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Forge Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
200,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
750 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
43 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
90 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
1,042 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
139 xp / minute

"The forge dragon's molten glow is not just for the show; an intense heat radiates from them. Forge dragons have been known to become so hot that they melt their footprints into solid metal, which makes tracking them extremely easy. Unfortunately, their tracks usually lead to the heart of large volcanoes which makes following them... less than desirable."



fire and metal and you can also use any hybrid of fire :)

Can you do any hybrid of metal?

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You can do any hybrid of metal + fire, but you have increased chances of getting something else. Your best bet is straight Metal + Fire

I was trying to get brass but got 24 hour instead of 5hour

Please admin read my comment on the page of aquamarine. It down. Don't ignor.

I agree, you have a 33% chance of getting the forge dragon with this combo. Otherwise, you get brass or gold, all still good because I didn't have any of the 3 when I tried. Currently incubating the forge with a few hours left.

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I don't know how this is possible, but I used brass and light rift and got forge on first try. I have no idea how that worked


Fire and Steel worked first time for me.


How do u get metal dragon

When you get to a certain level, you have to buy it for 1,000,000 dragoncash

I keep getting a blazing dragon 8 TIMES

Man I was so excited, I was breeding a fire and brass be because I know you can possibly get a sun, rainbow or moon from it. I saw a 24 hr incubation time and said "yay finally!" Turned out its only a forge

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I'm fairly positive Fire and Bass only has two outcomes, another Brass or a Gold dragon. That's kinda odd you got a Forge. I would try a different combo for Sun/Moon/Rainbow, like Blazing and Storm or Ash and Blue/Frost fire or Blue Fire and Cactus.

They all have a lot of outcomes though, I'm trying for them separately. Firefly & Storm in the breeding cave for Sun (already got Moon this way) and Fog and Lava in the breeding island (can give you Rainbow or Panlong).

Just some advise, Good luck!

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Forge is the other option and the only one with 24 hours:

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Thanks for your suggestions!

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I got excited also.. I used metal and scorch and was like oh wow cool! Nope forge.

Do a storm dragon and flower

For a rainbow

This is the coolest dragon in the game in my opinion.

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I love the little dance the Forge Dragon does. :)

Got from steel and regular fire

I like the dance too

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trying steel and regular fire dragon wish me luck

I did brass and brass and got (drumroll) another brass!!! :(

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It's expected: when you breed a dragon with itself, you just get the same dragon again.

I breed brass and brass and got a ............……................. Forged!

I did fire n iron n i got a 24 hr. incubation time idk bt i did it by accident i was gona pick the metal dragon bt i got confused n picked iron n now i hope it wasnt a mistak!!! Lvl 10 fire (left) + lvl 10 iron (right) hope it works for ne1 who need this dragon lik i do cuz its stil incubating n idk if its a forge bt its the only logical explination so yup


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I really want this dragon for racing bc I dont have it yet.. & bc the Brass dragon for racing is annoying to watch lolz.. but seems I'm having a hard time getting it :-( suggestions?


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So in attemt to get a forge dragon, fire+metal, I get a Gold dragon! Yay how exciting! :)


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Definitely metal+scorch I got first try

I got it by breeding metal+flower

Breeding for Ironwood with Brass and Plant... Got Forge... Huh ... After 24 hours I'll try again but I'm up to my chin with Poisons!!

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Still don't have it... Keep getting freakin Brass dragon!!! lol


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I keep getting brass too and I agree it's pretty annoying!

wow i got this from plant and brass
anyone want to trade gem4gem my user is skullsmash94

Just got one (forge dragon) using fire x copper.

I used the metal and love dragon and got the forge.

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Just got it with fire and chrome in that order lvl 10 in the cave

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Got this with Chrome and Scorch in the cave, both dragons level ten.


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Yeah I try this combo and it's 24hr, I think probably Forge. So excited~

I seriously got 12 Brass Dragons in a row when breeding for this damn Dragon. Looks like a BA and want it. So I tried some suggestions, Flower/Metal, Metal/Scorch and nothin...this dragon doesnt exist...

Have you tried metal and fire? I'm fixing to try and will let you know. I also just bread mountain and water and got century on seconded try. Friend me if you want at mom2cute and at Tashia Thompson. Good luck.

Bread metal and fire and got brass and then I tried obsidian and metal and got scoria.

Sjoel's picture

First try,
But i cant get brass.?.

Metal 9 firefly 9

got it with love and metal in cave, both level 10 ~

got it 1st try with Metal + bluefire

i tried breeding fire and brass igot forge dragon for the first time and its still in incubation for 24 hrs. yay!

Got it with quicksilver and scorch going for cyclops. Okay by me as I don't have it.

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I got it first try with Fire lvl10 and Metal lvl10!!

I bred forge and pollen and got one for 24 hours...any ideas what it could be?

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It's another Forge :( They were driving me crazy, I'd gotten almost nothing but Forge for the last week trying to get Gold (which I finally did, yay! I can stop breeding a million Forge dragons now!).

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Try Brass and poison, took about about 5 tries but Ive now got a forge dragon :-)

Grrrrrr.... I keep getting brass!

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I just got a forge dragon by breeding a lvl 10 mine dragon with a lvl 10 scorch dragon.

I really want forge but right now it's a toss in the air- I bred magnetic and obsidian both lev 10 and got a 24 hour egg- unfortunately obsidian and magnetic have lightening and earth which also creates the crystal dragon - I won't know until tomorrow but I'm hoping really hard that I get forge since I have crystal :))

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I'm in the same boat :/ crossing my fingers!

I use quake and air both level 10 at cave

I thought ive got forge but i got crystal...just breed forge with fire and metal

ive been trying with fire and metal. no luck. tried steel and fire first time and got it.

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Try Chrome/Scorch level 10's. Used regular breeding cave.


I used fire and metal and that was my first try.Well I got brass.

I got this one using Fire and Metal on second try in regular breeding cave. First try, I got Brass. Love this game!

I got this with metal and water...first try trying for rust :)

i got it i wanted the brass dragon


Breed Metal on the left and Fire on the right. Got the Forge dragon on first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use level 10 dragons.

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Think I just got it using level 10 Chrome/Scorch. Was trying for a Gold and got a 24 hr breeding. Don't think it is a Crystal.


Got mine with love &'metal 1st try

I keep trying for the Forge dragon but keep getting brass :/

Use frostfire + metal =forge

First try with them

Do metal + frostfire = forge

Do metal+frostfire=forge

I got one. And try breeding fire and metal few times than I got it. Very easy.

Whatever you do don't stop breeding fire with metal. Sometimes, you can get a gold dragon. My friend got one on the first try, he is very lucky.

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Got mine with Flower and Metal level 10!

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I got one! It was weird, got it with brass and ash (???) Don't know how, but it worked!!!!! Was trying for rainbow or gold, btw.

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

I got it with metal and flower. Was trying for malachite. Still happy!!

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Used fire and mine got forge 1st try

Duke the snail

Got it from plant+brass, kinda unusual

Wierd combo but i did lv10 magnetic and motley

If you breed the flower and metal you have a 50% of getting the forge. I have only just bred them and I got 24 hours so wish me luck

I got a forge dragon first try scorch lv 7 and metal lv 10 after several tryst with the fire and metal both level ten

I also bred forge and plant got 24 hr time. Is it another forge or a spring dragon? Does anybody know?

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10:20am EST - Just bred a lvl 11 metal with a lvl 14 lava dragon at the breeding cave & got a 24 hr time. Pretty sure it's going to be the forge dragon! ;-)

P.S. - first time breeding this combo
P.S.S. - the egg is now in the nursery and it's definitely a forge dragon! Yay me!!

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I was trying for this and got gold dragon. Still need forge though.

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Iron and bouquet on a whim, got me a forge..WOOT!

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I bred a lv 10 poison+lv 10 metal=Forge first try... hope that helps, I fancy this dragons colors and how it dances.

add spicebox89 on dragonvile, game players on Apple=]

Chrome and Scorch. Have my 4th one on the way. Trying to get another Ruby.

I did metal and coral, so ill get forge in a few days time

my kids put me up to this game and now im stucked!

Just did firefly and metal = 24 hr. keeping my fingers crossed for a forge!

Fire and metal first try. This is the best combo to get the forge

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Just did flower and quicksilver

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First try ember and metal

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Flower and metal L10 first try