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Basic info about this dragon
Legendary Dragon

Breeding elements:

Possible dragon habitats:

Required level: 
Dragon income
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0 coins / minute
Experience / breeding time: 
0 xp / minute

"Ancient and wise, it is said that Kairos can predict the future by using a special magic that allows it to travel ahead in time. The most famous account comes from the Western island of Siros where people say Kairos saved an entire village from being destroyed by a large tidal wave. Maybe if you're really nice to Kairos you'll get some help speeding things along."



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I just wanted to post this in support of Backflip Studios and DragonVale... There's this notion that the wheel is rigged or its impossible to get all the pieces, or whatever. But that's so far from the truth! I don't race very often, I only do it to level up or get extra food/gems. I was able to collect all the pieces AND summon Kairos in 6 days, I don't think that's unreasonable for what he does for your park...I also gained two levels and at least 10 gems, that's pretty good in my opinion! The wheel even had two of the same pieces when I got down to the last piece in each stage, in order to increase my chanes of getting it.

I think it's an awesome addition to the game. Now that I have him I doubt I'll use the wheel much, and it'll take forever to level up so I'm happy they added Kairos in the way they did.

I have 117 out of the 126 different dragon species <3
Missed a lot while on hiatus :(
Can't wait for this year's holiday release!

Add me on Game Center! D3mmalition
I have a lot of friends but I do my best to gift gems! :3

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I agree completely. I had to race many many times but I got it in four days once I really went into "gotta get it" mode and raced probably fifty times or more a day. I leveled up twice and got several gems. Just have to be patient and try not to get too frustrated!


I have been trying and trying and still have not collected all the pieces for kairos so if you would please add me and help it would be lots of help, thanks you ( you can add me by the name alexthethief) (no capitals) thank you

I almost have all the pieces! I can't wait until I get all of them!

Don't waist your time getting this dumb dragon it only speeds up time by 6 hours

So? It's worth it in the end.

Who are you calling DUMB???? I think Kairos is cool!!! He does NOT speed time in 6 hrs he makes the future!!!!!!!!! P.S Don't be rude to Kairos!!!

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Yeah, Kairos will KILL you by biting you in two of you talk smack about him.

I got him 4 days. After you have got him every 4 days collect all your coins from habitats and then click on Kairos hit "activate". He will refill your habitats with coins! That's worth the effort it takes to get him!!!!!!


Why is it dumb!

I have him took me 2 weeks but I got him oh and 100000000 gold !

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The dragon not only speed up time,it looks so damn cool! That's why people wanna get it =_=

Why would people not got it

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Are you kidding me?! He's not dumb he's awesome! I mean, no breeding time, no incubation time, and you don't have to level him up. Oh, and he could destroy you if he was real.

Chaos bringer

I found the tric was "and granted it wasn't fail safe" to be about 5 to seven spaces from where you wanted to land, spin the wheel as hard as you can and cross your fingers! Took me a couple of months to get the perch, but then only 1 1/2 days to finish out the summon... You just have to find your notch and test it out until you find that sweet spot and you'll get it. Hang in there and don't give up!

The wheel is already fixed on an item before you even see it, and it took you a month to get kairos?!?!

I don't understand how everyone is getting him so fast. I have been working on the pieces for over a month. I have done race after race after race and never got pieces, so I stopped. I've been doing better with the quests and I keep getting duplicate pieces. I think I got the perch in June or early July and I still can't seem to do anything to get the pieces any faster. It seems like I get a piece a week and most of the time, they are duplicates. What am I doing wrong?

Karios rocks I got all the pieces from the wheel and then summoned him I have 3 sun dragons and he almost fills their habitats $$$$$$$$

Keep ur chin up, don't give up. I bought the perch, then proceeded to race. I read a post that suggested going 5 to 7 spaces beyond the item u wanted on the wheel, so I tried that. It does work about 60% of the time. You have to spin the wheel from top to bottom from the 5th to 7th space above ur desired spot. I raced at least 30 times a day, but got all the pieces and my Kairos in three days. It worked for me, hopefully it will work for u. Best of luck to u.

Keep ur chin up, don't give up. I bought the perch, then proceeded to race. I read a post that suggested going 5 to 7 spaces beyond the item u wanted on the wheel, so I tried that. It does work about 60% of the time. You have to spin the wheel from top to bottom from the 5th to 7th space above ur desired spot. I raced at least 30 times a day, but got all the pieces and my Kairos in three days. It worked for me, hopefully it will work for u. Best of luck to u.

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Wow 3 days! I'm going for my 3rd month! middle of first took 4 weeks lol

Bigfootstoe signing out

U are sooo right Thats what makes the game interesting

How much money do you get per min with kairos



"none" isn't true, Kairos doesn't make money on its own but... in one click he can produce 6 hours worth of money from the rest of your dragons... i empty out all habitats, then click Kairos and they're mostly full again ready to collect a second time... i think Kairos makes a TON of money instantly on top of making eggs hatch faster and food and every other thing with a time bar.

No, A Colosseum has a time bar and does not speed up.



I also agree! it only took me two days to get him. when I raced I would use either my leap year Dragon or I would use my blue moon dragon. I will be honest, sometimes the wheel and race was rigged! but it wasn't that hard to get

have tried and tried but i keep ending up with food money or xp

me to

me to time claw in 1 day

When I watched how to do it on u tube he got it strait away but when I did it I had to spin a wheel and I never got it so spent my money on nothing :(

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me too it took me atleast a week but i have it. i leveld up THREE times and colected 14 gems racin over 60 times a a day! sooooo glad i finaly got it!

I got it yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes

I think there is something not on the up and up with getting all the peices. I spent I have spent several evenings racing and using quests. We're talking like 6 hours each night for a week and each time it tells me i won a piece but it's one I have already. I only need the one piece to complete level 1.

Free gems enter code 60483804.

Wow, 50 races a day, that's a lot, I keep getting duplicates but I guess I'll eventually get there.

You're wrong! I've been at it ever since it came out a few weeks ago and I STILL am stuck at the first stage! Raced probably 30-40 times a day! Still can't get it. Not sure if its just my dumb luck or is my wheel rigged?

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Bad luck. :(

bad luck:(
do you know how to get the kairos

just make a habitats for them ok? no worrys :)


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How much does he skip time ahead?

He gets mostly all dragon habitats except the moon,rainbow,olympus,sun, and earth

The future!!!!!!

6 hours

About 7hrs

About 6hrs

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he skips ahead 6 hours very helpful considering kiros turned my 49 hour breeding time into 41!

What a waste of perflicly good dragons.

Use the right dragon to run the race and try to get thegreat or perfect U wont win if its not the right one youll come in 4th place Choose carefully and tap where the 2 lines meet

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I'm Stuck Too. I haven't been very lucky but if it was, it wouldn't be so interesting ! I think DragonVale is doing a Great Job with the game. They have my entire family playing it. why? because everything is not so easy which throws competition in it.
So Hang Tight my friends, we will Succeed !

your sign is pointing the wrong way... and it took me a while to finally get kairos, took the days.I had to buy the piece with the orb, and I win the neck piece, which was the last one.

*three, not the

Me too. Stuck at fist stage despite playing nearly continuously since it came out.

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I've been trying for 2 weeks and I just got the last piece in stage 2 by doing the dragon races. You just have to keep trying. It helps if you win the races and thanks to the race track guide it's not to hard.

Since you are so patient please try questing for the pieces rather than racing. Make certain you are using the best drsgon for the quest by paying attention to the element symbols on the top corners of the Quest window.

I got The Perch 2 days ago and I'm already on the third stage. Maybe you're just not getting much luck?

() ()

Patience. It took me a little over a week and about 30 million coins to get all the pieces. Ended up with millions in treats and got me 5 levels but I did eventually get all the pieces. I think I had 2 level 10 dragons when I started now they are all level 10 and I have hundreds of thousands of treats left. So look on the bright side, even if you don't get a piece, you get something that helps you.

Try questing with Level 10 dragons to collect the pieces. If the duration of the quest is going to be long, then it fequently means you with find a piece. That has been my experience, but then I'm terrible at racing.

I got he kairos dragon... It's awesom..

what wheel? is it the one from the Dragon track?


what level were you on, like when did the pieces to summon kairos start appearing on the race games wheel???

When you race it has to be through the Kairos summoning perch not the race track.

I think you have to have completed a quest at the perch before the pieces show on the race track wheel. That first quest was the only one that gave me a new piece, got all the others through the track

After 5 days of racing and quests, I think it was worth the time to get it. game Id Athena of Phoenix

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I just got it in one day and it seemed like the wheel was on my side haha. Got lucky just about every spin

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I completely agree! I just got finished w the 3 stages!!

What dragon don't you have D3mmslition

Well Ive been trying for at least a week or more to just get one last piece and I race the dragons and go on the quest and still no luck but two of my friends who have been playing after I started already have this dragon. They are both at a lower level then me too. So somethings not quite right. Dont get me wrong I really like the game but not so sure its all that fair

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Same here! Never thought I'd get him, but I did! And in three days!! So now I'm staring at him.... ALOT.

* Stares At Kairos*

Wishing Luck On Everyone,

Thanks for this info. I am new to the game and would like to know how to add friends, or have people add me. I play through Facebook on my tablet. My name is RayeMorrisonBrittain and e-mail for FB is and please add myBFF Patty, her name on there is pattynelighstockdale and her e-mail is We both really need friends and I promise you who ever adds us will get a gem each and everyday. Thanks so much and happy gaming :-) to all

Can you friend me my fb is ben poulter and my pic is a cat

I got him in 2 days by just doing races and a couple quests. I thought it was easy but my friend doesn't think so:)

I thought kairos was stupid at first. And the race track. Lol I even sold the race track, then I realised how much exp. It was giving me, so I bought it again. I think I would still be level 22 or 23 without it.

What's the combination for the legendary dragon?

I just bought the perch and did a few races, started my first quest, love this addition so far. Don't care how long it takes, I play this darling little game for a few minutes, a few times a day. There are times I wish it moved a little faster, I want to play with my dragons! :)

Wish they'd let us trade for pieces in some kind of wheel of friends deal...

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Just want to say I just got my Kairos. I don't know how to use him yet but he is sooooo cool looking. Tip: I sent my dragons on quests from the perch and it was taking me weeks. 13 duplicate fragments in a row!!! The DRAGON RACES in 2 days going marathon sessions of about 2 hours each day. I also won so many experience points I gained almost 2 levels

Green Inferno

Got it in 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have been trying for several weeks and have not been able to get all of the pieces. I am not sure why some people are able to get it quickly and for others it is nearly impossible but I am incredibly frustrated at this point.


How do you get it

I got all the pieces from racing but it took a long time :)

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Hi to all,
I'm fearly new to the game and at first it loks like another "zoo" (no offence - got few of those games too).
The twist came when a simple combo got a wierd time time of 24Hr which was not what i was after (hopes were for Plasma out of Water+Firefly).
That got me searching and to my surprise you do not have to be "pro" to get Summer dragon.
Needless to say I got exited ,did some more forum trolling find this beast and just Had to have it.
O.K. it is not easy or cheap at first but with the help of all of you guys on the forums that put the race track dragon list together is posible to win most races.
Hate to say it but PATIENCE and Persistence is the key. It is gorgeous beast and the time warp is not bad either so to all of you good luck it is worth it.
ps: got another epic,limited and of course hibrids but gues what I still do not have ....... Plasma :)

Vejr - the owl knows best - at least 0.08% of the time (all 50 states)

I got the Kairos is 4 hours...

I can' t win last fragment! I'm trying during a week or more but...

We did the the stuff from his stone and the races and got him today

OMG I just got him in two days so easy

What level do I get the races Add me
In game center gem for gem name is blackrose2004

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I sent you a friend request!!


Every1 use my referral code on feature points HXQJK2

Got kairos in a week

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This guy will take some time to get!

You cannot breed or buy Kairos, you have to summon him! First you have to buy the Perch of Kairos (750,000 coins). Then you need to gather three artifacts: the Chronolith, the Time Claw and the Statue of Kairos. The artifacts are built by collecting 21 time fragments. They can be won on the Dragon Races or bought for 2,700 gems total.

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How do you buy the perch of Kairos? Do you have to be a certain level?

GC ID harrywoodsie
Add me :) I do my best to return gems :)

get update in app store first

Update dragonvale first

First update from App Store then go to buildings and purchase Perch of Kairos

You do need to be a at least level 18

actuly you need to be level 16 to get it. also it is bought in habitats add me GC= west allis plant

No u dont the highest my dragons are14 and15 and I kick butt with them

I'm level 15 and I got the perch and so far two pieces. Ok I'm level 16 oopsie LOL

You can buy HIS perch in habitats

Yes you have to be on level 16

Yes you have to be on level 16

Been trying on races and as like races getting any top prizes is nigh on impossible, won 60 races since getting the perch and only got a piece on the first race, its a scam to get us to buy gems....
2700 gems to buy all the pieces, how much cash is that?
Also my partner on level 35 and no longer gains anything for playing... We need better updates please and to be able to go above level 35 maybe a comp for top ten people to hit level 100?
All available dragons are attainable by breeding alone.

I have spent no gems on the wheel and am up to the second lot of pieces I think I have 11 pieces all together.. It has taken probs an hour and a bit for about three days to get that many. It really isn't hard it's all down to luck and it definetly isnt rigged

I've completed level one and only have one piece left on level two

I'm the same way I have 1 darn piece to get on the 2nd stage and I can't get it. I win gold medals on all my races because I choose the "right dragons" and still no piece. I've done over 80 races, got 4 gems over all and over 10000 food.

Your not using the right dragons for that particular race Its easy

Ilovmabi's picture

I ended up spending almost 10 million dragon cash and countless hours in racing and only got 1 piece.... So in the name science and dragon vale I have done something I said I would never do. I bought the dragon. Please enjoy the pictures ...they were costly.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions please put ilovmabi in the subject of your post so I can find you.


Why don't you just jailbreak your apple device so you could get unlimited gems,cash and treats. All you have to do is install Cydia then go to sources, then edit and type in then fin Iapcracker, tap it, then, all you have to do now is reinstall it. Now, it's jailbroken

Dragonvale Admin's picture

Some reasons: voiding warranty, potential issues upgrading, opening yourself up to viruses :)

Thatguyinthecorner's picture

Lol I watches YouTube and see people doing that and they don't deal with those issues :/

-----Thatguyinthecorner :D

I got karios yesterday! He is cool!


Thanks for the idea. I jailbroke my ipod touch and was wondering how to get unlimited items.

Why is the wheel fixed. Doubles should not be on there. Us poor folk cannot afford to pour money into our games like others. But we still love playing the game. It's my personal fav.

i havent bout a single gem ever and i just got the kairos dragon. its not that hard. i dont even play the game very much

Im on lvl 36 and I havent spent a dime There is maybe just a few dragons that I dont hve and never spent a dime Work the game youll win

King_Kazma's picture

YES! I got my first piece on my 3rd race...!!!
By the way, the brass dragon works really well on the "Blast Furnace" race, since I've been too lazy to breed a furnace dragon or whatever it is... :P

King Kazma

Forge works best For me haha

I got it using the quests and it was well worth the wait, a beautiful dragon.

I think it is a scam.. I am playing the games and coming in first every time. all I am getting is prizes that are not the pieces. I got one piece but that is it. I refuse to pour my money in this game to buy gems. This is bull.

To get everything for free you need the iap cracker on cydia

I haven't purchased any gems. I had to play for a week to get all of the part 1 pieces now on to partv2

It wasnt hard Just pick the right dragon for the race trak or the quest pay attemtion where these dragons are racing or quest

Then dont buy the gems and earn them the old fashioned way duh havent spent a gem since i got the game and i have 200 i dont play it much but just earn the gems

i have 3 pieces overall, but one was a double of the first piece i got

so i only have 2 pieces, this is going to take forever, because you have to play like 100 games just to get one piece(don't take my word, but that is what feels like), then there is a chance that it might be the same piece, when that happened it allowed me to re spin on a spinner with no pieces(at least mine was)

Whizzard's picture

Yeah this method is pretty wack. Ill assume u need play hundreds of games + buy a few last remaining peices before moving on to the next action. They should at least up the shitty rewards, i.e min food bonus for gold = 4k.. None of that 2750 sh*t

I have him freak

So how did you get him without buying gems

lindi381's picture

Took me almost a week of constant racing, but OMG Kairos is very impressive, well worth the effort!

love my dragons

It was not hard If u have the roght dragon for the quest no problem The wheel is just by chance Dont give up

I think my update in the app didn't work. First it showed me the advertisement for this new dragon, then when I tried to purchase the perch in the habitats section, it wasn't there. Do I need to be a higher level? Is that my issue?

ID on Game Center is megadoomingir, looking to give gems to friends. :3

Lovin' the Lichen. ^^

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Ok I stopped playing dragon story because TEAM LAVA increased prices ridiculously. Now to get this dragon you have to win races to get pieces, oddly enough before today I won 95 percent of my races now its about 15 to 20 percent win sorry I didn't get horrible overnight! it's fixed. Was there a merger.

Try using an olympic dragon when racing im winning 100% of my races

THATS A AWSOME DRAGON HOW DO YOU GET IT???????????????????????????????????????????? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF this dragon is gey
i did 100race all i got is 1fragment
they should increase the fragment selected rate!!

I totally agree with you, but I wish you would not use the word "gay" like that: it is offensive.

I agree that the wheel is somehow rigged or something which makes it super hard to earn a fragment. But I don't, however, see why you think Kairos is gay, I personally thinks he looks pretty cool.

If your trying to offend someone on the internet, at least have the common courtesy to spell the word right.

I won 4 pieces!! Then I won three duplicate pieces... Putting duplicates on the wheel is just wrong

Reverse that won three 4 duplicates

I have all the pieces but the top two for the first challenge. Guess I was getting lucky. It is gonna take a long time to get without buying gems. It just sucks cuz the races are so boring to play and the wheel is obviously fixed but whatever.

kids these days, if its not served on a platter, then its too hard to get

I just want to know what it can do. After I know how you can control
Time and how it all works, I can decide if it is worth the effort.

I wonder if after a while, The team is releasing more Legendary dragons, if so. I just can't do it.

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Ilovmabi, thanks for all the pics!

Ilovmabi's picture

I'm just glad I can contribute to the site. Thanks to you guys I was able to get the sun dragon after only a week of playing :)

Whizzard's picture

4 duplicate peices today in a 4 hour period lol