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Flower Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
1,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
25 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
59 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
104 coins per minute
Sale price: 
5,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
83 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
17 xp / minute

"The bright flower dragon is a favorite among dragon hobbyists. Though they sometimes get carried away, the aren't really dangerous. Just remember that they only bite because they think it's playing. It's important to train them not to bite before they get too big."



I bred fire and plant

Lol, I keep breeding fire and plant, keep getting poison. I wish there was a way to cancel a breeding session.

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Only way is to pay gems to speed it up. :(

I'm level 25, and a big fanatic, but still don't have flower lol:-(

add me on gamecenter, ID dragonelites

Finally got it! Poison and fire, 9th try. Breeding an egg to display.

add me on gamecenter, ID dragonelites

yep! Poison and Fire, 2nd try.

mario3d64's picture

How do u add? This is my 1st time

no, actually it isn't.. been trying for the topaz dragon all day...cactus and firefly, normal breeding cave after 8 tries finally got flower. keep trying!!!

brittany n.e.


i'm not reality is just different from yours.

Got it straight away

Try blazing and evergreen in that order
Got one but I wanted a smoke dragon

I know right I hate waiting around for dragons I already have!

But, if you look at the eggs on this website, you can figure out whether you have this egg or not.

mario3d64's picture

I tried to breed poison and got this 1st time LOL!

Me too

Some problem tried 5 times and got 4 posin and amazingly one paper with plant then fire at level 17 how the heck is that logically even possible Adium? Your like an expert oh and I breed a rain and mountain and got shappire on my first try and it was last minute im boss o and to bred rainbow in like 2nd try breed storm then posin with dos rainbow habitats on 2 separate islands it works trust me

Dear admin, i have an eggg yellow back ground with green lines breeding time six hours any idea what it is?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

It's the new Ash dragon

It is it is thankyou

I have flower and metal in breeding island got 24hours any idea what it is

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That would be a Forge Dragon.

Sorry they are in normal breeding cavek

Are you there admin

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Congratulations you got a Forge Dragon! Click here to read about him.

To get a Flower dragon try Fire and Plant or Fire and Posion.
Good luck!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

Somehow I got this with a poison dragon and a cold dragon, how does that even happen?

I am breeding a Cold dragon and a Poison dragon and it's incubation time is 1 hour I think it's a flower dragon but is it possible?

I got one with poison and earth. I was just trying to see what would happen.

If that is possible, then how do you make sunflower?

There is no Sunflower Dragon... It would be cool if there was one though

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

Not another! I already have 1 named green root I breed bone and plant.Wait, it might be a moss egg.

Breed fire and plant 1st try

Aayla Secura's picture

I'm just starting out, and I haven't had any trouble breeding so far, except for this dude! I'm begining to understand breeding frustration now! Poison after poison after poison! Is there a particular level my fire and plant should be at to get this flower?

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Yes, your two dragons should be at least lvl. 10. Although this hasn't been confirmed, it seems to work. Good luck!

Lvl 11 dragons are the perfect lvl because i bread a fog and cold dragons both lv
l 11 and got the rainbow dragon first time

Aayla Secura's picture

Also, Taylor, I tried your suggestion of poison and cold and accidentally got the reindeer! Hehe!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

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Nvmd! I finally got it! Woooooo!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

I did fire and plant
AmandaMeowMix's picture

So attempting to get Flower dragon... So then I can breed Flower w/???? to get the freakin Forge dragon lolz..having the most difficult time getting it!


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Idk if that is actually a picture of you, but if it is, then you are adorable.

First Try With Cold And Posion

I'm level 16 and I don't have this dragon. I always get poison

Got this using adult fire and juvi plant.

Wanted rainbow dragon. Got this instead. :(

Tana Elias

I finally got this with reindeer and gift.

lichen and fire, first try

I bred a poison dragon with a cold dragon and got this. How exactly???

I got it with metal and gift.... Crazy

hey i got it on my first try how weird trying to get a poison

i just breeded my fire and plant and got another poison. going to display it since i already have one. going to try poison and fire next. add me on Game Center plz!

i got it by poison and motley in that order I tried plant and poison five times but didnt get. this...Dragon!!!!

I got it by mate lava and moss dragon! First time :-)

Got it by Poison and fire in first attempt. Thanks :)

its so hard to get poison. i have 2 flower and one more being bred. any ideas?


They are kind of ugly

sorry i mean they are really ugly.

Giggy52's picture

A long time ago, I got a perennial flower dragon instead of the plain, old regular ones. Does anyone else have a perennial? It has always been a very lucky dragon.


Believe it or not, i only got this one after third try. first try got me motley, second got me pepper. i was using lvl 5 fire and lvl 4 plant..

I got this dragon on the first try.