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Hail Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:


Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
17,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
300 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
77 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
92 coins per minute
Sale price: 
117,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
244 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
35 xp / minute

"Wizards have been noticing, and repairing, dents to their decorations for some time. The cause... hail dragons. The damage was unintentional. Hail dragons simply wag their tails enthusiastically when they see cool decorations. Now that they live in cold and lightning habitats, rest assured your decorations are safe."



I just did adult cold and adult lightening and got 8:00 breed time. The egg is blue with green lightening symbol.

Just got 2nd one with lightening and cold.

I still can't get it I'm using cold lvl10 and lightning lil 10but still nothing

I used lvl 7quake dragon with lvl 7 storm dragon and it worked first try

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First try w your combo, thanks. Egg is pretty! Can barely see the lightning bolt but nice.


First try cold lvl 10 lightning lvl 10

Third try, lightning n cold... Did this guy just come out today?? He's cute!

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I think I got it. I have a incubation time of 8h and I bred a level 8 ash with a level 7 cold.

Storm and sonic first try :)

i'll try it...need one to breed an amethyst(hail/sonic)

After getting a hail dragon w/ scorch and cold, i bred it w/ the sonic dragon and got a 8 hour wait time, which is disappointing.

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got an 8 hour egg with storm and cactus thinnnk its hail i think a sonic...rrghh

Level 10 firefly n level 10 cold works as well

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Tried several and got it with ice and lightning first try.

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Storm & sonic got 8 hrs, fingers crossed its a hail!

If you breed a hail and a sonic you can get the February gemstone dragon!

May the dragons be Eva in your favor!

might be hail

I tried storm and mountain in my upgraded cave and got 6 hrs 24 min

Add me to your game center. Ambassedor13

First try, ice and lightning!

Cold/ lighting (x)

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Cold & lightning & lightning & cold, now I've got 3

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Got it 5th try; LVL 10 Cold & LVL 10 Lightning.

What Lvov do you have to be?

Got it first try storm and plasma

Got it first and second time with bloom and storm. Add me if you want to swap gems. I gift daily. Game Center: Killerpill

Been doing this for days now and nothing.....
Lucky butt


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First try lightning and cold

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I breeded a lightening and a cold and didnt check the calc nor the site til now. I have an 8 hour incu. will update tomorrow what it is.

*Blessed Be*

GC: me-mow:3

Thanks so much I tried lightning and cold and worked first time!! Thanks!

I did firefly and cold, got the hail dragon

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Wow they're pretty much giving this one away! Got mine on second try with cold and lightning

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First try with Storm and Frostfire.

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LUCKY i still cant get this!! add me DEANOBOT1001

First try with cold and lightening. :)

Awesome just got (well hopefully its still breeding)it add me on Game Center I'm stinker2802.

I accepted you deano

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First try, cold and lightning, both level 10 in the cave

Game Center ID is sbknadler :)

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After 6 tries Cold + Lightning finally got it! Sun on 3rd try too!

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I tried getting Sun about 8-9 times, Finally I got it.. I had to sell about 5 hail dragons

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First try cold and lightning. Glad it was a simple one to get!


Unintentional hail dragon with level 4 firefly and level 4 cold dragon. Intended for some other deagon but hail is cool. Lol

I assume i got it- it was my second try using lvl 10 cold and lvl 10 lightning in the cave. Got 8 hours.

Unintentional hail dragon with level 4 firefly and level 4 cold dragon. Intended for some other deagon but hail is cool. Lol

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Hi :) 1st try with Cold & Lighting and have a 48 hour breeding :) So it should be Moon or Sun !?!

"To Love and be Loved is Life's Greatest Gift!"

it matters what time did u breed this combo, in between 7am to 7pm(noon) , or 7pm to 7am(midnight)? if its night, then its moon(which i got just cold and lightning:P) or if its morning, then sun:)

Not having much luck with cold and lightning... In the island or the cave. Will start trying firefly and cold after the two current sets finish breeding.

Got it

I made one without trying with magnetic and storm. I was trying for sun.... Wish me luck for a future sun dragon!

I got it with forge and storm

Add me

Cold and firefly, first go!!!! Yeah!!!

Vogt first try sonic and ice :)

I don't know how this is possible but I got it with Storm & Metal!!?? I was trying for Magnetic. Yay!!

I tried ice and lighting once but didn't even get 8:00... :(

got mine first try

Tried several Times with light+vild - didn't work
Tried ones firefly+cold, worked 2 Times in row :)

With firefly lvl 10 on the left
And cold lvl10 on the right
First try

Breeding time oddity????????

I got one with lightning + cold and had the upgrade breeding time in the regular cave?????????

I got a hail dragon first time I used level six cold dragon then level seven lightning dragon and boom hail dragon

1st try to get hail. Breed snow and lightning and you will have it

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First try in regular breeding cave. Cold (lvl 10) left and Lightning (lvl10) right. Good Luck All!!! :)

I bred storm N flower to get the rainbow dragon but I got the hail!!how I get the rainbow easily???

Breed crystal and lichen got it 3 in a row

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I got this one with lightening and cold both lvl ten

I just can't get this dragon. I have tried 10 with lightning/cold combo but i only got storm dragons, now i got 48 hour breed time, probably a sun, but i already have one. Any tips on how to get this?

I think storm n flower is the best bcoz I got 2 hail dragon this way!!!Tyr again just now!!by the way,u have a rsinbow dragon I really needs it!!!how I gets?

Storm n willow

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Sweet! I just got one with cactus and mine

First Try with firefly and mountain both lvl 10 baby

Weird... I was trying for the rainbow dragon with Crystal Dragon and Blue Fire Dragon but instead got Hail Dragon.¿????????! It still works both ways.

add me on game center rolando10408

For some reason I can't get this. I have bred cold and lightning repeadedly for 15 tries, and all I get is storm!

I'm having the same problem and I've tried other combos nothing and its really frustrating

Got mine with ice and lightning both lvl 10

Huh! I got my Hail Dragon by breeding a Storm Dragon and a Metal Dragon! Weird!

Huh! I got my Hail Dragon by breeding a Storm Dragon and a Metal Dragon! Weird!

Hey!You have done it in the WRONG order Anonymous!!!The correct way was a Metal Dragon and THEN a Storm Dragon!Okay! Bye Bye! See you later!

Just to clarify, the order of which you put your dragons into breeding has NO effect on the outcome. Lightning/cold is the same as cold/lightning.

This dragon has been very frustrating for me also, have failed about 12 times now and keep getting storm. Good luck everyone.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Keeping getting storm dragon, any other combinations? because I need this dragon to breed the amethyst dragon plz I really want this !!!

Had the same prob, tried ice and lightning and got it finally hope it helps

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Got mine with snow and sonic on the second try.

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

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Finally! After so many tries! I finally got it with Cold and Lightning both lvl10...
Dont lose hope guys! I tried like 50times already and I was about to give up on trying then BOOM!!
I suddenly used my gems just to hatched it when I saw the egg incubating!hahaha :)

GameCenter - cutielaurenz

Finally got hail; I think.... 8 hr breed time

Cold lft; Lightning rht; both Level 10.

Been trying this combo at least 5 times; and have tried storm and sonic (kept getting snow) Though on my wife's I bred storm and sonic and got hail the first try; Was trying to give her more hail dragons; she already had one and I wasn't sure if the amethyst was actually breeding or not.

If it is hail; should be able to get start the amethyst breeding tonight.

Tried cold and lightning probably 20 times still haven't got it... Got a moon dragon though so not complaining..

I tried four times for breeding Lighting and Cold, unfortunately or fortunately, I get two 48 hours dragon, two storms, NO HAIL!!!!!!

You're complaining about getting a sun and/or moon dragon!?

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I tried blizzard and sonic to get hail, but instead I got a 48 hr breeding time. Does anyone think it's a seasonal?


Hi! I try hail+sonic, and now i attend 48 hours for the egg...what baby dragon is? P.s. Sorry for my english but i'm italian!!

Keep getting storm

Tried storm and sonic got rainbow:)

How about a building that can store decor ? I want to keep what I have gotten and decorate more .... So pls make a storage place .

Weird. I have four islands and about one fourth of it is empty.

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Lichen and crystal 2nd try got hail dragon

I just got this with storm & flower :0) was trying for something else

I tried every combo suggested on here since this has been released and finally got to with storm and flower first try!!!

I keep on getting storm, considering giving up.

Got it! Tried numerous times with my existing cold and lightening with no luck. So I just bought a brand new cold and brand new lightening and used them to breed the hail. Worked the first time on the island. I now have a February gemstone dragon:)

A dragon with four wings that's something new

I can't seem to get Hail in fact i have gotten 4 sun dragons and a moon dragon, everything thing else is duplicates over and over again. Never a Hail dragon.

Maybe i got it, after about the 20th try i got 8hrs for cold and lightning.....i hope its not another duplicate....

Cant get hail tried for 7 times no luck any sudgestions?

Ice and lightning 1st try after almost giving up using cold and lightning

I maybe got it, storm and ice, but could also be an iceberg or another ice...

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I keep freaking out because I think that I'm getting a dragon I already have, but I have to remember that on the upgraded EBI, the time is the upgraded version........ ~Facepalm~


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First try: lightning Lv. 13 and ice Lv. 11


I tried cold & lightning so many times I gave up on it having gotten so many storm dragons, finally tried ice and lightning and got my hail 1st try just waiting for the hatch;)

I just did storm and clover and got hail, how does that work? I was trying to get celtic!

I tried to get moon dragon by lightning and cold but got hail.

Ash and cold the first try. Really expecting another one but it's a keeper.

i already have it!!,

Just got it with storm + fire. I was trying to get Scorch, but yay!

I tried to breed a lightning and cold dragon together, but in stead I got a motley dragon, WTF?

got one using blue fire and crystal :D

i wish there was a way to send dragons

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Cold and lightning both level 10.

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Got this doing cold and firefly . Was trying for a sun

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Glacier and Crystal worked first time for me. I'd definitely recommend trying it :)


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Tried Fire and Storm, got an eight hour waiting time, hoping for it to turn out a hail...

Missed release of many gemstone, limited and epic dragons during a long hiatus :/ Dragonvale user LeahBloSSom

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I got 2 when I breed a firefly and storm dragon (in that order) while trying t get a sun dragon

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I got this dragon by mistake, mixing Snowflake (lvl 10) with Snow (lvl 15) on Epic Breeding Sanctuary. Good Luck!

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