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Ironwood Dragon

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Basic info about this dragon
Hybrid Dragon

Breeding elements:

Required dragon: 

Possible dragon habitats:

Breeding & Incubation time: 
Upgraded breed time: 
Hatching experience gained: 
250,000 XP
Dragon egg cost: 
50 gems
Required level: 
Dragon income
Income at level 10: 
55 coins per minute
Income at level 15: 
97 coins per minute
Sale price: 
1,500,000 coins
Sale price / breeding time: 
2,083 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
347 xp / minute

"Famed Oracle Tessa Lonya was lost in the vast dunes of the Sandara Desert. Tired and without water, she collapsed only to wake up at the edge of an oasis with an ironwood dragon! It's a good thing they're friendly."



How do you get it.

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You get the Ironwood Dragon by breeding a Metal Dragon with a Plant Hybrid or a Plant Dragon with a Metal Hybrid (really any combination of two dragons that has metal and plant will have a chance at getting the Ironwood Dragon). You can also end up with a malachite dragon or another combination of elements from your attempt.

Try breeding a Plant dragon with a Chrome dragon.

Willow and metal first try

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I have been trying to get this dragon for TOO LONG! I thought your suggestion was the winner, but nope - another Malachite! So frustrating :p

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Arrggghhh! Hardest dragon to get ever !!

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Yeah, I tried forever on this one. Plant 16 + Magnetic 16 after weeks of repeat breedings on the upgraded island. But at last. Got it :D

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Been trying everything to make this with no luck :(
What is the best combo???

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Name in Game Center is same as here.
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I just got it as a fluke

I just bred an air dragon with a tree dragon and got a 12 hour breeding time?....any ideas what I'm in store for?

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Sounds like a Moss Dragon

Probably moss dragon

Yes, defintly a Moss Dragon!

Or it could be some thing else, like a Willow Dragon!

Or a pollen dragon

I try to breed, but when i select plant on the left it greys out my metal choice on the right and vice versa, so it will never allow me to select the mate I need. What is the deal with that? do you have to be at a certain level -- i am at 28.

You use a plant and a metal hybrid or metal and a plant hybrid.

Maybe try tree and iron

You can't use the same dragon.

It's because the elements of those two dragons are opposing. Same happens with lighting and water, also with cold and fire.
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Please help, been trying to breed a Frostfire or a Bluefire and the combo is cold fire and reversed. So how do you get these two dragons if this is what the game won't allow?

Like I tried to get the sandstorm dragon I put the air on the right and I blacks out the earth dragon for some reason

Those dragons are opposing

I tried the same thing until I read about the opposite dragons. You just need to use an plant hybrid such as tree. I used clover and metal and got an ironwood.

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I've been wondering about the opposite elements. You said you read about the opposite dragons. Where did you find that? I want to read it too. Thank you for your time.

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

Look at the market for your information about it and then go to the buildings section and then you have to be at level 17 to be able to know but just press the Metal boost and then read the information for it. (if your at level 17)

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question by understanding what I meant. Excellent job, Gavin.

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

You can't breed plant and metal dragons because they're opposit types. You have to use a hybrid.

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Do you mean opposite elements? I know you can't breed opposing dragon elements & you have to use a hybrid dragon. Should I use use these opposite elements or avoid them when choosing my hybrid?

Wizard-with-a-wand wanna-be.

You won't be able to directly breed those two (Plant and Metal) together. Try breeding plant with a metal hybrid or metal with a plant hybrid to get the dragon you want. You should have the same issue with water and lightning.

same with fire and cold, ground and air

Tried a few times with various combinations. Got it on my first shot with plant + brass! I have such a hard time getting the opposites (I swear, some of the epics are easier to get!), so I'm excited. This is only my second. Have Bluefire and now Ironwood.

I have bluefire, sandstorm, and dodo. Right now im trying for ironwood

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I'm on level 25,and I can't breed sandstorm or dodo for the life of me. How did you get your dodo&sandstorm? Which 2 did u breed. Plus I'm also trying 4 ironwood and malichite (sorry if that's the wrong spelling) Will u help me ? Please!

Brett Thorn

Tell me about it. can' t get blue fire >:( . I got iron wood on accident. I wanted to get a malachite.

Plant and brass came up with 24 hours?!!!!

Oh. Forge.


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This dragon was a pain in the ass to get, finally got it.. Now i need to get a second 1 lol. Then I can move on to the next opposite which will be another long process.. zZzZ

Umm I just breed a plant and brass trying to get ironwood and instead I get a Gold dragon. FREAKING SWEET.

Ironwood and Malachite are not showing up in my list of eggs in the market. Am I missing something? I've been trying for them all week...with no luck! So decided to get their prices - just in case I gave in to the temptation of buying them! But they are gone, vanished, disappeared. Were they limited?

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I can't get it its not in the store and im level 20

Glad to see this posted - I was trying to breed an Ironwood until the limited dragons came back. I just went back to see if I could find it in the "Dragon Eggs" and it is gone. Hmmmmm - very strange, did a bug get the dragon?

I'm getting it with metal and moss

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24 hour with plant and brass? Ummm... WTF!!!

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you got forge

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How is it possible? Forge does not have a plant element in it. Are you trying to say that 1 hybrid dragon can breed another hybrid dragon? If so BackFlip might want to rethink this entire game...

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Have him too. Rust+plant. We need Olympus gold to complete the dragonvale collection.

Seven Dragons

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I got 2 days 30 mins with this combo :( i wasnt ready for this

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Just got one with plant and magnetic. Not sure how many times I tried a ton of different plant/metal combos

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Dr. Super Awesome Dude
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I want it so bad!!!!!!!!


So mad! Tree and metal dragon lvl10 got a stupid moss dragon OH MY GLOB!!!


I bred plant and iron. Got a 12 hr. wait. Fingers crossed

Chrome and plant 1st try!

I hope this works you guys
P.s. I'm new

I got all the dragons exept ironwood cyclops gold Olympus.Add me AwesomeToto

You have to breed plant with a metal hybrid to get this one. A plant hybride with metal wil live you machdalite.

I breaded iron and plant and got blue moon

i breed malachite with plant and got 8 hours .. what could ?

Metal probably.

i breed iron with plant got 12hours...

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My advice: try to pick two dragons to breed together that will either give you the dragon you want, malachite, or a dragon with an under 10 hr. breeding time*. A good combo to try would be PLANT+CHROME. Another two you could try would be METAL+POLLEN and METAL+WILLOW. You can check the breeding times of all the dragons in the market.

*See the ten gem trick on the second page under "century dragon".

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That is good advice! Thank you!! :)
Will give this a shot once I finally get the new thunder and river dragons (beginning to think my luck has run out and the game hates me!)

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I have plasma

Do metal and flower can get you gold,ironwood,malachite,forge and a couple of others

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I got 12hrs with metal and pollen,wish it is!

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It's MALACHITE :( its good anyway

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Plant/magnetic = ironwood or copper
Metal/pollen = malachite

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I am having the hardest time getting this damn thing.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

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This dragon is killing me!!! I've been trying to get it for the past two weeks, and no luck. I keep trying to get it with Plant & Chrome. I can care less about the dragon, but I need this dragon's egg and the Blue Fire dragon's egg to complete my egg collection. Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!

I did lvl 15 plant with lvl 10 chrome and got willow. In cave.

Plant and iron got me a scoria. Sigh.

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! FINALLY!!! Plant & Copper..... 09:35:59 n counting!

Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! Plant & Copper..... 09:36:59 n counting!

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Geez, finally got the SOB! Plant and Magnetic, at least 30 tries.

names blendoman in game center, currently have my gem friends but it's fun to visit parks so add me.

I bred lvl 11 plant on the left side and lvl 11 brass on the right side and got 23:59:59 breeding time. WHAT am I getting??? Its not Forge because my forge didn't take 24 hours to breed. Please someone help!!!!

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You probably missed seeing the first second of the original time which would be 24 hours. It always takes a second to click on it to see what the time will be. Always take that into account.

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this dragon has become a pain to me

I'm breeding plant with brass and it says 5:00:00 for breeding time. The only dragon with that time and elements is brass. I'm trying for ironwood. Any idea why i wouln't get a plant hybrid?

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I hate this dragon. Pain in the ass. The Epic limited dragons are easier to get. I also sold all my PLANT (not hybrids) dragons and all the plant habitats because they get you NO MONEY. Waste of a habitat. ADVICE FOR NEW PLAYERS!! DUMP YOUR PLANT HABITATS! THEY BRING YOU NO MONEY!

notanoob's picture

Heck yeah they do!!!!! I once got a plant dragon of mine to earn over 100 coins a minute. Your problem is that you just don't want to waste, like, 50,000 coins on a new plant boost. That's actually really cheap. Also, CENSOR YOUR SWEAR WORDS!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

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i got mines with plant lvl 12/ brass lvl 12 regular breeding cave

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I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THIS DRAGON!!!!! I have to have it! Anyone got tips??

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!

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He copied the plant dragon!


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Dude I love your profile pic!!!!!! Minecraft is so awesome!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!

Dragons Are My Friends!!!!!!!!!


So hard to get

I want a sun dragon

Crystal and Lichen - I've been trying for the emerald and have at least 12 suns. put them in hibernation cave.

Plant+Cooper+Epic=first time! :D

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I don't know how many times I've tried the plant/ brass combo plus the metal willow combo,and no friggin luck! I'm really getting mad and It's just a game. Anyone know how to get sandstorm & dodo? I'm stuck on those and the plasma/current ones also. Any suggestions?

Brett Thorn

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Here are all the "best" combos for opposite element hybrids:
Ironwood: plant and chrome
Malachite: metal and pollen
Sandstorm: air and mud
Dodo: earth and willow
Plasma: lightning and seaweed
Current: water and firefly
Frost fire: cold and blazing
Blue fire: fire and storm
These have the highest percentages and I can confirm that all of them work, I just recently obtained another set of eggs for them so I had to breed for them.
Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the list!! I will be trying out your combos after I my breeding caves are done!! I got both Plasma and Current with Cactus and Water level 15s!! Thanks again!!! :-)


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I got it with a metal dragon and a mountain dragon.

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got it first try with lv 13 plant and lv 11 brass in the regular breeding den!

dragons I don't have...Dusk, Victory, Mistletoe, Century, Apocalypse, Panlong, Arbor, and Leap Year! (I would have nosfurotu if it wasn't for that glitch

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Finallllly!!! I had one ironwood, which I had bought, but it has remained the ONLY dragon (besides now double rainbow) which I had never bred and I was determined to do it! And now I finally got it! Almost been playing year, sheesh. Got it with plant and chrome. Also, I find this often (but not always) increases your chances of something rare if you breed with a newly fed dragon. I pulled my 2nd plant out of the cave, fed him from level 10 to level 15, stuck him on the island with chrome and bam! Finally my long awaited ironwood :)
Now I can finally complete my egg collection! Two of every dragon and their egg!!! (Except for, as I said, double rainbow. Which is still fairly new and I haven't been trying for it, nor am I going to. It will happen when it happens.)

GC: aaylasecura14 - need more co-op friends (no more gem friends, sorry!). Looking for Delirium and Double Leap Year. Bonus if you play Flutter too :) Do not send me challenges - you will be unfriended.

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Yeah I was trying to get this one for forever and thanks to Seven Dragons I got using rust and plant on the first try. Thnks sooooo much!

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Rust and Plant, EBC on 5th try :D

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Finally got with plant 15them and rust 12 after countless tries with this and other combos. Now, back to current.


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This looks like an orange Plant Dragon

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Just got ironwood both level 15 brass left and plant right been trying for weeks other combos this one first try. Hope this helps.

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Tree dragon and metal dragon