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Ghost Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
7,500 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
75 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
38 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
68 coins per minute
Sale price: 
15,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
16 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
8 xp / minute

New limited dragon for Halloween!

"Often mistaken as the spirit of an ancient and benevolent dragon, the ghost dragon remains somewhat of a mystery. Reading the notes of the wizard Sam Hain, 'The ghost dragon only shows up in the middle of the Fall, usually in conjunction with the bone dragon. My advice? Don't be afraid of no ghosts!'"



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Thanks for the pictures Angie!

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i have posted some as well :)

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Thanks so much! Steve is a cool name for a Ghost. :-P

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Storm and Mud. Both lvl 10. Epic island.

Thanks I now have two!

This worked for me


Chasing dragons: none


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Only took me about 5 tries to get it!

gc ID: dogmatika

Thank you Ilovmabi! Thats some cool dragon!!!

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Thanks! Haha i like your name looks familar.

Sometimes it's just that simple! Cold and Earth both lev 15 reg breeding cave!!

This also worked for me. I got 2 first time out for this combo and the other.


Chasing dragons: none

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What a cute little thing! I'm going to keep trying cold and earth lvl 10 and see how that goes for me! if anyone else finds a different combination that works better let me know please! :)

Blue fire and crystal first try.

when i breed blue fire and crystal i got rainbow

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I got mine tree & lichen 1st try ( I was trying for evergreen )


If you want the evergreen try quake and cold normal breeding cave! lollie25:)

I got it too the same way and they don't have to be level ten first tree then lichen it was so cool af first I thought it was a bone dragon but it was a ghost dragon and its sooooo cute

I breeder a crystal lvl 10 and lichen lvl 7 and got it. I was kinda disappointed cuz I already had one and was hoping for something different but oh well. I'll just sell it :3

I got lava and lichen first time

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I used crystal, level 10 and lichen, level 10 in epic breeding island and low and behold, I had my ghost dragon. They are really beautiful as adults and so cool as eggs. I hope this helps you or anyone else trying for one. Good luck!

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

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I used crystal, level 10 and lichen, level 10 in epic breeding island and low and behold, I had my ghost dragon. They are really beautiful as adults and so cool as eggs. I hope this helps you or anyone else trying for one. Good luck!

Happy breeding everyone and good luck!

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So crazy adorable!
I wonder how many people named there's "Casper"?

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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Oh wow!

First try! Storm level 12 and Mud level 11. YAY!

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

xD lmao I actually did name mine Casper XD

2 trys so far, got the mountain on the first try, and an ice/iceberg on the second try :(

So cute! Got it on the first try with Lv 7 Cold & Lv 8 Earth in the cave. :) Wish they were all that easy.

Breed Bluefire and Crystal just got 15 hrs and 30 min should be a ghost dragon.

Got it by chance of trying to breed rainbow. Blazing and crystal both level 10 in epic.

Mountain and Cold Level 10s normal breeding cave first try. 15:30 incubate time!

Got it with ice and lava first try.. Well I wasn't even trying!!! :D yayyyy

got it finally 3rd try with cold and mud level ten on the epic breeding island

Got it first time!! Storm & Mud both level 10

In trying cold with lava and keep on having lava is that possible???

Lava level 11 and ice level 10. First try. Breeding cave.

I got 1 n breeding 1 more & incubating 2 more. Hahaha Bred it using Cold 15 (L) n Earth 15 (R) at EBI.

Add me GC = gucci147158

I put blue fire (left) and crystal (right) i normal breeding, both level 10 and got 15,5 h on first try

this one i got with cold and sandstorm at first try... i like the way it dissapear.. but its too quick... lol...

like it when it race tooo.... best track is Rime or Reason, careful u have to put them on and off with snow dragon, racer will notice that tracks altenatively changes the elements on the track floor..

happy racing... summon the Kairos withot buying gems.. ;) gudluck..

How to summon kairos?

I named mine spirit!

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Mountain lv10 cold lv10 first try

Got it by breeding cold lv10 and a earth lv10

No wonder!! I breed At lv5

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Im having the worst luck. Ive been using cold and earth but all ive got so far is mountains. I guess 7th time is the charm.

Iceberg and lava on my itouch but keep on failing on my iPad.

Mud and storm 1st try in regular cave. I had failed 3 or 4 previous attempts with mud/ice and mud/iceberg

I tried storm and earth and got a 48 hour egg time. At first I thought olympus but they are earth wind lightning.... Sun dragon? I already have him I want a ghost lol.

rainbow I do believe. that is the combo I used the other day and got rainbow.

Megan L Brooks

I'll gift gems add me peeps my Game Center account id is jrs_#13

I got it on the first try using Lichen & Mountain (w/island). Couldn't get it with Cold & Earth.

Forever Poisoned.

I used lava lvl 10 and mud lvl 10 last night and got my opal. I just got my rainbow the other day. But I would have had the rainbow already if my account hadn't gotten deleted. But that is ok. I enjoy making my dragons. Teaches me patience. And that is why I didn't have a problem setting up my 8 year old son's own account. Really good game for him. And it is something I play with my nine year old niece and my son.

Megan L Brooks

I wish I had one add me on gamecenter

I WANT IT!!!!!!!! Add me Game Center account is wildman7474

Got it with fire and mountain dragons, both level 10

Failed several mud + cold and mountain + cold (all lvl 10). Then inspired, got first try with Bone + cold.

Same...12 mountain dragons later with basic cold and with bone and cold...yay

I used fire lvl10 and mountain lvl10. I wanted a blue fire but got a ghost. My second one!

Question: i Was looking for the ghost Dragon, so i used cold with lava, and after several trying ( where i had only others lava eggs) it came out a bone Dragon.... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??????? Why is tris game trying to confuse me???

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Lava has the required elements for Ghost. :) Sometimes the game takes elements from only one parent.

I think I got the ghost dragon as it shows 15.5 hrs incubation time. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
These were my attempts:
1. Cold6/Earth7: got Mountain
2. Storm7/Mud7: got Storm
3. Storm7/Mud7: got Mud
4. Mountain10/Cold10: got Mountain
5. Cold10/Earth9: got Mountain
6. Mud7/Storm7: got Crystal
7. Earth9/Storm7: got Quake
8. Cold10/Earth10: shows 15.5 hrs incubation time.

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Lava x Cold = 15h30min yeah!!!!

Thanks admin.. Well i also tryied earth with mountain and i got ghost :))))

Nothing but mountain after mountain after mountain. Sigh...

How long is this available? If I can't breed one I'm gonna buy one with gems since its only 75 as a last resort :(

Tried multiple different combinations, and got nothing new. The moment i caved and tried the simple Cold + Mountain combination, first thing they made. :)

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EVERYTHING is giving me Mountain dragons...cold, ice, iceberg, storm bred with earth, mud, lava, every combination. My latest try was snow and sandstorm and you guessed it, another mountain dragon! Between this and the fixed outcomes of the races, this game is getting annoying.

Oh my god finally!! 5 mountain, 1 ice, 1 iceberg, one obsidian (which is fine cause I didn't have that yet) later and I finally have this pesky thing brewing, cold and mud got this one for me! :)

Meridian's picture

Finally! 13 mountains, 2 iceberg, 2 storm and an opal later, I bred 2 at the same time with quake/crystal and cold/bone, all level 10.

Cold and mountain!!!

I Got it with lichen (lvl 7) and lava (lvl 6) :o (I Think, it's 15:30:00...

Panlong and cold

I named mine Spook.

~Julz <3 *120 Dragons*

I've Got it :D

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Till when is this one available? What's the best combo?

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Cold & Earth.

I bought it then when I was breeding I got one nooooooo

It expires on January 2, keep trying!

Isn't it expired if it isn't I'm going to keep trying and trying to get it now :P

Prettypixie55's picture

It expires today. Good Luck!

This is my favorite dragon :D

I so want it!!
Too bad it's expired

This dragon is so amazing!

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It's back! I was trying for sapphire by breeding rain and mountain and I got this instead! Oh well, one down... a ton more of the returned limiteds to go!!

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

Crystal and lichen 1st try

Quake and lichen 1st try

Windy Cline's picture

Got it with Crystal and Linchen, trying for Leap complaints here.

I got a Leap Year dragon on the last day it was available when I was trying for a Rainbow dragon. Still no rainbow dragon yet, but the Leap Year is still pretty cool.

I got one accidentally with an Earth dragon and a Cold dragon.

Does anyone know the name of that poltergeist in the Harry Potter books? I want to find a cool name for my Ghost dragon, and I'm out of ideas.

Oh yeah, it's Peeves.

Just bred Crystal and Lichen trying to get Emerald and got a 15:30:00 time, should be ghost! :)

Mabi-Bunny's picture

was trying to breed paper by using evergreen and lava
got 15hrs30min instead!
I think it should be the Ghost dragon~!

yannie.teecher14's picture

I got it!!!.... Lava + Mountain... 5hrs breeding time.... :D soo cool dragon!...

yannie.teecher14's picture

Woh!!...Sorry! its Snow + Moss 5hrs breeding time...
thanks for the great Ideas. XD

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I bred Scoria + Obsidian and got Ghost (first try and I wasn't even trying)!! Both Level 10 in the Enchanted Breeding Cave. BAd Kitty

Bad Kitty

zello's picture

Quake lvl10 lichen lvl 10

Was trying for Paper Dragon using Lava and Lichen, but got Ghost instead on the 3rd try. What a nice surprise! =)
gmc13's picture

This dragon just hatched it is soooooooooo cute !!!!!


woo! Got this dragon today with my obsidian and lichen - both lvl 10 on the EBI. A happy accident aka one try.

New gift dragon+earth trying for paper but surprise got a ghost :) I'm not complaining

Got it on first try using crystal+lichten

Tried for a paper but I got a ghost! Flower and mountain!

zinndawgg's picture

Gift Dragon (left) and Crystal (right) on Epic breeding isle. 15:30 breed/incubation to get Ghost.

Bone 9 / Cold 10 = Ghost

Wiiild's picture

Blue fire and crystal. First try.

Iceberg and blazing 1st try 15.5 hours!!!

Lv 10 storm and Lv 8 earth trying for a crystal :l don't know whether to be happy or sad o.O

Finally got it with bone and cold (level 10) after loads of fails with earth/cold

cwgrl42's picture

got it first time with storm and mud on the island.

I got this dragon by using cold and dodo, first try. I was going for glacier dragon!

Moss & bloom gave ghost first try, this combo also gives clover :)

I got one by breeding the tree dragon with the cold dragon

Was trying for paper and have ghost breeding - flower and mountain

I was trying for fire frost and I bred fire and glacier and I got the time of 15:30. But if fire is an opposite how did I get this?

Tried a couple times with no luck but my bro got it 1rst go with bone and storm

Got it 2nd try with earth and cold :D
Looks so cool

I used level 9 gift dragon and a level 8 obsidian dragon. First try I got bone dragon :D and second I got ghost dragon

Got it with mountain and cactus!
Well, I got a dragon that is 15 hours and 30 minutes.

I got him I got him!!! However he's definitely going in the fountain of youth

quicksound's picture

While trying to get this dragon by breeding Crystal & Liechen (both level 10), I got FOUR Leap Dragons, one Crystal Dragon and one Emerald Dragon. So I got tired and tried with Glacier and Earth (both L10) in Breeding Cave and got one in first try (Or at least I think so, since incubate time is 15.5 hours)

Crystal and Lichen. First try.

Just got this a few minutes ago with a flower (lvl7) and a glacier (lvl4) dragon.. this was my second try with this dragons.. at first i got the leap year dragon.. ;)

I love orange's picture

I have this dragon. It looks so small as a baby in the earth habitat!!

Cherylr234's picture

I thought this one was expired. Got it first try with earth lvl 10 and cold lvl 10.

Jewelry lady cr

K0RRA's picture

mee to it must be a glitch or something

lichen and lava 2nd try

I got it with mountain N earth 1 tried!!plz cheak my park n receive the coin!!!

I really want the ghost dragon since i started dragonvale what do i do to get it.
P.S: I just reached level fourteen this morning and i'm getting a water dragon !!!
Toxic kiwi ;)


I really want this one but I am to late now :( When does it come back because I really really really want this dragon. Plz help.

Best dragon wish it was still out I was going to get it but it was expired

Bihuygififyufyuguyituxeswsiko…………………sorry just went crazy no reason wy am i doing this gyfyug

My turn..
P.S Now im on level 17:)

blendoman's picture

Yea I want this one! Didn't take a good look at it full grown during the bring it back event and it's krunk as hell. Hopefully Halloween has it again.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

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its sooo cute when its little that i dont want make it grow!

mario3d64's picture

On 1st pic, they have more than 2,000$!

NanaKittie's picture

I so hope that they re-release this cute little guy like they did with the Bone dragon

~ Nana Kittie ~
194/210 dragons and counting
Recently Acquired Dragons: Dream, Loadstone, Frostbite
Currently Trying to Breed: Ragnarok and Amethyst #2
Friend code: 85000850
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I do too.

The baby dragon is so cute! I'm also looking forward to whatever they come up with this Halloween. Maybe a zombie, vampire, witch, black cat or jack-o-lantern dragon :)

159 Dragons

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Yes!!! Got this with Earth and Cold!!! So excited!!


Level 57 park
211/237 Dragons
181/236 Pedestals

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I think this one is so cute!!! I sure hope I can breed one!!

WolfGirl's picture

STORM & MUD in the regular BREEDING cave worked for me! 15:30 & counting down. I'm sorry to say that it's the first try. I'm still trying to get an Opal and keep getting everything else but that elusive Dragon.


I just got Opal tonight. Keep trying!

Little Miss

Batgirl13's picture

I finally got an opal with Lava and Mud, took about 10 tries but I got it!

Batgirl13's picture

Glacier and snow first try and got 15.5 hour breeding time!

WolfGirl's picture

Thanks for the encouragement. Trying to breed Autumn also with no luck. But the name of this little game is Keep Trying!


Athea_Antar's picture

Just got this lovely darling using my basic cold and earth (both level 14s) in the EBI.
And speaking of opal, I got my 2 opals at the same time. I breed lava and mud in both my epic cave and island. It took a hell of a long time but I got them.

Athea_Antar's picture

Took me about 8 or 9 more trys but I finally got 2 mor to finish my collection. Now all I need is the egg and I'm good

Giggy52's picture

I got mine the first day in the cave with forest and iceberg! 10 & 13, in that order of levels. Pure guessing.


angelahall's picture

I can't get it. An I'm using level 17 an 18 dragons. Whyyyyyyy