. Ill wait until it hatches on its own.

Hello Goodbye

Samcookie10's picture

That sounds like a pearl dragon


oneswtsavylady's picture

3rd times a Charm!
Magnetic and Lightening both level 10 on EBI 48 hr egg

Just got 38 hours in upgraded cave with cactus and copper! This is the only thing it could be! No 38 hour breed times showing in sandbox yet. Woo hoo!

Got one. Second try with metal and lightning. After I put the metal on the left. It is so cool looking but my second set had to put silver in hibernation. That sucks he was nice looking. Today was a good day got The Big Guy Kairo this morning. Go dragonvale. Gems are down but money wayyyyyy up!!!!!!! Nina


as per house of targaryen, lightning and magnetic = 48 hrs. for electrum dragon.

Got it first try with copper/iron

Krystal Clark

Tried Lightening and Magnetic nine times and got a Magnetic egg each time. Got an Electrum egg with Copper and Iron the first time!!


Got it! Ash and Magnetic!! Good Luck!

Got it First time - Magnetic and Metal - On upgraded Island - 38 hrs

Got it with Ash & Metal on EBI

Add me guys lets exchange gems. Thanks!

fartman's picture

Magnetic x lightning
It never ever matters which one you put first.
So lightning x magnetic works the same.


Scorch and Chrome resulted in this surprise new dragon! Thankfully I have room in the treasure habitat! And now, back to breeding for the elusive Ruby...

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Sending gems and treats to my friends on the way,
Flames fly from the tower and the cave is quite full,
But I keep breeding dragons 'cos it's always a thrill!

got it on first try. Air + copper dragon. Got it in the uppgraded breeding island.

Oh no! Don't have a treasure habitat yet. Best get one ready.

Okie Market

1st try copper and iron.

Think I am getting one after first try with lightning and 48 hour breeding time and there isnt a dragon listed in sandbox with those hours...fingers crossed although I did get a rainbow with a combo that wasnt listed so who knows lol.

Got it on first try in Epic Breeding Island! :) I was thinking that you have to use the elements of the Gold dragon (Fire and Metal) and the Electric type, so I used the Magnetic and Fire dragons, and it worked!!! It think that you need Metal and Electric to breed the Electrum, because I read the comments on the different combos. But I have an idea: maybe the Fire element gives you more chances of breeding one! (Just a though)

I wish I could breed this dragon but I can't because my breeding cave is filled up trying to make a moon dragon (I got 48 hours last night) >:(

Don't be angry, it took me ages to finally get the Moon dragon XD. At the place I got a Solar Eclipse, tons of Sun dragons (I have currently 5).
If you had the Epic Breeding Island, you would have 2 places where you can breed dragons. Just get a colosseum and compete, you will get gems easely and then buy the EBI. It's what I did and now I have almost all the rarest epic dragons. ;)

SaucyWench's picture

Got it with metal (15) on left, and Lightning (15) on right, in regular breeding cave. 47.5 hours.

Brad's picture

So now that they add electrum, it's possible to get one with the ruby dragon combo and on my second try since its release I get one. I just want a ruby dragon haha.

SaraBelle82's picture

Confirmed that it's a metal x lightning combo. Working on my Liberty dragon and just got a 47.5 hour breeding time. Electrum it is!

Got this dragon with lightning and magnetic dragon on island third time trying!

I'm looking for new friends/neighbors for dragonvale. I have a number of gems available if anyone is interested in sending me a friend request. I'm always checking these post and someone is always giving out great advice. In fact. I got a Fireworks Dragon this morning

Modena Jarvis

Aayla Secura's picture

3rd try with cactus/copper!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Gram Bear's picture

Got it first try Magnetic and Lightning.
Problem is I already have Silver, Gold and Platinum in the Treasure Habitat. Will there be an upgrade for Treasure Habitat?

will i am's picture

Air & Copper first try! Great tips thanks y'all!

Hello guys. I just use liberty and forge on 2 trys. And got it. Hope you guys will soon aswell. Add me on Facebook for gem exchanges. Have 4slots Kind reguards kim
Awrsomeguy7799's picture

Kimcherwy, u can't breed epic dragons with other dragons

Thanks for the help

will i am's picture

For some reason the liberty dragon can be breed with other regular non-epic dragons, very odd...

whopants's picture

I confirm, I just tried liberty with forge to see who was right and there breeding right now!

Well awrsomegay. Do you think i would say the combo in here if it didn't allready workd? Lol

Appear to have gotten one of these (38hr on EBI, base time 47.5hr x 80% =38) using the Ruby combo (scorch/16 + chrome/15), as expected (they've been adding new rare dragons using the current gem combos as a potential source lately.)

2qutte4u's picture

Got this by using cactus and magnetic.

First try with sonic and scoria both level ten and got a 38 hour count down in the epic breeding

Cook was here

Gem sharer looking for a gem giver. Add mysticmunicator in Game Center if you need a gem buddy.

Copper & Magnetic after 5 tries.

Grant Gaskill

Magnetic & Lightning
upgraded island 1 day 14H, so 38H

got this one 1st try, Terrediem and Copper, hate to say this! It was totally random, just thought I'd see what they made. Sometimes you try and try and continuously fail, then every once in a while it's just dumb luck!!

Jeny Lynn's picture

I just bred a lvl 15 copper with a lvl 14 blazing in the EBS and got an estimated 38 hrs. Not sure if it's this or another rainbow type. Lol.

Sandbox isn't coming up with this one or the liberty dragon yet. :-(

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Jeny Lynn's picture

It was this dragon!!!

Electrum dragon confirmed; it's in the nursery.

Crazy thing, I wasn't sure if it was going to be this dragon or not so I kept on breeding a magnetic/lightning dragon in the cave and only got magnetic dragons and that crazy combo of copper/blazing gave me this one right off the bat! Lol.

L80 | DC: 302/305 | EC: 227/303
FB: Jeny Lynn | PF: Android 6.0.1

Scorch and Chrome on EBI. Was trying for ruby and I'm ok with this!

Just got another one with the same combo! I want a ruby darn it!

Metal and Lightening, 1st try, upgraded island. Got Liberty first try also -- while trying for other ones.

DragonLovingGirl's picture

I just tried pollen and copper and got 29hrs 49 mins on the epic breeding sanctuary.any ideas?

Once anonymous user named Dragonvale fan 2

Shekkers's picture

Lightning and Meteor. Took about a dozen tries.

Got this with a chrome lvl 10 and a scorch lvl 10 in the cave while trying for a ruby dragon.

Celticdragon86's picture

Chrome and scorch

I got it with chrome (15) and scorch (15) in the EBI trying for ruby so far from that combo I got 2 rainbows 2 golds and now the electrum but still no ruby but yay for the new treasure dragon to fill the last spot In my second habitat

I also got it with chrome and scorch. Have got everything possible now with this combination EXCEPT the ruby dragon!

Was also trying for Ruby with Chrome (10) and Scorch (10) and got 38 hrs on Upgraded EBI

YahMez's picture

I also accidentally got it with Chrome and Scorch while trying for Ruby.

I would love to find some gem trading partners, I have two open spots. Looking for a daily trade, I'm on everyday. Game Center ID is: YahMezSoup

Happy breeding!

I got it trying for liberty. I was using air and copper.

Paigeadore's picture

Son got it with Crystal level 10 and Lichen level 10 on the Island!!


Level 57 park
211/237 Dragons
181/236 Pedestals

NobodysAingyl's picture

Copper/Iron on the first try in reg breeding cave! The first dragon I let my daughter breed for on my game and she gets this lol that's

I wasnt even trying got it with a electirc an a magnectic

After a couple different combos using copper sonic metal lightning magnet and thunder and several repeats I finally had luck with level 10 baby metal and level 10 baby lightning on the enhanced version of the breeding island. Babies thanks to the fountain of youth. I am also looking for one more friend to trade gems with if anyone is interested. Melodic~Waters on game network

Just got it trying to breed another ruby: level 15s chrome and scorch.

Red in WI

WolfGirl's picture

Hi Jessica I just sent you friend request to trade gems Jennifer B-G. I have 3 more slots open. No bad language or creeps!


firelizard21's picture

Finally got it with copper and magnetic after about 20 tries.

219/222 dragons.

Goal: 1 FOY baby and 1 adult of every dragon, plus a display egg.
Still need: Egg for Antarian, and all 3 for Arcturian, Bizurian and Sorarian.

Here is a puzzler. I am breeding Liberty with Magnetic, it says 20hrs breeding time yet the sandbox here says you can't breed an Epic with any other dragon ??? So 1. How come I have and 2. What is it ???

If you haven't checked out the "other" original sandbox at, you should. Are you using upgraded times?

A standard 20 hr is copper. Since liberty can be bred from Copper & Air , I'm not surprised you got it.

Liberty is listed in dragonvalebreedingguide's sandbox as only having an air attribute.

It is Air, Metal and Lightning. This is causing your error.

The egg is hatching, can't find it in the list on here. It is blue and green squares with gold bands round the edges of the squares ???????? Any ideas ? Just found out it is a double rainbow, but how I got that on a 20hr breed time I don't know. Must be the magic of Dragons

boogsmum's picture

You will find Liberty dragon isn't an Epic dragon, I have mine in one of my Lightning habitats.

Catnymph's picture

Finally got it w lvl 15 copper and 16 magnetic after getting a ton of magnetic w the lightning metal combo.


Montgomeryswife's picture

Trying for ruby got it with scorch and chrome

Meteor and firefly

nplewinski's picture

Was trying for days for this dragon and kept getting magnetic, don't get me wrong a really good dragon to breed and sell as you can get 1.2 in 8 hours... Then decided to switch it up and use magnetic and lightening. First time! Woo

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

2 back to back on the island with Lightning & Metal! 1st & 2nd tries! Both are Level 12!

wasabikitty's picture

This site has Liberty incorrectly listed as an Epic that can't breed, but it can. Just for giggles I put Liberty and Bearded (both three-element dragons, level 10s) to see what would happen (since I can't run the combo through the Sandbox) and got a 38-hour breeding time! It's an Electrum! On the upgraded EBI, btw. Good egg hunting to all!

wasabikitty's picture

Oops, sorry folks. It's a Silver. Don't have that one though so it's all good. I put Liberty and Bouquet on the EBI and will have a Seasonal, Gold, or Rainbow. Hoping for the first two cuz I already have a Rainbow. I sure wish the webmaster here would update the Liberty so I can use it in the sandbox!

Add me. Have GEMS to share:)


Awrsomeguy7799's picture

Got it 2nd try quicksilver lv 11 and lightning lv 10

Thanks for the help

magnetic and lightning breeding cave both level 10 first try

Got it first try with Plasma and Forge, yay!

God gave man an imagination for what he is not; a sense of humor for what he is.

Just got my second electrum breeding level 14s of magnetic and lightning

Red in WI

Saismin's picture

Got my first Electrum! Love and Quicksilver both L15, EBI.

~Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.~

Impatient_Breeder's picture

Got it after a gazillion tries with 14 Magnetic and 14 Copper on upgraded regular breeding island :)

I'm looking for some gem traders. I have some but they don't log in daily. If you log in daily, and want to trade gems I have 4 spots open (dragonsai tree). Add me I'm compbasher on gamecenter.

Jost's picture

He wears thing is I tried chrome and meteor dragon to get a bunch of ruby dragons but got the electrum dragon wears but worked

Jost's picture

Sorry spell test what I meant to say is the weird

Jost's picture

Both at Lv10

Jost's picture

I messed up again what I meant was scorch dragon.

LADragonchick's picture

That was hilarious! LOL!

Love LA
Friend code: 75041290

Just got my Electrum by breeding Scorch and Chrome level 21

Magnetic and lightning only gave me tons of magnetics so I switched to Thunder and Copper and I got it first try!
Regular breeding cave.

Have it: Chrome (10 ) + Scorch (10), I wanted a Ruby dragon

go_novi's picture

Why is it everyone got electrum easily? I try in both ebi and nbc for 4 days and nothing. Now i use my ebi trying for seasonal and have to wait 48 hours to use it again. Well, thank GOD it isn't limited.