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Frostfire Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
4,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
100 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
130 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
185 coins per minute
Income at level 20: 
203 coins per minute
Sale price: 
500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
694 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
6 xp / minute

This dragon is hard to get. :)

"While searching his forthcoming work, The Origin of Dragons, Professor Dravin happened upon the uncharted Palagos Islands and returned with a hatchling that astonished the wizards -- the worlds first frostfire dragon."




Ilovmabi's picture

Got it with fire and steel both lvl 10.

This is an awesome combination to keep trying because you can also go for gold dragon.

I was also trying forge and frost which is a possible combination as well which got me a gold dragon!

How many tries

msvidkiller's picture

Hi :) I think your right as I put in Fire & Steel and got 48 hour while tring for this one :) I was hoping for what you said one or the other. TYVM for posting :) Cheers E.

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did you get one bluefire

I have tried it 6 times all ready and I still don't have it.

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I got the gold dragon the first time when I tried Fire and Steel, thanks!

How can i use the code?

Araheera's picture

Friend codes are no longer being used in DV.

FAQ at the top of forums

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Leiparis's picture

Lvl 10 breeding cave firefly & cold

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Your combo gave me a 48 hour egg! Thanks!

You could have sun or moon or rainbow !

Or gold
(Which would be most likely)

TDR's picture

No it's sun or moon. Gold needs metal and rainbow needs four elements. Trust me I accidentally bought the breeding hint for platinum and bred enough rainbows AND double rainbows for it to give me the hint for them

-Triple Double Rainbow

So did mine... Yea?

Same combination

Whats your game center name ?

Fuck you

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Can we please keep dirty language out of the comments. Thanks )={

-Triple Double Rainbow
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Thanks for the advice. I've been trying for a frostfire, but firefly and cold. Basingaa! That did it so thanks.


Did cold and lava

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Fire and cold

You cant breed fire and cold?

Fire and cold

I decided to breed Cold and Lava and I got a frost fire one :)

Sorry. You can't breed Fire and Cold directly, cause they're opposites.

Ive played dragonvale for half a year and did fire in the left slot and it covered up my cold and finally remember that opposites can't go together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

Won't work

You can't breed fire and ice anna

I agree, HOW?

Fire and Ice, yes. Fire and Cold, no.

How do you breed one?

Bianca - Admin's picture

A fire + a hybrid that contains cold.
A cold + a hybrid that contains fire.

My website:

Ok, thanks

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Dr. Who Rocks's picture

I got one breeding cold and lave took me three try's on breeding island

Dr. Who Rocks
add me as a friend (same nickname)

Same but only in the normal breeding cave. Got obsidian on my 2nd try.

i breed storm and fire will that turn into a frost fire?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Possibly, but it can turn into a lot of other dragons, too. You have to keep trying until you get it (it can take 5-30 or more tries!)

I got one from a firefly and cold on my first try

How long does it take?

i use cold dragon plus flower waiting to see if its a frostfire or a blufire...i think it would be a frostfire, coz I put the Cold dragon with a fire hybrid... :)

I tried cold and blue fire so I wouldn't add to many elements to the mix but I just got another cold... Too cold maybe? Or should I try again?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

It's a good strategy, but that dragon is not easy to get, COULD take a lot of tries unless you get lucky.

I did the same thing and got the exact same results! I'm going to try cold dragon + firefly or lava dragon this time

Don't do cold+firefly.... You just get another cold.

Can anyone report actually getting this dragon? Wondering which combo you used.

Got it with firefly lv 10 + cold lv 10.

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Thanks for the combo Firefly+Cold! I got it first try! So happy! Gave up trying for Topaz for now. No luck with that dragon.

I used snow and fire ebi

Bianca - Admin's picture

I used fire + snow.

My website:

Has anybody tried cold and scorch

I got it using firefly and cold. Was aiming for something else.

I got it with scorch then cold

Cold lv9 with Flower lv7... 1st try

I got one... Unexpected with bone and cold. Was trying to make another Ghost.

Bred a mountain dragon and fire dragon. Got it first try

Royal_Lucky's picture

Tried that and I got mountain on my first two tries on on my third try I got obsidian. Fourth try another mountain. Fifth try again another mountain. On my final attempt I tried cold plus obsidian it worked!

I say! Luckysevenmax a.k.a Royal_Lucky

Thanks Royal Lucky! Cold and Obsidian 1st try!!

I got it with Ice and lava both level 10

First try normal breeding cave

Just bred cold and lava together. Dont know if it is frost fire or cold. Anyone have a clue?

Breed time is 12 hours.

You can tell by the design of the egg, when the breeding time is over.

I chose 2 random things by accident and now i got about 5 while trying to get a stupid bluefire

I got 5 trying to get a bluefire

I did coold and lava 10 Time's and I still cant get frostfire deny tips

same here i tried with firefly cold, cold and lava and flower and cold no frostfire

OHHH MY GOSH I keep trying for this dragon but I never get it!!!!!! ughhhhhhh this is getting so frustrating

You just got to keep trying

Level 12 blazing and level 10 cold worked first go for me. Normal breeding cave. Good luck!

I got 12hours with level 8 cold and level 6 flower. Wish me good luck

BadKitty's picture

Firefly lvl 10 plus cold lvl 10 in epic breeding island first try!!

Bad Kitty

I used cold and flower, both level 4

I have one with cold and lava both Lv 10 but I try many ways with other fire hybrids

Game is really good... And I know u guys need to make money.. But, make it fair for everyone =p Go more worldwide! Asian, African and Europe!!!! Lol

Cold and lava worked, just got frostbite.

Lol I meant frost fire.

Muneco2013's picture

Lava10lv + cold10lv= frost fire dragon in epic breeding island first try cool have 2 already but I can't get a bluefire dragon please some tips for that I really wanna get one

U use : If fire + cold = frostfire cold+ fire = coldfire so switch the order round.

Glacier and fire lvl 10 and 8 upgraded breeding cave(normal)

Hawgz's picture

Just got my first. Flower/Air this pair has the shortest average fail time I think. 7th try.

Hawgz's picture

Flower/Cold not Flower/Air ugh

Dravensmomma's picture

I got mine with blue fire and cold

Game center=Dravenyancy030212

I bred a lv. 6 flower and a lv.5 cold

Took me a few tries in a normal cave (normal island) to get frost fire and blue fire, tried flower and poison which was a bad combo,kept getting the same dragons and fire and steel was also bad. But when I used cold and lava I got frost fire straight away!

Flower (right) and cold (left) dragons both lv 8 first try normal breeding cave. (My friend got it!)

I got really lucky, was aiming for a blue fire, but got this so I'm not complaining.

Was one of the first dragons I got, and like an idiot I sold it didn't realize how hard a combo it is

For some reason all opposites have gone and are no longer available. So dodo, sandstorm, frost fire, blue fire, iron wood, malachite, current and plasma are not available. Wierd right.

That's not true. Just got blue fire with lvl 12 blazing and 10 ice

What will appear if i breed fire & icy with ??

It'll be a gem dragon but could be one of many! Dragoncalc gives turquoise 60% so maybe that one!! Download the dragoncalc app to find out breeding combos!!

Gems dragon ?? .how could that came ?? .thats weird . .

.gems dragon ? .how could that be ?? . .thats weird . . .

What will happen if I breed a level 10 cold and level 10 firefly will I get frostfire?

I got it breeding a lvl 7 lava dragon with lvl 7 snow dragon in the normal breeding cave

tjippie's picture

This dragon seems to have gone missing from the egg-store on my account, along with the bluefire and dodo dragon. Anyone else experiencing this? I really hope they didn't expire them..

DEANOBOT1001's picture

Urgh! ive been trying to get this forever!! i still cant get it any tips?

OH and add me DEANOBOT1001 gems for gems=)

DEANOBOT1001's picture


what did u use?

Just bred firefly with blue fire.....48 hrs!!!! Don't know what I'll get

I tried to breed a frostfire dragon with a cold +lava, both lv. 5, but got a glacier dragon.

I am only on level 13. And trying to get a frostfire and a bluefire! Any ideas how to get them!

Got it first try with blazing lvl 7 and cold lvl 9

What if you breed this with blue fire?

frostfire dragons rock. my frostfire dragon is named frosty and it is a baby.SO CUTE.

Now I'm after frost and plasma.

I tryed this with cold and smoke but got blazing.

If you need friends to help out my ID is Brattlyn.

michaelsirO.o's picture

I cant seem to get this! It looks sort of like Salamance xD i really want it

Cold lvl 10 (left side) Forge lvl 10 (right side) in the Epic Breeding Island first try! Good luck =)


Tahlia's picture

Blazing and cold both level 10
It'll work.


I did it repeatedly 3 times cold and firefly. Got it 3rd time and 6th time. Now I got a baby and adult. Will breed to get egg to display :)

I got an egg that looks just like this, but the outside is green O.o can some one help me find out what kind of dragon it is? I bred a Lichen dragon with a Fire dragon

Kentos808's picture

Cold(left) and forge(right) 9 hrs 36 mins!! Cheehuuu!!

try cold dragon 1 and lava dragon two

Damn Bianca
Pull your dress down a little more

i got it with Poison and Fire both level 7

Level 13 Firefly and Level 10 Cold EBI was trying for Bluefire

What's the best combo to get sun/moon

I got a sun with salamander and magnetic, a rainbow and gold with salamander and sonic! Good luck

I don't think you can A breed dragons with sun and moon

i cant get it. my cold and fire dragons r incompatiple.

i know same with me 2

Grrr why can't I get this one tried all combos, steel, fire, lava, cold, flower, etc
Getting really frustrated...

Take a deep breath and try with mountain and fire

Got it really early on with poison and cold not sure which order

Will try that and keep trying thanks

I used to have one early on , didnt know any better, and sold it. I still miss my frostfire dragon...

N4Nancy217's picture

Cannot get it, Sandstorm was easier to get than this dragon!!!!

Game Center: N4Nancy217
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Your beautiful! Fuck me?

Got it with Cold and Rose Dragon first try

This is awesome I got late last night with a lvl 13 Sakura and a lvl 10 cold!!

Also, first try

I breed my frostfire and a fire trying to get a bluefire but got a normal cold!
How about that!!

Ps I'm :)

OMGGGGGG after 4 months countless times of nearly giving up I finally got a frostfire. Both lvl 15 forge and cold.... Never been so relived to get and egg before

I think an obsidian and cold dragon can become a frost fire dragon,but I need some verification from some other peeps if you can give me a hand with that.I also agree that this dragon, while a baby is extremely cute,or handsome,it depends how you look @ it.

Adendragonmaster's picture

Cold and obsidian lv 10's was the combo that worked for me :)

My daughter just got one with firefly and cold.

Got it with cold and poison. I was trying to get evergreen and decided to stick fire in there for a chance at bluefire, but I got this instead. Oh well.

shaunong's picture

My daughter got it with firefly and cold. I tried, no luck yet.


THANK YOU! With fire fly and cold I think I got another spring dragon!
abby5778's picture

confirmed cold and lava on EBI took me 2 or 3 trys


LiloAndStitch's picture

I did iceberg and fire on the ebi

LiloAndStitch's picture

First try