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Evergreen Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
5,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
45 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
80 coins per minute
Sale price: 
60,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
100 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
8 xp / minute

The Evergreen Dragon can be bred from a Plant Dragon crossed with a Cold Dragon.

"First found in the forests of Farn, the evergreen dragon is one of the few dragons known to roam in large groups. Coming across them in the wild may be a sight to behold, but beware; evergreen dragons are particularly prickly and properly protective of their progeny."



I want one so badly I tried to make one with plant and cold originals but I ended up with a lichen egg

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It took me a few tries but eventually I got the Evergreen Dragon from breeding a Plant Dragon with a Cold Dragon. Patience! :)

Yeah, I did the same thing, it took me about 2-4 times

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

I think I got one by using a flower and a cold, first try. Actually I wasn't even trying for that.

I got mine with fire and lichen

I know It took me like 4 or 5 times but I got it well I got the egg it's still hatching

ur gay

I breed storm and just regular plant dragon together and got the evergreen

I tried this to get the evergreen but got the ash dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanxs :D


This was a really hard one forme to get - I gave up for a while then it dawned on me: tree and lichen! Bam got it in one try!

I've wanted the Evergreen so very badly, but couldn't get it for the life of me. Just tried tree and lichen as per your advice, and guess what I got? :) I love you, you are a genius.

I just got it first hot with flower and cold dragon good luck

Try tree and snow I got it on my first try

I got one first time by using a lichen and a poison

Ethan McDonough

Try quake and cold. It worked for me! I wasn't even trying for it!lollie25:)

I got got one trying to get a Lyinchen egg

I got it with cold and tree

My brother got it with hail and ash

It has to be put in a specific way.

Same here!

Storm and lichen on the first try. Was trying for moon, but it didn't work lol.

Switch the cold and plant's places around

Me too!!!!!!!!!!

their so cute but i did the samething

Breed an ash on the left and a storm on the right. Got it the first time.

Breed an ash on the left and a storm on the right. Got it the first time.

Breed an ash on the left and a storm on the right. Got it the first time.



Crystal + lichen=evergreen 1st try

Keep trying! I just finished breeding a Tree Dragon & Cold Dragon and got one on my first try.

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first try with plant and cold, good luck, mine's still hatching.

The Evergreen Dragon is so cute! When I bred it I got it on the first try :)

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Congratulations! I finally managed to get a few of the Evergreen Dragons.

I know! Got it on first try and thought it was cool and common but I guess not. Also an amazing dragon for races! Can't wait till you guys get one!

i got it while trying to get rainbow, yes i know how to get rainbow, flower and storm

Ha! I got one while trying to get a rainbow!

I bred poison and cold and got this....wasn't what I was expecting but I am happy :)

Easy to breed first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Got one by accident with Crystal and Lichen

I'm breeding plant and snow, got 10 hours. Pretty sure it's Evergreen!

I Have tried but got a lichen instead. That's the third time in a row!

i got a 48 hour breeding time from breeding fire+storm could it be a rainbow?

Could be either Rainbow, Sun or Moon.

or a gold or a silver or a cyclops or a platinum.

it wouldnt be rainbow, only sun or moon. you need four different elements (doesn't matter which ones) to get rainbow and u only used 3

I have tried 6 times in a row can not seem to get it keep getting lichen
Any ideas that work

On my second try I got it but I'm nervous to make it an adult because I like it as a baby
How on earth do you breed a moon dragon?
Is it lichen and storm? Or the other way round? By the way get me on game centre!

if you want it to become a baby when its grown up- then ,BEHOLD!! download the fountain of youth!!

Forgot what I did to get that evergreen dragon so I can't help
How on earth do u breed the sun dragon or any rare dragon for that matter?

So if I bred a fire dragon with storm could I get moon dragon?
I don't want the rainbow dragon because I haven't got the habitat

I got evergreen by using lichen and osbidien

Think its hard to get THIS Dragon??????? This thing is annoying me. I cant stop getting it! I keep trying to get lichen And I got this thing 15 times!!!!! I only got Lichen Once.

Oh wait I still dont HAVE a lichen dragon -.-

gmc13's picture

It's the opposite for me I keep getting lichen instead


I got one by accident! B3 I love this dragon!! It's so cute!!!! :D

Got it with a storm and flower first try.

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Isn't that rainbow ???


I've tried to get this one 3 times..keep getting lichen:P I'm gonna try cold + poison cause I might get evergreen or frost fire and I want that one too

Cold and Poison 1st try(although I wasn't trying to get it)

Cold and Poison 1st try(although I wasn't trying to get it)

Cold+Poison (I was not trying to get it)

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You said that 3 times

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7 tries breeding plant and cold dragons for this stupid thing and still coming up with lichen every time. I want to throw my iPhone across the room. PLEASE HELP!!!!

the time is 10 hrs right?

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Yes, unless you upgraded your buildings (upgraded time is above as well).

This is my ninth try for evergreen and nothing

I bred crystal and lichen and got it on first try

Ps wasn't trying to get it

Got it with storm and flower.
Total accident.
Was trying for reindeer.

Got Evergreen dragon with Plant Dragon and Storm Dragon, both LvL 10

I got one using cold and petal dragons.

Got on my first try flower + storm

Got it first time with cold and plant

checked the sandbox. basically any 4 element combinations can yield Leap year... but pls do confirm this here

sorry any 4 combinations with lightning fire plant and water. so firefly + swamp? i'll try with this combo.

oops wrong page sorry.

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Thx guys !!!!!!

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Got mine by accident when trying for Apocalypse. Steel (lvl 10) on left and Ash (lvl 10) on right. Good Luck all!!! :)

Got mine on first try! Low level dragons too, it must be luck. (Plant and cold, btw)

I got mine first try with obsidian and cold

I got my first try! Thanks!

I've tried for this one 3 times now with plant and cold and I got moss the first time lichen both second and third

Add me on Game Center: doggy2499

I got it first try with gift and cold.

fire and Lichen and I got 1

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Me too

i got it with fire and lichen lv 7 first try

Got it first try plant and cold

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Flower+cold 1st try


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I got Evergreen with Flower 10 and Bloom 10. It was an accident. I was trying for Love or Sakura and getting desperate. Bloom was an accident trying to get Love or Sakura, too. Finally got Sakura, but have despaired of ever getting Love.

I got it first time, Lichen and Fire.

Here's the easy way to breed this wonderful dragon: breed a Lv. 10 Seaweed with a Lv. 10 Cold.... It works! Got a gorgeous egg, and at first, before seeing the egg, I thought I got a swamp!

I got one trying to get a Lynching Dragon.

Cold and flower Lvl 10, 1st try

I used gift and water to see if i can get another rainbow dragon, but i got evergreen !

I bred storm and plant while trying to get this, but i got MOON!:D

Cold level 10 and Poison level 9, first try and evergreen.. I was trying for ash though.. I don't have snow so any suggestions for ash???

I was trying to get a second rainbow dragon with gift and water . That combo also can make lichen, mountain,air,and iceberg and maybe even more !

Oops i said it twice

Yey! Finally I have the Evergreen egg! I've tried sooooooo many times!

What the heck?! I just got another with love and metal !

Willow and cold

I got it first try with cold and poison in a normal breeding cave. Was trying for frostfire

First try.
Moss and Cold

First try.
tree and cold

Plant and Mine

Motley and blue fire, first shot

DRAGONVALE IS SO MEAN!!! ive been trying 4 4ever, and i finally got 10 hrs. YES! rite? NOOOOOO it was a glacier! ARGH

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Dude, take a chill pill!!!! I couldn't get it the first few times I tried either, but I didn't throw a fit about it!!!! Just straight out breed cold and plant a few times, I'm sure you'll get it soon enough. Don't worry about it!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha lol :{)
I GOT IT first try with Crystal level 10 and cold level 10.

I got this dragon on my first try. :)

lol :P just stressed notanoob. nice pic

I was trying to get a Lichen with Cold and Plant but got this. Darn oh well.

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This dragon is beeing very illusive to me i've been trying to get it for almost 2 months now and mostly get lichen or a another combanation like ash or mountain. If someone knows a really good combination for the evergreen let me know cause i really want it

Crystal+lichen= evergreen 1st try

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Ive just bred plant and cold and judging by the breeding time i think i got him first try! Yay.... gotta wait to see the egg but im pretty certain its Evergreen =)


I got evergreen with lichen and crystal. Both level ten

Use a cactus and cold, really easy really cute

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I got it on my first try with plant and mine

Got this 3 times trying for a Lichen. This is taking forever. Cold and plant dragons.

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I keep getting this dragon with crystal & lichen (instead of the much wanted emerald dragon). Hope this helps someone who's actually trying for evergreen

Game Center ID: laurenoipynoi

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Weee! Nailed it, first try! Plant with cold (in that order) I LOVE this site!! It's such a huge help! Now, if I could just get this Pepper Dragon instead of all these Flowers...