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Firefly Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
2,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
55 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
97 coins per minute
Sale price: 
100,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
556 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
14 xp / minute

"The magical glow from their tails can be seen in the skies for miles around. They look like stars at night. Their insect-like shape tends to scare people away, but I think they're kind of cute!"



how do you get a firefly dragon i'm desperate to get one

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Breed Lighting and Fire Dragons

just bred lightning LVL 7 & fire LVL 5.

took 4 tries but got firefly... now to get Topaz before the day is out... LOL yeah right.......

brittany n.e.


i'm not reality is just different from yours.

All I keep getting is a scorch dragon????!!!!

I got with scorch and cold

Breed fire and lightning

cosmictriggerhappy's picture

You breed a scorch dragon and a cold dragon I just got two that way

you get it by breeding what it tells you
to breed it by

Tydus Nicolai

thank you so much

That worked!

That's how I got it, first try. ;)

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

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Hi :D im new at this, i need gems , how can i earned sum??

Is the coliseum in the market for you? Because if so you can earn gems by the coliseum. TRY TO BUY IT!!!! PS The Compitions take 24 hours to finish competing

Also TRY to buy gems

Martin185470's picture

I want to get the topize dragon

freinds can send them to you or you can buy them XD

You can get them in the running track thing. But you have to be a higher level than the colesium level.So best just getting the colesium for now! From lollie25:)

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The colosseum
Gemstone dragons

That's all I can remember from the top of my head.

- Linden S*******
Psalm 27:1

everytime i try for jade i get a firefly and scorch so my hibernation cave is full of them


You have to enter your dragons in colloussem events

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Or breed gemstone dragons, they earn you 1 gem per week once fully grown to Level 10 (otherwise 1 gem a month). Lastly getting friends in the friends forum is another good way to get gems.

Can it be any fire and lightning dragon or does have to be the pure ones. I tried the pure one and I got a scorch dragon. I want a firer fly dragon!!!!

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Any hybrids can work, too, but pure gives you the best odds.

Hey. I'm only on lvl 13, and after looking at this website, I see
that many dragons can only be bred on lvl 14. I've tried breeding
fire and lightning (in that order) but it always comes to be a
Scorch dragon - is the order of the dragons wrong, or am I am
I on a too lower lvl? Ps. I want to get a firefly

To Ms in need of help:
if you look at the page it has all the info you need. you have a chance of getting a few different dragons when you breed fire and lightning together. It just takes time and patience..

Fire (lv 10) & Lightning (lv 10)

this is such an easy dragon lvl 15 fire and lvl 15 lightning


What dragon does a lava and moss dragon make

a lot of different dragons

I bred this with firefly and mountain

I think I got this with lightning and storm but Maby its just my imagination

So far I figured out it does matter the order. Fire then lightening makes a scorch dragon.mdid it twice accidentally but the first time I did lightening fair I got the firefly

I got 1 by breeding lighting and scorch

i breed my origional fire dragon with hail dragon

i got it by accident crystal and fire


I was trying to breed a love dragon by mixing a poison (plant and fire) with a lightning and accidentally bred a firefly dragon.

Hey guys, I know this is off the topic but I got the Celtic dragon by breeding together storm and poison dragon(I'm on lev.19)

AWWWWW he is SOOO cute!! im going to breed it asap

flower + storm

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I keep trying to Get spring but ingetnmfirefly I never sell dragons so I have got 7 fireflys now

Sam light

I bred Thunder Dragon Level 10 with Fire Dragon Level 10 with Upgraded Breeding Cave ^^ 1st try

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got this with firefly and cold. was wanting sun -.-

Nicole :) 145/160 dragons
Friend code:5004655
Gc id: nplewinski

I'm going to try to get the firefly and then I'm going to breed it with a water Dragon (lv. 10 both.) And get the plasma. Then I'm going to breed salamander and plasma and get the jade :D

Olivia Renee Wilson

I would love to have friend to share gems with but don't know how to go about it. Would someone help me out? Thanks.

Rita O'Dwyer

BlueDragon88's picture

depends what type of device you are on.... if you are on ios you use your gamecenter.... if you are on droid you use Facebook friends

Blue Dragon

The fire fly dragon is strait up adorable as a baby, deal with it

Tydus Nicolai

I ke3p geting scorch this is so frustrating :s

Gotta breed em all!

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I was trying to get a scorch dragon but instead I got a firefly dragon!


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GC:1st Oz_Vessalius 2nd Soma IV
I love anime and dragons ^^

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I breed flower and storm and got Firefly
Both level 8's
With that breeding pair I also got Reindeer, Celtic, Flower, Scorch.

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I have 9 Fireflies in 1 Giant Fire and Large Fire habitats. All dragons level 10 except for two at lvl 12.

My username on Animal Jam is slipperyseal68867. Buddy me if you can!
Dragons: 34/184
Level 21
Recent wins: Light, Swamp, Bronze, Steel
Hunting for: Silver, Moonstruck

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Also have you noticed in the game that firefly dragons tails are now neon green in the Firefly Festival?? XD

My username on Animal Jam is slipperyseal68867. Buddy me if you can!
Dragons: 34/184
Level 21
Recent wins: Light, Swamp, Bronze, Steel
Hunting for: Silver, Moonstruck

WAVES126's picture

Yeah I noticed that when we first got the update for the festival on July 9th. I think it looks much better and "firefly-like".

Feel free to add me on Game Center@ Waves126
I missed Aurora and Elysium! If you're my friend can you put either up for Co-Op? Thanks!

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Ended up with Firefly when shooting for Love (with Flower + Lightning as per instructions). Cute. :) Named it Kaylee.

Give me a cuppa tea, a fluffy cat, and a book with dragons in it. I'll be content.